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He peered out the door which led to a sprawling deck, his pulse beating faster. She lay on the lounger, catching some rays. Her shoulder-length blonde hair shimmered in the sunlight, sweat beaded on her smooth, tan skin. He could feel himself growing hard, admiring her magnificent, toned figure, his eyes taking in every delectable inch. He contemplated removing his cock, which strained to escape from his boxers and basketball shorts. As he reached for his zipper, a voice broke him from his trance.
"She is beautiful, isn't she? But don't forget, she's also your sister," Emma said, ruining his mood. She noted the disappoint in his beautiful, brown eyes, and also the hard-on creating a tent in his shorts."Oh, my!" she added, covering her mouth with both hands. Her eyes were wide as she stared at her stepson's throbbing bulge. It appeared to be hard as steel, which if it were, the head would have ripped through the thin material of his underwear, as well as his shorts.
"If we wish to be a normal, happy family, then you can't be leering at Nicole this way. After all, she is your stepsister. I know that is not the same as a blood relative, but imagine your father's reaction if he found out you were interested in his new daughter, sexually. It would devastate him."
Billy stood there, visibly embarrassed, a tinge of red coloring his cheeks. At nineteen, he should be better equipped to deal with the opposite sex, instead of resorting to peeping like a horny little boy. But, Nicole was different. Not only was she six years older than him, she also possessed a perfect, statuesque body and breathtakingly gorgeous face. She exuded a strong sexuality, which caused his mind to fill with impure thoughts, despite the fact they were now brother and sister.
"You need to find a girl your own age, preferably someone who lives outside of our household," Emma stated firmly. The forty-four-year-old woman had the same golden hair as her daughter and quite a fit and arousing body of her own. Her blonde locks fell slightly below her shoulder blades. Sparkling blue eyes drew plenty of attention, though her best asset were her shapely breasts.
"I think you should get a hold of yourself," Emma said, laughing at the unintended double-meaning. At that moment. Nicole turned her pretty blue eyes toward the door. The corners of her luscious mouth curled upward into a sly grin. She knew her young stepbrother had spied on her before, even catching him in the act, a time or two. But she never busted him for it. Instead, she teased him even more lasciviously. Nicole loved to be watched. She found it extra kinky to be ogled by her new stepbrother.
"Let's give her some privacy," Emma said, taking Billy by the hand and practically dragging him into the other room. They sat down next to each other on the plush, beige sofa. "My daughter has always craved attention, especially from men. As you can tell, she enjoys showing off her body. Please, stop peeping on her. It only makes her behave more lewdly."
Billy could see the concern in his stepmom's eyes. He reluctantly agreed, knowing it would take lots of willpower for him to keep his promise. Emma hugged him tightly, kissing him on the cheek as she said thanks. Her spectacular breasts were smashed against his chest, causing his cock to stir once again. It felt wonderful to be held close by a beautiful woman, but he pulled away abruptly, hoping she didn't notice the bulge in his pants.
That evening at dinner, Billy stayed silent, eating his food and trying to keep his head down. Across from him sat Nicole, already dressed up for her night out. She and a few of her girlfriends were going clubbing, looking to get into some trouble. Nicole wore a tight, short leather mini-skirt and a low-cut blue top. Her cleavage looked amazing. Each time he glanced up to sneak a peek, she caught his eye, smiled and gave him a sexy wink. Billy started to sweat when he looked up one last time to see her licking whipped cream off her fork, her tongue circling around her pouty lips seductively, not wanting to miss any of the fluffy, white goodness.
"Enjoying your pie, Nicole?" Emma asked, eyeing her warily.
"Yes, mom. It's delicious," Nicole answered. She licked the last of the sweet cream from the fork, sighing contentedly as she grinned at Billy, who couldn't pry his eyes from her luscious mouth.
Emma cleared the empty plates and took them into the kitchen. Nicole said her good-byes, kissing her mom and dad on the cheek. She waved a manicured hand at Billy, whose nervousness caused a chuckle to slip past the young girl's lips. He envied the lucky bastard who might be fortunate enough to fuck his beautiful stepsister tonight.
