Tania puts on a show
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Tania and I had just been on a holiday in Thailand. We had stayed in a beautiful resort in our own villa which was surrounded with lush trees and bushes. One hot afternoon, after having had a few drinks by the pool bar, I convinced my wife to go back to our villa so I could take some photos of her. She is a lady in her late thirties, has a gorgeous body with smallish breasts and one very sweetly trimmed pussy that just tastes delightful.
As we were walking back to our villa I was scouting the area to make sure we had complete privacy in the little courtyard within the villa grounds. I was happy to notice we had. Well, so I thought at the time. Tania doesn't mind people having a good look at her, but never has she exposed herself naked to anyone. As we were about to find out, this was going to be the day she did.
Once behind the gates, as she was walking towards the entrance to our villa, she started removing her bikini. First her top and then her bottoms until she was standing there naked with a big smile on her face. Usually that means she's horny, knowing that look I get when I'm in for a great show. Luckily enough I had my camera on hand and was taking pictures with every step she took.
Tania walked inside and after a few minutes emerged again wearing a thin white dress with nothing on underneath. As I was taking pics she started putting on a little striptease for me and, as she was about to find out, someone else. As she exposed her boobs and gently rubbed them, then lifted up her dress to show that sweet pussy, she noticed a young guy peering through the palm trees from the second storey of the resort next door.
She whispered that there was someone watching to which I just shrugged my shoulders and asked if she wanted to go inside.
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