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My wife, Kat, is a very sexual woman who gravitates to other very sexual women. She is bisexual and we have had several threesomes with a small group of females we know. She is 5'6", thin, 38DD tits ( recently rebuilt ) with large nipples, long legs and long blonde hair. She also has been pierced, with hoops, on both pussy lips just below her clit. At work, she dresses down, but on the weekends it's mini skirts, low cut blouses, no bra and platform heels.
It was a Saturday afternoon and she had gone shopping with her nail tech. and girlfriend Peni. We had known Peni for a couple years. She watches our Florida pool home when we are away. Peni is 28, 5'0", petite frame, 36B tits, bubble butt and long black hair. She dresses like Kat in either mini skirts, short shorts, low cut blouse, push up bra and platform heels. She could give you a hard with a single look.
Peni would come over most weekends and hang out by the pool with us. Her and Kat love to tan therefore they both wear extreme bikinis which barely cover their nipples and bottoms that barely cover their pussy. Watching them put suntan lotion on each other is and experience. Both of them would make sure the went under the bikini to apply lotion and all over the lips of their pussies. I would wear a pair of tanning trunks, which did not conceal my 9" thick cock very well.
The girls had gotten back to the house at about three pm with bags from Victoria Secret. Kat told me they each had bought a bra and thong set. Peni interjected, they then went to Fairvilla and got platform heels to match. We sat and had a drink while the girls talked. Peni asked if I would like to see what they had bought and of course I said yes. Instead of taking the items out to show me, they retreated to the master bedroom. I heard some giggling while they were in the bedroom as they talked. After freshening their make-up and putting on their lingerie they opened the door and presented themselves.
My cock almost sprang out of my pants as they motioned me back to the bedroom. I had entered the bedroom when I was told to make myself comfortable on the bed. I was wearing a pair of board shorts only when I laid down. The girls had decided to give me a little show and started dancing to some music they been playing in the room.
Peni was wearing a royal blue demi bra, and matching thong with royal blue platform mule heels. Her nipples were barely covered and her ass was as smooth as silk. Kat was wearing a pink demi bra, which did not cover her nipples, a white thong and white platform mule heels. The white on her well-tanned body looked awesome. All I wanted to do was fuck them both.
After they had danced a couple songs, they laid down on the bed. They had been kissing and continued lightly at first and then deep, sucking each others tongues, lips and neck. Kat had worked her way to Peni's tits and lifted them from the bra so she could suck her nipples. Peni's nipples, when hard, would stand erect about 1/3 of an inch. Peni had also worked her way to Kat's tits sucking and pinching her hard nipples. In no time the bras were off. Kat moved down to Peni's waist and removed her thong. She positioned herself between Peni's legs and started licking her pussy lips stopping at her clit. She then went right to her clit and sucked it while she had two fingers in her pussy fucking her. Peni came, twisting and turning while trying to catch her breath and pushing Kat's head deeper into her pussy.
Kat raised up and had looked over at me smiling. I had already removed my board short and was stroking my fully erect, throbbing cock. Peni looked over and gasped saying, "Its so big and fat."
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