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I didn’t know Cooper very well. We worked for the same company, but I worked in the Los Angeles office and he was in Denver. The only reason we were even aware of each other was because our offices shared some of the same projects. We had met once during a corporate gathering, been on a few conference calls together and emailed a few times.
What I did know about him was what I gathered with my eyes during that one time that we met. He was a tall and handsome man with coal black hair and green eyes, and he had a nice smile. It appeared that we were pretty close in age and I couldn’t deny that I felt a certain physical attraction towards him.
So it came to be that I was sent to Denver for a couple days of corporate training. My visit coincided with a happy hour at the end of the workday, and the group that I was working with made sure that I was invited. Cooper was in that group. Although I didn’t have any initial intentions of hooking up with him, sometimes things just happen to turn out that way.
“So where is this happy hour taking place?” I asked Cooper during a break in my training.
“It’s right across the street,” he told me. “Starlight Lounge in the Ralston hotel.”
“That’s where I’m staying,” I exclaimed. “I won’t have to worry about finding my way back to my room,” I joked.
Cooper seemed pretty stoked about having me join in happy hour, and I was beginning to realize how stoked I was to see him again. After the training wrapped up, I headed to my hotel room to freshen up and meet with the group down at the Starlight Lounge. I took a quick shower, put on a fresh set of undies and changed to a casual blouse and skirt and slipped my feet into a more comfortable pair sandals.
When I walked into the lounge I saw the group from the office, six in all, sitting in the section that had comfortable couches and low tables. Cooper got up from his couch and came right over to greet me the moment he saw me.
“Hi Briana, I’m glad you made it.”
“Me too, Cooper,” I replied happily. “I’m looking forward to relaxing and having some fun after this long day at the office.
“Well, come. Let’s get you settled in,” he said and led me over to the group, offering me the empty space next to his on the couch.
I was chatting with everyone there as the drinks flowed, but I found myself mostly engrossed in conversation with Cooper as the evening was winding down. Sitting next to him made it easy for me to talk to him, and to smell his sexy cologne. We seemed to have a natural rapport and after everyone else in the group left, Cooper and I continued with another round and more conversation.
I was feeling much more relaxed around Cooper now that we had a chance to be alone, and I think it was me who started the flirting. I found myself smiling at Cooper every time I looked at him. I just couldn’t help myself. I found it hard to control my hands as well, often giving his forearm or shoulder a gentle touch when we talked. But what struck me the most was the warmth growing between my legs and it wasn’t the alcohol that was causing it. In conclusion, I was feeling horny for this guy and I wanted to have sex him.
“It looks like we’re the last ones left,” I finally said, looking around. “Maybe we should let somebody else have this area. We can continue up in my room if you like.”
Cooper definitely liked my suggestion, so we headed out of the lounge. We rode an empty elevator up to the seventh floor, and from there I led Cooper to my room. Along the empty elevator ride and the walk down the corridor to my room, we both remained silent, but we both knew that a woman doesn’t invite a man up to her hotel room simply to carry on a conversation.
Once we were inside my room, Cooper joined me at the foot of the bed where we slipped into each other’s arms.
“I never imagined we’d end up like this,” I said to Cooper as I looked up to his eyes. Of course I was lying. I was having thoughts like this all night.
“I’m just as surprised as you are,” he said, and we started to kiss. Of course, he was lying too. He had been trying to hide that bulge that grew inside his pants from the moment we were alone together down at the lounge.
Both of Cooper’s hands were on my ass, squeezing my cheeks through my skirt when our lips and embrace turned more passionate. I could feel Cooper’s rigid cock as he pressed himself against my abdomen, and I could feel that my pussy was turning wet with arousal. We fell onto the bed together and wrestled our way towards the center of the mattress and laid side by side as we continued to make out.
While his hand went back to my ass, I reached for his belt and started to undo his pants. Cooper discovered right away that I knew what I wanted and wasn’t shy about going for it as I reached into his opened pants and caressed his throbbing cock through his briefs.
“Ooo, that feels really big,” I whispered promiscuously after pulling my mouth from his.
“It usually gets that way when a beautiful woman wraps her hand around it,” Cooper responded with a big smile.
“I want to see it,” I said as I got up on my knees.
