We weren't prepared for camping - Chapter One
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As we drove slowly along the 5 kilometers of unsealed track leading to our normal parking spot that was nestled in between the coastal ridge and the mangrove trees, we recognized a lot of the 'regulars' cars that were here already. We knew most of the ‘early bird’ regulars as we had ourselves been coming here to this beach and camping area for the last five years, often arriving around 'sun up.' 
Because of the distance down this dead end track, the parking area was reasonably secure from 'nosey parkers' and other unwanted 'day trippers', as well as gaining a lot of protection from the weather (such as onshore sea breezes) due to the dense growth of the mangroves. Another attraction was its privacy factor being, as it was, situated more than 25 kilometers on a narrow country road, away from any of the public beaches found around the headlands – you had to want to come here to come here!
An additional deterrent to unwanted 'nosy parkers' was that this beach was about 900 meters from the car park area and only the genuine 'naturalists' bothered to trek that distance with any overnight camping gear. We saw that the Meagans, whom we had met the first year we started coming here, were early starters today unpacking their hampers, tents and beach gear from their cars, waving out to us as we arrived.
They soon disappeared into the mangroves heading to the beach. We could not help but notice their 22-year old daughter Tammy, who came to this beach with her parents every once in a while, had brought along a couple of her friends for a 'weekend away from the city,' to enjoy the back to nature camp out experience.
As the girls had parked their car in our normal parking spot, we had to select another parking area about thirty meters away causing us a little bit of inconvenience – but nothing really to worry about (we are creatures of habit it seems!) As soon as we had parked and unloaded a few of the essential 'day' things into our backpacks, we headed off towards the track entrance, looking forward to a very relaxing day at the beach.
JJ and I, sunglasses at the ready, were prepared for the early morning sun rising above the skyline shining directly in from the east. Our Polaroids were a necessity, cutting out the glare of the morning rays and allowing us to see the path and all on it with clarity. The larger trees along the track often had branches angled out overhead – great to reach out and hold onto as you climbed up, down or over some of the roots and other smaller obstacles along the way, but dangerous to bump into if you were not careful.
We were almost catching up with the Meagan group who we could hear, but not see as yet, somewhere up ahead when JJ stopped to get her drink bottle out of her backpack. Starting off again at an easy pace we turned a bend in the path and just caught a glimpse of the Meagans disappear around another turn in the path not more than seventy meters ahead.
It did not take us more than another four or five minutes before JJ & I had narrowed the gap and were now only thirty meters or so behind the Meagans. Maintaining this discrete distance we were able to enjoy the beauty of nature as it rises in the early morning sunrise. The sun began to spread it's tentacles through the undergrowth as it reached out catching the Meagan group in an amazing silhouette – Pat, Samantha, Tammy and her two friends – were framed in the sunlight like moving picture set almost like a negative of a film.
Tammy and her friends were in the middle of their group, talking happily together, as they made their way cautiously over some of the more difficult parts of the path. Pat was leading, and Samantha (Tammy’s mother) was following behind the group as tail end charlie.
Looking at all four of the girls together, you would be forgiven for thinking that they were all sisters as they were all wearing the same style of light clothing. In addition to their almost identical tops, Samantha was wearing a soft denim mini skirt, which the girls were not.
JJ nudged my arm and looked at me to see if I had noticed the setting - which of course I had – the tentacles of the early morning sunlight showcased the girls in their light natural cotton camisole style tops. I would probably describe them in this light as almost see through night shirts, being just long enough to reach about two inches above the tops of their knees as they stood relaxed with their arms at their sides. With the Polaroid’s working to their optimum advantage we stopped where we were, just on a bend, and watched.
Without making a noise, JJ spoke quietly in my ear so that we would not attract their attention and then turned around so that I could undo her backpack and take out her Canon SLR with a zoom lens. After passing the Canon to her, JJ soon had it focused in on the Meagan group and began taking some shots of this amazing scene.
With the sunlight shining through their camisole tops, their breasts were clearly defined. Oh, what a great way to start the day, I was thinking. One after the other raised their arms to reach the branches above helping them to traverse the obstacles along the path. In so doing they stretched upwards, shortening the coverage of the camisole shirts on their bodies and left them showing their natural assets for all to see. It was a beautiful sight to behold (certainly from my perspective) Their nice firm buns were proudly displayed as they stretched up to the branches above making the bottoms of their tops rise up as well.
