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Jewel Morgan was the kind of woman that had that special something about her. She was well dressed and her outfits were always very well coordinated. She was very friendly and everybody she met wanted to be around her. She had no trouble meeting people ever. People just flocked in her direction. She could be buying coffee at the corner deli or getting her car washed and she'd meet people wherever she went. She was just that kind of a person. She was very outgoing and happy. Most men found her to be attractive.
When Jewel was in high school, she was considered to be part of the popular crowd. She was the homecoming queen, the valedictorian of her class, and a cheerleader. She got a scholarship to the college of her choice. She maintained good grades and had no problems adjusting to college life. Her first year in college, she roomed with a girl that she really liked. They were very friendly and had a lot of the same classes. In her second year of college, both girls pledged a popular sorority. After doing all the crazy things that you have to do during hell week, both girls got into the sorority.
Jewel loved her sisters and met up with a guy that she really liked in a fraternity. Life was really good for the four years that Jewel was away at college. Her and her friends partied hard and were wasted a lot of the time, but Jewel studied and maintained a 4.0 average when she graduated from college. Her family were very happy with her excellent grades that she got in college. Her father had many contacts and was able to get Jewel an interview at a top marketing firm.
She was placed in the Human Resources department as a secretary. She did that for a little while, but then was promoted to a recruiter clerk and worked her way up to an actual recruiter for her company. They sent her for a lot of training. She makes really good money and travels eighty percent of the time. She goes to job fairs and does recruiting for her company. She's very energetic and loves people. Her job is perfect for her.
She really doesn't date much because she's always traveling for her job. She does get very lonely sometimes. She joined a hook-up site and has met up casually with people when she's out of town. Most of the time, they'll go on dates and then just have wild sex. She has a pretty high sex drive. She's very careful when she hooks up for sex. All her men friends must wear condoms when having sex with her. Jewel is a bit wild and will try most things at least one.
Jewel had met a very interesting guy on-line. They had been talking for a few months. They both seemed to have a really good connection with each other. A few times, they had cyber sex and had enjoyed getting each other off by each other's words. They're really hot for each other. One time, her friend insisted that they have phone sex. That was very exciting for Jewel to experience. Her friend told her what to do and she did it while they spoke together on the phone. They both had amazing orgasms that night.
Lately, he had been talking about masturbating for each other while on cam. This is something new for Jewel. She agreed to do it on her next business trip with him. She had to do a little research about it, because she was unsure what she'd be expected to do. She was excited that they'd masturbate and talk to each other on Skype. That was the software that they decided to do for their cam-to-cam date.
Jewel had circled it into her planner and was excited to have her very sexy date with her on-line friend. She wondered, if it would be very naughty. She also wondered, if any of her friends had ever done that. She and her friends were very close, but they never usually talked about sex. Some girls were a bit prude about talking about that topic with friends. Jewel was a very sexual person. Most of the time, she was aroused with the wicked thoughts that went through her mind. Jewel had a very dirty mind.
Tonight was the night that Jewel and her on-line friend, were going to have their cam date together . After her meeting, she stopped off at a mall and bought some new lingerie. Her friend had mentioned, that he loved seeing women in pretty lingerie. Jewel wanted to look extra nice for him. She wanted the evening to go off without any glitches. She was excited to have mutual masturbation on cam. She had never done that before.
Her friend was handsome and Jewel was attracted to him. He had dark, short hair, blue eyes, and a nice physique. He was also very endowed which was a total turn on for Jewel. She had no idea how they'd start to do the cam session, but the mere thought of it, made her hot and horny.
Jewel wanted to have a little fun before her cam date. She wanted to get off by herself first. She got naked on her bed and grabbed her dildo. She spread her long legs and rubbed her fingers all over her pussy. Jewel's pussy was bare. She always had her pussy waxed. She found that it looked incredibly sexy that way. Most of the men she dated enjoyed a bald pussy.
Jewel wet her finger and pushed her index finger into her pussy and fucked herself with her finger. Her pussy was very warm and hot while she played. She pushed her middle finger into her cunt and finger fucked herself with both fingers. With her other hand, she played with her nipples. They were stiff and very erect. Once her pussy was wet, she replaced her fingers with her dildo. She pushed the latex cock up inside of herself.
“Oh God! Fucking hell that feels so good,” Jewel screamed out loud.
She worked the dildo in and out of her wet pussy. The dildo was on the bigger side. It was as big as her friend’s cock. She was imagining that it was his cock deep inside of her. Jewel kept pushing the cock deeper and deeper inside of herself. Her pussy juices were flowing out of her sweet pussy. Jewel continued to fuck herself over and over again. Jewel had many orgasms while she played with herself.
She stood up and put her lingerie on. She bought herself a pink demi cup bra and pink panties. Jewel looked gorgeous in the lingerie. She wore her black stiletto shoes. Jewel has long black curly hair and green eyes. She’s tall and has C-cup breasts. Jewel looked amazing in her lingerie. Her pussy was wet from her orgasm that she had just had. She let the pussy juices drip into her panties. She felt incredibly naughty as she just had a very strong orgasm.
