Coming Out to Play 2
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I was in a sleepy haze through most of the day at school. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened the night before. Not only had I been caught running around outside naked by a cop, but he had used his authority to take complete advantage of me. The humiliation of being forced to masturbate in front of him while he held a flashlight on me still burned in my gut. And right next to that was the lump of guilt I felt for having a spectacular orgasm in the midst of being exploited like that. I wanted to be able to play the victim, but the truth was that I had been given a choice and as scary as it was I ultimately got off in it. Although, no matter how I felt about what had happened, one thing was sure – my self-pleasuring activities would be strictly confined to my own bedroom from now on.
I only had two classes that day, but they seemed to last forever. No one talked to me except for Lara in my sociology class. She was nice, but she was one of those “friends” that would only last for the semester. Lara wouldn’t bother with me afterward unless we had another class together. Whatevs.
When I pulled into the driveway, instead of being excited about a finding new spot or way to get myself off, all I was thinking about was taking a nap. I gathered my books out of the back seat and was ready to head inside when a male voice scared me out of my wits.
“Hey, Kelsey.”
For half a second I was afraid it was the cop back for more, but when I looked up it was a guy I knew from down the street.
“Oh! Hi, Derrek.” I had no idea what to say. “How’s it going?”
Derrek and I went to the same high school. He moved into the neighborhood when I was a freshman and he was in my homeroom. He was real quiet and never talked in class. We all thought he was some kind of special needs kid, but then halfway through the year they moved him up a grade. Turns out he was some kind of genius. I would see him around the neighborhood once in while walking his dog or riding his skateboard, but he’d never talked to me before – not even a hello or a wave.
“Good. It’s going good.” He rubbed the palms of his hands up and down against the sides of his jeans a few times. He was obviously nervous and having a hard time looking right at me. “I wanted to, or I guess let you know that...I, ah, saw what happened last night.”
My insides went cold. A nauseous feeling rose suddenly and all I wanted to do was bolt into the house and die instantly.
“You...I…” I was too busy trying not to scream to think of a sensible response.
“Anyway...” Derrek was even more uncomfortable now than before. “I wanted to see if you were okay, or if you needed maybe a witness, or something, I don’t know.”
As much as I wanted to, I couldn’t deny what had happened since he had obviously seen it.
“No. Thanks, but no. Everything is over and done with, so...yeah.”
Derrek nodded, shuffled his feet, then lifted his nervous gaze from the ground and looked at me. I’d never noticed before what a deep blue his eyes were. Or the quirky way his lip curled up on one side in a cute half-smile. He pointed to his house.
“My bedroom is on the second floor in the corner,” he explained.
I looked where he was pointing and could see that if he was looking out his window he would have had a front row seat to the show I had put on last night. This couldn’t get any worse. Maybe I would have to move to another state after all.
“And…” he went on, “I can pretty much see into your backyard from my side window.”
What was he saying?
“You can?” Oh, God, this was too humiliating. “And you saw me…out there, too?”
He nodded sheepishly, once again unable to meet my eyes. I had no idea why he was telling me this, but I had a dreadful suspicion. It seemed I had made myself an easy mark for blackmail.
“Anyway, I wanted make sure you were okay, and also tell you I got the Twilight box set the other day on BluRay if you ever want to borrow it, over and watch it some time.”
It almost seemed like Derrek was trying to hit on me. “Oh, really? I love Twilight.” I was talking without thinking. I had the feeling I was in a daze within a daze.
“I know.” He gave me another glimpse of that crooked little smile. “I remember you always carrying the books around when we were in school. And you still wear the t-shirt…sometimes.” He shrugged.
Yes, he was coming off kind of stalker-ish, but I couldn’t help but be a little flattered that he had noticed those things about me. At least there was one person I wasn’t invisible to. Even so, it didn’t change the fact that this was beyond embarrassing. This guy that I hardly knew was basically standing there telling me that he’d been watching me run around my yard naked and masturbating like a deranged sex freak for who knows how long. All I wanted to do was get away from him so I could throw myself onto my bed, scream into my pillow, and cry for the next two hours.
“Okay, well, I have a lot of homework to get to.” I held up one of my textbooks as proof. “So…”
His mouth tightened, his cute smirk disappeared. He clearly took my response as a rejection. Which was good...I guess. He backed off a few steps.
“All right, then. Sorry.” He ducked his head and turned to go. Derrek stopped and looked back at me. “Kelsey, just to let you know, I think you look very sexy...and whatnot.” As soon as he got those words out he was off as quickly as he could go.
I stood there stunned. I wasn’t sure I had heard him right. Did he say that to be cruel? He couldn’t have meant it. If he had really been watching me from his window, then he had seen me do some pretty disgusting things. God, I didn’t even want to think about all the things he might have seen. I rushed inside and went straight to my room.
