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Margaret was looking out of her potential new upstairs window. The house was somewhat elevated to the rest of them around her. The only way it could be described was that it was built on a mini mound. The main bedroom window looked slightly downwards and into the bedroom window of the house opposite. The position of the house was lovely, the size of the rooms was just what she needed, but she had concerns about the windows and how they looked to each other. During one of the viewings, she even crouched down in different parts of the house to see how much other people could see.
She eventually bought the house anyway, simply because she liked it.
When she first moved in everything was just normal, the couple opposite her were a normal couple, with a family. Then about a year and a half ago, a new couple moved into number twelve. On the odd occasion, as she was drawing the curtains, she noticed some nocturnal activities. She could see them quite clearly; her view, completely unobstructed. Margaret thought it was a one off, but when it happened again she started to wonder.
One Saturday night, as she was relaxing, a car pulled up outside their house. Margaret always liked to know what went on in her small community, so she took a peek through the window; hiding as much as she could, by pulling the curtains around her. The people were greeted by the couple opposite and entered their house. Margaret saw that the greeting seemed a little too familiar; the women seemed to linger a little longer than normal. She thought nothing of it at first and she started to read her book and settle in for the evening. Out of the downstairs window, Margaret noticed the bedroom light had been illuminated. It never went off. Margaret was curious and went upstairs to her bedroom. Slowly, she crept to the window; not wanting to draw suspicion as to her whereabouts, and trying her best, not to be seen.
Margaret let out a loud gasp as she looked through the window. Both couples were undressing and fondling each other. The women were caressing each other’s breasts and did she see - yes, she saw one guy's hand touch the cock of the other and then she saw how he was stroking it. Her eyes were glued to the developing scenes in front of her.
Margaret was breathing heavily as she walked backwards from the window to sit on the edge of her bed. She could still see them if she raised her head up, but she refrained from doing so as she pondered her thoughts. Margaret wanted to storm across there and tell them to close the curtains, give them a piece of her mind, but she was frozen to the spot. She stood up and peeked some more. One of the men was fucking one of the women while she was in a sixty-nine with the other. The other man was videoing them or taking pictures, she couldn’t quite make out which.
Margaret sat down again. She was no prude, and she suddenly felt horny. She had to admit that she found the sight before her very erotic indeed. They had left the curtains open deliberately, she knew that they wanted her to see them. Margaret thought about it for a while and then started to relax; her feisty mood slowly vanished and a more determined Margaret emerged from the ashes. She let her shoulders fall and her right hand rested between her thighs. As she peeked over the window edge, Margaret stroked herself. As she watched, she must have come two, maybe three times, as the depraved couples opposite, fucked themselves senseless.
At eleven in the evening, Margaret pretended to go to bed, she switched the lights on then drew the curtains, leaving enough of a gap for her to peer through later, then ten or maybe fifteen minutes later switched the lights off. Tonight, she thought, there would be no need for a nightdress, and she settled down in front of the window to watch her private sex show. They were at it all night and showed no signs of relenting. Margaret could not keep going that long. She retired to bed at about twelve thirty.
The following day, Margaret thought about what had happened long and hard. She thought about how perverted and shameless they were. Then she thought of how she behaved. She came to the conclusion that she was no different to them. In fact, she really enjoyed watching them. She hadn’t come that much or that hard in ages. Her fingers seemed to know exactly what she needed, and when.
Over the coming weeks, Margaret had installed a nice comfortable seat next to the window. It looked normal, but on the wing next to the window there was a small hook to allow the curtains to hang there; like they had become caught as they were pulled shut. On a few occasions, she placed objects on the chair that would mimic her height and went outside to see how much she could see from the road opposite. It looked like she would be hidden from view. Margaret even bought herself some toys. A nice vibrator that had rave reviews on the internet website. She even bought herself some nice sexy outfits. Fuck it, she thought, if they are going to perform, then I’m going to fucking enjoy it.
The next year of Margaret’s life was the most pleasurable, the most fun, and the most gratifying time of her life. Every night the couple performed, Margaret would dress in her sexy outfit and place the toys beside her. The number of toys had significantly grown over time and now comprised a dildo that could be strapped to her chair so that she could fuck it while watching. Every night, she looked forward to hooking the curtain back and enjoying herself; though it wasn’t every night they performed, but it was at least twice a week.
She saw plenty of sex between the couple, there were threesomes, foursomes and on one occasion, while the husband was out, a few cars pulled up outside. Only men got out, and before long she was looking at five men taking it in turns to fuck the woman opposite and come all over her. Cum went everywhere as Margaret watched intently; drilling her pussy on the dildo underneath her.
