A Nooner For Five
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When you decided to drop in during my lunch break today, you clearly thought I might appreciate additional company willing to "show me something good."
You thought correctly - though you hadn't clued me in about the extra guests.
Altogether there were four of you - and a very attractive four, I confess - striding into my office, but I singled you out right away. You were the one with the slight smile of confident expectation.
Both of us had been anticipating a hot session of watching one another enjoy ourselves behind my closed office door. During the morning, I found myself looking at the clock much more than usual and struggling to rein in the thoughts of desire sprinting to and fro over the day's calendar of events. I was ready for you - yes, so ready. But this?
Not one of you spoke. The greeting I was about to offer evaporated in my mouth and I tensed a bit, absentmindedly toying with a pen.
You nodded to one of your companions and with an assertive CLICK he locked the door. Another removed the desk phone from its cradle and set down the backpack he had been carrying.
Those two men then half-lifted me from my chair and laid me face up on the carpet. I looked up at you with an inquisitive expression, still too stunned to say a word.
You simply looked back as if to say, Let it happen. They're not going to hurt you. This is going to be enjoyable for all of us.
"Close your eyes, baby," your low voice soothed.
Gently but quickly a pair of hands tugged my long sleeved top over my head and unclipped the barrette that might have caused discomfort, spilling my waves to their full length. Another pair unhooked my bra from behind, softly swept his hands beneath the snugly fitting cups to disengage them, and slid the straps down and off my arms. Still another pair gained entry to the waistband of my linen slacks, unbuckled and unzipped them, and drew them from my legs. My eyelids reopened in time to see the shed garments carefully handed off to you, and your diligence in hanging them on the door mounted coat hook.
I lay there, arms extended overhead and held at the wrists by #1, who had locked the door. My perky breasts were bared for everyone to ogle, gooseflesh puckering my nipples, panties feeling nearly invisible under your collective inspection.
Noticing an unmistakable swelling in your trousers as you looked me up and down, instinctively I pressed my thighs more tightly together.
#2 and #3 knelt on either side of my hips and peeled away the silky knickers I'd donned for the occasion. I hoped you didn't see the dampened patch from the stirrings of arousal you always provoked...or did I hope you saw it?
#3, the one on my right, handed them to you and you cradled them gently in your palms, testing the softness of the material between a suggestively sliding thumb and forefinger.
Did it surprise you to see the smoothness of my legs extend to what lay between them? Did it please you to see the pink pouting lips unveiled as your hand fondled my panties? Judging from the outlined bulge beneath your belt, I thought so.
We had agreed beforehand that you would not touch me at all, but with that intimate gesture, it almost felt as if you had.
I heard the rattle of clanking buckles and drawn down zippers as three pairs of pants were opened. You went last, still holding my knickers in one hand.
The three who were attending to your unspoken cues lowered their drawers to mid thigh while you pulled up the other chair in the room and seated yourself at my feet, in my direct line of vision. Along that path three erections wobbled freely, each one aimed over tender, trembling white skin.
You gave another nod, and #2 and #3 each took hold of an ankle and spread my legs wide. Each knelt astride one of my knees to keep them that way.
The hands on my wrists held firm, then I heard a dragging sound and felt the cold coil of a power cable constricting them into place. My nipples pointed in protest toward the indifferent overhead light.
Only then, as your eyes drank in the blushing sight before them, did you extract the stiffened column I had seen impatiently sheathed moments before, and sling the waistband of your boxers beneath the proud balls.
I felt a trickle of fuck syrup within my folds, which increased to a telltale gush when I watched you dangle the panties so that they caressed the tip of your cock. A surge went through my loins and I thought I might come without being touched. I thrashed ineffectively against the warm, kneeling fortress.
Your cock twitched for more and you wrapped a silk covered hand around the shaft, slipping it slowly downward until the tip bulged beneath the stretched gusset and added your moisture to mine. Mesmerized, I watched you lean back in the chair and open your legs wider, sucking in a deep breath. The feeling was too much too soon, wasn't it? You laid the panties in your lap and seized yourself with a bare eager palm, fingers closing into a firm grip.
