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Ada, my stepdaughter, called last week and asked if she and Nessa could come visit for a couple days. My wife Kat, and I have known Nessa for about two years and had a few threesomes with her. Needless to say, Nessa is bisexual as are all the other women we play with. I agreed, imagine that, and they were to be here by noon the next day. I knew Kat wouldn't mind since she enjoys Nessa's company. Nessa is twenty years old, about five feet six inches, nice build, perky tits, and a great ass.
The next day about noon I was out by the pool when they showed up. They were both wearing bootie shorts, bikini tops, and heels. Ada's top barely covered her big tits, which I like, and Nessa's ass was half exposed. I was floating in the pool, wearing nothing as usual, and told them they were overdressed. Both of them stripped right where they were and got in the pool with me.
"There is something we want to talk to you about," said Ada. "but right now we are going to fuck your brains out."
We moved to the adjoining hot tub, I sat on the edge, and they both sucked my cock. They shared for awhile, then Ada got behind Nessa and started fingering her pussy. Nessa was still sucking my cock, shoving it deep in back of her throat. After a few minutes, Ada went and got a towel for me to lie back on. When I did, she lowered her pussy on my face so I could eat her sweetness. She was looking down at me while rubbing her big tits, with her newly pierced nipples. This was turning out to be a great afternoon.
Nessa stopped sucking my cock and got on the deck with us. She lowered her pussy on my cock letting it slide all the way in. She reached forward, started massaging Ada's tits, and kissing her neck while riding my cock. I was licking Ada's clit which had popped out while my hands cupped her ass. Nessa started pinching Ada's nipples and Ada started squirming on my face. The concrete deck was hard on all of us, so I suggested we move this to the tanning bed.
Ada lay on her back and Nessa got between her legs, taking over where I left off. Nessa's nice round ass was in the air so I slid my cock back in her wet pussy immediately. Ada rolled her hips back, grabbing the back of her knees, so Nessa could get easy access to her pussy. I was driving my cock deep into Nessa's tight pussy with every thrust. My balls were slapping her clit and driving her head into Ada's wanting pussy. Ada started to squirm again and I knew she was ready to cum. Nessa kept up the intensity until Ada let out a moan and her legs started quivering. She continued licking, sucking and fingering Ada until her orgasm had passed.
"Fuck me, daddy, Fuck me," said Nessa.
Now she was concentrating on my cock which was deep in her pussy. She was pushing back against my every thrust increasing the tempo and intensity. My balls were slapping her clit every time I slammed my cock into her. Ada slid under Nessa with her head just below my balls and was rubbing Nessa's clit. I could feel Nessa swelling up inside and knew she was ready to cum. A few more thrust and she was over the edge. I continued fucking her as she continued riding the wave of her orgasm. Finally, she leaned forward and my cock was out. Ada started sucking it from where she was, getting all Nessa's juices.
I pulled my cock out of Ada's mouth and spun her around. I grabbed Ada's ankles and drove my cock inside her in one motion.
I love looking down on her big tits while I fuck her. She was pinching and pulling her nipples while I slammed balls deep in her pussy. Nessa had recovered and lay on top of Ada chest to chest. Now both of their pussy's were available for me to fuck. I alternated between the two a few minutes when Ada slid out from under Nessa and got along side of us.
"She wants you to fuck her ass," whispered Ada. "She has never done that before, that's why we're here."
Nessa was on her knees and Ada started lubricating her ass while I kept fucking her. Ada stuck a finger in Nessa's ass to loosen her up. Then she stuck two fingers in working her ass, then three.
"I think she's ready dad, be gentle."
I took my soaked cock out of Nessa's dripping pussy and placed the head at the entrance of her ass. I could tell she was scared, so I went slow.
"Relax baby, you'll be fine," I said.
I slowly started to insert my cock, just the head, and could feel her tense. Ada kept talking to her, telling her to relax it will feel good soon. Ada nodded to go deeper so I pushed another inch or so in. I could feel her ass tighten around my cock, a natural reaction to push it out. Ada nodded again, so I went a little deeper. I could hear Nessa whimpering so I stopped where I was, about four inches deep.
"Are you okay baby? Do you want me to stop?"
"No I'm okay," she said.
With that said I could feel her start to loosen up a little. She pushed back ever so slightly as my cock entered her ass a little deeper. She was letting me know she was ok and was going to do this. She took about seven of my nine-inch cock before she started a slow fucking motion. Ada was rubbing Nessa's clit to help her stay relaxed. Nessa was still whimpering a little but was now fucking me a little faster. I wanted so bad to drive my cock in her ass but was sure it would ruin the experience.
Now she was moaning and fucking a little fast and a little deeper. Ada was still rubbing her clit and making sure she was well lubricated. Before long she had my cock all the way in and was no longer whimpering. Her ass had totally relaxed and she was wide open. We fucked for awhile when I could feel my cock ready to explode. Her ass was so tight, the feeling was incredible. She was riding my cock, not slamming into my balls, but a nice steady pace. Ada could see I was ready to cum.
"Cum in her ass, let her feel that," said Ada.
I slid my cock in all the way and held it there. Nessa pushed back just enough to let me know she was ok. I started pumping my seed deep in her ass as she moaned feeling the contractions. I pulled my cock out and Ada immediately started licking Nessa's pussy and ass. I collapsed on the lounge while Ada took care of Nessa.
We lay together on the tanning bed exhausted.
"Is that what you needed to talk to me about?" I asked.
"I wanted it to be you, Ada told me you would be gentle."
"He was my first and I remember it well" replied Ada.
Over the next two days, we repeated this several times. Ada and I teamed up and gave Nessa her first double penetration also. Ada strapped up with a seven-inch dildo and took her ass while I fucked her pussy. She was a little hesitant at first but found she enjoyed it.
Ada got her time also, but that goes without saying. She is my favorite fuck, and I enjoy every time we get together. She has an amazing body and knows how to use it.
We talked about the upcoming weekend with the group party. I knew Ada and Matt were coming but didn't know if Nessa wanted to try it out. These parties usually end up with several gang bangs of willing women. She said she would think about it and let us know. Kat and Ada both told her she would be welcome if she was willing.
If you read my previous story you know she did make the party.
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