Beguiled (Part 4)
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I don’t think I actually slept; I just kept reliving all the events of the day. Who was Larry? What’s with this daddy/baby girl thing? I remembered Judy calling him daddy too and not wanting to upset him. Did he spank her too or worse?
I took my shower and looked at the outfit Larry chose for me to wear. It was my red string bikini and a white lace cover-up that really did a poor job of covering anything. So much for the pure and wholesome look he was trying to achieve.
I was blow drying my hair when I noticed a big hickey on my neck. I wasn’t sure if I should cover it up or if this was all part of Larry’s plan to make Steve jealous, so I just left it. I put my hair in a high ponytail and it still reached the center of my back. Looking for red ribbon proved to be a challenge, but I found some packed with my Christmas things.
The bikini top barely covered my nipples and the bottoms were the thong type which left my ass cheeks fully exposed. The cover up was see through and it just about reached the center of my ass.
I walked out of the back door with a folding table in hand and Steve rushed over to help me. It was so good to see his smiling face. I felt butterflies in my stomach.
“Wow Dawn, you certainly know how to make an entrance. You look amazing.”
“Thanks Steve, I never met the rest of the neighbors so I wanted to make a good first impression. Do you think I can pull it off?”
“Not sure with the women, but the men will be all over you, like flies on honey.”
“Are you counting yourself in too?”
Before Steve could even answer Larry walked over and kissed my cheek.
“How’s my girl this morning? Hope I didn’t keep you up too late last night.”
“Oh hi Steve, didn’t see you there my eyes were on this beauty.”
“Hi Larry, yes she is beautiful. Would you two excuse me? I need to set up.”
“You were acting like a teenager over him. Stay with the program we set up. Did he see or mention the love mark I left on you?”
“I’m sure he saw it, but was too much of a gentleman to mention it. By the way, where’s Judy?”
“She isn’t feeling well. She’s still in bed and I was supposed to tell you she wants to see you. You don’t mind, do you?”
“Not at all. I’ll go to her right now. Excuse me please.”
“Thank you baby and I’ll be waiting for you. Don’t be too long I know how she likes to talk.” He said grinning.
While I was walking up the staircase to her room I heard her humming and thought how happy she seems. I knocked on her door and walked in. What I saw shocked me. She was sitting on the edge of the bed with a vibrator working her clit.
“Oh dear, I didn’t hear you come in. You must think I’m a terrible person.”
“Not at all Judy, in fact I use one myself quite often lately. It’s perfectly natural.”
She sat up against the headboard and put the vibrator back in the drawer of her nightstand.
“I really don’t know what got into me, but after you kissed me I had all these warm feelings inside me that needed to get out. Dawn would you do me a big favor?”
“Sure Judy if I can.”
“Would you try and be here to tuck me in at night. Larry usually does it, but I know his mind is elsewhere and I feel like a burden to him.”
“For you I will I will try my best.”
Oh and another thing please. Call me mommy when we are together. I have no children of my own and it would be an honor to have you.”
“Okay mommy it is. Is there anything else that I can do for you?”
“Well you can read me a story from one of these books until I fall asleep. I have a terrible headache and rest is the only thing that helps.”
“Not right now. I don’t want Larry to think there is something going on. Okay?”
“Oh you’re right. This will be our secret. You made your mommy very happy.”
“Good, now I must get back to the party. See you later.”
Just as I suspected I met Larry walking up his driveway.
“What took you so long? I was just about to come and get you. Is she alright?”
“Yes she’s fine and resting. We were just having some girl talk that’s all, nothing to worry about.
He put his arm around my waist and walked me to the end of his driveway.
“I’ll tell you about your neighbors that complete this cul-de-sac so you have a feel for them. See the blue house with the busty blond? Notice the blue bow in her hair. She is mine also. Having sex with her was like fucking a corpse. I felt sorry for her husband. She would just lay there until one day I stuck it up her ass and she became alive. She likes pain with her pleasure and I am just the one to provide that. I call her ‘Butt-Fuck Betty’ you two will probably hit it off.”
“Wait a minute I don’t like pain and. I also prefer cocks not cunts so get those thoughts out of your head.”
“If you were never with a woman please don’t close the door on it. Keep an opened mind and you may find it quite enjoyable. Pain also brings pleasure. Dawn you may not want to admit it, but when I was spanking you last night I saw beads of cum dripping from your cunt. It made you hot, didn’t it baby? I can’t wait until you beg me to fuck you and I know you will. A girl like you can’t do without a good hard cock for long. How many times can you visit the doctor?”
