The Shy Asian Student Part 5 The Perfect Wake Up
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I awoke to an unfamiliar sensation. Curled within my arms was a petite, disconcertingly childlike body and it was moving suggestively against me. I knew immediately that I was far from the solitary home I had made in my small Bangkok apartment. As my senses began to awaken, I felt a hand fumbling with my morning erection, silky hair tickling my face. Soft lips brushed over my cheek and a voice, young and heavily accented reminded me, May, my eighteen year old Thai girlfriend.
‘It’s ok you don’t need to wake up,’ it whispered.
Then she was on me, her tiny weightless body. My cock was being gripped, first by a small hand, then steadily, the wet tightness of a young oriental pussy. I felt her body rise as she sat upright, her palms on my stomach as her slim hips began to move, slowly, skillfully, then the soft friction of taut teenage thighs rubbing my hairy thighs, as sweet moans of pleasure were softly panted. Her body began to rise and fall, her tightness yanking my cock. She lifted herself slowly and increasingly, plunged her body down, her lifts gaining in height as the bedsprings began to complain loudly, revealingly.
Pleasure rushed from my cock and surged through me as I hardened inside her. Her tiny body thrust down forcefully, harder and faster as the moans became louder, less stifled by shyness, freed by her state of arousal. Mornings no longer infused me with the energy of a teenager and I lay back as the entire tininess of her body seemed to be sucking my cock. Her little hips bucked and writhed with a vigour that I could not match and I made no attempt to, letting her fuck me, fuck herself, on my hard cock.
Such was the rapidity of her bouncing hips that, despite her lovely lightness, the bedsprings shouted to neighboring bungalows that she was being fucked. Or rather, she was fucking me, for I had never been ridden with such unrestrained lust. Years of secretive white cock fantasies had exploded into reality, fuelling her grinding, thrusting young hips and her hungry little Asian cunt.
Finally I opened my eyes and there she was, my young Thai girlfriend and hours after our first fuck, she wanted more, needed more. Her face was creased with the intensity of the pleasure our bodies generated. Our fourteen year age gap, our differing sizes and cultures, our contrast in skin colour, so many reasons for us not to be together and every one of them adding to our pleasure.
‘Yessss,’ she sighed, ‘so good.’
‘Oh May,’ I urged her, ’ride me, ride my white cock’. It was a gamble, the first time I had used such sexually explicit words to my innocent, traditional girlfriend. It worked.
‘Mmmmm,’ she gasped, hips bouncing energetically, the slapping noise of her thighs meeting mine competing with the rhythm of the bedsprings. ‘I love your white…’
‘Say it May, tell me’.
‘I love your white cock!’ May shouted, leaning back, eyes closed, thrusting her hips along my thighs. The erotic release of words thought before suddenly spoken. She repeated the words in a long drawn out sigh, relishing the freedom she now felt.
‘Your white cock feel so good…’ she hissed at me through gritted teeth.
I loved the wrongness of hearing one so innocent, one so cute faced, saying words so crude. My eyes drank in the view, her pretty face, her perky brown tits that barely bounced, her taut stomach and beneath, my white cock embedded in her thrusting, tight Thai cunt. I had to join in and gripped her hips firmly and pushed my cock up into her, fucking her until she stopped me. She had started it and she was going to finish and I would need all my strength to resist the natural temptation to unload my passion in her.
Holding me down, fully impaled on me, May rode me frantically, my cock yanked backwards and forwards by her fast thrusting hips. My body trembled, the bed shook with the lust emanating from her tiny body as she quickened towards a noisy climax. She cried out, a loud, lingering cry as her tiny body shuddered on mine, convulsing as pleasure ripped through her.
Her eyes opened and she smiled shyly down at me. I pulled her down, onto me, her silky Asian hair showering my face as I kissed her neck.
‘Sorry for waking you up,’ she panted.
‘You’re so good,’ I moaned truthfully, ‘don’t say sorry. It’s like waiting for bus, I waited five months and then they all come at once.’
‘You didn’t cum in me, did you?’ she asked worriedly, misunderstanding.
I shook my head, that pleasure would come later, I thought as I wrapped my arms tighter around her. I loved her cuteness and was struggling to equate her explicit shyness, her refusal to talk about sex or dress in a sexually provocative way with the innate sexual hunger she espoused when aroused. That was about to change. I had to find those condoms, I sensed she wanted to be fucked hard and I wanted her on her back, on all fours, so I could give her what she wanted. As she lifted herself free of my cock and padded to the bathroom, I stared at her pert Asian ass and decided that had to be my priority.
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