I quickly became used to the sound of the SLR shutter working on multi-shot mode capturing the nice firm beauty of their curves and form. This was voyeurism at its finest.
Pat who was in the lead, was wearing a loose sleeveless T-Shirt and some very short baggy shorts and as he was always the first over or through any of the obstacles. It became obvious that he was dressed commando style as his cock or ball bag would hang down through the leg opening as he climbed over a rock or tree branch along the track.
Samantha had moved ahead of the girls to help Pat with their camping gear over this particular obstacle, and as Pat started to climb over, it gave JJ a great shot of his sizable cock hanging down his inner leg just as he raised his foot to the next foothold in the log.
JJ and I stood there spellbound as we watched Samantha give Pat's cock a rub.
As he stood posed in this position, JJ got some shots of Samantha reaching forward and giving Pat's cock a playful squeeze and tug. Pat looked back down at her smiling. You could almost swear you could see his cock grow as Samantha gave it a few more strokes. Then with an upward step, he was over the obstacle and turned to help Samantha.
The setting was quite erotic as her firm nipples were poking through the cotton fabric now stretched across her tits, and her mini skirt rode up to show the outline of her buns barely covered with a very skimpy bikini thong... if that did not make you damp or horny nothing would!
Then Samantha turned to help Tammy and her friends with all their personal baggage. With the benefit of the early morning sun, we watched Samantha's camisole top hang open and her beautiful 36D breasts hang down swinging freely. I mentally blessed the designer of the light cotton fabric camisole tops. Each time Samantha turned around to receive the gear that the girls passed up to her, she had to bend down, allowing us a voyeuristic view of her large yet firm tits swinging unrestrained inside her loose open necked top.
With all the girls' gear up over the obstacle, Samantha turned to catch up with Pat as Tammy started to climb over the large log lying across the track. Tammy reached up for the over hanging branch for support as her friends watched her and were giggling together making some comments about her situation.
The sun was shining through her thin cotton camisole top and outlined her firm upstanding 34C breasts. The beautiful curves of her breasts were accentuated by her nipples poking directly upwards through the soft fabric of the shirt. The curvature of her slim waist flowing out over her hips enhanced all this and was a picture of pure feminine essence.
As we watched Tammy maneuver up this section, her shirt had risen up her body to just around her crotch line showing the outline from the back of her beautiful bare buns only just covered by a pair of thin cotton panties that hardly covered what looked to be a nice set of pussy lips. Tammy responded back at her friends as she stood up, pulled her top back downwards and held out her hand to help them climb up over this obstacle.
I looked quickly at JJ to see if she saw what I saw and she gave me a funny grin to indicate to me that she did. It was a fantastic 'picture' shot, caught on the SLR, and quite a sensual sight. One which even JJ was affected by (as she told me later). JJ reached around me and stroked my cock to see if I was getting excited by what we were watching, which of course I was, then she returned her focus to the SLR operating the shutter in multiple bursts.
With this scene developing in front of us, we stayed where we were, fixed to the spot, watching the Meagan group silhouetted in the sunlight as they climbed over one of the many obstacles along the track. I could not help but show my growing interest in the scenery ahead with a firmer outline of my cock as it grew inside my shorts trying to push its head through the buttoned up opening in the front of my boxers.
Then it was the turn of one of Tammy’s friends who raised her arms up to grab the branch and was giving us a repeated performance of what we had just watched, except she was a little less sure of her footing and so was moving with more caution over this section. As she lifted her leg to get a firm foothold, we noticed that she was wearing a very skimpy thong, it was so skimpy that we could see her pussy lips had become separated by the stretch of the thong strap.
Her pussy lips were in full view to us, from our position, and in addition to this the 25-millimeter gap at the base of her crotch, between her legs showed her cleanly shaven cunt in its prime. Such a beautiful sight, which my cock responded to accordingly. Absolutely delightful!!
She seemed to have frozen in that position forever, giving us an amazing view and as she twisted slightly sideways, her young firm 34C breasts were also outlined to perfection. As I took all this in, my cock twitched and was straining to escape out through the front of my boxers. I was now working towards full growth of my cocks extension. It was not too hard yet, but firm enough to hang full length when free, otherwise know as 'My Happy State' - a nice feeling but becoming rather uncomfortable confined inside my shorts.
I knew I would be fully extended and hard by the time the other friend of Tammy’s would start to climb up this part of the track ..... My heart would be pumping but my cock skin could stretch no more!
