Lactating Hot Wife - Chapter 5 - Fourth of July at Vail, CO
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The relationship:
In retrospect, I should have seen this coming. In the weeks following my decision to open my marriage, as well as my thighs to my husband's best friend, Glenn, the emotional entanglements became more obvious and real. Glenn claimed that he was in love with me. If I am honest, I shared those feelings towards him as well.
My emotional connection to Glenn was not surprising since he was only the second man with whom I had made love, and the second man with whom I had ever climaxed. I guess I was infatuated with my new lover.
Just to be clear, I was not contemplating ending my marriage. I was deeply in love with my husband, of that I was sure. In fact, I loved Chris even more for allowing me to enjoy and experience his best friend. However, I could not deny, at least not to myself, that I loved Glenn as well.
While living with two men whom I loved, and who seemed to adore me, certainly had its perks, it also had seriously complicated my life.
At home, things were wonderful. We behaved like sex starved teenagers.
Any observer could clearly see that I belonged to both men, and they both belonged to me. The affection and attraction was obvious. The dedication and commitment to each other was well understood by all three of us. It may sound bizarre, but at home, we had transformed into a true three-way relationship with no jealousy or pettiness. This unusual relationship was working for us.
I loved the affection and attention I was receiving. I was constantly kissed, hugged, petted and fondled in the kitchen, living room, dining area by either or both of my lovers.
When both men were home, I could not seem to keep my clothes on. One of the guys would pull my shirt over my head or remove my pants or shorts to leave me scurrying around wearing only my bra and panties, or less. It became a game of sorts, 'who could keep Jill wearing the least clothes?'
I eventually gave up. I would start out each morning dressed appropriately, but unless I was leaving the house, or expecting visitors, I allowed Glenn and Chris to keep me near naked most of the day. It was fun, sexy and playful.
Both guys seemed to have perpetual erections around me now. I loved knowing that they were constantly hard because of my presence.
One Saturday afternoon, Glenn stripped me of my shorts and panties and had me running around bottomless. My nice round bottom and shaved vulva were on display for both men's view and grabbing pleasure.
I guess the temptation of my naked ass proved too great. Glenn bent me over the back of the couch and fucked me standing up while Chris pretended to watch the Rockies-Yankees baseball game.
Although my husband feigned interest in the baseball game while his best friend smacked my upturned ass with his thighs while he fucked me, as soon as Glenn stiffened and filled my vagina with his seed, Chris lowered his pants and insisted I straddle him with my semen soaked pussy while he relaxed in his recliner.
I found it interesting that the only time I was really allowed to wear my panties at home without the risk of being playfully molested and stripped was immediately after one or both of my lovers had ejaculated in me. The only reason I was allowed to keep my drawers on was to capture the large volumes of semen that would leak from my vagina after they came inside me. Chris and Glenn accepted my explanation that I just couldn't be dripping their sperm from my vagina all over the house all the time.
I simply cannot count the number of times I was fucked, the number of blow jobs I gave, or the number of orgasms that were forced upon me in the weeks following our decision to grant my husband's best friend full access to my pussy. I loved every minute of it!
Yes, I relished being the center of their sexual world at home, but it was more than just raw sex. Glenn and I had formed a deep emotional connection that I knew would last a lifetime. Chris not only accepted the emotional connection Glenn and I share, he actually seemed pleased by it.
Yes, in the privacy of my home, everything seemed perfect. 
However, in public, especially in situations where we could possibly encounter friends or neighbors, we were forced to discipline ourselves and act very differently. This restraint was somewhat frustrating, especially to Glenn and me. We longed to be able to be ourselves in public, to be able to touch and hug each other the way Chris and I could. So the opportunity for a brief weekend getaway proved irresistible. 
The Invite:
"Jill, what would you think about all of us getting away for a few days over the fourth?" Chris teed up over dinner in late June.
"What do you have in mind?" I asked. The suggestion certainly intrigued me.
"Both Glenn and I have four days off over the Fourth of July weekend. I thought we might head up to Aspen or Vail where we wouldn't run into anyone we know, and we could both take you on some dates."
"What about Amy?"
"Natalie and Bob have been telling you for weeks that they would welcome the opportunity to watch Amy for a few nights," Chris reminded me.
Natalie and Bob were a young couple who lived directly across the cul-de-sac from us. They had been trying to conceive for over a year now, and were going through a series of fertility treatments. Natalie adored Amy and doted on her every chance she got. I had no doubt that Amy would be in excellent hands for a few days if I left her in Natalie's care.
"But, what about breast feeding her?"
"What about it? You could pump your breasts for the next week or so between feedings and store the milk. Amy will be fine," Chris continued to argue his point.
