The Farmer’s Daughter (Chapter 2)
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I slept like a rock in his arms and when I woke up he was gone. The sun was just peeking through the drapes when the door suddenly opened and he walked in.
“Good morning sweetheart. I wanted to have breakfast with you alone. I hope you don’t mind?”
“No I don’t. I think it’s very sweet of you to do that for me. You truly make me feel like a Princess.”
“You deserve to be treated like royalty Jessica. You are the picture of humility and purity.”
At that very moment all the shame of what I had done came flooding back into my mind. I guess Josh saw it on my face; it was something I was trying to forget and hide. I just lowered my head and wanted to disappear.
“What’s wrong Jessica? Did I say something to upset you?”
“No you didn’t,” I couldn’t even look him in the eye.
He placed his finger under my chin and raised my head. I still had my eyes down.
“I haven’t been totally honest with you Josh and for that I am truly sorry.”
“Jessica if you are talking about last night with Jade, I know all about it. I was really annoyed with her for taking advantage of your innocence. It’s not a big deal to me and it shouldn’t be with you either. Do you feel better now sweetheart?”
“That’s not what I was talking about, but Jade didn’t force me into anything I haven’t done before. I have been with other girls and men too, besides Lyle. So you see Josh, I am not as pure and naïve as you think I am.”
“Okay sweetheart, do you want to tell me exactly what you are talking about? I’m a little confused or would you prefer to wait until later on this evening?”
“I think I should tell you now. I may disgust you so much that you will book a flight for my return trip home,”
“Sweetheart, calm down, nothing you tell me will be something I haven’t heard already. Just remember, what you tell me will never leave my lips. It’s just between us. Okay?”
“Thank you. I guess I should start at the beginning.”
“That will be fine. I’ll sit here right next to you on the bed. Go ahead sweetheart.”
This is the story I told Josh.
A week before our wedding, Lyle had to go out of town to pick up some supplies and he took Jimmy with him. He would be home the following morning. Jane asked my mom to, 'Check on Bill every now and then.' I’m not sure why she wasn’t going to be home, but my mom was more than happy to oblige.
It was dinner time and mom made some extra stew, potatoes, and biscuits. She even baked an apple pie for Bill; it was his favorite. She packed it up and I delivered it to Lyle’s house. Bill met me at the door dressed in new Levi’s and freshly shaved. He looked and smelled good.
“I thought your mom was coming, but you’re a pleasant surprise. Come in and sit down with me while I eat. It sure smells delicious.”
I opened the basket and mom had all he needed in it. There were plates, glasses, utensils, napkins and even a bottle of wine. I set the table for him and he poured out the wine and sipped it. I sat across from him as he ate and he didn’t say much.
“Why don’t you have some wine with me?”
I told him, “I don’t think I should. Mom sent it over for you and I don’t drink.”
“C’mon what’s a little wine between family? You will be my granddaughter soon.”
“Okay, but just a little is fine,” I said to him.
“He poured me half a glass. We tapped our glasses together and toasted, “To family.”
When I went to get up to clear the table I felt a little dizzy. I guess the wine had gone to my head. Bill ushered me to the couch and I sat down. I felt my face get flushed and he sat next to me and rubbed my thigh. He eased my head to his shoulder and he kissed my forehead.
“Grandpa will take care of his baby girl, don’t you worry.”
“I think I better go my mom may be worried if I stay out too long.”
“Nonsense, you are in no condition to drive and your mom is very aware that you are here. She knows all too well how needy I am. Now just relax and let’s talk about the ‘birds and the bees’ and how you are going to sexually satisfy my grandson.”
“Umm, I really don’t think that is a conversation we should be having. It’s a personal subject between Lyle and me.” My senses were finally returning and I could tell I annoyed him with my comment.
“Help me take off theses damn boots. I need to go to the bathroom.”
I got up and pulled off his boots. He stood up on his canes and started walking.
“I need help in there. I can’t do it alone with all these damn buttons to undo.”
I felt I made my position clear and walked with him to the bathroom. Once inside he closed the door with his cane. He turned to me and I unbuttoned his jeans.
“Should I go on Josh?”
“Yes please.”
“Now take it out and point it in the bowl so I can pee,” he barked.
I was hesitant, but I did what I was told. He was disabled and needed help.