Margaret never understood why she couldn’t just introduce herself, tell them what she could see and ask to join in. Her inhibitions in that sense overcame her urge to enjoy herself with them. She just seemed satisfied to watch and experience her own orgasm in the solitude of her own home.
As Margaret arrived back from work one day, she saw a ‘For Sale’ sign on their lawn. Her heart sank. She entered the house, looked out of the window and started to sob uncontrollably. She shook her head from side to side mumbling to herself. She came up with all the reasons why they shouldn’t leave. She was devastated.
On the big day, when the removal van had emptied the house, Margaret saw Emily look longingly at the house they were leaving.
Margaret decided to walk across the road and say goodbye, “Emily…Hi!”
Emily turned to her, “Hi Margaret, we are moving to another city, a new start, Mike’s got a new job, more money,” Emily shrugged her shoulders.
Margaret nodded and glanced at the floor, “I know we’ve only been neighbourly friends, but I will miss you when you leave.”
Emily smiled at her and nodded. She placed her hand on Margaret’s shoulder, “I know.”
Margaret turned to go as Mike came out of the house. Margaret felt something was not right. Emily’s last words came out of her mouth in a knowing way and deep down Margaret needed these people to know about her before they left.
“Emily…” she hesitated, “There’s no easy way to say this but I’ve been watching both of you…at night… I first watched you a long time ago when you made the mistake of not drawing your curtains. Then I realised it was intentional, and then I…couldn’t stop myself.”
Mike was now standing next to Emily, “Margaret, we know you have, that’s why we left the curtains open. We had hoped you would come and join us one night, but,” Emily tilted her head to once side, “it was not to be.”
Margaret felt relief and almost laughed at them. Tears welled up in her eyes and she struggled to hold them back.
“Besides,” continued Emily, “We’ve been watching you too!”
“I didn’t think you could see me?” asked Margaret.
“Well, we couldn’t, but since we figured that you were watching us, Mike here, our resident electronics expert, installed a web cam in our roof space that looked down into your window.”
Margaret’s face was a picture. She was shocked. She blushed profusely.
Emily stroked Margaret’s arm, “Don’t be shy, we loved watching you, as you watched us. It was such a turn on afterwards. On those rare occasions we closed the curtains, we used to watch you on the PC. We have simply loved how you have developed over the years.”
Margaret smiled, “I wish you didn’t have to go, but…what about the webcam?”
Mike held up the wires he had in his hand, “All dismantled and present, no need to worry. It’s all yours.” Mike handed the wires and camera to Margaret. She took them and held them to her chest.
“We should have been better friends, I really like you. You’re so naughty.”
Emily grabbed a card from her handbag with their new address on it and handed it to Margaret. “Here, take this and if you ever want to join us, let me know.” Emily looked at Margaret as she took the card and looked at it. “You can stand outside the window if you like,” continued Emily.
Margaret laughed and pocketed the card. “One thing,” she said as she started to walk away. “Would you kiss me?”
Emily immediately understood and stepped in to kiss Margaret softly on her lips. It was a long lingering kiss. Margaret stepped away biting her lower lip. It felt wonderful. Yes, she thought, she should definitely have become friends with them. “I may, just may give you a ring one day.”
That was the last time that Margaret saw Emily and Mike.
Over the next few days, she watched eagerly through her window to see who was moving in.
It took a week before Margaret saw her new neighbour. It was a middle-aged man, about her age, living on his own. She thought he looked rather dishy and she secretly hoped he would forget to close the curtains. This time, though, she decided she would spend the time to get to know him and not make the same mistake.
Margaret had to wait two months before she caught a glimpse of Dan. It was fortuitous that she was upstairs, cleaning the house. She looked out of the window and saw Dan, naked and lying on the bed, masturbating. He obviously didn’t realise that she had such a good view. She crept up to her ‘fuck chair’ and sat down. She picked up her fairly new opera binoculars to get a better view and watched him as he stroked his cock. She thought his cock was wonderful, a nice size. Her hand soon invaded her knickers; her fingers playing with her pussy and clit. She got up to fetch her favourite toy and clipped it onto the seat.
With her knickers discarded, she lifted herself onto the dildo. She was not as covert as she normally would have been. Obviously, Emily and Mike had made her more outgoing and less cautious over time. Margaret stopped suddenly as she was about to impale herself onto her dildo.