"Okay, I'll check with Natalie, but I don't want to be gone for more than two nights. I don't want to be away from Amy longer than that. If Natalie and Bob are available to tend to Amy, we can go up Friday afternoon and come back Sunday midday, okay?"
"In that case, I'll look into getting accommodations in Vail, since it is so much closer," Chris replied.
Vail was an easy two hour drive west on I-70, whereas Aspen was nearly four hours from our house in Aurora outside of Denver.
As I expected, Natalie was thrilled with the prospect of watching Amy for the few days we'd be away. The only thing left to do was store up sufficient breast milk for the two and a half days I would be away from our daughter.
On the road to Vail:
The days passed quickly as I pumped my breasts and stored my milk for my daughter in preparation for my weekend tryst with my two lovers.
It was shortly before noon on Friday, July 3rd when I nursed Amy one last time, and then delivered her along with twelve refrigerated bottles of my breast milk and adequate diapers and clothes to Natalie. I thanked Natalie for agreeing to watch Amy, but she assured me that it was I who was doing her the favor.
I went home and changed into a pair of beige daisy duke shorts and a navy blue halter top. I touched up my make-up, and pulled my long blonde hair back into a pony tail. 
I was feeling very sexy and a little naughty at the prospect of going away with not one, but two lovers. 
To be completely honest, it was difficult for me not to be able to tell any of my friends about the wicked little affair I was having with my husband's best friend with my husband's full approval. I wanted to share my good fortune with my girlfriends. I wanted to tell someone, anyone, that I was being shared by two gorgeous, sexy men. I wanted them to be shocked, even appalled at my wicked behavior. I wanted my friends to know what a sexy and desirable woman I really was.
But obviously, I could not do that without being labeled a pariah and banished from polite society. Chris's career would be damaged beyond repair if his coworkers and bosses knew than he and his best friend were taking turns fucking his cute little wife; a wife everyone thought was so sweet and innocent.
I guess that is what made the upcoming weekend so appealing. This weekend would allow me to flaunt what a naughty little girl I was; and I could do so in front of strangers who I would never see again!
It was nearly one o'clock when the guys arrived home ready to go.
"I would prefer not to have to wear a bra all weekend long, but I am going to need your help," I said as Glenn and Chris were loading their bags into the trunk of Chris's car.
Glenn looked up and replied, "Jill, I can assure you that your husband and I will do anything we can to keep you braless for the weekend. How can we help?"
"I'm going to need you two to keep my breasts emptied so they don't start leaking," I replied with a wicked, playful smile.
"Oh, we can definitely do that. We will be sucking on those gorgeous nipples of yours all weekend long, I promise," Glenn responded enthusiastically.
The weather was a perfect 81 degrees, and we were heading west on I-70 in Chris's 2014 Audi A5 convertible before two o'clock. Chris was driving, I was in the front passenger seat and Glenn was seated directly behind me. I had my hair pulled back into a tight ponytail which I piled up under my ball cap to keep my hair, as well as the sun, out of my face.
"Jill, recline your seat a bit and I'll reach over and massage your shoulders," Glenn suggested.
The offer was too good to refuse, so I reclined my seat as far as I could without crushing Glenn's knees. He leaned forward and started massaging my shoulders.
"Oh, that feels nice," I cooed appreciatively.
Soon Glenn was getting pretty frisky, slipping his hands inside my halter top to cop a quick feel. It was sexy, naughty and harmless fun. My nipples were erect.
"Be careful, you'll get me leaking in my top," I warned.
Glenn pulled the bottom of the top up and exposed my breasts momentarily.
"Now behave yourself!" I admonished as I pulled the top back down covering up my breasts. "We're in public."
Chris's face lit up indicating that some evil idea had just jumped into his head. He reached over and started fumbling with the knot around my neck that held my halter top up. It took me a second to understand that he was trying to untie it while Glenn was teasing my nipples.
"Chris, what the hell do you think you are doing?"
"I think Glenn has the right idea. We need to give the girls some sun. Also this way if you leak a little, it won't cause a stain on your pretty halter top," Chris argued.
"Oh no, you don't. There are too many people around us. People will see," I said with my voice quaking now from the excitement of my husband trying to expose my breasts this way. But I did not actually stop him from untying the top.
With Glenn's hands still inside my halter, teasing my nipples, I moved my arms across my chest, preventing the top from actually falling down and exposing my tits. 
“Come on baby, let’s give the girls a little sun. They will look good with a little tan. I think you will look great with brown titties," Chris argued as he continued to pull my top free. The tie in the back came free easily as he pulled the top from my chest.