“Do you like how it feels in your hand? Can you feel it getting hard?”
I didn’t answer him, but I did like it. His was much bigger than Lyle.
“When I’m done you can take me to my room. I’ll need you to help me undress so I can rest. Is that too much to ask for?”
“Of course not, but then I have to leave. I know Jane will be home soon.”
I walked in front of him to his room. He kept sliding his cane up my legs and lifting my skirt. He was quite amused by his antics. When we got to his room he opened the light and closed the door.
“Sit down on my bed,” he said, as he walked in front of me. “Take out my cock and stroke it for me. It helps me relax and if you are real good I may let you suck it.”
“No, I don’t think so.”
I said that to him as I was getting up.
“I really just wanted to go home Josh.”
“I know sweetheart.” He held my hand and squeezed it. “Go on.”
Bill said, “Look this is how it is around here. We take care of each other’s needs. This isn’t the big city where no one cares about others. All small communities rely on their neighbors to show compassion and love. Besides, I know my cock isn’t the first one you’ve sucked. I can hear you and Lyle, when you think you are alone, in his room. You suck him off and he fucks you in the ass. I’m sure your ass is stretched nicely by now.”
I just sat there stunned and speechless as Bill, my future grandfather, removed my clothes and his.
“Those soft pink nipples need to be sucked and that will get your juices flowing.”
“I felt his warm breath and mouth on my nipple as he sucked it. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation. He gently pushed me back on the bed and he positioned himself beside me. His fingers parted my bushy mound and I jumped.
“Relax baby this is going to feel so good to you. I won’t take your virginity, that I will save for my grandson, but you will experience your first orgasm with me.”
He rubbed my nub with his thumb. I could feel myself getting wetter and hotter.
“That’s it baby work with me here. Raise those hips and welcome my tongue. I want you to give me all your sweet sugar. Fuck my face with your pussy. Cum for me baby and reach the ultimate pleasure of being a woman.”
His tongue, his fingers, and his voice had me squirting my juices all over. I never had any of those feelings before. I could hardly breathe. I knew it was wrong, but didn’t want it to stop.
“Oh baby your juices are so delicious and sweet. I can’t wait to have more, but now I want you to suck my cock. Do you see how hard you made it?”
He straddled my face and rested his cock on my lips. I slowly opened my mouth and he guided it in. I gagged when he pushed it in too far and he pulled back.
“Suck it like a lollipop baby. Suck it hard and play with my balls. I’ll do the rest.”
I licked and sucked his rock hard cock and he kept pushing it deeper and deeper. I stopped gagging and was really getting into it when he backed it out some.
“Swallow my seed baby, swallow it all.”
The rush of his hot cum pouring down my throat almost made me gag, but I didn’t.
“When he was done he leaned over and kissed me. I felt satisfied. He got under the covers and I got dressed. I was sitting in the chair beside his bed when the door opened. It was Jane.
“Damn dad, I thought you were going to wait for me to put you to bed?” She said.
“I was tired and Jess was kind enough to help me. She did it just as you would. She is going to be a good fit in our family. We are all going to get along just fine.”
“Jess do you mind waiting for me in the den? I want to have a word with Bill.”
“Sure, no problem.”
I headed to the door and as I was about to close it, I saw Jane lean over and kiss Bill. It wasn’t a little peck of a kiss; it was a full opened mouth kiss. I quietly closed the door and walked to the den. Jane came in about five minutes later and sat on the sofa.
“Maybe I should stop here Josh. My next encounter is with Jane and I know you must have some feelings for her.”
“Sweetheart, it is up to you, but remember I know Jane a lot better than you think.”
“Okay, but please don’t think poorly of me. I am truly ashamed of my actions.”
“I could never think that Jessica. You are a shining star in my opinion.”
Jane came in and said, “I want to thank you for taking care of my dad. I know he can be quite a handful at times, but he is a good guy. Did he do anything that upset you or made you feel uncomfortable?”
I told her, “Everything was fine. We had a good time.”
“Stand in front of me and turn slowly as you strip your clothes off. I want to see the beauty of the girl who captured my son’s heart.”
I was a little embarrassed but slowly turned in front of her, slowly removing my clothes. I was standing there naked in front of her when she slid her hand down the front of her jeans.