“Funny you should mention him. I’m going to a weekend party at his place tomorrow night. It’s a pity that you weren’t invited. It’s going to be a real orgy and I’ll have all the sex I need to get me by.”
“Whatever. Next house the beige one. That’s Cathy with the yellow bow and she is really into some weird crap, even for me.”
“Like what?”
“Well she likes me to piss on her before she sucks my cock. She loves my golden showers and plenty of times you will find me at her place getting a blow-job. It gets her so fucking horny I think some day she will suck my cock right off. I call her ‘Cathy Cocksucker’ and she is always available to me, her husband travels a lot.”
“It seems you are or have been with everyone here, did you have Steve’s wife as well?”
“No although I did try many times. She was devoted to him and I think that’s why it’s so hard for him to move on.”
“What about that young couple over there, is she yours too, I don’t see any bow?”
“No not yet. They are a newly married couple with a new baby. Can’t you see how engorged her tits are? I can’t wait to have a taste of that pure wholesome mother’s milk. If you are a good girl I may share it with you. I know you would like that?”
“Oh stop that. Let’s change the subject. I’m happy all the food is going. What time is it?”
“It’s a little after five. Do you feel like going for a swim?”
“Steve’s of course. I know he will join us just to watch you. Are you game?”
“Hell yes, I truly miss him.”
“How sweet, but remember you are mine when we are together. I fucking own you and your thoughts. Am I making myself clear baby girl?” he said as he squeezed my arm.
“Yes daddy.”
He walked over to Steve who was talking to Betty. I saw Larry slide his hand down the waistband of her shorts and gripped her ass. She looked around to see where her husband was. When she saw he was busy she gave Larry’s ass a squeeze. This guy must be some great fuck to have all these women, including me, eating out of his hand.
“Come on baby, we are going swimming.”
Larry got in the shallow end of the pool and sat with his legs apart on the step.
“Sit here between my legs baby my cock needs some of your attention.”
Once again his arm was around my waist pulling me close to him. I could feel his cock harden. There were just the two of us in the pool and he lifted my bra top to expose my breasts. His fingers played with my nipples until they got hard.
“Turn to me I want to suck them and wrap those long legs around me.”
“But we are out here in the open. I’m uncomfortable doing that.”
“I’m losing my fucking patience with you, Dawn. How are you supposed to address me? I fucking own you, your tits, your cunt, your ass every fucking part of you. Now do as you are told or the punishment will be much more severe than a few smacks on your ass.”
“Yes daddy I’m sorry.”
He can change from sweet and loving to a monster in a nanosecond. I did as he asked. His sucking went from hard to soft to biting. I’m used to that from Brad so it didn’t cause me any pain. If fact I enjoyed it. He started kissing my neck and nibbled on my earlobe while his hands fondled my tits. I found it quite enjoyable.
“Hi there you two. I hope we aren’t disturbing you.”
When I turned to see who it was I saw Cathy and her husband taking their shoes off. Larry greeted them and introduced us. I turned around and was about to get up.
“Stay here with daddy baby girl; they can get in on the other side.”
I could tell Cathy was watching every move Larry was making. Her husband just seemed oblivious to the whole thing. Once again Larry had the upper hand. Sitting between his legs his fingers moved my bottom aside and his finger rubbed up and down my slit. Cathy was biting her lip as she watched.
“Slide your bottom down. I’m going to fuck you in the ass and you can watch her cum as I do it.” He whispered in my ear.
I slid them down just enough to expose my asshole. He put his finger in first then eased the head of his cock in.
“Does my baby like my cock in her ass? You like being fucked in front of others?”
“Oh yes daddy, I do.”
“What else does my baby want or need from her daddy?”
“I want you to fuck me hard and deep daddy, please. I need you so bad.”
“See my little one I told you there will be a time that you would beg me for my cock. Do you see now how I own you?”
“Yes daddy. I do see that now. Please fuck me daddy, I can’t take it much longer.”
Larry’s hands held onto my hips as his cock plunged deeper and deeper into my ass. Cathy was rubbing her pussy as she watched us and her husband just swam around as if nothing was going on.
Larry stifled my screams and moans by putting his hand over my mouth. I felt the warmth of my cum oozing out. Cathy let out a gasp and I suspect she came too.
“Did you cum too daddy?”
“No baby girl, I’m saving that for later. I promised Cathy if she was a good little girl she can suck my cock. I haven’t pissed all day either so that should make her extremely happy. I must say she performed very well considering that turd of a husband was here. Wouldn’t you agree?”
“Oh yes daddy. Seeing her playing with herself kinda turned me on too.”
“I knew it would. That’s why I saved Betty for you. She’s bi-sexual and a real crowd pleaser. She will be here later. Oh look Steve is here. Remember who you are with baby girl.”