I covered my breasts with my arms and protested, "Chris, no. This is to much. Give me my top back. I'll sunbath topless in the backyard all you want. You and Glenn can watch and even apply the sunscreen in the backyard."
Glenn then released my breasts and scooted over behind Chris, and said, "Jill, recline your seat all the way. You can lie back and no one will see."
“I can't. People can still see!” I said, covering my breasts with my arms now.
“No they can’t. Not if you are lying all the way back,” Glenn argued.
“Well, there are plenty of trucks on the road! They can sure see down into the car even with the seat fully reclined.”
I tried to grab my top back but Chris was far too quick.
“Jill, give these poor truck drivers a quick little flash of your pretty titties. It will be the high point of their entire trip. Give the guys a little thrill. What can it hurt?”
My husband had a point. But I felt I needed to object a little more before relenting.
“Chris, I can’t do that. It’s way too embarrassing.” I said, as I reclined my seat fully so that my headrest was lying on the backseat. I continued to cover my breasts with my arms folded.
“Just relax and try it. It will be fun. It will break the boredom of our drive. You will enjoy this, trust me.”
"I'm not bored. Glenn was massaging my shoulders, and copping the occasional feel. I wasn't bored at all," I argued to no avail.
Chris and Glenn remained silent, waiting to see what I would do. I lay there, still covering my breasts with my arms as I mulled my options.
I had to admit that the wickedness of such an act had its appeal and there didn't seem to be any harm. It did seem kind of exciting to flash men I did not know with no risk to me. I laid there with my arms folded over my chest for several minutes before I slowly unfolded my arms, and felt the warmth of the sun on my breasts.
"I can't believe I let you talk me into this."
"Thank you, baby," Chris said.
It took several minutes until we were approaching a large eighteen wheeler, passing him on his left. I felt my pulse quicken as we approached the cab of the truck, realizing some unsuspecting truck driver was going to be subjected to my bare, swollen titties.
I pulled the bill of my ball cap down, covering my face, and closed my eyes, too embarrassed to look up at the driver as we passed.
I started to raise my arms to cover my breasts, but Chris reached over and held my left wrist preventing me from raising my arm. I slowly relented and lowered my right arm as well. I lay back, rigidly still as Chris pulled immediately adjacent to the cab of the truck.
I felt my face, neck and upper chest burning crimson from the combination of embarrassment and excitement of my breasts being exposed this way.
I felt Chris slow down as I heard the large truck beside us, and I realized that my husband was maintaining a speed to maximize my exposure. “Chris, speed up! Don’t just stay next to him,” I insisted.
“Aw, let him enjoy the view for a minute, Jill.”
Curiosity got the better of me. I lifted the bill of my cap and opened my eyes. I peered up and looked up directly into the face of a reasonably handsome truck driver. He looked to be about thirty years old.
He smiled broadly, gave me a ‘thumbs up’ and gave his horn a long blast in tribute to my bare breasts. I was so embarrassed, but excited too. I admit it was exhilarating. After ninety seconds or so, Chris pulled ahead of the truck, and the driver let loose yet another long blast of the horn.
"That was very incredible. Did you see the expression on that guys face? Very sexy, Jill. Very sexy indeed," Glenn gushed from the backseat.
A few moments later, the same truck came barreling up beside us, matching our speed. The driver clearly wanted another viewing.
Word must have been broadcast pretty quickly on the truck driver's CB radio, because for the next forty five minutes, there was a convoy of trucks playing 'leap frog' to get next to us and see my bare titties. I was scared that I had created this commotion, but the fact that a line of men in trucks were clamoring to look at me was exciting and flattering. I admit, I enjoyed this. And yes, I was getting very aroused.
In the middle of the convoy of eighteen wheelers, a pickup truck with a raised suspension drove alongside us. The driver was getting his share of the “Jill eye candy” show.
I looked over at him and saw that he was considerably younger than the drivers of the eighteen wheelers who had been ogling me for the past forty or fifty miles. He looked to be in his late teens of early twenties. and he was cute, with a very attractive smile. There was something about the way he looked at me that conveyed a genuine admiration. He was definitely flirting with me with his eyes and smile.
He drove beside us for a mile or two. I realized that I was attracted to this young man, and that realization was unsettling. I became a bit nervous and instructed, “Chris, let’s pull away from this guy.”
"Jill, are you turned on?"
"I'm nervous and embarrassed. This guy is pretty young looking," I confessed.
"But are you aroused?"
I nodded, "Yes, honey, I am pretty wet down there, but please pull away from this guy."
Chris shocked me and instructed, "Jill, touch yourself."
"Baby, I can't do that."
"Jill, please. Touch yourself while he watches."
I hesitated for several seconds.
"Are you both sure you want me to do this? To masturbate while he watches me?"