Emma washed the dishes, while Billy and his dad went into the living room, turned on the pro football game, and reclined on the matching beige-colored chairs. They talked about the upcoming game and their team's chances of making it to the playoffs this year. Meanwhile, Emma finished doing the last of the dishes and went to join them in the other room. Plopping herself down on the cozy couch, she kicked off her shoes and relaxed for the first time today. After the first quarter of the game, Emma got bored and excused herself.
"I'm going to take a nice, long bubble bath," she said, walking happily up the stairs. The match-up was a great one, tied at halftime. A beer commercial played on the big screen television, showing a bunch of young people drinking and partying on the beach. One particularly hot blonde caught Billy's eye. She reminded him of Nicole, and the girl's skimpy bikini only stoked his enthrallment
He hurriedly left the room, making a beeline for the stairs. Billy's cock ached to be touched, so he decided he'd jerk off in his room and make it back downstairs for the second half. As he passed his parents' bathroom door, which was slightly ajar, he noticed a most arousing and exquisite sight reflected in the mirror. His stepmom lounging in the bubbly water, her amazing breasts partially visible above the suds.
Billy scanned the hallway, praying his father didn't come up and nab spying on Emma. She had her long hair tied up behind her head to avoid getting it too wet. Billy looked on, wide-eyed and open-mouthed. He had a raging hard-on. The tip began to moisten with pre-cum, and he fought the urge to stroke himself as he watched his stepmom, anxiously waiting to see what would happen next. He found it to be extremely exhilarating to look upon her while she bathed, knowing that her hands were sensuously caressing her naked body underneath the warm water.
Cautiously, he moved forward to get a better view, inducing a creak from the floorboards beneath his feet. He froze, scared to death, as Emma turned her gaze toward the door. When she didn't hear another sound, his stepmom went back to relaxing in her warm, bubbly tub. Billy's jaw hit the floor when Emma began to wash her delicious breasts above the cover of the water. His mouth watered as she kneaded the soft, supple flesh. He longed to get a less impeded look but was terrified at the thought of making more noise and possibly provoking his stepmom to investigate.
He continued to watch breathlessly, while she ran her hands over those magnificent tits. She pinched her nipples, letting out a joyous sigh as they grew hard beneath her touch. His eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when his stepmom reached into a small, black silk bag, perched on the corner of the tub, and removed a long, shiny metallic object. Oh, damn. In her soft, delicate hands was a vibrator. Emma turned the base and her bathtub toy began to buzz. She stood up, her body veiled in bubbles. Billy's heart pounded ferociously in his chest, his breathing labored, as his beautiful stepmom raised the toy up toward her open mouth.
"Billy, the second half is about to start," His father, Jim, yelled from the bottom of the steps. Billy's heart sank, annoyance apparent on his face. Not only was he forced to end his voyeurism, but his dad may have just revealed Billy's presence to his stepmom. The possibility that the vibrator's buzzing may have prevented her from hearing her husband's voice, being Billy's lone hope.
Clearly disappointed and frustrated, he rushed down the stairs. Billy plopped on the couch, uninterested in the rest of the game. He had something more pressing on his mind. Jim cheered when his team scored the first touchdown of the second half, taking their first lead of the game. Billy's preoccupation with his stepmom's current state left no room for anything else, least of all a football game. The realization that Emma was most likely cumming at this very moment, writhing on the edge of the tub, in the room right above them, made Billy's cock pulse uncontrollably.
"See that catch, Billy? Unbelievable!" his father exclaimed, giving a thumbs-up to his son. Billy returned a halfhearted smile, still thinking of what he could be witnessing if he were still upstairs."Are you alright, son?"
"Yes, I'm fine," Billy answered, though his tone seemed to leave his dad unconvinced. Thankfully, Jim turned his focus back to the game, and off his agitated son. For a brief moment, Billy contemplated making up an excuse and going back upstairs. But, as luck would have it, his chance had passed.
Emma descended the steps, clad in a white terry-cloth robe, which stopped mid-thigh. Billy sneaked a peek at her long, silky smooth legs. She sat down next to him, patting him on the knee, flashing a beautiful, wide smile. He wondered what she wore under the robe. A nightgown, bra and pantie set, or maybe nothing at all. He became very aroused, covering his crotch with an over-sized pillow so she wouldn't see the bulge. The three of them got comfortable and watched the game. He found himself constantly glancing at her beautiful legs. Billy's cock throbbed even harder when he noticed that her robe had opened a little, revealing a good amount of tit flesh. He stared at her incredible cleavage. He knew she would catch him looking, but still, he couldn't avert his gaze.
