The Wedding Reception
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It was a bad situation. My deceased wife's sister had her daughter getting remarried for the second time. I did not want to go this event, but I could not figure a polite way of getting out of it. I just bit the bullet and decided to get it over with.
When you go to a reception by yourself, it is always awkward. You are a "one" and the relatives, friends and others are on the hunt for a mate for you. After about an hour following the meal, it is usually time to head for the bar or out the door. Since the reception for my niece, it was bar time.
With the consumption of beer and vodka, this wedding reception was becoming bearable. I got a Bloody Mary and found a seat at a deserted table. It was a great place to rest and enjoy my drink. As I was sitting there, a decent looking lady in her fifties came over to my table
"Aren't you the bride's uncle?" she asked.
"Yes, I am. My name is Alan and your name."
"Oh, I am Tara. I am the groom's godmother."
"Please sit down. Can I get you something from the bar." I inquired.
"I don't drink much. Maybe a pina colada."
"Okay, no problem."
I went to the bar and got Tara her drink. We got to talking and honestly confided in each other. Neither of us wanted to be at the wedding but felt an obligation to attend. We chatted for about a half hour. Then, I looked at Tara and came up with this idea.
"You want to get out of here? I know of a place about four miles from here with no wedding, kids, noise or craziness."
"Sounds great. I'll follow you. What are you driving?"
"The red Corvette convertible."
Tara followed me to "The Rock." The Rock was dimly lit, quiet, and had all adult patrons. This time, I ordered her a Cosmo and a Bloody Mary for me.
Tara said, "I've never had a Cosmo."
Then great. Here's to livin' large and a new beginning."
We compared notes on the wedding couple and figured it was a good match for both parties. With the consumption of a couple of more drinks, Tara was feeling no pain and I was doing fine. She got scared about driving home. I told her to follow me and I would take her on the back roads. Luckily, we were only about five miles from her place.
Our car caravan made it to her place with no problems and I walked her to the door.
"Alan, would you like to come in for a night cap? Sorry I only have beer and wine."
"Sure, that would be great."
Tara had a nice two bedroom townhouse with attached double garage in a great area. It was at her place where I got to study her. Tara was her in early fifties, nice tits, firm ass, and knew how to dress for the evening.
You could tell that she was unused to drinking. Now, she had a very nonchalant attitude and was feeling good. She got me a beer and a large glass of wine for herself. Tara left the room and came back wearing a dark navy blue satin robe. I could tell her dress, lingerie, and stockings had been removed to get more comfy.
We started to compare our life stories. The booze had loosened both of us up. I told her that in my youth, I sold items at a flea market that had fallen off the back of trucks, out of railroad cars, or left through the back doors of warehouses. Next, I had worked in the liquor and food industry before building custom vacation homes.
She told me that she was a fine jewelry designer for the diamond and precious gem industry. Sheepishly, Tara confided in me that thirty years earlier, she had been an exotic dancer/stripper. She said that she needed money for college and this was a quick and easy way to get it.
I chimed in, "You look good enough now to dance."
"Really, or do you just want to see me naked."
"Honestly, both."
She smiled and began to laugh at my candor. Then, she stood up, turned her back to me, opened her robe, and shook her body away from my eyesight. Tara was a great tease. She closed her robe and turned around to face me.
"That was an appetizer," she said.
"Well. I need to be around for the entree. How about dinner at the country club next Saturday night?"
"It is a date. Be here about seven," she replied.
I smiled and finished my beer. She showed me to the door and gave me an innocent kiss. However, as I hugged her, I patted her ass "good-bye".
The next seven days took forever and Saturday could not come soon enough for me. I put on the golf/country club look with a sports coat, open collar dress shirt, pressed khakis, and shined shoes. I went to Tara's place and knocked on the door. The door opened and she greeted me.
To quote Harry Caray, "Holy Cow". Tara looked breathtaking in her outfit. She had on a dark burgundy above the knee cocktail dress, charcoal stockings with matching stilettos, and a gold chain. Upon looking at her, I forgot about dinner,
Tara said, "How do I look?"