I was so aroused from exposing myself, and the idea of pushing the envelope a bit further certainly appealed to me; however, I wanted assurance that neither of my men would think less of me if I complied.
"Oh god, yes, baby, we do. Jill, that young kid will be jacking off thinking about you for the rest of his life. Tell her, Glenn."
"Jill, Chris is right. You will become that kid's 'go to fantasy' for the rest of his life. I promise," Glenn said encouraging me to comply with Chris's instructions.
I lowered the brim of my cap to hide my face once again. I took a deep breath and unbuckled my shorts, unzipped them. With the waist of my shorts open, I slid my hand inside my panties and found my clitoris. I looked over at my husband. "Baby, I am dong this for you."
"I know you are, girl. Cum for all three of us."
"I'll try,'" I said as my right hand massaged my clitoris. "I'll try."
I kept my eyes closed tightly. I simply could not bring myself to look at the young man in the truck next to me, but I started to rub circles around my erect nubbin. I was scared and nervous. But the wickedness of masturbating while a complete stranger watched only feet away excited me tremendously.
With my tits fully exposed, my hand down the front of my open shorts, I continued to stimulate my rigid little clitoris. I was scared and excited. I had never done anything remotely like this before. I wasn't sure I would be able to climax with this audience; I was too scared.
It took several minutes, but I felt it starting to build.
Glenn's hand was on my left shoulder gently massing it as I played with myself. As my excitement built, I reached my left hand back and took Glenn's hand. I was squeezing his hand tightly while my right index finger and middle finger massaged my little nubbin.
"Oh god, I am getting close. Do you want me to cum while he watches? Do you want him to see your wife make herself cum?" I hissed.
Chris answered emphatically, "Oh god, yes. Cum for all of us."
"Oh Chris, I love you so much. I'm going to cum... your wife is going to cum while he watches me... I'm such a little slut... I love you both."
I was arching my hips as my right hand massaged my clit furiously.
"Oh... Oh... Oh... here it comes... oh fuck!" I bucked my hips as my climax shook my body. I was lifting my bottom off the seat, trying to wedge my fingers inside my pussy, but the shorts were too tight. I quickly returned to my clit as my orgasm continued.
My breasts started spewing my milk as I climaxed. "Oh shit, I'm leaking... hand me a rag."
Glenn quickly found a hand towel in the backseat and handed it to me.
With my left hand, I placed the towel over my leaking breasts while continuing to massage my sensitive clitoris. My entire body quivered for twenty or thirty seconds as the aftershocks of my orgasm crashed through me.
I opened my eyes and saw from the motion of stranger's shoulder and the look in his eye left me no doubt he was jacking off while he watched me cum.
Having achieved my orgasm, I was suddenly ashamed of my actions. I quickly wiped the breast milk that had sprayed over the inside of the door as I climaxed and instructed my husband, "Chris, please let's get away from him."
Chris nodded as if he understood, and accelerated. I looked at my friend in the neighboring truck, and I am not certain, but I think he was cumming as we pulled away.
It was a dangerous and very naughty game to play on an interstate highway, but it was also very sexy. I had made myself climax in front of a complete stranger, someone I would never see again, someone whose name I would never know. I liked thinking the stranger would be masturbating while thinking about me for the rest of his life.
I raised my bottom off the seat and adjusted my panties and shorts. I zipped and buckled my shorts, amazed at what I had just done.
"You boys make me do such naughty things. I can't believe I did that."
"Jill, that was so fucking hot. God, you are sexy," my husband reassured me. "I am so fucking hard right now."
"Me too," was all Glenn could offer from the backseat.
"I will take care of both of you when we get to the lodge. Now may I please have my top back?"
Chris handed me the navy blue halter. I wiped the milk from my breasts one last time before I covered them with my top.
I shook my head, "I can't believe I just masturbated while some stranger watched!"
I held Chris's hand and rode in silence for the next thirty to forty minutes, contemplating my recent sexual awakening. In the past month, I had transformed from a wholesome, innocent young wife, who had only slept with one man, the man to whom she was married, into a wanton slut.
I was doing things that were simply unimaginable a little over a month ago. I was being shared between my two lovers. I had experienced my first double penetration as I climaxed with my lover's penis in my vagina, and my husband's penis in my ass. And now I had masturbated in front of a complete stranger.
What else was I capable of? The thought both scared and excited me.
We arrive at the resort:
It was a little after four o'clock when Chris pulled up to the valet parking attendant at the resort. Chris declined the bellboy's assistance, opting instead to carry his and my bag.
A cute, college aged girl greeted us as we entered the resort lobby, "Welcome to the Vail Marriott Mountain Resort. Do you have a reservation?"