"Is everything okay, Billy?" his stepmom inquired, noting his lusty stare. This caused his father to turn his head toward the pair. "Everything is good," he responded, unable to make eye contact with her.
He wanted to get up and move as far away from this awkward situation as possible. But, there was a problem. A BIG problem. His massive erection, which grew larger each time he looked at Emma, prevented him from leaving the couch. With everyone's focus back on the television, Billy dared to get another peek at his stepmom's bare skin. He started with her pretty feet, his eyes, once again, moving up her long legs. Billy's eyes lingered on her chest, which expanded with each breath. How could he possibly get his cock to go limp, when he couldn't stop staring at her? After the third quarter ended, his stepmom had had enough of the game.
"I'm going to bed," Emma stated, scooting along the cushions to give Billy a kiss. Her lips were moist and warm against his cheek. He closed his eyes, breathing in her fresh, clean scent. She rose from the couch, pecked Jim on the mouth and sauntered up the steps.
Billy had no recollection of the remainder of the football game. Actually, as he lay in his bed, Billy didn't even remember how he had made it up to his room. His hormones were raging, and that's all he could think about for the time being. A good night's sleep would do wonders for him. Tomorrow was another day.
Monday morning, Billy woke to the smell of bacon wafting through the air. He jumped out of bed and hurried downstairs. Emma stood by the stove, flipping eggs in a skillet, smiling when he entered the kitchen.They exchanged 'good mornings' and she motioned for him to take a seat at the table. They were all alone in the house. His dad had already left for work. His stepsister, Nicole, didn't come home last night. Emma wore the white robe from the previous night, which hung even more loosely than it had before. He got an eyeful of her cleavage as she placed a full plate in front of him.
"Thanks, mom," Billy stammered, unable, and also unwilling, to pull his eyes away from the magnificent view.
"You look hungry, sweetie," Emma said, noticing his long, admiring gaze."But, your food is down there," she added with a grin, nodding toward the plate before him. Billy's face reddened with embarrassment, his head bowed in shame. He didn't know what to say. She alleviated some of the tension he felt by breaking the silence.
"I know you are a young man and curious about the female body. It's natural to have sexual thoughts and feelings when looking at a woman. But, as I've told you before, it's not okay to have those thoughts about your stepsister, and certainly not about your stepmother."
Billy could barely look her in the eye. In his head, he knew what she said was true. But he couldn't ignore the stirring in his loins. Even now, after being reprimanded by his stepmom, Billy had to fight the desire to check out her cleavage, one more time. He didn't know where to focus his gaze, so he decided that her eyes would be the best option. Her lovely, baby blues seemed to swallow him in their depths. He finally knew what, 'lost in your eyes' really meant.
"Billy, do you understand me?" Emma questioned, seeing the far away expression in his big, brown eyes. She was extremely fond of her kind and good-looking stepson, but she wanted to make sure Billy understood that this behavior would not be tolerated. 
"Yes, I do," he answered, like a scolded child. She hugged him tight, kissing him on the cheek. Once again, his cock became hard. He just could not help it. His stepmom was an incredibly sexy woman. He quickly turned and walked away, trying to conceal his erection.
After getting dressed, Billy said goodbye to his stepmom and went out the front door. He took a long walk every morning to keep in shape. Today, he needed the solitude to clear his mind, as well. Despite his stepmom's warnings, Billy couldn't get the naughty thoughts out of his head. The more she told him how wrong it was, the more excited and curious he became. The taboo aspect of the situation drove him crazy. He found it difficult to sleep, to concentrate on the simplest things. He decided to cut his walk short, needing to hurry home and release his pent up orgasm.
Upon entering the house, Billy peeked in the kitchen, finding it empty. He rushed up the stairs, two at a time, his heart rate elevated. Once again, he noticed that the door to his parents' bathroom was partially open. His mind filled with explicit images of his stepmom, which, of course, could never compare to the real thing. He'd gotten a too-quick, but incredibly arousing glimpse at Emma's bathtub playtime and he wondered if he was going to witness a longer show this afternoon. His steps were slow and steady on the hall rugs. One wrong movement could result in an unintended creak of the floorboards, and this time, he might not be so lucky to avoid detection.