Despite the humiliating shock of it all, I somehow managed to survive. I quit masturbating cold turkey. I actually held out for two days before I broke down and fingered myself under the covers in my bed with the lights off. I managed to restrict my self-pleasuring to my bedroom for about a week after that, then I hit mid-terms. I was so stressed out by the time I got home I really needed some heavy duty relief. I decided there was no reason I couldn’t still have fun around the house, as long as I was careful. I played in my parents’ room, beat off in my brother’s bed, and fucked myself in the family room. That was a good afternoon!
Of course, I never stopped thinking about what happened with the cop and then with Derrek. It was warping my sex fantasies. I kept thinking about how the policeman jerked off on me, and fantasized about sucking his cock and getting fucked by him out there in the dark. I also kept imagining Derrek was there watching and stroking his dick to it all. Sexy and whatnot. That’s what he’d said.
Derrek was no prize in the good looks department, but it wasn’t like he was a troll or anything. The more I thought about him, the more I realized he was sort of cute in a lot of ways. Not that it mattered. If I saw him again I’d probably have a heart attack and run the other way. I’d cringe every time I thought about the things he might have seen me doing to myself out in my backyard in the middle of the night. Whenever I thought about this I would shudder and feel sick about it, except when I was masturbating. For some reason when I thought about it then, it only made me cum harder. I was more fucked up than I’d ever realized.
About a month after “the incident,” it was an insanely hot night, and I was lying in bed sweating my balls off. I had stripped down to nothing, but that didn’t do anything except make me horny. I wondered if it would be cooler outside. A little breeze between my chunky thighs would feel so good. It was insane to even consider it. But, if I stayed in my backyard I couldn’t get into trouble – at least not with the cops. Then there was that other problem.
Derrek would be able to see me. Although, what were the chances he’d be looking out his window precisely at that time of night after I hadn’t been outside for almost a month? No, it was crazy to even be thinking about it. I reached down and felt my sweaty pussy. I could get myself off there in my bed as well as anywhere. No reason to start acting like a damned idiot again.
I ran my finger lightly around my swollen clit. My whole body reacted. I slid my touch up and down my slick lips. No matter how often I did it, it still felt divine. I toyed with my opening. Every nerve there was alive and eager for attention. Fuck it.
I was out of bed and hovering at the back door before I could talk myself out of it again. He’d already seen me a hundred times, what difference would it make? I stepped out into the sultry night air and was instantly enlivened by the thrill of it. How could being naked outside feel ten times better than inside? I didn’t care, all that mattered was that it did.
Without looking toward Derrek’s house, I strolled to the middle of my yard. I decided to keep it simple and quick. I played with my boobs a little, ran my hands over my belly and thighs, then zeroed in on my pussy. I stood in a half-squat and stuck two fingers up inside of me while I used my other hand to work my clit. It felt amazing to be out under the open sky again. I imagined that I could feel his eyes on my back.
My orgasm was coming on fast. Could he see my ass? I plunged a third finger into my sopping wet hole. Was he watching me masturbate? I leaned forward slightly, letting my fat breasts dangle freely. Was he looking at me and stroking himself? That thought put me over the top. I grunted and pushed my fingers as deep as I could. My pussy clenched tight, and my legs went all rubbery. Holy fucking shit that was good.
I stood hunched over with one hand practically buried in my puss and the other pressed against my spasming clit. I didn’t want the feeling to end, but my brain was scolding me for acting like an immature moron again. I hurried back inside and rushed to my bedroom as quietly as I could. There was something seriously wrong with me.
The next night I was out there again. At some point I would have to deal with whatever mental disorder I had, but right then all I wanted to do was cum. I was on my back, humping my hand. If Derrek was looking out his window he would have been able to see between my legs. I knew at that distance in the dark he wouldn’t really be able to see anything, but the idea that he might be looking made everything more intense. I was trying to take my time and make it last. After a few minutes of playing I had to stop touching myself and let my body calm down. That’s when I thought I heard something.
I looked around, but there was nothing. Then I heard it again, like someone clearing their throat. It came from the corner of my house. I stared into the gloom. Something was there. I lay stock still not knowing if I should run for cover. There was definitely someone there.
Before I could decide what to do, the shadowy form stepped away from the house toward me. Once in the moonlight I could see that it was Derrek. My first instinct was to cover myself, but then I saw that he was naked also. Not only that but he was sporting a serious hard-on.
My insides went all gushy. What was he doing? What should I do?
His hand went slowly to his cock. I was unable to look away. He took hold of himself and began stroking nice and easy. Did this pervert think that just because he saw a police officer force me to masturbate for him that he could do the same thing? I saw the way Derrek’s arm and shoulder moved. The moon provided just enough light for me to make out his hand wrapped around his hard shaft. It was the first time I’d ever really seen a guy jerking off. I know the cop was doing it that night, but with his flashlight in my eyes the whole time I didn’t really get to see it. I liked the way it looked.
