A Friend With Something Extra.Part 3
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Grant collapsed on carpeted floor of the living room. The ropes of semen his friend shot on his chest were beginning to crawl down to his bra. The ones on his bra were slowly moving down toward his belly. His tiny silky bikini panties were filled with his own cum as the sight of his friend's cock shooting on him had gotten him off.
He looked up at Ian who was still sitting on the couch with his jeans and boxers down around his ankles. His eyes were closed and his once proud hard cock had shrunk back to its normal size. Ian opened his eyes and looked at his friend and gave him a slight smile.
"I think I need a shower," he stated.
"Me too. You go first and I'll find you something to wear," Grant responded.
As he showered Ian struggled with his attraction to Grant. He had never before shown any gay tendencies, but today he tongue had kissed his buddy with the same passion as he had some of his girlfriends
He stepped out of the shower and toweled dry before wrapping the towel around his middle and opening the bathroom door to let the steam out .That's when he discovered a short robe and a pair of ladies briefs hanging on the doorknob, both were made of soft silky nylon.
Ian balked at wearing these offered garments, but beggars couldn't be choosers.He headed back to the living room after he dressed and announced that the shower was now free as he passed Grant's room.
He grabbed a Coke from the fridge and took his seat on the couch where he continued to ponder his feelings. Grant was even better looking than some of the girls at school, that had to be the reason for his attraction.
That and the fact he dressed like the models in the Fredrick's of Hollywood catalog, he even looked like one of them.He doubted if any of his girlfriends would dress like that for him. Grant finally reappeared after what seemed like hours and once again Ian's mouth hung open again at the sight before him. Grant was dressed in a black satin bustier trimmed in black lace, the attached ribbons held up thigh high black seamed nylons.
Black satin panties and gloves completed the ensemble along with shiny black high heels. Grant took a seat opposite his friend again and took a hit from the bottle of Coke.
"Just how many of these kind of outfits does Lorna own?" he asked.
"Quite a few and she took half of them with her. So do you like what I found you to wear?"
"They're okay," Ian answered, hiding the fact that he was enjoying the sensation of the smooth nylon rubbing against his skin.
"It was either these of a pair of my boxers and my ratty looking old robe," Grant informed him.
"So what happens next?" Ian asked.
"Well, you need to call your folks and tell them you're going to spend the night. We then order a pizza and watch a movie."
"What about after that?"
"Let's just play it by ear."
Ian picked up the cordless phone and ordered a pizza while Grant checked out the offerings on the movie channel, they settled on The Kingsman. It was at the end of the movie where the captive Princess allows the hero to fuck her in the ass that Ian began to get hard again.
"You know, you could do that to me if you wanted," Grant said softly as he got up and exited the room.
Between that admission and the feeling of the nylon garments rubbing against his skin when he moved Ian got hard again. He switched off the TV and headed to Grant's room . Now Ian knew about anal sex and had seen it in porno movies, but he never imagined he would experience it so soon.
He found Grant kneeling on the middle of the bed. In the soft light of the bedroom, Grant looked even sexier and more alluring than ever. Ian walked to the side of the bed and Grant met him there, they embraced and shared a long passionate kiss.
"I've never done this before," Grant admitted.
"Neither have I," his friend answered.
Grant reached a satin glove down and gently rubbed the bulge in Ian's briefs.
"Looks like someone is ready to try, he said softly.
Ian removed his briefs and stood there as Grant stroked his exposed cock with her satin gloved hand. She then handed his a bottle of lube.
"You've got to cover your cock with this," was all he said.
Ian applied a generous coating of the slippery substance as Grant sat back on his heels and watched him with wide eyes. Ian closed the bottle and placed it on the nightstand. He then turned his attention to Grant.
Grant was running his gloved hands down his front and down legs.
"Do you want me," he asked in a very feminine voice.
"Yes, I want you," Ian stated as he mounted the bed and walked on his knees toward Grant.
"I want you too," Grant responded as he slid his tiny panties down and turned his back to him and raised his ass in the air.
Ian place on hand on Grant's waist while he used the other to place his member at the entrance to Grant's back door.
"Please go slow," was all Grant said.
Ian pushed his cock between the cheeks until he felt resistance. He placed a little more force behind it and continued slowly pushing. Grant let loose a cry of pain.
"I'll stop if you want," Ian said.
"Yes, please," Grant moaned.
So Ian pulled back and saw tears in his friend's eyes.
"I'm sorry, it hurt too bad," Grant admitted.
"It's okay. The last thing I want to do is hurt you."
"But I really wanted to please you," Grant admitted.
"You will," Ian responded as he flipped Grant on his back and removed his panties.
Ian then mounted Grant and placed his hard cock that was still covered with lube against Grant's cock. They both moaned with pleasure and they felt the heat of each other's rod. Grant pushed his hard cock against his belly and Ian did the same.
Ian began to use his hips to slid his cock along his friends. Grant placed his nylon covered legs across his friend's lower back and locked them at the ankles and began to thrust his hips upwards toward his friend.
Between all the sensations he was feeling it didn't take long before Ian was ready to cum.
"I can't hold out any longer,"he told Grant.
"Neither can I," Grant moaned.
Uttering low moans they shot their loads on each other. The feeling of the warm sticky fluid against the skin of their cocks and groins sent a wave of euphoria through them and Grant uttered one of the sexiest moan Ian had ever heard.
Grant released Ian from between his legs and they laid there just staring at each other.
"That was fantastic," Grant stated.
"Yes, it was," Ian responded.
"I'll do this anytime you want," Grant stated.
"Then we are in for a great Summer," Ian answered.
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