"Spectacular and hotter than the surface of the sun,"
She smiled and replied, "Let's go to dinner."
Dinner was great and I cannot remember anything about the food. However, the company was outstanding and I couldn't stop staring at Tara. Her dress showed enough cleavage to keep my undivided attention as I was getting more turned on every second.
We finished dinner and adjourned to the country club bar. There was a DJ playing some oldies for the patrons. He was heavy into the slow songs and the people were enjoying it. His next selection came from the back shelf of the Oldies Vault when he played,  You Belong To Me by The DuPrees.
I took Tara out onto the dance floor and gave her a moving physical. It was amazing how many couples were doing the same thing. As we danced to the song, Tara looked into my eyes and gave me a loving kiss.
She whispered to me, " After the song ends, let's go back to my place for dessert."
The song concluded and the couples applauded as they went back to their tables. I paid the bill and off we went to her townhouse. When we got there, our kissing became more passionate.
"Sit down Alan, now is the time for your dessert," Tara told me.
She took out her phone, hit the music app, and began to dance for me. Yes, in her younger days, she was an exotic dancer. I could tell by her moves to the music. Tara started to seductively strip out of her clothes.
First, she removed her dress, let it drop to the floor, and then stepped out of it. She did miss a beat of the music while removing her clothes. Tara stood before me in her bra, thong, garter belt, stockings and heels. It was a sight to behold and her animal magnetism was astonishing.
Next, she bent over and put her hands on her knees so that I got a great view of her tits. Tara stood up, reached behind her, and unhooked her bra. Her hands kept her breasts covered and out of my sight. Then, she turned around, dropped the bra and shyly looked over her shoulder.
"Well Alan, are you ready for your dessert?"
"Oh, yeah," I said.
Tara spun around with her hands covering her breasts and exposed them to my eyes. She bent over at the waist, shook her rack and rocked them back and forth. I almost lost my load with the view that I had just seen. Her breasts had to be 36C with silver dollar size nipples.
As she watched me look at her tits, automatically without even touching them, they were becoming hard and erect. I was really enjoying the show and Tara continued her performance.
Now, she turned around again and began to remove her thong. Slowly and deliberately, she slid her thong down her legs, it hit the floor, and she stepped out of it. Her naked ass was about five feet from my face. Then, Tara turned around and stood there before me. She was oozing sex in her garter belt, stockings and stilettos.
Tara said, "Just for you, I shaved. You looked like someone who would appreciate it."
I loved it and thought I was in Valhalla. Here was an amazingly sexy creature with no boundaries. I began to stand up and undress, but Tara stopped me.
"Alan, please come here."
I did what Tara asked. She began to undress me to my boxer-briefs. Then, she sat me down and started the lap dance of a lifetime. Her bumps, grinds, and moves kept perfect beat to the music. It was arousing me to new heights. After the song concluded, I grabbed her hand and we headed for her bedroom.
It was time. No more teasing or dancing, sex was next on the agenda. We kissed and explored each other's body. Our passion moved us onto the bed. My hands went to her breasts and those large gorgeous nipples. I could control myself as my mouth locked on the nipple and my tongue began to lick it.
Tara enjoyed my oral affection to her tits. I could feel her hand slide down to my manhood. My rod grew instantly erect and hard. Her groans helped my hand search out her smooth cleanly shaved crotch. I continued my assault on her by taking her nipple between my teeth and to tickle it with my tongue. She let out a groan and her body began to shiver with little spasms of ecstasy. I loved sucking on her nipples and feeling the reactions going through her body. Hopefully, she was going down the road of great orgasms.
Literally, she did not sit on her hands. They were busy exploring my underwear and reaching her goal. I heard a sigh of relief from her when she found my rock hard cock. Her hand began to slide up and down my shaft.