Derrek didn’t come any closer. He stood there gently pulling at his prick not saying a word. I felt my clit pulse under my fingertip. I gave it a little rub. It felt good – damn fucking good. I couldn’t do this. It was beyond ludicrous. As the rational part of me listed all the reasons I shouldn’t, the horny part of me went on touching myself. In a matter of seconds I was full on going at it like I was all alone. I watched Derrek and he watched me. We were outside, in my backyard, totally masturbating together.
I grabbed one of my boobs, pushed it up and licked my own nipple. Derrek’s hand started moving a little faster. I turned so my pussy was facing toward him. If we were going to do this, then I wanted to get as much out of it as I could. No reason to hold back. I pumped my fingers in and out of my hole, making it as loud as I could. I wanted him to hear how hot and wet my fat cunt was.
What was happening didn’t seem possible. I’d never willingly been naked in front of someone before, much less wanted them to see me. And he wasn’t only seeing me, he was seeing me performing what was supposed to be a very private act. The last thing I would describe myself as would be an exhibitionist, but I wanted his eyes on me. I wanted him to see my naked breasts, my bare ass, and my exposed pussy. More than that, I wanted Derrek to see how horny and perverted I was. He already knew me in ways no one else did. I didn’t have to hide from him. He was practically a stranger to me, but I felt closer to him than anyone I knew.
I spread my pussy lips open and moaned lightly. It was probably too dark for him to get a good view, but it felt amazing to do it anyway. Derrek took a step closer. He was fondling his balls with his right hand and jacking with his left. He had seemed so shy and nervous when he came and talked to me the week before. It must have taken a lot for him to not only risk coming into my backyard, but to do it naked. I had to respect that. Maybe other people would have thought of him as a creepy freak for just showing up out of nowhere with a boner, but I was happy that he did.
Derrek looked around nervously to make sure we hadn’t attracted any attention and continued pumping his fist up and down his erection. That erection was because of me. My naked body made him hard. The sight of me playing with myself made him so horny that he just had to come over here and jerk off to me. I felt empowered by the idea of that. I felt like a woman for once, instead of a disgraceful little girl hiding in a corner touching her privates. I spread my legs as wide as I could and worked my pussy more intently. I knew this was going to be a good one.
“Watch me, Derrek,” I whispered too softly for him to hear. “Watch me cum. I’m going to make my pussy cum while you look at me.”
I writhed and twisted in the grass. Nothing existed other than the two of us. The only things that mattered were my cunt and his cock. We were nothing but a couple of animals gratifying our basest needs. We barely knew each other, yet we were sharing the most intensely private aspects of ourselves. We didn’t have to touch; we didn’t even need to be close. We each gave ourselves pleasure, but that pleasure was heightened by the presence of the other.
I was getting close. I could feel that peculiar sensation starting somewhere deep inside my middle and expanding toward my pussy. The tension slowly built, and my anticipation mounted. I never had an orgasm when Richie fucked me, even though it felt good. Cumming in front of the cop was really the first time I’d ever done it around another person, but I hated myself for it. This was going to be different. Derrek was going to see me cum, and I wanted it. Maybe he’d seen me before from his window, but this was going to be different.
Still, I couldn’t believe it was happening like this. There was a naked guy right there in my backyard beating off. A guy I had never even really thought about, or would have imagined might get turned on by me. Yet there he was stroking his stiff cock while I lay on the ground fingering myself like a sex-crazed mental patient. It was the most erotic thing I’d ever experienced.
“I’m going to cum,” I said just above a whisper. I don’t know if he could hear me, but he came a little closer. “I going to cum so fucking hard. My pussy...fuuuuck…”
Just like that my clit was alive with exhilarating bursts of tingling joy. Every muscle in my vagina convulsed and locked tight around my buried fingers. My ass came up off the ground and I thrust my pussy toward Derrek in a kind of aggressive offering. This was about him, it was for him, this was because of him. The orgasm swept through me, transforming every part of my body into a source of vivid pleasure. I wanted it to go on and on. In that moment I was fearless, and strong, and beautiful. I loved myself in a way that I couldn’t at any other conscious moment in my life, and I wanted Derrek to somehow see that.
I collapsed down onto the grass and let the aftershocks of my orgasm work their way through me. I jerked and groaned, holding onto my heated pussy the whole time. I heard a small sound coming from Derrek. His hand was moving too fast for me to make out any details in the dark. He was gripping his balls tightly and it appeared he might have even been pulling on them. I could tell he was close to finishing. I motioned him to come nearer.