Her name tag had 'Kelly' and the words 'Associate Manager' printed on it.
Chris gave her the name on the reservation. Glenn edged up in front of Chris. "Chris this is my treat. You and Jill have done so much for me this summer. Let me pick up the hotel bill as a way to say thank you," Glenn insisted as he handed the desk clerk his credit card.
"Well thank you Glenn, that is very nice. I'll buy the meals and cover the bar bills," Chris offered.
"Glenn, I think you got the better end of this deal. I've seen both of you eat and drink," I quipped.
Kelly pulled up our reservation and got a concerned look on her face.
"Oh dear, we have you booked in one room with a single king-sized bed. And we don't have any rooms available with two queens."
Glenn and Chris looked at each other trying to decide how to respond. Chris had reserved the king bed for the three of us, but seemed uncomfortable revealing our sleeping arrangements to this young woman.
I smiled inwardly as I though silently, 'their perfectly fine exposing me and having me masturbate in front of a stranger, but now they are embarrassed to let this young girl know we all will share the same bed!'
Feeling a little naughty, I chimed in, "That's okay. We'll make do with the king. I don't take up too much room. I'll sleep in the middle."
The expression on this young girls face was priceless. She looked puzzled and unsure how to respond. She obviously wanted to say something, or ask for further clarification, but she clearly did not know exactly what to say, or what to ask, so she said nothing.
"How many keys do you need?"
"Three will do just fine," Chris answered.
I imagined the mental image this young lady was forming of me sharing the king bed with my two men. Was she appalled? Intrigued? Jealous? I'd like to think she was all three.
We took the elevator to the third floor and entered room 322. The guys set down our bags. I walked over to the sliding glass doors that led to a small balcony. There were two chairs on the balcony.
"I guess I'll have to sit on one of your laps when we are out here," I joked.
"We can take turns with you..." Glenn suggested, indicating I could alternate between their laps.
I interrupted, "Oh I know you can. I fully expect you both to take turns with me, all weekend long. Now do I need to take care of you two before you take me down for a drink by the pool?"
"I should say so. After that little show you put on during the drive over, I think we both need a little relief," Chris proclaimed.
"Well I guess that's only fair. Glenn are you interested, too?" I teased
"I sure am."
I unbuckled my shorts, and removed them and my panties together. I left my halter on and laid back on the bed. I don't know why, but I felt more exposed being naked from the waist down, but keeping my top on than I would being completely naked.
"Okay, who's first?" I asked
I watched as both men stripped as quickly as they could, tossing clothes in all directions. Both penises were already semi-erect.
Chris looked Glenn and asked, "Your call, heads or tails?"
Glenn knew precisely what Chris was asking and responded, "Buddy, your wife's pussy is so fine, I can never turn down the opportunity to fuck her."
"Tails for you it is then," Chris announced.
I really did appreciate the way my husband and his best friend were so comfortable discussing me, my body and my sexuality. The thing I appreciated the most was the love and admiration I felt from each look, touch and comment I received from my men.
Glenn climbed between my legs and gently rubbed the glans of his erection between the very wet lips of my labia. I brought my heels up to my butt and spread myself as wide as I could. I felt the large head slowly wedge its way past my opening.
"Oh god, your cock feels good," I cooed.
My husband climbed up next to my head and leaned over me, offering his cock to me. I nodded and took him in my mouth.
Glenn fucked me for several minutes, slapping his balls against my ass as I sucked on my husband's rigid cock. However, this position was not really conducive to me being able to give Chris a proper blow job.
I pulled my husband's rigid cock from my mouth and said to Glenn, "Flip me over and fuck me from behind so I can suck Chris properly."
In a matter of seconds I was on my knees with Glenn behind me and my husband standing in front of me at the edge of the bed.
Glenn slid right in and started fucking me hard. He was holding my hips and plunging into me from behind. I could hear his thighs smack against my upturned ass as he pounded my pussy from behind.
I grasped Chris's cock in my fist and cried out, "Oh fuck, that's it. Smack me. Fuck me hard. Oh shit. I'm not going to last long... oh just like that... pound that pussy... oh fuck... just like that... you're going to make me cum again."
I took my husband's cock into my mouth as deep as I could, moaning loudly around the shaft.
Within a minute, a series of convulsions quaked across me as my orgasm overtook me. Glenn was slamming himself into me as I came.
Suddenly, I felt him squeeze my hips and bury himself 'balls deep' into me and grunt. I could feel his cock pulsing inside me. Almost simultaneously, Chris stiffened and his cock erupted in my mouth. Instantly, a large dollop of semen appeared in my mouth as the final waves of my orgasm shook through me. Apparently, my orgasm triggered my men's orgasms.
