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I stood there while my stepmom continued to suck my spent cock, pulling out any remaining cum left inside my body. The suction created by her mouth reminded me how wonderful a blow job can be. It had been far too long since my last one.
Monique continued to pull me deep into her mouth, making my cock slide in and out, from the tip to my balls. My father, and any man before him, was a lucky guy. I placed my hands on my mom’s thick, dark hair and looked down at her enveloping my cock between her red lips. How was this possible that this woman twice my age wanted my cock so badly?
Now that she had me, it was clear she was not going to let me soften anytime soon. 
She wanted to fuck.
Monique grabbed my balls and continued to play with my hardened cock in her mouth. I finally closed my eyes and let my fingers crawl through her hair as my stepmother moved her head back and forth along the length of my shaft. I wasn’t yet ready to cum so quickly after I just had, but I knew that’s not what she wanted. And I now really wanted what she wanted too.
Monique showed no resistance when I reached behind and undid the clasp of her light blue lacy bra. Her full breasts exploded from their fabric restraint and I could feel her long, hard nipples rub against my thighs. She then moved her hands to my ass cheeks and pulled me in tight to her face, pressing my pubes against the underside of her nose. I wish I'd had my phone so I could've taken a picture.
I massaged my stepmom’s scalp with my finger tips as she held me in place, not moving, probably savoring the feel of my cock in her mouth and throat. I could feel her tongue sliding on the underside of my shaft, but she could not do more than that. It was a pretty tight fit.
After a few more moments, Monique slowly released her oral grip on my cock, and looked up at me with her dark, seductive eyes. I could drown in those whirlpools of lust.
“Would you like to taste your Mom’s pussy or would you like to fuck it?”
I wanted both but I must have taken too long to answer. She pushed me onto my back, peeled off her aromatic and soaked panties, stuffed them in my mouth, and straddled my body. I still couldn’t believe my stepmom was on top of me, now holding my erect cock and preparing to impale herself on it.
“I know you want this, my baby boy, don’t you?”
“Yes, I do M... "
Damn, I almost said mom again.
She then scolded me. “Call me Mom.”
I nodded and replied, “Okay, Mom.”
I propped my head up with a pillow so I could see my throbbing cock enter her. Monique re-gripped my cock at its thick base and I could see her long, lean fingers barely touch the fleshy part of her palm. She squeezed hard then started to rub the tip of my cock along her moist slit. I felt the heat from her swollen lips, starting at the tip of my cock and then radiating down to my balls. Monique definitely is a hot MILF.
“Mommy is going to slide her wet pussy down your strong, thick cock, okay baby?”
I nodded okay.
“What was that? I didn’t hear you.”
I looked at my stepmom and she began to smile.
“Use your words dear, I want to hear it.”
“Yes, Mom. Please slide your wet pussy down my cock.”
“Good boy. You were always such a good boy.”
I smiled, but it felt awkward being praised by my father’s wife this way. It’s not like I just got an A on a spelling test, or cleaned my room without being told to do so. I was telling my stepmom, a woman I called Mom, that I wanted her to fuck me. 
Monique watched my reaction as she spread her pussy lips and let them kiss both sides of the stretched skin of my purple head. Without yet even entering her, Mom pulled her large labia down each side, almost fully engulfing the top of my cock. Again I wished I had my camera, but my memory would have to do.
Now that Monique was comfortably positioned for entry, she placed her hands on my chest and pinched both of my nipples, rolling them between her finger tips. She was moving so tortuously slowly, I thought I might cum as soon as any part of my cock felt her warm and wet insides.
“Mommy’s going to fuck your young cock like no teen girl ever has.”
She paused then added, “This is what I think about when I’m fucking your father.”
Ah, shit. I did not need to hear that either.
I was nervous thinking what she might do to me as I felt her opening begin to stretch around the smooth skin of my cock head. I watched her folds begin to swallow my cock with her thick labia wrapped around the glans of my cock, when we heard the key card being put in the door.