Steve dove in the pool like an Olympic champion. There was no splash at all. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him and it didn’t go unnoticed by Larry.
“He’s supposed to be going gaga over you not the other way around. Now kiss me and let’s show him who you are really with.”
I turned to him and gave him a quick peck on the lips. He grabbed hold of my ponytail and brought my face up to his. I could tell he was pissed.
“If you want me to punish you here in front of all of our neighbors, keep this shit up. Now fucking kiss me like I was your fucking lover Steve.”
I kissed him like I would Steve and ran my fingers through his hair.
“Good girl. Now let’s get out of the pool and sit on the tree swing. I’ll sit first and you straddle me. Understood?”
“Yes daddy.”
“Cover your tits with your arm. I don’t want him to see how he made your nipples hard.”
“But I thought that’s what this is all about daddy, his effect on me.”
“No baby girl it’s your effect on him. Did he get a hard on? No. If we play this right he will live and breathe you. He won’t be able to do without you. Isn’t that what you want?”
“Yes it is daddy. Thank you so much for helping me do this. What would I do without you?”
“You will never be without me baby. I’ll be part of you always. Now let’s go swing.”
Steve watched as Larry took my hand exiting the pool. When we walked to the swing and got on. We swung softly with Larry holding me and nuzzling my neck. It felt good until we were interrupted by Cathy.
“Excuse me, but may I talk to you, Larry?”
“Of course my dear. What is it?
“Well I’d rather speak to you in private if you don’t mind.”
Before Larry could answer, I excused myself and walked to the picnic table to grab some chips.
“I see you and Larry have gotten pretty close since meeting him.”
“Yes we have. I also met Judy who I think is a real doll. Does that bother you, Steve?”
“Well maybe just a little, Dawn. I thought you and I were going to be great friends.”
“See Steve, that’s just it, the whole friend thing. You know I wanted more, in fact I practically threw myself at you and you refused me.”
“That’s not fair, Dawn you were married and that goes against my grain.”
“Well legally I’m still married so why the sudden change?”
“I know that, but according to you, Brad filed for divorce so that leaves you single and available. You haven’t even given me a chance and here you are playing around with Larry who not only is married but a little strange.”
Before I could answer Steve I saw Larry walking towards me.
“Sorry Steve, I have to steal her away. Let’s go baby you’ve had a long day and I want you to rest. I have big plans for us tonight .”
“See you later, Steve. Thank you for letting us use your pool. It was very kind of you,” I managed to say.
“It’s my pleasure, Dawn. I’m pretty sure I gave you an open invitation on that some time ago. You can use it anytime.”
Larry grabbed my hand and we walked across the lawn to my house. I kept looking back at Steve and he just stood there shaking his head.
“Go rest awhile while I entertain Cathy. We are on a time schedule. Her husband is going to the store and my cock needs to be drained. Be available to me later. Now get your ass inside and no more contact with Steve tonight . Is that understood?”
“Yes daddy.”
When I went inside I saw my cell phone flashing that I had a missed call and a voicemail. I pressed the prompts and listened.
Hey Dawn this is Richard or Doctor Richard to you calling about the details for my infamous toga party. It starts at about seven Sunday evening and will last until probably Monday depending on how many are still standing (laughing) before I forget the address is 541 Willow St. It’s right around the corner from my office. A toga and a healthy sexual appetite are the only requirements. I do hope you can make it. I know you will have fun. Stay horny my friend and I hope to see you Saturday .
I hung up the phone and went on a scavenger hunt through my stuff for something I can make into a toga. My sheets won’t do because they are all flowered. I found some green felt in my craft box. I cut them into leaves and can use two-sided tape to attach to my nipples. A small gold chain belt gave me the idea to attach two white napkins folded into a triangle to cover my pussy and crack. I need to heavily starch them so they will stay stiff. I just put together the perfect toga and can’t wait to show it off.
All this excitement today and last night has my head spinning. I need to take a nap. I started stripping my clothes off as I climbed the stairs to my room. My bed looked so inviting. I pulled back the covers and crawled in. I went to sleep with Steve on my mind. I was wondering if Larry’s plan was working. I need him.
Soft sensual kisses up and down my spine startled me. I was too tired to open my eyes, but I had a feeling Steve finally came to his senses. I felt warm when his hand traced the silhouette of my body as I lay on my side. His kisses trailed down to my ass and I felt his warm tongue penetrate my asshole. I turned on my stomach to give him better access. I felt him get off the bed and heard the sound of his zipper.