I decided to return the favor by rubbing her clit and entering her love tunnel with my fingers. She did not stop me and was floating on air.
"Oh Alan, right there. That feels so good. Keep rubbing me and let your fingers play a symphony on my womanhood."
"Yes, of course, and you keep your hand going up and down on me."
Our mutual investigations and probing continued for at least ten minutes. Then, I moved my head between her legs. It gave my cock a break from Tara's hand job and a new onslaught on her womanhood.
As my tongue blasted her clit, Tara's hips rose off the bed and she uttered "Fuck, yes!" I couldn't stop lapping up her pussy juices and having my tongue entering her slit. After about five or ten minutes of eating her out, Tara came up with a plan.
"Let's sixty-nine for a while and then you can try and drill my brains out."
"Great idea, let's get started right now."
I got on the bottom and she got on top. We began our sexual attacks on each other. I continued the cunnilingus like I was performing earlier, but Tara's mouth found my manhood. She was a starving creature that had found her favorite treat. Her mouth engulfed my cock and swallowed it down to the base. Her teeth raked over the sides of my shaft, producing a superb amount of exquisite agony. Her nibbling produced a feeling of pure pleasure. I was hanging on and trying not to blow my load.
My blitzkrieg must have been doing its job because her intensity on my cock was increasing every second. The more that I ate her, the crazier her sucking of my cock became. It was out of this world.
I said, "Tara, I can't stand it anymore. Lay down, spread your legs, and let's go."
Tara flipped over onto the bed, opened her legs,and welcomed me into her. She was hot and wet as I entered her cunt. Immediately, her hips once again came off the bed, but this time her legs clamped around my waist. Our bodies began a savage rhythmic movement. Both of us were using some of the foulest language known to mankind. It was pure lust and sex.
I lost track of time and had no idea how long that we went at it. The feeling that the end was near had entered our bodies. I could feel her vaginal muscles squeeze down on my cock and my balls start to tighten up.
"Alan, I am about to cum. Give it to me as hard and as fast as you can."
I did my best and began to slam into her pussy. She continued meeting my thrusts and squeezing down on my cock with her vaginal muscles.
I yelled, "I'm cumming, Tara."
"Shoot it into me, Alan."
I did just what she wanted and felt my red hot seed leaving my body. Tara was shaking, let out a yelp, and then, she went limp. We were both done in and needed some rest.
I was quietly recovering from that fuck fest, when in my drowsy state, I felt my cock about to be reused. Tara had awakened before me and was now helping herself to my junk. I felt her starting to lick my cock, but for Tara that was not enough. She wanted the entire package. Her mouth consumed my cock and began to give me a fantastic blow job. It was an awe inspiring and she loved to suck a penis.
There was no doubt in my mind that this was the main event and not foreplay. Tara meant business and was a wanton animal possessed for cock.
Her mouth slid up and down my shaft and she drug her teeth along the sides. This technique was driving me into a state of euphoria again. She had learned her cock sucking skills well. As I started to get up to fuck her again, she got on her knees before me.
"Alan, I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to taste that cum of yours."
"Oh yeah!" I exclaimed
My reply seemed to intensify her lust and she quickly devoured my meat again. With this action, I could not last for long.
"Tara, I'm cumming and it is a load and a half."
She did not say a word and never took my cock out of her mouth. Instead, she worked on swallowing the entire load of sperm that was exploding into her mouth. Her hunger did not miss a drop and any excess was caught by her fingers. Then, she licked the sperm off from her fingers. I was done in and trying to muster up enough energy to get cleaned up.
I asked the magic question, "What got into you, next to me? I have never been attacked like that in my life."
Tara laughed and said, "Nothing specific. I just felt like sucking you off".
We looked at each other, rested, made some small talk, and discussed our future. Neither of us wanted any type of permanent relationship. We thought if the newlyweds had any parties or a get-together, we could always relive our time again. As I left Tara's place, we kissed and waved "good-bye", leaving me with some lasting memories.
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