Derrek shuffled closer, and I waved for him to come still closer until he stood over me. I could distinctly hear the fleshy sound of his hand rapidly pumping at his erect cock. It was easily the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. I heard that little whimpering sound coming from his clenched throat again and it sent a tingle from the tip of my clitty, down over my pussy, and straight to my asshole. I wanted to see that sperm shooting out of his cock more than anything.
“Do you want to cum on me?” I asked. “You can, if you like.”
He didn’t respond at first, then he said in a hushed breath: “I like your tits.”
“Yeah?” I slid my hands up under my boobs and pushed them together. They almost seemed twice as big when I did this. “Cum on my tits, Derrek. I want you to jerk off all over my big, fat titties.”
He dropped to his knees and aimed his cock at my chest. I could see him tensing up and I braced myself, focusing my attention exclusively on the tip of his dick.
“I’m going to cum, Kelsey. I’m going to...oh, shit, yes…”
Jets of white spunk spewed out of his cock and splashed onto my skin. His semen almost appeared luminescent in the moonlight as it arced through the air and landed on me. Derrek went on tugging powerfully at his erection and even more came out. Spurts of cum covered my boobs, with much of it coating my huge nipples. I could feel several errant droplets splattering on my tummy, my arm, and a few even hit me in the face. The whole time he was cumming, a feral growl sounded deep in his throat. It was the manliest thing I’d ever heard.
He kept jerking even after the ejaculations stopped. After several long moments his hand came to a rest and his body relaxed. He released his grip on his balls and let them hang loose. The tip of his cock glistened wetly with his own semen. His cock pulsed in his hand. I had the urge to lick it clean, but held back. Now that we were no longer possessed by our horny need to cum, there was a growing sense of awkwardness rising up between us.
“That was…” He trailed off, perhaps afraid that anything he said would sound stupid.
“Yeah.” I agreed, feeling vulnerable and wondering if I had gotten myself into something I shouldn’t have. “I should probably get back inside…”
“Right, sorry, me too.” He fumbled with his words, trying to keep his voice low. He looked around nervously as if just remembering that we were outside in the open. He stood up, still holding onto his dick. It seemed he was doing it now more to cover himself than anything.
I felt the absurd desire to hide myself as well. It was silly after what we had just done, but the desire to be exposed had evaporated.
Derrek moved haltingly toward the corner where he first appeared. “Okay, see you later—” He cut his sentence short with a nervous cough. “I mean, good night, Kelsey.”
“G’night.” I watched him hurry on bare feet to the shadows. “Derrek. I’m glad you came over.”
He paused, but didn’t say anything.
“Maybe tomorrow night…” I wasn’t able to finish the thought. It was just too weird, and I couldn’t bear to set myself up for yet another rejection. It would have been too much to take.
My naked guy disappeared into the darkness. I was left alone and once again covered in a strange man’s seed. This was becoming a nasty habit. Gratifying, but messy.
I spent most of the next day thinking about what had happened. I was alternately disgusted with myself and turned on by the whole thing. It wasn’t normal, that I knew. But I didn’t care, even though I should have. I was clearly a filthy pig for doing what I had done, but it was so weirdly wonderful that all I wanted was to do it again. I told myself a hundred times that it shouldn’t happen. That night, predictably, I found myself strolling out into my backyard naked and horny.
Derrek showed up a few minutes later, naked and hard. I masturbated on my knees while he watched and jacked his cock. I made sure to play with my boobs a lot for him. I came as intensely as the night before and knew I wouldn’t be able to resist doing this again.
I went down on all fours and signaled for Derrek to stand behind me. I played with myself while he looked on. It wasn’t long before he was shooting cum all over my ass. It wasn’t quite as awkward as before, but once the moment had passed we were both ready to go our separate ways. I wondered if he went back to his room and masturbated a couple more times like I did.
It became a nightly ritual for us. I was addicted to being naked with Derrek. We hardly ever said more than a few words, and some nights we didn’t talk at all. I loved masturbating in front of him, and I couldn’t get enough of seeing him do the same. My favorite part of our liaisons was when he came on me. I looked forward to the feeling of his warm semen, teeming with potent sperm, squirting all over my naked body. He came on my boobs a lot, but also on my belly, on my thighs, and a couple times on my back. It took a little over a week, but he finally worked up the nerve to ask if he could cum on my face. I was happy to let him. It made me feel like dirty whore, which I loved.
The best, however, was when I’d be down on my knees, with my fingers in my puss, and my mouth open. He’d stand in front of me and beat off right into my mouth. It was crazy awesome to feel the first couple spurts hit the back of my throat, then the rest of it squirt onto my tongue. I know he liked it, too. I grew to adore the taste of Derrek’s cum, and even if he didn’t shoot his load into my mouth, I would usually gather it up and lick it off my fingers. I think he liked seeing me do that.
