Two Wrongs - Part Two
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Helen got back to normal over the next couple of days and Mrs W was like her old self as well.
“I’m going out for a couple of hours,” Mrs W told Helen. “You are doing your project still?”
Helen replied, “Yes Mrs W. I am.” She smiled and added, “No vases will break this time Mrs W.”
Ann laughed. “Make sure,” she replied with a warm maternal smile. All was forgotten as far as she was concerned. Forgiven was different of course.
Ann left the house and Helen got on with her project. She was engrossed in her work and did not hear Emily, the next door neighbour, open the door with her own key.
A shocked Helen looked up and let out a surprised shriek.
Emily said, “I am sorry to surprise you, Helen.”
Helen calmed down and asked Emily in a worried tone, “Did Mrs W leave the front door open?”
Emily smiled and replied, “Oh no, sweetie. I have a key.”
“Oh,” Helen said thinking that was a bit unusual.
“Can I borrow a plate please,” Emily asked.
As Helen stood up Emily looked towards the table and stared at where the vase was. Helen said, “It broke.”
Emily wasn’t thinking straight when she replied, “I know.”
Helen was surprised by the reply. “How?” she asked.
Emily blushed and stammered, “Erm well, erm,”
Helen said firmly. “It was you.” She glared at Emily who blushed an even deeper red.
“Sorry,” Emily said. “I should have told Ann.”
Helen was fuming. “Yes you should have. I got a spanking because of you.”
“How come?” Emily asked looking confused, and added. “You weren’t here.”
“You let yourself in?” Helen said at least discovering now both who broke the vase and how.
“Well yes.” She added, “I didn’t do it on purpose,” by way of justification.
Helen replied sternly “Maybe, but I still got a spanking.”
“That wasn’t fair,” Emily said as though trying to make amends.
“No it wasn’t fair.” Helen added, “It should have been you.” She wasn’t sure why she added that because Emily was in her fifties, like Mrs W. However it seemed to make sense to the teenager.
“Maybe,” Emily said half to herself.
“Maybe means yes you do,” Helen said wondering if Emily was actually considering she needed a spanking.
Emily was in a quandary. She liked Helen. She looked at her in her short-sleeved pink and white checked dress with a hem that just covered her knickers and bare legs given the summery day. She wasn’t wearing any shoes and saw she had painted toenails. The thing was she was also taken by the confident attitude of the sixteen-year-old. She had a tone of voice that was arrogant and condescending at the same time. Above all it was a voice that demanded to be obeyed.
Emily also knew that quite often lying in bed she would think about being told off by Helen and it got her aroused. She had masturbated so many times thinking about the teenager, so as she looked at her now, she was really thinking how she deserved to be spanked and that maybe now was the time Helen should spank her.
Helen saw that Emily was having a quiet discussion with herself. She looked at Emily in her short-sleeved floral dress that showed off her full breasts and her slightly frumpish look. Well she was much older than her she told herself. Even so she began to wonder what it might be like to give someone else a spanking. She knew what being spanked was like but maybe giving a spanking would produce different feelings. Well clearly it would not produce the stinging pain in her own bottom and that pain would be in the bottom of who she was spanking. Emily in this case.
“You do need a spanking, Emily,” Helen said sternly. She was quite used to calling her by her first name. Rachel did as well. It sort of set her apart from Rachel’s Mum who was always Mrs W.
Emily scrunched up her face and asked, “When will Ann be back?”
Helen was surprised that Emily seemed to accept she should be spanked. However now she had she continued, “Well although Mrs W spanked me I think as I am the one who was wronged I should be the one to spank you.”
Emily swallowed uncomfortably as she replied. “But you are only sixteen-years-old,” she said in a surprised tone. However she did react to Helen’s ‘Do as I say,’ voice and was thinking about giving in.
Helen saw the growing look of acceptance on Emily’s face. She thought she should just try her luck. “Come with me,” she ordered and stood and went over to Emily and took her upper arm. She pulled slightly wondering if Emily would resist but she didn’t.
Emily let Helen guide her towards the dining table and just said time and again, “I’m sorry, Helen.”
Helen stopped at the chest of drawers, opened the top one, and took out the wooden backed hairbrush.
Emily stared at the hairbrush but still didn’t object. She used one just like that on her own daughter so wasn’t surprised when Helen assumed she would use it on her.
Helen led Emily to the dining table and letting Emily go turned a chair around and sat down. She placed the hairbrush on the table, looked at Emily, and ordered, “Raise your dress above your waist and I’ll take your knickers down.”
Helen decided there was no chance of getting Emily to do naughty spot time before her spanking and so to increase her element of control thought taking down her knickers was the next best thing. She watched Emily pull her dress up at the back and hold it above her waist and turned to let Helen take down her knickers. Helen happily slipped her thumbs inside the elastic of the knickers and yanked them down to Emily’s knees.
Emily had lost the feeling of embarrassment of being spanked by a sixteen-year-old. She had felt those same quivers inside her pussy she had felt when in bed thinking about being spanked by the teenager. That told her she needed to experience the fantasy. She looked down at Helen’s lap and saw her dress had ridden up and so she would be lying across her bare thighs. That would be so good, she told herself.
So when Helen ordered, “Get across my lap, Emily,” she did bend down obediently.
Helen felt thrilled as Emily eased herself down across her lap. An adult. A woman maybe thirty-years older than her. How was she ever going to repeat this she wondered as she rested the open palm of her hand on Emily’s bare bottom and rubbed in circles?