Even though I was rapt, I was glad that we had remembered to bring the camera, which JJ was operating like a professional, capturing all the scenery before us, I wished we had been more prepared and captured all this on our movie camera as well. Pat, who was carrying most of the camping gear had moved off down the track was not aware of the scenery he was missing out on behind him.
With one hand I undid the zip fly of my shorts and the single button on my boxers and pulled my cock out. Now with its freedom unrestricted, I closed my hand around my cock shaft and started to nudge JJ's butt with it while with my other hand I reached around and cupped JJ’s pussy to find the fabric of her bikini briefs to be quite damp already. Giving her lips a rub, I smiled at her and gave her a quick kiss, and said how nice it would be to have my tongue down there licking at her clit and poking as deep as it could go inside her hole.
This sent a small shudder through JJ, as she almost agreed to my suggestion then and there for a little bit of 'dessert.' JJ has such a nice eatable pussy that always showers me with nectar when I go down on her ….. mmmmmm so good, I could sense that today was going to turn into an afternoon of tasty treats. After playfully poking it at JJ's arse, I had taken my cock in hand as it stood like a tent pole and was giving it some slow masturbating strokes.
The girls were all giggling and still seemed to be unaware that JJ & I were now standing not more than fifteen to twenty meters away on the edge of a slight bend in the track. Having caught up with them, we were captivated by their unpretentious display. It was only as the last girl (her name was Katie) was in a similar position with arms raised and leg lifted up to get her footing that she happened to look back and saw us at the edge of the clearing, watching her.
I could not restrain my cock from growing rock hard as she stood there with arms raised and looked straight at my crotch. With my cock released from captivity, it was standing out in the open through the front of my boxers and shorts. JJ had taken a step sideways to get a better angle shot just as my cock swung upwards and seemed to be staring straight back at Katie. We were a sight to savor with Katie posing along the track ahead, JJ taking pictures and me standing with my hand wrapped around my full sized hard cock.
With the sun streaming through the trees, it was as if Katie was naked – the lighting effect of the sun’s rays was giving us an unedited version of the beauties of nature, displaying her well-manicured cunt as she turned towards me, still with arms raised high holding onto the branch above. Looking straight at my cock, Katie said something to the other two and they started to giggle even more. Looking up at Katie, I savored the sight of her young breasts, as she was just 23 years old, with her nipples poking up and outwards and her pussy lips proudly on display between the beautiful firm shaped thighs.
If she was wearing anything it would have had to have been the skimpiest of thongs imaginable .... Maybe she was wearing a string thong that had got swallowed up by her cunt lips and arse crack, I thought.
JJ was getting some amazing shots of her naked cunt and pussy lips before Katie turned away and climbed up and over this section. Walking away from us, the three girls continued up the path towards the beach, talking and laughing amongst themselves as they went. Maybe they would not have realized that they were silhouetted so beautifully in the sunlight but they were obviously aware of their almost naked pussies being on display when they reached upwards to grab the overhead branches. Following Katie’s report to the other girls, they would all know about my stiff cock poking out my boxer fronts in 'full glory' as she looked back at us.
The rest of the track was fairly easy to move along and apart from a number of times the outline of their bodies were shown through the fabric of their clothing by the sun, such a joy to see, not much else happened. JJ stopped taking photos and reached out for my cock, which was standing so proud. She crouched down and began to suck the pre-cum juices leaking from the 'eye of the tiger' and then said, "Enough for now, Mr Cock Head," and gave it a flick causing it to soften enough to go back inside my boxers and hang down my inner leg.
As with everyone else who came here on a regular basis, we were dressed in loose beach clothing. I was in my boxers and shorts and a very loose tank top. JJ was wearing her briefest of bikini briefs, short cotton shorts and one of my more comfortable sleeveless T-shirts with no bra.
This kind of dress gave us a relaxed and unencumbered feeling of freedom in the natural surroundings of the bush, beach and the bay, and besides it was easy to remove just a couple of items of clothing when we got set up in our favorite spot - our little hide away alcove opening up into a small amphitheatre type setting that had an easy to miss entrance directly up from the beach.
It was amazing how private it was considering the number of regulars who populated this beach in the weekends. Any unexpected visitors who walked into our little camp site were always friendly. Some would stop and talk the others just walked on through, and that was okay by us.
To be continued.......
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