Of course, while all this was happening, I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I wanted to suck his cock or have him fuck me. At the same time, I didn’t want to ruin what we had going. It was pretty fantastic, and the last thing I wanted to do was scare him off. If he wasn’t making a move to go farther than jerking off with each other, maybe that was all he was willing to do with me. I was afraid that if I got too aggressive he might not like it and it would spoil the perverse fun we were having together.
Even though all we were doing was masturbating with each other, every night was unique. Once, we knelt facing each other just a few feet apart. Derrek whacked off while I fingered myself. His cum shot across the gap between us and covered my belly. I even got so horny one night I let him cum on my pussy while I held it wide open. I then used his jizz as lube and got myself off a second time.
The post-climax awkwardness had diminished, and we sometimes lingered after our first orgasms. By silent agreement we began extending our mutual masturbation sessions so that each of us would cum two or three times. I loved waking up the next morning and finding a crusty patch of dried cum on my skin or in my hair that I’d missed the night before when I cleaned up. I began thinking of Derrek as my boyfriend, even though we barely said anything beyond a little dirty talk here and there. It’s not like he had a great body, or was handsome in the usual way, but I found myself becoming increasingly attracted to him. I came to enjoy when it was really hot out at night and he’d get close enough for me to smell his sweat. Maybe I’m just gross like that, but it made my pussy ache for him.
A little over a month into our nightly rendezvous, I came home from school feeling like shit. I bombed the Pre-Calc test, and some stupid jocks were being rude and making jokes about me. I wanted to hide in my room with the lights off until it was time to meet Derrek. But then I decided I didn’t want to wait. I went to his house and knocked on his door.
“Oh...hey,” he said when he saw me standing there on his doorstep. He looked more worried than happy about it. Maybe seeing me in the light of day was putting him off.
“Hi.” I didn’t really have a plan of what to say, I just wanted to be around him. I was about to make up an excuse and take off when I remembered. “I was wondering, if you’re not doing anything, if you would want to watch Twilight.”
“Really? Alright, sure. C’mon in.”
I followed him into his family’s living room and he hurried to his bedroom and got the DVDs. It seemed strange seeing him in clothes. He grabbed us a couple Cokes and some snacks and started the movie. We sat at opposite ends of his big, marshmallow sofa with a bowl of sour cream and onion potato chips between us. It felt weird at first, but after a few minutes I began to feel comfortable. We made a comments here and there about the movie, and I could tell he was happy I’d finally taken him up on his invitation.
After the movie was over, we agreed to watch the second one the next day and I headed home. The whole time neither one of us even remotely hinted at the things we’d been doing outside at night. Spending time with Derrek had definitely cheered me up. That night I went out in the back yard not knowing if he’d show up, or, if he did, whether or not it would somehow be different.
He did show up, and it was different. Not in a bad way like I had feared. It was even better than before. We were more connected than before. Derrek usually lasted pretty long, but he came in less than a minute. On top of that, I think I had my very first multiple-orgasm. Our perversions almost began to feel a little romantic.
The next day I went over to his house and we watched the second Twilight movie. Again, nothing was mentioned about our secret public exhibitions, and that night we did it all over again. Even though the awkwardness between us on these after-midnight escapades had all but disappeared, whenever we parted there was an unspoken shame in each of us for what we had done. There was a barely perceptible undercurrent of resentment toward one another for provoking the sort of debauchery we inspired in each other. Resentment too, perhaps, for not being able to resist slavishly re-enacting our lewd displays again and again.
We carried on like this for another week or so. I would go over Derrek’s house most days after school. If I missed a day he never asked any questions, he was always happy to see me when I did show up. Even during the day we didn’t talk much, but it was nice to just be with someone who I knew wanted me there with them. After the Twilight movies, Derrek introduced me to Game of Thrones. We didn’t have HBO at my house, so it was all new to me, and I loved it.
One afternoon while we were watching an episode from the middle of the first season there was a hot sex scene. I’d been doing my best not to touch myself during the day so I could save it all up for the night, but I was feeling the urge something fierce that afternoon. I thought about sneaking off to his bathroom and rubbing one out real quick. Then I had another idea.
“Can you go back?” I asked. “I want to see that scene again.”
“Sure,” he answered, a knowing smirk on his adorable lips.
I almost chickened out as he worked the remote, but I forced myself to take a chance.
“This show really gets me turned on,” I said as casually as I could manage. “Would it be okay with you if I masturbate while I watch?”
Derrek looked at me as if he wasn’t sure he’d heard me right. I rubbed my crotch through my jeans to make sure he got the idea. I could see in his eyes that he wanted me to do it, but he also worried that this would change the state of things. Would bringing sex into our daytime encounters disrupt everything? I was afraid of the same thing, but I was willing to risk it.
“Okay, sure.” He swallowed hard. “Do you want me to jerk off, too?”