Jewel got everything set up and then she logged onto her computer. Her and her friend were going to do their cam session on Skype. She put her lap top on the table. She got everything set up and then sent him an instant message.
“Hi. Are you there?”
“I’m here.”
“On the count of three, we’ll both turn our cams on.”
“Okay. I’m so excited.”
Both Jewel and her friend turned their cam’s on. Her friend was sitting in front of his computer and Jewel was in front of hers.”
“You’re so beautiful, Jewel. Nice to meet you finally. I’m Dan.”
“Hi Dan. You’re not so bad yourself.”
“Why don’t you stand up and show yourself to me.”
Jewel stood in front of the cam and modeled her lingerie. Her friend was looking at her and licking his lips. He was dressed in a shirt and pants. But, while she was kind of doing a little dance, her friend unbuttoned his shirt and took off his pants. He was just sitting in his boxer shorts.
“You’re very sexy, Jewel. I’m so hard for you. Why don’t you slowly take off your bra.”
Jewel smiled at Dan and unclasped her bra. She slowly took down her bra straps and took off her bra. Her breasts were firm and full. Her nipples were erect and stiff.
“I’d love for you to play with your nipples. Could you twist them for me?”
“Sure. I could do that.”
Jewel rolled her nipples between her fingers and made them stick out further. She wet her fingers and pulled on each one. She was licking her lips and looking into the cam.
“Fuck! You’re so beautiful. I’m going to take my boxers off and stroke my cock now. Tell me how much you want to see my cock.”
“I want to see your cock. Show me how hard you are.”
Dan removed his boxers and stood in front of the cam. He held his cock in his hand and moved his hand up and down. He got into a good rhythm while he pulled on his cock.
“Tell me how much you like my cock.”
“You have a very nice cock. It’s so big and I wish I could play with it.”
“I’m very hard for you. See my pre-cum oozing out of my cock head for you.”
“I see your cum. Would you taste it and tell me how it tastes?”
Dan wiped his cum on his finger and then put it into his mouth.
“It’s kind of salty. I sure wish you were here to suck it for me.”
“I wish I was there to suck it for you too,” Jewel giggled.
Dan continued to pull and tug at his cock. Jewel was watching while Dan played.
“I want you to take your panties off and play with your pussy.”
Jewel stood up and put her fingers inside of her panties. She moved her fingers up and down her pussy lips. She pulled her panties down and stepped out of them. She opened her legs and played with her pussy. Dan was standing and stroking his cock while Jewel played with her cunt.
His cock was long and hard. He worked his fingers up and down his shaft. He held his smooth balls and was jerking off while Jewel rubbed her fingers all over her pussy.
“Why don’t you wet your fingers. Push them inside of yourself.”
Jewel sucked on her fingers and pushed them through her pussy and she fingered herself in front of the camera. Dan was stroking his big cock.
“You’re so fucking sexy. I’d love for you to lay down and grab your dildo and fuck yourself. I’m going to come so hard for you. You’re so fucking beautiful.”
Jewel positioned the camera on herself. She got on the bed and opened her legs wide. She licked her dildo and rubbed it all over her pussy. She was very aroused while she played with herself for Dan. Her heart was beating very fast. She was excited while they played this very wicked and naughty game.
“Just tease yourself with the head. Don’t push it all the way in yet.”
Jewel rubbed the dildo all over her pussy lips. Dan was stroking his hard cock. His cock was rock hard while he pulled and tugged at it while he watched Jewel. Both of their eyes were on their computers.
“Slowly put the dildo into your pussy.”
Jewel slowly put the dildo into her pussy. She pushed it deep inside of herself. Once she had it all the way in, she pulled it all the way out. She kept doing that for a little while. Her pussy juices were oozing out of her.
“Imagine that I’m fucking you. Fuck yourself harder and faster. You’re so fucking hot.”
Jewel was fucking herself in and out while Dan was stroking on his hot and hard dick. She was continuously fucking herself. She was playing with her breasts while she jammed the toy in and out of her bald cunt.
“I’m going to come!”
“I’m going to blow my load too. On the count of three.”
Jewel was fucking herself hard and fast. Dan was pulling on his cock and they were going to cum together on three.
“I’m coming. Fucking hell.”
“Me too. Shit!”
Jewel watched as the hot Cum poured out of Dan’s cock. His palm was covered with the sticky matter. Jewel’s bed was soaked from all her pussy juices that spilled out of her.
“That was fucking hot.”
“I know. What a rush.”
“You’re so beautiful. I sure wish I was there and we could really make love.”
“You’re very sexy too. I had a blast. I wasn’t too sure about this. I really liked it though. My heart is beating so fast,” Jewel had said.
“I never came so much in my life. Watching you fuck yourself was so fucking sexy.”
“When we both travel again, we must do another cam-to-cam date."
“I'd like that very much.”
“Let’s talk again tomorrow,” Jewel had mentioned.
“See you later,” beautiful.
Jewel turned off her cam on her computer. She felt rather naughty and just smiled. She went into her shower to wash up. She was very pleased with how the evening went. She knew that her and Dan would masturbate again on cam and that excited her very much.
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