I released Chris's cock from my mouth a bit prematurely because another slightly smaller string of his sperm erupted and landed on my cheek as I held his pulsing penis in front of my face.
I collapsed on the bed, disengaging from Glenn's cock momentarily, but he scrambled back into position and reentered me from behind, laying on top of me.
"Jill, I just want to stay inside you for a moment longer. I love feeling your pussy spasm after you cum. I love the way you milk my cock after you cum."
I smiled and clenched my vagina. "You mean like this?"
I felt his cock swell and pulse up in response to my 'vaginal hug'.
"Oh fuck, yes. Exactly like that."
Glenn and I laid coupled together with me clenching my pussy and milking his erection for a few minutes while Chris massaged my shoulders.
"You guys sure know how to spoil a girl. I don't think I can let you go back to school in the fall, Glenn. I think you need to stay here and help Chris take care of me," I joked.
"Funny you should say that. I wanted to talk to you guys about something. What would you think about me transferring to Colorado School of Mines in Golden for my last year?" Glenn suggested somewhat sheepishly.
"You could do that?" I asked.
"Well, yes. But only if you were okay with me doing so."
Chris interrupted, "Jill, Glenn and I have talked about this a bit, but he'd only do it if you were completely okay with it. Nothing has been decided."
"I see," I answered cautiously.
I was in shock. I did not know how to respond.
In a very real sense, Glenn was proposing precisely what I longed for, a semi-permanent relationship in which I would belong to both men, I would act and live the life where I would have two husbands, so to speak.
However, the long-term ramifications were significant. Our neighbors and family thought nothing of Glenn spending the summer with us, but if the arrangement were to become permanent, they would surely suspect something more was going on.
Amy was far too young to even be aware of the unorthodox lifestyle that her mother was living at home. But as she grew older, she would become aware that her mother had two husbands, not just one. I wanted more children someday. I could not go off the pill when I was sleeping with two men, could I?
There were a lot of complications with Glenn's proposal. Nonetheless, I did want him to remain with me in Colorado.
"I need to think about this. We need to talk about this some more... all three of us. This would be a big step. Let's discuss this over dinner tonight, but first I need to get cleaned up. And I believe you guys owe me a few drinks by the pool."
Reluctantly, Glenn withdrew from my well fucked pussy and allowed me to go clean up.
Dinner and Drinks with my two dates:
I showered and put on fresh make-up, and blow dried my hair. Rather than pull it back into a ponytail, I allowed it to fall across my shoulders.
Wearing only the Marriott hotel robe, I sat on the edge of the bed and summoned Chris and Glenn. I lowered the robe off my shoulders, exposing my swollen breasts.
"I need you guys to empty my breasts for me. But we are not playing around beyond that until after dinner. I am all cleaned up, and I want to enjoy my double date," I insisted.
My men sat on either side of me and nursed hungrily, emptying my engorged tits while I massaged their heads. I cannot describe it adequately, but having these two gorgeous men there to service me, please me and entertain me made me feel more desirable than I have ever felt.
Once Glenn and Chris finished their appetizer, I donned an orange and white, halter style, sundress with my matching panties. I had a pair of orange gladiator pumps to complete the ensemble.
"Jill, you look absolutely stunning," Glenn exclaimed admiringly.
"Thank you. I wanted to look good for my first official, public, double date. Shall we go?"
Glenn wore white shorts, a light blue golf shirt and Docksiders. Chris wore beige shorts and a Hawaiian print shirt and sandals.
I walked between Chris and Glenn, holding their hands. I wanted everyone who saw us to understand that I belonged to both men; that I had two dates tonight. I felt wicked, naughty and very sexy.
We found three lounge chairs around the fire pit adjacent to the pool. Chris retrieved our drinks while Glenn kept me company. I had my usual, vodka and cranberry juice, the guys each had bourbon and coke. I had my hand on Glenn's knee, when my husband handed me my cocktail.
"Thank you, kind sir. Would you kiss me?"
Chris smiled and replied, "Jill, you are a naughty little girl aren't you. You want all these folks talking about us, don't you?"
"Yeah, I do... as the song goes, 'Let's give 'em something to talk about'. Now kiss me you fool."
Chris leaned over and gave me a nice, open mouth kiss that lasted twenty or thirty seconds while I massaged the inside of Glenn's thigh.
"Thank you."
I glanced around the pool and saw several people looking at us, somewhat puzzled as they tried to determine precisely what were we up to.
We chatted and flirted as we sipped our drinks. I do not think anyone needed to be overly astute to watch the interaction between Glenn, Chris and myself to conclude that both men seemed to think I ‘belonged’ to each of them, to be shared between them. I loved the attention I was getting.