“If you want.” I undid my pants and slipped my hand down inside my panties. I noticed he seemed hesitant and unsure. “I’d actually like it a lot if you did. I think you have a very nice cock, Derrek, and I wouldn’t mind seeing it in the light of day.
He nodded and quickly opened his pants. His cock sprang free, already hard and getting harder once it was unleashed. We turned our attention to the screen and watched the sex scene unfold once again. We stole glances, checking out what the other was doing. The pink head of Derrek’s cock poking up from his fist as he stroked himself was the cutest thing ever.
I pulled my jeans down over my hips to my knees. He probably couldn’t see much with my hand and all my pussy hair in the way, but it felt nice to be exposed to him in daylight. By the time the sex scene ended, neither of us was watching the TV. We were both focused on what the other was doing.
“I really like how it looks when you do that,” I said. It felt weird speaking to him like that while we were doing what we were doing. “It makes me horny to see you stroking your cock.”
He grinned shyly – something I probably wouldn’t have been able to see in such adorable detail if we were outside on a dark night.
“I like the way you look, too,” he offered with a slight falter in his voice. “I never thought a girl could be the way you are. It’s beautiful to see how you touch yourself and when you...cum.” The last word caught in his throat as if he could barely say it in front of me. “What I mean is, I think you’re beautiful all around, just for being you.”
I didn’t know whether to cry with happiness or cum on the spot. My heart filled up with something I’d never known before. No one had ever said those kinds of things to me. I didn’t really believe them, but it was beyond nice to hear them for once. My instinct was to dismiss his words as idle flattery to get what he wanted from me, but instead I made the effort to accept them, and I sunk back into the sofa cushion while pushing my fingers deeper into my wet hole.
“I want you to cum for me, Derrek. I want to see a nice hot load shoot out of that big cock of yours.” Now it was his turn to be embarrassed with flattery. “And I want to see those sexy balls.”
Derrek scooped his balls out of his pants for me and laid them where I could see them. They looked strange and wonderful. I was endlessly fascinated by the male organ. In some ways it was almost like a bizarre alien creature, but even so it was a thing of captivating art for me. And seeing Derrek expertly manipulate it was a performance I would never tire of.
“You have really great tits, Kelsey,” he said, unable to look me in the eyes as he spoke. “I think about them all the time.”
I’d heard him tell me that at least a dozen times, but it gave me a happy chill every time. I loved the idea of him alone in his room thinking about me and whacking off. I never imagined I’d be an object of desire. I liked it...a lot.
Taking his hint, I struggled with one hand to lift my t-shirt up. Once I had it up around my neck, I yanked the giant cups of my bra down to let my boobs spill out. I played with each of my nipples until they stood up proud for him. I took my hand away and gave him an unobstructed view of the girls. His expression was one of longing amazement. I treasured that look on his face. I gazed at him and continued masturbating, letting my breasts wobble naturally with my rapid movements. It wasn’t long before they got the job done.
“I’m going to cum,” Derrek croaked. A look of impassioned anguish came over him as he beat his hand up and down furiously in his lap. The sound of his fist smacking against his balls was erotic music to my ears. The muscles of his forearm stood out in tense effort. “I’m cumming, Kelsey!” Saying my name seemed to put him over the edge.
Derrek thrust his cock upward and a stream of thick white goo erupted from him. It was a marvelous sight. Before the first one landed high up on his shirt, another powerful blast was already following it. I was sad that he wasn’t shooting it all over me, but at the same time I was loving the view I was being treated to. He continued jacking himself hard until nothing more came out. His balls were clenched up tight under his shaft and he was gripping himself so hard it looked like it had to hurt. The way his cum was splattered all over his shirt was somehow incredibly sexy to me. I just wanted to rub my face in the mess he’d made.
“That was so fucking hot,” I blurted out. My hand was moving fast between my legs. “You’ve got cum all over you. I love it.” I grabbed one of my boobs and squeezed it hard. “Let me see your me your big cock, Derrek.”
He took his hand away and displayed his erection in all its glory. His cock head seemed bigger than it had been when we started. His penis flexed and pulsed on its own with what I assumed were the after effects of his orgasm. He’d always come to my yard naked, so to see him sitting there with his clothes on and only his stiff dick exposed was more arousing than I would have guessed.
“Play with your balls,” I begged. “That’s it, roll them around like that. Oh, that’s fucking good.”
It was like I had my own interactive porn at my command. I knew he would probably do anything I told him. I reveled in that sense of power. Derrek was my own personal sex toy.
“Watch me cum, Derrek. I’m going to make my fucking pussy cum so hard right now.”
I expected him to look down between my legs, but his eyes stayed locked onto mine. I could tell he was still fondling his balls for me, but I wanted to stay right there with him. I couldn’t look away.