He straddled me and dragged his hard cock up and down my moist slit. I felt him by my asshole once again and I raise my ass for him. The head made a popping noise when it entered. He plunged his cock in deeper and his fingers played with my clit. I just knew Steve would be the perfect lover.
“Oh my God, you feel amazing. You are making me so hot I’m about to cum.”
“Not just yet baby or I’ll have to pull out. I have a special guest here for you.”
Fuck, its Larry, not Steve. I opened my eyes quickly to see what he was talking about. I saw him finger fucking Betty while he was fucking my ass. She had the same tattoo on her pussy as Judy. I rolled over and knocked him off. Betty seemed a little surprised.
“What the fuck?”
I felt a sharp slap across my face.
“Don’t you ever question me especially in front of another of my babies. Is that understood? How many times do I have to tell you I own you just like I own her and all the rest. You are here for my pleasure not yours. You aren’t this dumb, Dawn so get with the program or face my wrath.”
Now I have to do this all over again. Where were we? Forget it. I’ll just have to change the roles. Dawn baby, you go sit with your back against the headboard. Spread those legs so I can see your wet cunt. Betty baby, you go between Dawns legs on your belly and raise your ass to me. Don’t do anything until I say so.
I could feel Betty’s hot breath on my pussy as she looked up at me. Larry had a folded belt in his hand. It was wide and looked to be well worn.
“Okay Betty baby, start showing my new little baby girl how good you are.”
I saw Larry raise the belt and whack Betty’s ass hard with it. It made me flinch.
Larry was right, the more he hit her, the better she got. I’ve never had such pleasure. She took her time and with precision she knew all the erogenous zones on the female body. When she pulled me down to stick her fingers deep in my pussy she zeroed in on my g-spot and I gushed out like a volcano. Larry was still whacking her while he fucked her ass and she never made a sound.
I was holding her head down on my pussy and she made me cum a number of times. Looking up at Larry I saw him pull out of her ass and shoot his cum all over her back.
“Okay Betty baby, you can cum now.”
She unloaded loads of cum. It shot out of her pussy and down her legs. Her body was having spasm as more and more cum dripped out. She just seemed to collapse after that.
“Do you see how obedient my baby Betty is Dawn? She does what’s she’s told and doesn’t have the audacity to question me. I will get you there too.”
“Yes daddy.” In my mind I was saying ‘when hell freezes over.’
“C’mon Betty baby, get yourself together. I’m sure my new baby girl has a lot to think about. Do you have plans for tonight ?”
“Yes daddy I do. I’m going to join Steve in his hot tub for some nice hot sex.”
“Did he invite you?”
“No, but I know every night he’s in it so I figured I’ll give it a try and see what happens daddy.”
“Okay, I won’t interfere. I still think my way is best, but you are a stubborn child that has to see for herself. Did you get the details about that stupid party yet?”
“Yes it starts at seven tomorrow night and will go on until sometime Monday .”
“Where is it being held?”
“I rather not say. I really wouldn’t like having my daddy there.”
“As you wish. I take it the whore in you will be coming out to play. It’s a pity you won’t let me take part in that.”
“Daddy it’s by invitation only. I barely will know anyone there myself.”
“So to get invited you had to fuck the doctor? I was very disappointed in you, my baby girl, is better than that. You threw yourself at him, just like you are going to do tonight with Steve.”
“You watched? How dare you. It’s my life, not yours daddy.”
“Watch it little one you are walking on very thin ice. Go take a shower and cool yourself down. Betty and I know the way out. I may be back later after you try and win Steve over. I’ll be here to pick up the pieces of your shattered heart.”
A shower was just what I needed. All of a sudden I felt dirty just listening to him. I washed every inch of me especially where he touched me. When I finished I rushed to the window to see if Steve was out there. He was as usual. I combed my hair and piled it on top of my head with a clip. I applied some lip gloss and nothing else, but my short satin robe.
“Hi there Steve, would you like some company?”
“Sure, why don’t you join me?”
I walked across the yard and stood at the edge of the hot-tub. I let my robe just slip to the ground.
“You never cease to amaze me, Dawn. You caught me off guard being naked.”
I could tell he was shocked by the dumbfounded look on his face.
“If it bothers you I can go put on a swimsuit. I thought hot-tub attire was naked and I believe you are over dressed,” I said with a sly grin.
I could tell by his lack of response he couldn’t say anything, but his eyes said it all.
He offered me his hand and I stepped in. I sat on the seat across from him. I smiled to myself when I saw him staring at my tits. I put my foot between his legs resting it on his seat.
He shifted and adjusted his swim suit and grabbed my foot.