#1 must have spotted the hand lotion on my desk because he pumped a generous dollop and spread it over his boner, then passed the bottle around. Within seconds, I was surrounded by the rapid slurping sounds of Jergens streaked, purple-headed admirers. #1's bobbled above my head but not too closely; you must have instructed him not to block your ability to monitor my reactions. As I glanced up at the thick fingers playing over his slightly curved underside. I found that point of view extremely arousing, and if I tilted my head back a bit more I could follow the roll of his smooth balls.
But it was your excitement I wanted to see instead, and you were not disappointing me one bit.
#3 on my right dipped his face toward my gaping apex. His erection collided with my upper thigh, smearing it wetly, and simultaneously his tongue introduced itself with a teasing swirl over the protruding clit.
"No!" I heard myself yelp under the influence of an unwanted flashback. The tingling was almost unbearable. My limbs flailed but were held fast by the men with stiff cocks.
You couldn't have known about the experience I'd had before we met, the one with a selfish lover whose inept attempts left me far less than enthused about this aspect of the erotic arts.
Still, you recognized the panic that clouded my face, and you called #3's name, gesturing for him to back off.
#3 took his time in complying and drew a slow waggling lick upward from the honey source, stopping just short of the pearl before he pulled away. The sensation nearly made me pass out; the overhead light dimmed and developed fuzzy green edges, then returned to normal. Part of me was relieved.
Part of me wanted more, but #3 was back on his haunches and his hardness back in his squeezing fist.
The silent plea from my abandoned clit was not to go unanswered for long. #2 and #3 each produced a small polished object from pushed down pants pockets. A click, a low noise...oh shit...was I hearing vibrating bullets?
#3 applied the diminutive but effective silver tip over the base of his cock and zigzagged upward along the underside. Utterly hypnotized by the motion and the thought of how it must have felt, I was taken completely by surprise when #2 grazed my pulsing lips with the one he wielded. The tingling was like nothing I'd ever known before.
Your cock swelled dangerously under your pumping fingers; the rise and fall of your breathing quickened.
Again, too much too soon. You forced yourself to stop and release your hand.
The tip from #3 briefly joined the first in my slit before #2 withdrew his and rubbed the juice-laden bullet into the precum drizzling down from his cock head. They alternated vibrator positions in this manner, driving me wild with the sights and sensations of those dueling tips.
#1, not to be denied a thrill, inched his excitement ever closer to my face, wordlessly willing me to give it a lick.
Our eyes met again and mine flashed you a defiant stare. Boldly I lifted my head enough to flick the curved hard prick just below the circle of #1's grip with the tip of my tongue. This is yours, I telegraphed. This is your cock I want to explore and tease with my tongue. Do you feel its curiosity, its eagerness to glide along you, to taste you?
Pleasantly surprised by what was happening, #1 quickly let himself free.
I flicked again, again and again, spurred on by the intensifying roar of SPREAD ME FUCK ME clamoring in my overstimulated, raging clit and by the sight of what I could only pleasure by proxy: your greedy member once again under the influence of your grip - or was it the other way around?
You stifled a warning groan, staggering out of the chair and sinking to your knees.
Spread wide and trembling on the verge, I raised my head once more but failed to make contact with #1 as my mouth contorted in a silent scream of release.
Then the silence shattered with a primal half-gasp, half-grunt as I convulsed in ecstatic slow motion, hips tilting, heart racing. A short reprieve as the twin vibrators eased down and away from my clit...It didn't matter; I went over the edge again. A third time...then the count disappeared in the crosscurrents that took me from there.
#1, jiggling his upper shaft wildly, gushed cum over his fingers and onto my right collarbone. As my cries began to subside for good, #2 and #3 seized hold of themselves full fist and splattered my tummy seconds later.
You grimaced, aiming between my thighs, and erupted in a tremendous arc that Pollock could have painted on my heaving breasts instead.
You touched me after all, I thought giddily, closing my eyes, slipping my hands from their newly loosened bonds and tracing random patterns on the canvas you had made.
Ever chivalrous, you covered me with a towel produced from #2's knapsack as the other three let me go.
It was a good ten minutes before anything other than ragged breath and rustling clothes were heard.
I reached for the phone and weakly dialed a number from memory.
One of the guys shifted nervously. "She's not calling security, is she?"
You shook your head and smiled.
I held a hand over the receiver and my voice regained full volume. "What do you guys want on your pizza? I'm starving!"
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