“Watch me cum, watch me cum, watch me cum!” I almost screamed these words in rapid succession as I quickly lost my mind. It was the first time I could talk dirty to him above a hushed whisper. I felt free in a whole different way. “Shit, shit, shit! Yes!”
My orgasm rocked me in a sudden burst. My ass clenched tight, and my pussy spasmed with delight. A warmth rose up through me, bringing a sense of unadulterated gratification with it. My brain short-circuited for a few seconds. Nothing made sense except for Derrek’s gorgeous blue eyes. He gave me that orgasm. My fingers had done the work, but it was all from him.
“There’s one more,” I groaned.
I rubbed my hyper-sensitive clit and in only a matter of a few seconds I was cumming again. It wasn’t as intense as the first, but it had a special flowering quality to it that was just as pleasing. I felt flushed and sweaty. Derrek’s leering smile made me suddenly shy. I was just sitting there on his couch in the middle of the day with my boobs and pussy hanging out. I must have looked like a desperate slut. Which, to be honest, I was.
After I went home, I couldn’t stop thinking about what we had done. We’d jerked off together who knows how many times by then, but it was totally different doing it together at his house like that. I couldn’t wait until night came. I snuck out a little earlier than I normally did and Derrek was there after a few minutes. I loved how he always already had a hard-on when he showed up.
I got myself off pretty quick after all the built up anticipation. I then turned over, spread my butt cheeks, and begged him to cum on my asshole. It was only later, when I was tucked back in bed feeling sleepy and satisfied, that I realized how much bolder I was at night. It was easy to do things I’d normally never do, or come right out and ask for what I wanted, even if they were embarrassing or somewhat weird.
Maybe it was because I knew that no matter what I wanted, Derrek would do it. Not only would he do it, but he wouldn’t judge me for it. Or, if he was judging me, I never had to hear or see him do it. It might have been nice if we talked more, but there was also a benefit to not having to talk for the sake of talk. Whatever this bizarre thing was that we had going on, it seemed to be working for both of us.
In some ways I would have liked Derrek to be more aggressive about what he wanted. I didn’t have a lot of experience with guys, but I expected them to be the ones to take the lead. It became obvious that Derrek wasn’t like that. He waited for me to make the first moves, and he always asked permission before doing the things he wanted. This should have made me feel like he was less manly, but I decided it was better that way. I was in control. It was up to me what we did and how far things would go. Yes, there were nights I just wanted him to jump me and ram his cock into my pussy as deep as it could go, but I also loved having a masturbation partner. Knowing that I could have his cock whenever I was ready made it all the more arousing.
We got together during the day and watched TV or played video games. Most of the time we’d take a jerk-off break at some point. He’d pull his dick out, I’d pull my pants down halfway, and we’d go at ourselves till we came. We’d clean up, then go right back to what we were doing like it was normal. It was pretty much the perfect friendship.
One day I decided to ramp things up a little. I went into my father’s closet and found the shoe box tucked in the corner. Inside was his small collection of porno DVDs. I tried not to think of my father beating off to these videos, but I couldn’t help it. He probably looked kind of cute secretly stroking away at his dick and hoping my mom doesn’t catch him with his dirty movie. I’d never thought of my dad in that way until I’d found his porn stash. It was nice to know that we had something in common.
I selected a DVD and brought it with me when I went to visit Derrek. We ended up playing Halo. I liked the game, but I liked it better playing with him. It wasn’t long before I got horny enough to say something.
“Hey, Derrek?”
“Yeah?” He stayed focused on the screen.
“Is your dick hard right now?”
“Um, no, not really.”
“Good. Take your clothes off. Quick.”
He put his controller down and without questioning it, he stripped off his clothes. He stood there naked, waiting for me to tell him what to do next. I didn’t say anything and just stared at his cock. It was small and limp. I’d never seen it like that before. I wanted to squish it in my hand and stuff it all in my mouth along with his balls.
Derrek didn’t move while I eyed his privates. Ever so slowly I could detect it thickening. It was like watching one of those time-lapse sequences as his cock got a little bigger each second. It stretched downward at first, then began to rise. His cockhead swelled and gradually lifted its face to me. With each beat of his heart his shaft grew. Pulse by pulse his dangling member transformed into a powerful fuck tool. It was a captivating metamorphosis that I appreciated witnessing more than Derrek would ever know.
I fished the DVD out of my bag and held it out to him. “Put this on.” Telling him instead of asking him made me feel sexier than I deserved to.
As he loaded the disc into the player, I began undressing. Although I’d masturbated with him several times during the daylight hours, he’d never seen me fully naked in the light. My heart was beating fast, and all those accumulated insecurities and fears began to well up. What if he got a good look at me and got so turned off that he stopped hanging out with me? Fuck it. I had to push the limits at some point.