Carefully he maneuvered around the hall until he stood just outside the door to her bathroom. A strong feeling of deja vu hit Billy as he saw his beautiful stepmom soaking in the tub, bubbles surrounding her naked body. He must have caught her later on in her routine, because she was already reaching into her toy bag and extracting the shiny vibrator from it's plush case. This time, without his dad there to interrupt his peeping, Billy watched, wide-eyed and mouth agape, while his naughty stepmom slid the phallic shaped object into her warm, wet mouth. His cock twitched with envy, jealous of the toy's present location. She ran her long, pink tongue along the underside of the silver shaft, then slid it between her full lips, simulating a blow job. Billy's eyes were glued to the private sex show, where in his stepmom was the lead actress.
After sufficiently moistening the toy, Emma laid it to the side. She stood up, grabbed the shower head and proceeded to rinse the suds from her succulent body. Billy gazed in awe as his stepmom's fit and delicious figure was revealed to his hungry eyes, for the very first time. A pert backside, with a star tattoo just above the crack, caused his cock to pump uncontrollably. Seeing her amazing breasts and flat tummy threatened to push him into doing something risky, and possibly unalterably stupid, but he couldn't resist it any longer.
Through force of habit, he scanned the hall, though he knew the house was empty. Billy's dad wouldn't be home for hours, and due to her free spirit, you never knew when Nicole would be coming home, if at all. He'd still keep his ears open, listening for his stepsister's arrival, so he wouldn't be caught off guard. But for now, all his focus centered on his smoking hot stepmom and the anticipation of what came next.
In spite of the fact that they were all alone in the house, Billy felt a bit uneasy as he unzipped his pants, releasing his throbbing cock. He couldn't remember ever being this horny before, the head of his cock oozing pre-cum. Just as his hand touched the warm skin of his shaft, Emma began to tease her pussy lips with the tip of the shiny toy. He almost lost it right then, reminding himself to relax and breathe deeply to help impede his fast approaching explosion. He watched in amazement, blown away by her unbridled depravity. She eased the vibrator into her soaking wet pussy, moaning pleasantly while using two fingers to rub her swollen clit.
He stroked himself slowly, admiring his stepmom's solo performance. This was beyond anything he could've dreamed up in his own imagination. He fought the urge to move in for a better look. His hard cock twitched with excitement. Billy continued to pleasure himself, a powerful orgasm in his near future. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a figure standing at the top of the stairs. He was caught red-handed by the beautiful blonde. But, shockingly, it wasn't his stepsister staring at him incredulously. The petite blonde, unknown to his bulging eyes, must have been a friend of Nicole's. He couldn't speak, so she broke the ice.
"What have we here?" she said, a wicked smile enlivening her pretty face. "You must be Billy. Nicole has told me all about you. Well, almost everything. She didn't mention that monster between your legs. By the way, my name is Dakota."
His eyes grew even wider as she moved toward him. She stopped at his side and peered in the open door. She grinned sinfully as she laid eyes on Billy's sexy stepmom, who was plunging the vibrator deep inside her wet pussy. Although distracted by the scorching scene in the tub, Billy couldn't help glancing at the young vixen. Her short, blonde hair framed a beautiful face. Deep blue eyes and a lush mouth completed her flawless look. Dakota wore a short black dress that showed plenty of her long, tanned legs. So surprised by her sudden appearance, Billy never even thought of removing his hand from his erection.
"Your stepmom is gorgeous. I can see why you'd want to fuck her. Nicole is under the impression that you want to fuck her, too. Is that true?" the sexy girl asked, placing a soft hand on his raging hard-on and slowly stroking the shaft. He breathed heavily as she worked his cock with a soft gentle touch.
"What do you think your mommy would do if she knew you were out here playing with your cock while you watched her masturbating?" Dakota whispered in his ear. She continued to pleasure him with her skillful hand.
"Please, don't say anything," Billy begged, wanting to avoid another awkward confrontation with his stepmom. She had already warned him about spying on his stepsister. He could only imagine how she'd react if she discovered that he'd been watching her, as well.