Monique jumped off my body and rolled me off the side of the bed and onto the floor. At that very moment, I felt she had done something like this before. I tried to crawl under the bed but the box spring was too close to the floor, so I hugged the base, trying to disappear. I could see under the bed all the way to the front door. I then heard my father’s voice.
“Where’s... "
“He went to the beach. I guess he needed this trip more than we realized.”
I then saw my Dad’s feet move towards their bed, obviously realizing his wife was completely naked. He probably could smell her arousal as soon as he walked in the room.
“I’ve been waiting for you,” I heard Monique say. “Is the game over? Do we have time for a quickie?”
Nooo! That’s supposed to be for me!
I knew she was doing this to redirect any suspicion my Dad may have had, given he just found his wife naked on his bed, with her horny pussy flaming red hot and wet. I then saw Dad’s feet leave the floor and felt the bed beside me move under the added weight.
Oh, please stop. I don’t want to witness this again.
I covered my ears, closed my eyes, and screamed in my head out of sheer libidinous frustration.
Oh, so fucking close! I was almost inside her. She was just about to fuck me.
But then I felt the sheets next to me move again. I opened my eyes and saw my Dad’s feet back on the floor. I uncovered my ears to hear them speak.
“It’s going into overtime, so I can’t now. Can I take a rain check?”
Monique moaned with fake disappointment.
“I guess so,” she pouted.
“How long do you think you’ll be?”
“At least a half an hour, maybe longer.”
“Well, that should give me enough time.”
“Enough time for what?”
“Well, I’ve got to finish what I started. I can’t go to the beach like this.”
“Shit! Fuck! Damn it, Monique.”
I could tell my Dad was struggling with this, but Monique let him off easy because she had a backup plan. Me.
“Don’t worry about it. Watch your game. We’ll pick this up later tonight.”
“Thank you, sweetie!”
I then heard the door open, then close behind my Dad. He was gone. Phew.
I felt the bed sheets move once more. I looked up and saw Monique’s raven black hair and one boob with accompanying large nipple hang over the side of the bed.
“Now, get the fuck up here. I hate being interrupted during sex.”
Why was she angry at me?
I climbed up quickly and my mom pushed me on my back, brought my legs together, and straddled my thin hips. My cock was pointing at the ceiling, and by the look on her face, I sensed Monique was going to angry-fuck me with a vengeance.
“Did I do something… “.
My step mom looked at the concern on my face and she instantly changed her expression. 
“Oh no, baby boy. You didn’t do anything wrong.”
Mom then leaned forward, and like so many times before, gave me an innocuous kiss on the lips. But this time, she stayed, spreading my lips with hers, and plunged her tongue into my mouth. I was more startled by this act of intimacy than what we were about to do a few minutes ago. Monique’s tongue swirled with experience, searching for and finding my tongue. The tip of her tongue then danced with the tip of mine as I felt my cock sliding along the crack between her butt cheeks.
“Mama’s changed her mind. I want you to taste how wet my pussy is for you.”
“I’d like that, Mo… "
Shit. Close one.
She leered at me, gritted her teeth, and growled, “Call me Mom.”
“Sorry, Mom. I’d like that.”
Monique quickly unstraddled me, turned one hundred and eighty degrees, and then straddled my body again. I was now looking at two very large, dark folds of mature woman glory. I had never seen such large labia. I always felt, rightly or wrongly, a girl wasn’t a woman unless she had developed large, erogenous folds falling from her vagina. My mom had this and more.
Monique lowered her pussy onto my face, filling my mouth with her amazing meat. I sucked both in my mouth and then slid my tongue between them, eliciting a loud, “Fuck me!” from Mom. As my tongue searched her tasty stepmommy pussy, I felt her tongue on my balls, licking and swirling every ridge on my scrotum. She then grabbed my legs, placed her elbows behind my knees, lifted my feet off the mattress, forcing my legs back. I then felt my Mom’s tongue enter my ass.
Oh my god. My stepmom was tongue-fucking my ass!
My body jumped when she first entered me but I got used to it very quickly. She was right. No other girl had done this to me before. I could feel her chin rub against my sack as her tongue swirled and rimmed on the outside and then repeatedly plunged on the inside.