When Derrek turned and saw me standing in his living room completely nude, a big smile slowly played across his lips. He clearly liked what he saw. My relief quickly turned to arousal. It was clear neither of us needed the porno, but I still wanted to watch it with him. I sat down on the sofa and opened my legs.
“Come sit next to me,” I invited and patted the spot where I wanted him.
Without hesitation he did as he was asked. He sat close, but not quite close enough for our bodies to touch. I grabbed the remote and hit play. I casually combed my fingers through my pussy hair while waiting for the action to heat up; Derrek fiddled with his balls while he watched the screen.
The first sex scene was a boy/girl coupling. “Go slow,” I instructed Derrek and slipped a finger into my moist crease.
He tickled his fingers along the underside of his shaft, then squeezed and rubbed the head of his cock. I’d never seen him touch himself like that before. It was terribly sexy. I caressed my outer lips, tugged lightly on my inner lips, then ran a fingertip around the area of my opening. My wetness was already in full flow, and I used it to lubricate my pussy from bottom to top. We watched the couple on the screen fuck and lightly played with ourselves side-by-side.
“That position looks pretty sexy,” I commented. He was taking her from behind as they lay on their side with her leg up in the air.
“Yeah,” Derrek responded. “Um, you can really see everything, I guess.”
“Do you like her tits?”
“They’re all right. I like yours better though.”
That gave me a warm feeling all over. I proudly gave each of my nipples a tweak.
“What about his dick?” Derrek asked. “Pretty big, huh?”
“It’s good for a porno, but I prefer the one I have right here with me.”
I could see his cheeks redden a little, and I leaned toward him so our bodies were touching. His skin against mine was electrifying. I wanted so much to jump him right then and there, but holding back gave what we were doing a unique kind of excitement that could never be recaptured once we crossed that line. I wanted that feeling to last for as long as I could manage.
“I like doing this with you,” I said.
“I can tell.” He smiled without looking at me. It was adorable how he could be bashful while he sat there naked with his dick in his hand.
“I love how you jerk off in front of me and let me watch.” I was no longer paying attention to the movie. I could still hear the fake moans and the sound of pounding sex, but I was once again becoming entranced by the way Derrek’s hand was moving up and down his stiff shaft.
He shrugged. “I never thought this was something that would ever really happen. I still can’t believe how cool you are about all this kind of stuff.”
“I was so embarrassed when I first found out you saw me outside naked. I made up my mind to become a hermit and never leave my house again.” We both laughed at that. “But I got so turned on thinking about you watching me masturbate that I had to go outside and play with myself. It was scary when you showed up that night, but it has only gotten better since then for me.”
Derrek looked over at me. For a boy he had such pretty eyes. Those eyes lingered on mine for a moment, then wandered down to my big tits and further to where I was sliding a finger in and out of my pussy. His had moved on his shaft, squeezing and turning with each stroke.
“I thought you would scream and run away when you saw me naked,” he admitted. “I’m glad you didn’t. I think you’re the sexiest girl ever, Kelsey.” He tugged at his balls nervously, his hand not slowing. “I was thinking of asking you something.” His gaze went to the porno.
The way he’d said that gave my heart a little skip. “What do you want to ask?”
“If the answer is no, I want to pretend like I never said anything, but…” His hand started moving faster and he kept his eyes on the TV screen even though it was just a talking scene. “I think you’re great, and everything we do together is really great, and I was thinking about asking if you would want to be my girlfriend or something.”
Wow, I’d always wanted to hear those words from a boy, but had given up on that long ago. I brought my pussy-wet fingers up to my clit and rubbed in time with Derrek’s stroking fist. “Do you mean girlfriend as in we would go out on dates and stuff?”
“I guess so.”
“And would we do other things that boyfriends and girlfriends do? Like have sex?”
“Aah…sure, if you want.”
He was jerking pretty hard at that point, and I was fingering myself fast.
“I do want that, Derrek. I want you to fuck me. I’ve wanted that for a while now.”
“Me, too,” he confessed.
“The answer is yes. Yes I want to be your girlfriend.”
He looked at me when he heard that and suddenly a huge rope of cum shot out of his cock landing on my chubby belly. Seeing this reaction to me saying I’d be his girlfriend set me off too. I began to orgasm as he sprayed more and more cum on me. It was the perfect celebration of our new relationship.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
We waited until that night before doing anything else. I silently crept out of my house like had done so many nights before. Derrek was already out there waiting for me, naked and hard. I dropped my robe and went to him. We kissed and he laid me down in the grass under the bright moon and the twinkling stars. It was right there in the open that we first made love.
Oh, who am I kidding? We didn’t make love, we fucked like a couple of rabid animals! And it was awesome!
I never really believed it before, but I guess it was true. Sometimes if you want to find happiness you don’t need to go any farther than you own backyard.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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