"Let me think about it," Dakota replied, a wicked smile upon her beautiful face. She dropped to her knees, her mouth mere inches from his massive cock. Billy pulled his gaze away from Emma just in time to see Dakota take him into her warm, wet mouth. Caught totally by surprise, he tried to fight back his impending eruption. While Dakota devoured him, Billy's gaze fell back upon his wicked stepmother, who was very close to cumming, too. She pounded her pussy with the shiny toy, rubbing her clit at the same time.
"Oh, fuck yes!" Emma gasped, on the verge of an explosive orgasm. Billy's eyes grew large, his excitement unmistakable, as he watched his stepmom spasm in euphoric bliss. Her squeals of delight, like music to his ears, swept into the hallway. Hearing her primal screams pushed him over the edge. He bucked wildly as streams of hot, sticky cum shot into Dakota's waiting mouth. He only hoped that his stepmom, who was still moaning with pleasure, didn't detect his animalistic groans.
"MMM, yummy," Dakota chuckled, licking his cum off her lips. She stared up at him, her eyes filled with amusement. She stood silently, peering over the young boy's shoulder in hopes of getting a glimpse of his gorgeous stepmom. Not satisfied with just one orgasm, Emma inserted two digits into her soaking wet pussy, eager for another mind-blowing explosion. The sexy, young blonde, not wanting to be left out, ordered Billy to eat her horny little pussy.
With some reluctance, he ducked his head under her dress, pulled her lacy, black panties aside and dove in with his tongue. He was now blinded, and relying completely on Dakota to warn him if his stepmom suddenly emerged from the tub. The young woman put a firm hand on the back of his head to keep him in place. She decided it was her turn to cum and nothing would prevent her from releasing all that pent-up sexual tension. Billy felt both excited and nervous. He loved the taste of Dakota's sweet, shaven pussy, but the thought of getting caught by his stepmom or even his stepsister, who, by this point, must be wondering why her friend was taking so long to come back, terrified him. If Nicole found him like this, between Dakota's silky thighs, she'd inevitably blow her top, thus informing her mother of his perverted voyeurism.
"Don't stop, Billy. I'm so close to cumming," Dakota said, grinding her crotch against his mouth. The feel of his surprisingly talented tongue on her hot pussy, plus the voyeuristic pleasure of watching Billy's gorgeous stepmom playing with herself drove the young girl to the brink. Just a few more licks, and Dakota began to shiver, a powerful orgasm exploding from deep within her. She placed a hand over her mouth, trying to quell the screams that emanated from her gaping lips.
Billy broke free from her hold, peering nervously through the open bathroom door, afraid he'd meet the gaze of his angry stepmom. Instead, he witnessed her second orgasm. He desperately needed to cum again, his hard cock throbbing with desire. Dakota straightened up her dress, blew Billy a kiss and explained that she needed to get back to Nicole before his stepsister came to see what was keeping her. Without the option of Dakota coaxing another load from him, the young boy hurried to his room, intent on quickly stroking himself to another orgasm.
Closing the bedroom door behind him, Billy fell down on his bed and furiously pumped his cock with his hand. It took less than a minute for the young man to explode once again. Hot cum sprayed all over his chest and belly. He laid there for a minute, basking in the aftershocks, before cleaning himself off and exiting his room. For a moment, he thought about going back to his room and avoiding the awkward situation that awaited him downstairs. He convinced himself that it would be best to face this head on. If he was going to get scolded, he might as well get it over with now.
As Billy descended the stairs, he heard female voices. All three women were sitting in the living room, when Billy came into view. He stood at the bottom of the stairs, frozen in place. Their stares made him uncomfortable. He wondered what they were thinking and what they had been discussing before he came down. Had Dakota talked about their encounter in the hallway?
"Come sit with us, "Emma said, patting the spot next to her on the couch. Billy moved toward her, passing in front of the large, plush chair where his stepsister and her friend were sitting. Dakota winked at him when their eyes met. Her sinister smile caused an uneasiness inside of Billy.
"Have you met Nicole's friend, Dakota?" his stepmom asked. Billy didn't know what to say. Again, Dakota spoke first, extending a gentle hand, "Nice to meet you, Billy."