We finished our second drink and my men escorted me to the restaurant. I clung to both their arms as I walked between them.
"You know, I'm a very lucky girl. Thank you for making me feel so sexy and so desirable. Thank you for making me cum this afternoon. I love having both of you inside me."
"Jill, it is Glenn and I who are the lucky ones. We get to share the most beautiful, sexiest and sensual woman on earth," Chris corrected me.
As the hostess led us to our booth, I caught stares from other women who were wondering just what was the nature of the relationship between me and my two lovers. I caught stares of disapproval and envy as ladies looked at me in a state of disbelief that I was brazenly flaunting my two men.
We ordered cocktails and perused the menu.
"You know after emptying your wife's breasts, I'm not as hungry as I was earlier," Glenn said jokingly.
"I know what you mean, buddy. I think we are due for another feeding in a few hours. Who would have thought that a guy needed to worry about growing fat from his wife's tits."
"You two can just keep them pumped down. You don't actually have to consume all the milk, you know."
"Ah, but it is such sweet nectar, coming directly from your breasts. Who can resist?" Chris argued.
The waitress returned with our drinks and took our dinner order. This being my third, I was already starting to feel light headed.
I turned to Glenn and said, "Okay, let's talk about your plan to transfer to Colorado School of Mines in the fall."
"Jill, I would only do that if you wanted me to. I don't want to force myself on you, or make you uncomfortable."
"Glenn, I don't want you sacrificing your future just to be close to me," I reasoned.
"Jill, I wouldn't be sacrificing anything. 'Mines' is one of the top schools in the country, as good as Penn State. All my credits would transfer. I wouldn't be losing a thing."
"But what about the future? This is great now, but some day you'll want your own family, your own children. I'm not leaving Chris, ever," I said as I placed my hand on my husband's thigh and squeezed. "Glenn, I admit that I have strong feelings for you, but I belong to Chris. I always will."
"I know that. I really do. I want to have whatever you and Chris are willing to share with me."
I looked at Chris, "So how would this work?"
"Glenn and I discussed it some. You do have the final say in this. He could transfer to 'Mines' and live on campus in Golden during the week, but spend the weekend with us. It is a short drive from Golden to Aurora. On weekends, you would have two husbands, so to speak."
My head was spinning. I must admit, I loved being the center of both men's attention. I loved the way they both doted on me, adored me. They seemed to feed off each other as they lusted after me. I loved the way that they both liked to please me together and separately.
If I am honest, I knew I wanted both of them, forever, but I also knew that was selfish. It wasn't fair to Glenn. But he was an adult. He could make his own choices, right? I wanted to say 'yes', to agree to this arrangement. I wanted to keep both of my lovers.
However, I also wanted to be fair to Glenn. I cared enough about him to want to make sure that he would not regret this.
I said, "I am tempted by this proposal, I really am, but I need some time to think. What I really need right now is to visit the ladies room. I'll be right back. You both need to think about this and make sure this is what you both want, okay?"
Both Glenn and Chris stood as I rose to go to the restroom.
I kissed them both at the table, wrapping my arms around each of their necks and taking their tongues into my mouth, much to the interest of the people around us. I wanted the old biddies sitting at the adjacent table, and who seemed to be aghast at my interactions with these two men, to have something to talk about tomorrow.
I wondered if these women knew how close I was to both of my men? Did they know that I would have both men inside me before my evening was over. I enjoyed knowing that while outwardly disapproving of me; many of the women who did so were actually jealous of the thought that I would be driven to ecstasy by these two men later tonight.
After using the facilities, I was standing in front of the sink, washing my hands when an attractive woman in her thirties entered the restroom.
"I have to tell you, I am so jealous of you," she commented.
"You are?"
"Yes, you are living out my fantasy. God, I would so love to have two men like that. Do you mind me asking you something? Are either of them your husband?"
Rather than sensing scorn and disapproval, I detected a definite admiration in this woman's question. She seemed to genuinely admire me, and she seemed to desire what I had, two lovers. I decided to answer her truthfully.
"Yes, the gentleman in the Hawaiian shirt is my husband. The other gentleman is his best friend," I replied.
"And your lover?"
I smiled, paused a moment before answering, "Well yes, that too. My husband is very generous with his friend. I live with both of them."
"I just love that! My name is Lori," she said as she extended her hand.
"Lori, I'm Jill. Nice to meet you."
Lori was a petite brunette with incredibly large brown eyes and full lips. She wore jeans and a beige t-shirt. Her large nipples stood proudly erect under the thin cotton material of her top revealing that she was sans bra. Her body language and the way she stood very close to me made me uncomfortable, but in a good way. She seemed to be flirting with me.