I quickly decided to reciprocate this nasty sexual act.
Monique’s face dropped and her tongue plunged deep into my ass when my tongue entered her ass. Her breathing was sharp and heavy. I felt that my cock was tangled in her hair but that didn’t matter. Never had I participated in a mutual sixty-nining tongue fuck, and certainly not with an older woman like my stepmom. Again, where’s my camera?
We raced to see who could fuck the other’s ass faster. Monique pushed her tongue in so deep, I felt her teeth around my asshole. She was clearly better at this than me, but I tried to keep up. But after several grueling minutes, I just couldn’t. My jaw started to hurt and my neck began to cramp. I stopped moving my mouth and head, but left my tongue in my mom’s ass. My step mom then stopped too, but forced her tongue in deep, locked her lips on my ring, and sucked me like she sucked my cock.
Holy fuck I saw stars!
We both breathed heavily while our tongues remained in each other’s ass. We then heard the door beep and saw it swing open. My tongue didn’t move and my body froze as I saw a hotel staffer standing there with her cart.
Her voice shrieking with a Spanish-sounding apology, she quickly closed the door and placed a Do Not Disturb sign on the handle.
We certainly gave her something to talk about during her coffee break.
“What time is it?”
“I can’t see the clock, only your cunt.”
My stepmom turned around and slapped me hard across the face.
“Watch your language, young man. I’m still your mother.”
Shocked, I placed my hand on my reddened check. I was totally confused. I just had my tongue in my stepmom’s ass, and she had hers in mine, and she doesn’t want me to swear?
Monique then winked at me, bringing my thoughts back to this obscure and bizarre reality.
“Mom, I think we should turn on the TV to the game. This way we’ll know when it’s over.”
“Great idea!”
Monique got off me and motioned for me to find the game. She walked to the door and locked the guest interior lock, preventing anyone else from interrupting us.
“There’s still almost fifteen minutes left in OT. That should drag out for, maybe, another thirty.”
“Turn the volume down, but loud enough so we can hear it.”
I did as Mom directed and then returned to the bed. I didn’t know how much longer my cock could hold out. I felt like I could cum ten times by now.
We didn’t waste any time because we didn’t have much left. I returned to my back and she straddled me again. This time, she grabbed my cock, rubbed it a few times along her slippery wet slit, and then pushed down, swallowing the first third of my cock.
“How does your Mom’s old cunt feel around your cock, baby?”
“So good. So very good.”
Monique then pushed down a little more until her labia reached my pubes. She pulled up a few inches, paused, and then seemingly lost in my eyes, my stepmom slammed down, squishing her large, swollen lips into my body. I felt my eyes roll back into my head as my stepmom’s pussy now clenched my cock, gripping it like a baseball bat.
“I’m going to fuck you like my little boy deserves to be fucked. I’ll help you forget about those nasty SAT’s.”
“Okay, what?”
I looked at Monique and could tell she now wanted me to say it. What a fucking horny, nasty woman.
“Okay, Mom. Fuck your little boy’s cock.”
“Good boy.”
Monique slid up and down my cock, making the bed creak under the duress. I heard her large breasts slap against her body so I reached up to hold them. Mom smiled at me as I cradled her breasts and she changed gears, now grinding her hips against my groin. My stepmom rocked the bed with such force, a visceral intensity I’ve never witnessed before, causing the headboard to repeatedly slam into the wall.
“Do you like how mommy’s hot cunt feels now, baby?”
“I do.”
“Good. Now rub mommy’s clit for her.”
I found Monique’s engorged clit with my thumb and began rubbing that unhooded and swollen triangle of pleasure. Monique’s head fell back as she closed her eyes and looked to the ceiling. I then looked past her body and saw there was less than five minutes in the game.
“Make your mommy cum? Can you do that for me?”
“Yes, Mom. I’ll make you cum.”
My stepmom then leaned forward and rested her large breasts on my chest. We both ground our hips into each other and I suspected, by her loud moaning, her clit was rubbing nicely against my body. I grabbed my mom’s hips and forced her body into mine, grinding the best I could while my cock was deep inside her.