I worked his pants down, and his briefs quickly followed. My heart fluttered as I watched his well-endowed and very rigid cock springing straight up, pointing at the ceiling. With its long, thick veins it looked like it was carved out of marble. And it felt as hard as marble when I ran my hand around it and pumped it briefly before straddling him, raising my skirt up to my waist and pulling my panties aside.
I had to skip all of the preliminary foreplay because I was feeling too hot to wait for it as I lowered myself onto his sex tool. We both moaned with pleasure during our initial penetration.
Cooper reached up to unbutton my blouse as I started to slowly ride his cock with my eyes closed and a smile of pleasure on my face. He left the pace to me as he focused on getting his hands on my breasts, pulling my blouse open once he unbuttoned it. I felt the warmth of his hands penetrating my bra as he ran his large palms over my breasts before he reached behind me and unfastened it.
“I want to see them,” he said and raised the cups of my bra to reveal my tits, momentarily watching them bounce before covering them with his hands.
I instantly felt the heat of his palms penetrating my nipples. I felt my nipples swell as his fingers passed over them, and I responded with a few sweet moans to let Cooper know that I enjoyed his hands on my tits.
I started riding Cooper’s cock harder and faster, my hips moving up and down and round and round, my lips moaning more continuously as my pleasure increased. Meanwhile, Cooper ran his hands around to my ass and gripped me there while he watched my tits bouncing against the forces of gravity. As he gripped and caressed the soft, smooth cheeks of my ass, slipping his hands under my panties, he was also pushing up harder against me since it seemed as though he was building towards an orgasm.
I could feel my own orgasm stirring as well, especially since Cooper’s cock was hitting all the right places. And the way my orgasm was growing I had a feeling that I was going to get there before he did. Feeling the need to rush it along, I reached down and rubbed my clit, faster and faster.
“Oh—Ohhh—Ohhh—Ohhh—Ohhh…” I started to moan as my body climbed to its brink, then suddenly burst into a series of pleasurable waves that rolled through my belly as my soft creamy cunt convulsed around Cooper’s hard throbbing cock.
“Oh my God… that was incredible!” I exclaimed after I stopped and blinked my eyes a couple of times.
“You are a very hot woman, Briana. You’re pussy feels incredible,” Cooper remarked in return.
“After making me feel this way I think you deserve something better,” I said to Cooper as I leaned forward and kissed him for a moment before moving backwards, slipping his cock from my pussy.
I backed up until I was kneeling between his spread legs with his shimmering cock standing tall before me. Feeling the desire to worship his phallus, I took it with the grip of my hand and stroked it while I leaned my head between his legs, letting my hair fall softly against his thighs as I licked his balls gently, coating them with my saliva. Moments later, I wrapped my lips around the head of Cooper’s cock and I heard him make a pleasurable moan as I slowly drew him into my mouth.
Cooper’s body stiffened when I started sucking, bobbing and weaving on him. He tried to relax as much as possible and enjoy the pleasure he was feeling, but he couldn’t control the building tension in his nuts as they tightened and secreted a slippery texture of pre-cum that gathered on my tongue.
The initial taste of his nut juice was begging my hunger. His cock swelled even more within the wet confines of my greedy little mouth but it never affected my efforts to accomplish my pleasurable task.
Then it happened, Cooper gave me what I was hungering for. When Cooper started grunting and spewing into my mouth I drank it down moaning like a cum-loving slut until I had swallowed the last of his gooey seed. It wasn’t until he was completely spent and his cock began to soften that I loosened the seal of my lips and let his cock fall from my mouth.
“Oh, that was the best blow job I ever had in my life,” Cooper exclaimed, obviously delighted over my oral talents. “And you swallowed my cum. That was fucking amazing!”
I raised my head and smiled at him. “You sound like you never came in a woman’s mouth before,” I said to him.
“To be quite honest, I never met a woman who would take it that way, not until now. You are fucking amazing, Briana.”
I didn’t know quite what to say since he had me nearly blushing from the way he was showering me with praise. But one thing for sure, it was turning me on to do more. I straightened up on my knees and started to remove his shoes. I tossed them off the bed then moved backwards as I took his pants and briefs the rest of the way down, discarding them both along with his socks.