Emily rested her whole weight on Helen’s lap. It was better than she had ever imagined. Yes it was humiliating to have a close-up view of the backs of Helen’s legs and a close-up view of her painted toenails. Better than that was the feeling of submission as Helen rubbed her bottom. She knew she could get up if she wanted to but that was exactly it. She didn’t want to. She wanted to submit and give Helen the revenge she demanded. It was the right thing to do. She could, indeed should, have told Ann she had broken her vase. Her lack of courage had led her to end up so unceremoniously across Helen’s teenage bare lap with her hand rubbing her bottom.
Helen savoured those few rubs of Emily’s bottom. It was a rather larger and fleshier bottom than her own and an adult bottom for sure. It was a bottom that needed to be spanked and spanked hard. So she raised her hand and eyeing where she was going to land her first spank she brought her open palm down hard on exactly that spot.
Emily gasped as the first spank landed. She had been spanked often enough when she was growing up particularly at boarding school. They were discipline spankings and she supposed that was what Helen was trying to do. However Emily found it erotic as well as painful. The mixture was more a matter of mind over matter helped by her many fantasies of being spanked by Helen. However as the spanks continued to land pretty much without a gap there was a growing pain and lessening of pleasure. In fact she felt tears well up in her eyes as the spanks continued to land all over her bottom and even more so when Helen spanked the backs of her legs. Her bottom and legs stung much more than she remembered them stinging when she was younger. Maybe time had made the fantasy of being spanked very different to the reality she wondered?
Emily’s thoughts about fantasy and reality were compounded when Helen used the wooden backed hairbrush on her. She cried out and squirmed around on Helen’s lap and kicked her legs. The tears rolled down her face. She wanted the spanking to stop but again knew Helen was the one in control. So she lay there squirming and kicking and crying out as the spanks continued to land. She hadn’t even realised she had kicked her knickers off and that they lay on the floor.
Helen loved every moment of the spanking. She looked in wonderment as Emily’s sumptuous bottom cheeks swirled around when hit with the hairbrush and listened with so much joy as Emily let out louder and louder gasps. She watched Emily’s bottom turn a deeper and deeper shade of pink, followed by her legs, and then as her bottom cheeks were turned a glowing red when she used the hairbrush. It was no wonder she cried so much herself when she was spanked by Mrs W with that same hairbrush she told herself. It didn’t make her spank Emily any lighter though.
Once Helen was happy with the red glowing colour of Emily’s bottom she stopped the spanking. She nodded her head as she told herself that red glow was the same as she saw when she looked in the mirror after being spanked herself. She rubbed Emily’s bottom and listened to her cries as she lay across her lap. Once though the crying had turned to sobs she ordered, “Okay, Emily, you can get up.”
Emily heard the instruction and eased herself up but wondered at why she was having difficulty getting up. She supposed the spanking had not just reduced her to tears and but had also taken away a lot of her strength. However she did scramble up and as she stood realised how much her bottom was stinging and rushed her hands to her bottom and rubbed furiously. She knew that she was doing the same spanking dance other’s did and again it all made sense to her. Just as she was now so sorry she had tried to get away without telling Ann she had broken her vase.
“Face the wall,” Helen ordered. She thought it now worth a try as she had maintained her control throughout the spanking.
Emily didn’t even question the instruction. She went and faced the wall putting her hands on her head and pressed her nose against the painted surface and placed her hands on her head. She kept telling herself she was a silly girl and deserved to be spanked. She also registered her knickers had been kicked off and smiled at that as it showed what a hard spanking she had been given
Helen smiled at the sight of the adult woman facing the wall like a naughty kid. She realised though that the whole experience had made her so aroused and she wanted to go and use her vibrator. She joked to herself that that was what Mrs W did after spanking her but knew that could not be true.
Helen went up behind Emily and rubbing her hot bottom said, “Tomorrow morning you will come here and tell Mrs W that it was you who broke her vase. Understood?” With that she pulled her hand back and gave Emily a hard smack on her already stinging bottom.
“Yes, Helen,” Emily replied quickly.
“Okay, then.” Helen said in a more relaxed tone. “You can go home then.”
Emily turned and Helen saw her tear-filled eyes. Helen loved the look and she immediately felt quivers rushing around her pussy.
Emily felt humiliated but within that humiliation the stinging cascading around her bottom was extremely erotic. She swallowed hard trying to contain her imminent orgasm as she picked up her knickers and stepped back in to them before flattening out her dress.
“Sorry again,” Emily said to a stern looking Helen.
“See you in the morning,” Helen replied.
“Yes, Helen,” an obedient Emily responded before leaving the house and going back next door.
Helen was smiling as she went upstairs and got out her vibrator. She removed her knickers and felt just how damp they were. She lay on her bed and placed the vibrator on her damp pussy lips. With a smile she closed her eyes and switched on the vibrator and allowed herself to be lost in the joys of the quivers it created. Her gasps of erotic joy would be heard at the end of the road she told herself her orgasms were so immense. Like never before she told herself.
Next door Emily was also on her bed although on her side as her bottom was too sore for her to lie on her back. Even so she had her vibrator and gently let it run up and down her pussy lips before easing the head inside. She was soon lost in her own orgasms and told herself she would need to be spanked again if the sensations were this great. Maybe tomorrow when she sees Ann? She was now looking forward to it.
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