“Fuck!” Her words were ripped from her mouth and bounced off the walls.
Dan was watching her. He was standing next to the window, the curtains pulled around his manhood and he was watching her. Margaret immediately ducked down. She looked around the room like a trapped rabbit in a car’s headlights. Her mind was full of excuses, “What now? What now? What now?” echoed around her head. She felt that she had to do something. He had seen her looking at him. “Fuck knows what he’s thinking,” she told herself.
Margaret knew that he couldn’t have seen too much, just her upper body; she was lucky she had a dress on, but then it was mid-afternoon. In a state of panic, she decided to go on the defensive. She had to make her actions look innocent.
Margaret stormed over to Dan’s house and knocked loudly on the door. She was fired up, not from being angry, but from being caught and embarrassed. She scolded herself for not being careful enough.
Dan answered the door in his dressing gown.
Margaret looked at him and with a flustered look on her face began her onslaught.
“Wait, wait a minute Margaret,” said Dan, “you can’t just come around here and tell me that I should close the curtains when I want to have a wank or some special time to myself. What were you fucking doing looking in the first place!”
“I was cleaning the house, I happened to look across, it’s not my fault that my window looks down on yours. You should be more careful.”
“And you shouldn’t get so uptight, for fuck’s sake, just turn away, clean a different fucking room.”
“You shouldn’t have been wanking your cock like that, it’s…it’s disgusting.”
“And how exactly was I wanking my cock then? Come on, you seem to have the answers. How long were you watching me for? Well, I’m waiting…”
“It was not like that, I…I was not watching you, I just happened to see you, that’s all.”
Dan calmed down as he listened to Margaret flustering; her words catching on her tongue as they tried to escape. Dan could tell there was more to it than what she was saying. He leant closer to her and whispered, “Tell me, do you like my cock? Do you like how big it is? Were you turned on by me stroking it?”
Margaret’s mouth opened but no words came out. She eventually closed her mouth, turned and walked away. She lifted her left hand into a fist above her shoulder; her index finger extended she stormed back to her own house.
Dan shouted as she made the sign, “I bet you would have loved to see me spurt, wouldn’t you!”
Margaret found herself back in the safety of her own home. That was not the way she had intended the conversation to go, she thought. Now they were at loggerheads and she never wanted that. He was a nice guy, and yes, she had wanted to see him spurt, preferably with her dildo deep inside her cunt, making her cum at the same time.
Margaret was visibly flustered. She had made an enemy that she did not want to make, in fact, Margaret never wanted any enemies; life was too short for that.
Three hours had passed when she heard a knock on her door. She wasn’t expecting anyone, so she peeked through the window to see who it was and saw Dan standing to attention.
She didn’t want to answer the door but that would have been wrong, after all, he knew she was in, her car was parked outside. She reluctantly unlatched the door and let it swing open. Margaret stood still and waited.
Dan licked his lips and started to speak. At first, he couldn’t find the right words and mumbled his way through a few sentences, “I’m sorry I upset you,” he recovered, “I should have closed the curtains. I don’t want us to fall out over this you’re a nice woman.”
Dan found Margaret’s smile unexpected, yet welcoming.
“I bought you these,” Dan revealed a small bunch of flowers from behind his back.
Margaret’s grin broadened, “Thank you, you shouldn’t have. Come in, Please. I’ll just put them in some water.” Margaret took the flowers to the kitchen and placed them in the sink, she quickly ran some water before returning. Dan was only half way down the corridor when Margaret appeared from the kitchen and stood close to him.
“Thank you for the flowers, you’re right I was watching you,” she confessed.
“Water under the bridge,” said Dan.
“Not quite,” replied Margaret as she stepped closer to Dan, “I liked watching you stroke your cock. I loved how big it looked and how you handled it. I loved watching you perform for me.”
Dan smirked at her confession though he had guessed her intentions already.
Margaret looked him in the eye, her hand reached out to touch Dan’s trousers. As she did so, she whispered to him, “I seem to like watching people have sex,” she unbuckled his belt and then started to release his zip, “it’s such a turn on for me, I watch them for ages and then I…” she reached in for his cock and released it, blood had already started to pump into it, she pulled on it a few times then squeezed it, “…start masturbating until I come.”
Margaret’s words were intoxicating. Dan looked at her, his eyes wide open, he certainly hadn’t expected this sort of welcome. As she stroked his cock, Dan started to pant and he eventually closed his eyes. The vision of her masturbating, while watching him masturbate, filled his senses. Margaret pumped his cock with her fist until he was so close to release.
