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This all started a few weeks ago when I met the most amazing woman on line. When we first started talking it was, as usual, about our sexual activities and preferences. She is bisexual and knew I had been in some ffm threesomes. We talked about getting together and meeting with some of the women I knew and going to some strip clubs and picking up a playmate.
She is a beautiful woman with large breasts, the prettiest pussy, and the tightest little ass I have ever seen. We have shared explicit photos of each other and other personal information that people don't share on the web. We talk every day for hours, and say good night to each other every night.. Those conversations started out with what she was going to do with me and I with her. I was not looking for a relationship, but she was looking for a man to treat her like a woman should be treated. Due to the fact she is a very sexy lady, with the most beautiful bedroom eyes, men would naturally gravitate to her. It seems apparent they were not really men, but just boys wanting a play doll.
With the pictures she provided me, both dressed and nude, one in particular stood out. It was taken with her fully dressed, with her looking directly into the camera lens. As I said, she has the most amazing brown eyes that pierced my heart and soul. I started speaking from my heart now, and not from my crotch. Something stirred in me that I cannot explain; a need, a desire, a spark that I have been missing for a long time.
Now my conversation started to change. I no longer wanted to fuck this woman, but now I wanted to make love to her in a slow, passionate way. I wanted to hold this woman in my arms every night, after making love to her, with her back up against my chest and my arms wrapped around her.
I want to wake every morning with her naked body against me and her head on my shoulder. I have told her, "I love you," past my heart and all the way to my soul. I want to tell her every night I love her and wake every morning telling her the same. I want her to know every moment of the day, that I am deeply in love with her, will protect her and will never hurt her.
Something must have sparked in her also. Her conversation changed from us having wild sex, to our future. She does not live in The States as I do, but is making plans to come in the summer from Europe. She is talking about where will "we" live and traveling around the country together on my motorcycle. She is aware I am a veteran of combat and still am involved in some contract work. She alluded to becoming my wife at some point and I am elated at that possibility. She has told me she is very much in love with me, and I have no reason to doubt her.
She is a very sexual woman and has enjoyed both women and men. I am a very sexual man and have been involved in many experiences. We started talking about what boundaries, if any, were needed. I am the poster child for alpha male. I cannot watch or be involved with any activity where another man is having sex with the woman I love. We have both agreed that since she is very attracted to women, that will be our play time. I have also told her my attention will always be directed towards her. I can never stop looking into those eyes. I know it's a double standard, but would walk away if she was not good with that.
We are now planning a business together, a strip club in Florida with a new twist, at least new to me. A normal strip club for men and woman to enjoy, with a Ladies Only lounge attached. All the strippers will be women for both sides. The ladies' lounge will allow lesbian and bisexual women to enjoy sexy women without the hassle of men.
My Love wants an office overlooking both bars with a two-way glass, so she can watch the action also. I assure you, watching and helping her dress for work every night will be my pleasure. I also will enjoy taking her shopping for new, sexy clothes to wear to work and when we go out. After work, who knows, she may want to bring a pretty plaything to the office for some fun.
I am pretty sure I will not be able to wait till summer, so I'm working on making a trip to her before then. She will probably pick me up in a limo, so I can rip her clothes off in the back, or get a hotel suite with a hot tub close to the airport... or both. Our plan is room service for a couple days, then wander out to visit some sights and clubs.
I cannot wait to explore every part of My Love's body, and have her do the same with mine. I want so much to feel her breath on my neck, her naked body against mine, and a kiss that will melt both our hearts.
I will keep you posted on where we set up our club, so you can come visit and meet us in person.
I know you are reading this, baby. I love you so much.
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