He shook her hand, eyeing her warily as he took a seat next to his stepmom. He didn't say a word, afraid something stupid would come out of his mouth. Being revealed by Dakota was one thing, but he wasn't about to betray himself. The women chatted cheerfully while Billy tried to calm his nerves. Emma questioned her obviously nervous stepson, whose face a mask of worry.
"You're awfully quiet, Billy. Is everything alright?" He nodded sheepishly, which did little to alter her suspicious gaze. He could see it in her eyes that she suspected that something was bothering him. Billy could only hope that his stepmom would never find out what a naughty little voyeur he had been.
Nicole and Dakota decided to go clothes shopping, leaving Billy and his stepmom alone on the couch. The young boy glanced over Emma's shoulder, toward the front door, and locked eyes with Dakota before she exited the house. The sexy blonde put an index finger up to her lips, winking at Billy as she closed the door behind her. His stepmom, noticing his wide-eyed expression, inquired again.
"Are you sure you're okay, Billy? I saw the way you were looking at Dakota. She is quite beautiful. Besides, I'd prefer it if you'd focus your voyeuristic tendencies on her instead of your stepsister."
Billy bowed his head, embarrassed that she broached the subject of his peeping once more. His insides twisted as he imagined her catching him leering through her bathroom door. How disappointed and angry she would be. He blocked the thought from his mind. Raising his head, Billy saw that Emma was smirking at him. She suggested that he should ask his stepsister's pretty friend out on a date. Reluctantly, he agreed, though Nicole, and now Emma, were more captivating to the young man. Dakota had made him feel so good earlier, but the thought of a taboo encounter with either his stepmom or stepsister was too kinky to resist.
He asked to be excused and hurried up the stairs, seeking the solitude of his bedroom. His head ached, filled with confusion. He could have lots of fun with Dakota, but it wouldn't change his feelings for Nicole and Emma. His obsession with the pair was so intense that he didn't know if he would ever be able to give his full attention to another woman. As he laid on his bed, all sorts of thoughts ran through Billy's mind. After going back and forth with his options, Billy felt mentally exhausted and fell into an unexpected afternoon sleep.
He opened his eyes and glanced over at the alarm clock, perched on the nightstand. The neon-red numbers showed four p.m. Billy had been asleep for nearly three hours. He sat up, raising his arms and letting out a loud yawn. Wiping the sleep from his eyes, the young man headed toward the bathroom. He splashed some cool water on his face, exited the room and made his way down the hall. Instinctively, he slowed as he reached his parents' bathroom, hoping to catch another glimpse of his stepmom. But, not surprisingly, he found it empty. She had only just masturbated a mere four hours ago. He figured only horny teen boys like himself pleasured themselves every few hours, so her absence was expected. He was about to descend the stairs when he heard a familiar sound. His ears must have been playing tricks on him.
Billy crept to the bedroom and placed his head against the door. He detected a faint buzzing and also heard what sounded like muted moaning. Unlike before with the bathroom, the bedroom door was completely closed and he couldn't risk an attempt to open it. He had two more options: get a ladder and try looking in her bedroom window or be content listening outside the door. He settled on the second choice. Though it was safer, regretfully, Billy wouldn't get to gaze upon her spectacular body. He put his ear to the door, but all he heard were muffled noises. Billy felt tremendously frustrated as he stood with his face pressed up against the coldness of the wood door. He never saw her coming.
"You are quite the naughty boy." Billy whipped his head around and met his stepsister's amused gaze. She stared at him, shaking her head in mock disbelief. He was speechless, his mouth dry and heart beating a mile-a-minute.
"Dakota was telling the truth," Nicole said. "She told me she caught you spying on our mother. I did have a bit of skepticism, but deep down I knew what she said was true. What is she doing in there?"
Nicole looked at him, a deliciously wicked smile lighting her beautiful face. He didn't dare respond, too ashamed to acknowledge her question. He shrunk under her intense gaze. The next words that came out of her mouth shocked him to his core. But it also excited the young man beyond belief.
"She and I talk about sex all the time. I know she is perpetually horny. Maybe, I can help both of you, if you're a good boy, of course. So, what do you say to that, little brother?"
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