"I'm here with my boyfriend. We have a large suite with a Jacuzzi in the room. Would you guys like to join us for a little puff of the herb and some hot tub fun after dinner?" she offered as she made a smoking motion, indicating she was inviting me and the guys back to the room to smoke marijuana.
There was something about her manner and her confidence that appealed to me. Maybe it was the way she seemed to admire my lifestyle, but whatever it was, I felt drawn to this woman.
"I think the guys have a special evening planned for me, but I'll check with them and see if they are interested in a brief visit to your suite and hot tub," I replied, trying to sound noncommittal. I honestly wasn't sure myself if I wanted to spend time with this woman and her boyfriend myself.
"Is it just you and your boyfriend?"
"Yes. I'll bring Tom by your table and introduce him. I'd like to meet your husband and your lover too. What are their names?"
"Chris is my husband. Glenn, the taller one, is my very dear friend."
"That sounds remarkably convenient," Lori responded with a knowing smile.
I returned to the table to find our entree's had arrived. Chris and Glenn in a deep conversation about which Colorado resort had the best ski slopes.
"I just had an interesting conversation in the ladies room," I mentioned as I took a bite of my broiled trout.
Glenn and Chris were obviously enjoying their steaks.
"Tell me more," Chris instructed.
"I met a very attractive woman who seems to think that I grabbed the brass ring with you two. She says she's very jealous. It made me feel very special having her rave about what sexy gods I have at my beck and call. I liked having her tell me how lucky I am."
"Jill, I think all three of us are pretty lucky to have each other," Glenn opined.
"Thank you. I agree we are," I replied. I paused a moment before continuing, "There is something else."
"Yes?" Chris asked impatiently.
"She invited the three of us to join her and her boyfriend in their suite to smoke some grass and join them in their hot tub. I assume that she meant without suits."
"They have a hot tub in their room?" Glenn asked with a level of surprise.
"Apparently, they do, in their suite actually."
"What did you tell her?"
"I told her that I thought we had other plans, but that I would check with you guys to see what you thought."
I had not quite finished speaking when I saw Lori approaching our table with a tall, well build, older man in tow. His tall, muscular physique dwarfed her tiny frame. His hair was fairly gray, which led me to believe that he was in his mid to late forties, at least twenty years older than any of us.
"Jill, I'd like you to meet my boyfriend, Tom. Tom this is Jill. And who are these two fine looking gentlemen?" Lori sad as she extended her had to Chris.
Remaining seated, I extended my hand and Tom took it in both his hands. Despite the fact that he held my hand a moment longer than I would have expected, I felt comfortable with his warmth.. Although older, Tom was still a very handsome and charming man.
I guess we would have to make up our minds about visiting Lori's and Tom's suite on the fly, without discussing it privately among ourselves. I was not sure how I felt about that.
Both Glenn and Chris stood, exchanged pleasantries with Lori and Tom.
"Please sit down and join us for a drink," Chris said as he pulled an empty chair from an adjacent table for Lori.
Lori sat between Chris and Glenn, and Tom pulled up a chair next to me. I was very unsure where this was headed, but Glenn and Chris seemed receptive to exploring the possibilities with this attractive, slightly older couple a bit further.
We learned that Tom and Lori were on vacation from Los Angeles, where he was an investment advisor. They had been living together for nearly six years. Lori described their relationship as committed, but not exclusive. Several comments led me to believe that Tom was quite successful from a professional standpoint.
As I watched Lori flirt shamelessly with Chris and Glenn, I had an unexpected reaction. I had a sudden surge of jealousy as I observed my husband flirting back, obviously attracted to this very seductive older woman.
It was silly, I know. Chris had allowed me to enjoy Glenn's attentions and affections.
Nonetheless, I felt a knot in my stomach as I imagined Chris and Glenn pleasuring Lori. I fully realized my jealousy was misplaced, and unfair, but I felt it nonetheless.
"So would you guys like to join us in our suite? We have a four person hot tub on the balcony, but I'm sure all five of us can squeeze in if we get cozy." Lori teased.
I sensed that both Glenn and Chris wanted to accept the offer. I guess the thought of squeezing into the Jacuzzi, naked, with this gorgeous woman was too tempting for them to pass up, right?
Chris looked at me and asked, "Jill, what do you think? The hot tub could be kind of fun."
I realized that being possessive and jealous was not an attractive combination of traits.
Nervously I replied, "It's up to you. If you want to join them, I guess we can."
I really was not sure what I was agreeing to here...
Coming soon: Chapter five - Seduced by Lori
(Note: a special thanks to Don and Lisa for their assistance in proofreading and editing this chapter. Their input contributed greatly to the quality of this entire story line.)
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