“You’re going to make your mom cum, dear. I’m very close… ”
I tried my best to not come before Monique, and fortunately she came first.
As her orgasm approached, my stepmom wrapped her arms around my neck and I felt her tongue in my ear. Her heavy breathing drowned out any sound from the TV, so I didn’t know how much time was left in the game.
“Mommy’s cumming! Mommy’s cumming!”
Her body shook as Monique let out little yelps between spasms. She squeezed her arms more tightly around my neck, almost chocking me, but also forcing my face into her wonderful-smelling hair. I felt the sensation travel through her body so I held her hips against mine, helping to prolong her orgasm. I was surprised I had not cum yet, so I hoped Mom would be proud of me for that.
After her last twitch and spasm passed, Monique sat up, pulling our sweaty bodies apart, and shot me the biggest grin.
“You let Mommy cum first. That’s such a good boy. You’re so grown up.”
Oddly, it warmed my insides to hear her say that.
“You’ve been such a good lover, I’m going to give you a choice. Do you want to cum in your stepmom’s pussy, her ass, her mouth, or on her face and tits?”
Holy Shit! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.
Since I already came on her feet, and I’ve been in her pussy and mouth for the past thirty minutes or so, I selected ass. Plus, who knows if I’ll ever get this opportunity again.
“I’m waiting.”
“Can I fuck your ass, please... Mom?”
“Oh, that makes me so happy! I’m so glad you chose my ass. I was hoping you would want to fuck me there today. I really wanted to feel your big cock deep in my ass in Miami.”
Monique was more excited about it than I think I was, and I was pretty fucking stoked.
We changed positions so Monique was on her back. She spread her legs and I crawled between them, observing that her boobs were leaning off to each side of her body. But those crazy big nipples attracted me like another pussy.
I checked, and my mom’s ass was so well lubricated from our fucking that we didn’t need any more assistance. Monique then pulled her legs up giving me better access to her ass. I wasted no time and pushed my cock against her opening, forcing my head past her tight ring.
“Fill my ass, son. Stretch me like I know you can.”
I pushed my cock in her ass a bit more, and then the resistance from her channel lessened and the rest of my cock slipped into place. Mom smiled and moaned with approval as she wrapped her legs around my back, crossing her ankles and locking me in place. I started pumping slow but picked up the pace as my balls slapped my stepmother’s ass.
“Fuck me hard, sweetie. I can take it. Fuck your mommy’s ass hard!”
I started fucking her as she requested, smashing our bodies together and making that headboard flutter like a traffic sign in a tornado. I couldn’t recall ever fucking anyone this hard or for this long without cumming.
While I slammed her body hard, Mom kept feeding me words of encouragement.
“You fuck your mommy so well, dear. Keep fucking me hard. Make me cum again!”
She wrapped her arms around my back and tightened her legs around my body. Except for my hips, I couldn’t move. Monique only allowed them to rise and fall as I plunged my cock deep in my stepmom’s ass.
“Come on, boy. Fill your mother’s ass with your seed!”
Right on cue, I started to cum in my mother's asshole. I think I grunted with the first spurt, but then kept much quieter after for the rest.
As I continued to silently empty my balls, we heard a knock on the door. 
Shit! We'd forgotten to check the television.
“Monique, unlock the door. It’s me.”
With my face covered in fear, I uncontrollably kept cumming and cumming, shooting my seed in Monique's ass just as she'd asked.
Monique then whispered in my ear, “You are such a good boy. I can’t wait to taste your cum again.”
We heard my dad knocking on the door again.
My stepmom then kissed me while she unwrapped her legs and arms from body.
“Just a minute… "
I pulled my cock out of her ass, now covered and dripping with my cum, and watched Monique take it once more in her mouth. That crazy, nasty woman took her time and cleaned me with her lips and tongue.
My dad banged on the door again. My stepmom swallowed what she had in her mouth and then cleared her throat.
“I’ll be right there. I’m not decent.”
Boy, ain’t that the truth...
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