Cooper sat up, setting his eyes once again on my full-rounded breasts as I moved back up to remove his shirt, leaving him completely naked. My moment of full disclosure came to be when Cooper got up on his knees and started to slide my blouse off, followed by my bra.
Taking notice of my tits jutting out before him, he couldn’t continue until he lavished some attention on them. I found myself once again enjoying the touch of his hands caressing the soft, smooth flesh of my mounds and running his palms over my nipples before lowering his head, taking turns of pulling my taut peaks into his mouth. I ran my fingers through his hair and moaned softly as I savored the pleasure of Cooper feeding upon my breasts.
He ultimately ended up sliding his hands down along my torso to the back of my skirt and started to unfasten it while he continued to pay delicious homage to my stiffly-coned nipples.
When Cooper finished pulling down the zipper of my skirt he had me lie where he had been, my head propped up on the pillows. I raised my ass a bit to allow him to pull my skirt off and discard it on top of his pile of clothes. Then he slipped my sandals from my feet and tossed them aside. I was left in nothing but my panties and he took a moment to admire my body. I could see the approval in his eyes and the rise trying to return to his cock telling me that I can look forward for more pleasure to come. I felt the excitement of my own sexual energy still dripping from my pussy and I felt like I could go all night.
Cooper leaned over and briefly kissed my lips before kissing his way down along my neck and back to my breasts, causing goose bumps to rise on my skin. My nipples were aching with desire and my chest heaved from my deep passionate breaths as he licked and sucked my hot nipples again.
His soft wet lips teased their way down the smooth slope of my belly, and after dipping his tongue into my belly button in the ways that made me squirm and giggle, his lips continued to the elastic ridge of my panties.
He pulled the elastic band down a bit and placed wet kisses on my abdomen and the tops of my thighs, taking in the musky scent of my arousal as his lips meandered about. He eventually straightened to his knees and started to slide my panties down while I raised my ass to graciously assist him. I briefly brought my legs together to allow him to slide my panties off, and I opened my legs once he pulled my panties from my feet. His cock began to rise the moment he set his eyes upon my glistening pink flesh.
Cooper lowered his head and I felt his lips giving my inner thighs smooth kisses.
“Ohhh,” I sighed and my heart jumped a beat when his lips met my pussy and his tongue ran the length of my slit. He dragged the flat of his tongue up my slit from bottom to top several more times, drawing my ass up with his lustful licks. Having my pussy shaved made it feel all that much better. Cooper watched his finger sinking through my folds and I felt it his knuckles penetrating my soft canal. The feelings grew intense and I started moaning and humping my pussy toward his face.
“Oh yeah, baby, work that pussy around my finger,” he growled and added another finger to my cunt. My pleasure heightened when he fastened his lips around my clit and strummed it with his tongue.
“Oh God!” I cried out feeling my body taking wings, but it was actually my ass rising six inches off the bed as he was fingering my cunt and sucking my clit through his teeth.
As he continued devouring my pussy, I put my hands on his head and held him against my crotch, not wanting him to stop, not now, not ever because it felt so good. Cooper pulled his juicy fingers free of my pussy and moved them towards my anus as he started munching my mush.
“Oh God! Oh yesss,” I shrieked the words as his fingers penetrated the tight ring of my rectum while his tongue was doing devilish things to my pussy.
My body went into spasms of twists and turns, and my voice cried out through the peak of my climax. Anyone walking past my hotel room door would have thought I was having a baby whilst I was actually giving birth to the best orgasm I’ve had in weeks.
Cooper continued munching on my pussy as I was cumming and he didn’t stop until I had gone completely still and let out a sigh. He slipped his fingers from my ass and started kissing his way back up my body, stopping again to lick and suck my nipples. My body began to vibrate once again as Cooper’s mouth tantalized my stiff nipples.
Cooper left his saliva dripping from my coned peaks and trailing off the sides of my breasts as he moved up to kiss my lips. I was totally into my second wind at this moment and I wrapped my arms around his neck and slipped my tongue into his mouth. Now that Cooper was making himself at home between my legs he was able to ease his cock into my pussy.
I moaned as I felt his cock entering me and stretching my hole so big and round. I felt him grow even more rigid inside my cunt as he slowly fucked me. I bent my legs back so I could wrap them around his hips and raise my pussy up high for him. And as I did, Cooper went deeper, burying his full length inside my tight, greedy cunt.