Margaret released his cock to swing free. It bobbed in front of her. She smiled at Dan. “Now put it away, and go back to your house. You know what to do…” she said, smiling.
Her eyes penetrated his. Dan couldn’t believe what had just happened, and what she was saying, was alien to him. He stood in front of this attractive woman with his cock bouncing like an idiot, and he was being told to go back home.
Dan didn’t understand. He looked at Margaret, pushed his erect cock back into his trousers and hobbled back to his house.
Margaret closed her front door and immediately rushed upstairs. She stripped naked in an instant and donned her black robe. She strapped the dildo to her sex chair and placed the opera binoculars on a stand close to where she could see through them. Margaret watched Dan’s house with excited anticipation.
Dan arrived home and made himself a drink, he started to understand why he was turned away and it made him feel horny. He sipped his drink and thought of how Margaret would be waiting for him.
Margaret was caressing her breasts while watching from her window. She saw nothing and wondered whether she had, maybe, done the wrong thing. She eventually started to get up, but her last glance out of the window saw a naked man appear across the road, a man, masturbating.
She settled back into her seat and pulled the binoculars to her eyes. Margaret watched him, and slowly, she let her finger slip into her pussy; her dildo was strapped to her chair and ready to go.
In her head, she was encouraging him all the way. She started to talk to the man opposite her though she knew he couldn’t hear her. “Go on, go on, pump your cock, make it cum.”
Margaret stared at him, he seemed to be enjoying it. He stood in full view, a little back from the window, and stroked his long, hard, cock. She knew exactly how it felt and how big it was. The fingers of her hand worked over her clit until she could take no more; teasing sensations flowed through her body. It was time to fuck her toy.
She looked at Dan’s face and cock one more time. She noticed that his eyes were closed and his face looked up to the ceiling. She had to leave the binoculars in order to impale herself onto her dildo.
Margaret watched his whole body as he masturbated for her. His hand moved rapidly over his phallus as she sank down onto her own cock. She felt it fill her, she watched and wiggled her arse in a rocking motion over it. It was hitting the right spot every time. She was cumming and the sight of Dan thrilled her.
The room around her was filled with her gasps and groans; echoing from the walls. Margaret fucked her toy. Her stare was intense, she didn’t want to miss anything but she needed to fuck her toy.
Across the road, Dan pulled on his cock with strong, hard yanks of his fist. He could feel his spunk rise from his balls, his need to spurt was paramount and he knew, or hoped, that Margaret would be watching.
“Oh! Fuck yes,” Margaret cried, “There it is, there is his beautiful cum.”
At the moment of seeing him spurt, Margaret thrust herself down and came over her toy.
Dan’s first splash hit the window, almost obscuring Margaret’s view of his cock. The next splash fell short of the window. The rest of his spunk flowed over his hand and down around his balls. She silently hoped he had had the foresight to put a towel on the floor.
Margaret only saw the first splash of his cum on the window. Her eyes closed when her orgasm hit her as she convulsed on the toy she was fucking. Margaret pressed her thighs together to intensify her pleasure and lifted her legs so that her knees were almost touching her breasts; her toy pressed deep inside her as she did this.
Her pussy became hyper-sensitive but eventually she settled down to a state of post-orgasmic bliss.
Margaret watched as Dan grabbed a towel from behind him and started to clean himself. She watched him wipe his cock, lovingly. Though, she secretly wished that he would have licked his hand clean; that would have been the pièce de résistance, she thought. She was going to have to have words with him about that.
Margaret then rose from the chair allowing the dildo to slip out. She waved at the man across the street before making her way to the bathroom.
Dan waved back at her, satisfied that his actions were witnessed. For the first time, he saw her semi-naked body, but only for a fleeting moment; he had to admit, that although he hadn’t seen much of her, her body looked lovely.
Dan headed for the shower. With the water pouring over him, he wondered whether it would always be like this.
A knock on the door shook his senses and he immediately wiped himself half-dry and donned his dressing gown.
Margaret stood at the door, with a butter-wouldn’t melt, smug, pouty look on her face. “I saw you wanking again, right in front of the window. You know what happened last time,” she declared, forcefully.
This time, Dan laughed.
Margaret held out the plastic bag. Smiling and giggling, she handed it over to Dan. “You might like to install this,” she said, “I think you’ll find the right holes for it to go through, the last couple found it worth the while.” With that, she left Dan to figure out what she had given him.
Margaret had a spring in her step once more and grinned all the way back to her own home.
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