“Let me have your hands ,Steve.” I took them and placed them on my tits. He closed his eyes, as if remembering, and gently gave them a squeeze. My foot rubbed against his crotch and I could feel his cock getting hard and growing.
“Maybe you want to take these off?” I said, while standing in front of him. I placed my hand in his waistband and he lifted and let his shorts drop to the bottom.
“Doesn’t that feel better?”
Steve slid down the seat and just nodded and moaned. I straddled him and had his cock in my hand stroking it up and down. I paid special attention to his massive balls. I cradled them in my hand and squeezed them softly. His hands gripped my ass cheeks. His cock was huge it must have been at least nine inches with a great big mushroom head. I was imagining how good it’s going to feel inside me.
“Please make love to me, Steve.”
“If that’s what you really want then let’s go inside, otherwise it will just be a lustful fuck.”
“Do you want it to, Steve? I have to know.”
“Dawn I wanted you from the minute I saw you, but marriage vows are sacred to me. It was in lust at first I must admit, but once I knew you, I wanted it to be special.”
He took my hand when he got out of the tub and wrapped a towel around me and dried me off. He grabbed another towel and tied it around his waist to cover himself.
Once inside he lifted me up and carried me up the spiral staircase to his bedroom. He stood me by the side of the bed and pulled the covers back. I removed my towel and unclipped my hair so it could fall gracefully down my back and over my shoulders. I got into his bed and watched as he untied his towel and let it drop to the floor.
I was sitting against the headboard as he walked around to the other side and slid in. He sat facing me and he reached for my hand. He kissed each finger and then put his palms against my cheeks and pulled my face to his. He looked deep into my eyes and kissed my lips ever so gently.
This was all so new for me. I’ve never felt such warmth and tenderness like this before from a man. They usually are just so anxious to fuck; soft kisses and passion go out the window. I’m starting to feel guilty about going to that party tomorrow night, but it is something I must do to get certain things in order. I hate it, but I’m going to have to lie to him about my absence.
“I have deep feelings for you, Dawn. I know I have kept them hidden from you for some time now. I hope being with me tonight expresses them more clearly for you.”
“Steve, from the first day we met I felt you were special. I must admit I couldn’t get you out of my head. I truly never met a man like you. You are a true gentleman who is always so kind and giving. I just want to be the best I can be when we are together.”
“Slide down please and allow me to love you like you should be loved.”
I slid down and with his body half on top of mine he kissed me more passionately. His hand moved between my thighs and I opened my legs for him. His kisses continued to my breasts and he sucked each nipple softly while his finger gently worked my clit. I could feel myself getting wetter when he put his finger in my hole. A few thrusts from his finger had me cumming. He made a trail of kisses from my belly to the top of my bald pussy.
“You are a beautiful woman, Dawn, don’t ever forget that.”
His tongue licked my wet pussy and his hands gently opened my legs. I came again as I held his head closer. My hips had me humping against his mouth. I saw him release from my grip and he took hold of his hard cock. He stroked it while the big head rubbed up and down my slit. I couldn’t wait for him to put it in. He must have read my mind.
When he finally penetrated me it was gentle and without force. I felt the ridge of his cock against my pussy walls. His hands were holding and gripping my ass as he held me up to go deeper. I raised my legs and straightened them out to rest against his massive chest. Each of his thrusts were deeper, harder and faster now. I matched his pace and we were in sync with our movements.
Our bodies were as one with such beautiful symmetry and we came together in love, not lust. He just stayed inside me for a while and placed his head on my chest. I held his head with both hands close to my heart. When he sat up he put his arm around me and we cuddled. My head was on his chest as he played with my hair.
“I hope I didn’t disappoint you tonight , but I thought it was beautiful.”
“Steve you could never disappoint me. This was more than beautiful to me. This was love and I’ve never felt these warm tingly feelings before. So I just have to say thank you for loving me, I truly don’t deserve it.”
“Nonsense Dawn, you deserve it and so much more. I will always cherish you as the woman you are. I hope this is just the first chapter to our book that still has many more to be written.”
“I do too, Steve.”
“Do you hear my heart beating?”
“It’s beating for you Dawn, only you. You are the one that put life back into it and for that I will always be grateful.”
He brought tears to my eyes. He wiped them with his thumbs and we kissed.
“Stay the night with me, Dawn and wake up in the morning together.”
“I would love that Steve, but I promised Katy I would go and visit her. I will be going tomorrow and return sometime Monday .”
“Oh no problem Dawn, that’s wonderful. How is that little girl of yours doing? I bet she misses her momma.”
I nodded and smiled. I just lied to the greatest guy in the world, knowing this won’t be my last. That’s the way I’m programmed when I’m confronted, lie.
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