I’ve never stop marveling over how nice it feels to have a hard cock inside of me. Mmm, feeling my pussy molding to a man’s cock does things to me that I can’t explain. At this moment I was getting fucked just the way I needed it, making delightful sounds of pleasure as his cock was sliding in and out of my hot cunt.
We continued mashing lips and sucking tongues as Cooper slowly fucked me. Mmm, such delicious teasing! It made me want to go faster. I raised my hips with each thrust, urging Cooper to fuck me harder and faster. But Cooper didn’t give me what I wanted. He kept fucking me slowly. He wanted it to last longer the second time around.
However, when the passion started to climb, Cooper couldn’t hold back from picking up his pace.
“Oh yeah, honey. Oh yeah, fuck me baby. Fuck me harder,” I started moaning as I felt his thrusts heating up my cunt. His thrusting cock soon had me planting my feet against the bed and thrusting my pussy against it.
I felt my passion on the rise as our bodies stayed in sync. Then I came and I cried out as my orgasm rolled through my body and my pussy clenched tightly to Cooper’s cock. Cooper kept fucking me when I was shedding my eggs, savoring the increased flow of lubrication flowing through my pussy. It was another long and intense orgasm and I held him tightly the entire time.
When I finally loosened my grip, my entire body went limp. Cooper had a raging hard on and he hadn’t cum yet. I was feeling hot and ready to help Cooper finish himself off, so I was surprised when he pulled his cock from my pussy. But then he moved up and straddled me, laying his throbbing cock between my tits. He squeezed my breasts together, forming a soft fleshy bun around his cock.
He dropped spittle down my cleavage and he started sliding his cock between my tits. I savored the wet, sticky feel of it rubbing against my skin. Upon lowering my eyes I watched his purplish cock head appearing repeatedly from between my mounds. It looked like a turtle’s head going in and out of its shell. In this case its shell was soft and pliable as I held my breasts with the palms of my hands and molded them around Cooper’s hard, pulsing cock.
Cooper’s attention was on my tits as well. He liked my nipples and he told me they were sexy. And I loved it when he twisting my nipples while he was fucking my tits. So much pleasure welled up in my chest I thought I would explode.
Cooper was getting close to cumming. Semen began leaking from his meatus, smearing my skin as he ran his cock between my breasts. I liked the dirty way it made me feel to have the mix of his spittle and pre-cum between my tits and greasing his cock as it slid between them. Oh yes, this was quickly turning into a night of dirty sex, and to my delight.
He was straining to hold it back while he continued to savor the building pleasure provided by the soft, smooth flesh of my tits. Cooper’s cock swelled even more as he approached the verge of cumming, but he tried to maintain the same pace to enjoy it for as long as possible.
While Cooper was struggling to hold his cum back, I had a sure feeling that he was going to cum all over my chest, and I was all hot and ready for him to make a sticky, nasty mess of me and turn my heated desire for dirty sex into reality.
My eyes widened as I watched Cooper pulling his cock from between my tits and started stroking it. He stroked it hard and fast, grimacing and grunting as his cock dripped hanging strings of pre-cum on my body.
When Cooper finally started to spew, my eyes widened all the more as his ropes of cum drew a crazy pattern across my tits. My body raced with a heated rush as I felt his warm silky spunk landing on my skin. There were globs forming everywhere as he dumped his nuts on me. It splashed between my cleavage and pooled at the hollow of my throat. It splashed against my nipples and speckled my mounds. Some landed on my face and I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue for more.
I couldn’t hide the fact that I was acting like a nasty little cum slut and Cooper knew it as he painted my breasts with his cum and watched me scooping his cum up from my body and sucking it from my fingers. I simply loved the tart taste of his cum on my tongue and I kept scooping it up until there was nothing left but the sticky residue drying on my skin.
We rested after that. We were both pretty well spent, happy, and satisfied.
“Are you going to stay tonight?” I finally asked.
“I will if you want me to,” Cooper replied.
“I want you to,” I said as I pulled a sheet over us and snuggled against him.
Cooper’s cock was the best part of my training. I asked Cooper when my visit ended if he would come out to visit me in L.A. I promised to show him Disneyland from the four corners of my bedroom. And he promised to take me up on it.
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