“Let’s have some fun like you do with Becky Johnson in your barn.”
“What? How do you know that?”
“Shhhh not now. I’m too horny to talk about it now. I’ll tell you later. Let’s go to my room and get comfortable.”
We walked to her room and she closed the door. She started taking off her clothes.
“I’m feeling very uncomfortable about this. You are going to be my mother-in-law.” I told her.
“That’s true, but I can smell Bill’s cum on your breath, so I know he spoke to you about family. You do want to have a good relationship with your mother-in-law, don’t you?”
“Of course, but what if Lyle finds out?”
“He won’t, it will be our secret. After all I’m sure he has secrets of his own. Everyone does.”
Her question had me wondering what secrets Lyle could possibly have. Before I knew it she was sucking my nipples as she sat on the bed. She held me close and her knee separated my legs. Her fingers worked up and down my wet slit until she slid one finger in. I couldn’t help but moan and buck. I held onto her head as she sucked my nipples hard. She worked her finger in and out until I felt like I was about to explode.
“Hold on baby, don’t cum yet. Lie down and let me get my mouth there first.”
Her finger stroked my g-spot and I gushed and came. She was right there lapping up my juices. My body kept having spasms and with each spasm I came more.
“My God, you taste good.” She said.” My son did very well choosing you to be his bride.”
“Thank you. I replied”
“How about you eat my pussy now?”
She sat herself against the headboard and started rubbing her clit. I positioned myself between her thighs and spread her lips with my thumbs. Her clit was swollen, red and ready. I flicked it several times with my tongue before started sucking and biting it. Her pussy was big so I put two of my fingers in as I worked on her clit.
I was too busy to notice Bill walking in until I heard him say, “Raise that ass up for your grandpa, my cock needs his baby girl.”
I never had a cock that big in my ass and it gave him quite a bit of resistance.
“Wet this up for me will ya hon?” he said to Jane.
“Between her moans, she licked his cock and provided plenty of saliva. He licked and spit on my asshole before working his cock slowly in.
“What kinda dick does my grandson have? He hasn’t even stretched you.”
I didn’t even bother answering him. I was totally in to drinking up Jane’s cum and satisfying my mother-in-law to be.
“God baby girl I haven’t had an asshole this tight in years,” he said, while easing it deeper and deeper inside me. “You and I are going to get along just fine.”
I must admit at first it hurt a little, but once my ass gave into it, I was totally into it.
“Let me hold those big titties of yours baby. I love pinching big nipples when I’m about to cum.”
Jane’s pussy was totally drained and she got up and started tugging on Bill’s heavy balls.
“Press my magic button honey and make me explode in our little girl’s ass. I know that’s what you want. You want to lick my thick cum from her asshole. Don’t ya?”
“You know me too well dad. I love cleaning up your messes.”
Bill grunted and moaned a few times and I felt his fiery liquids shooting into my ass. There was so much cum that it started leaking out down the slit of my pussy. Jane was right there eagerly licking it all up, which made me cum again and again.
“When he pulled out, Jane stood up and kissed him with mouth full of cum. She dripped it into his mouth.
“Doesn’t our baby girl juices taste good mixed with yours daddy?”
“Mmmmm yes it does. My two girls taste delicious. Now clean her up and let’s get some rest. Morning will be here soon and there will be plenty to do when Lyle gets back.”
“Josh, I tried talking to my mom and Becky about this and they both said almost the same thing. They are going to be your family soon. You do as they wish. This is how it is around these parts, neighbors take care of neighbors.”
“I know sweetheart, I was raised on a farm too and heard the same words. Those words are what made me leave Nebraska and start a new life in New York.”
I nibbled on some fruit that was on the breakfast tray before I continued my story.
It was bugging me that Jane made a comment about me and Becky. So before I went to bed that night, I had to find out what she was talking about. Here’s what she had to say.
“Bill told me one day he and your mom were in the loft where you two girls were having a great time.”
“My mom?” I said to her.
“Oh, she didn’t see you. Bill had her pretty well occupied, but he did get rock hard when he saw you two rubbing your pussies together. What put him over the top is when you ate each other out. Your mom reaped all the rewards of your actions. She was a very happy camper, all because of you.”
I just stood there once again stunned and now embarrassed. I really didn’t need to hear this about my mom, but I just had to ask about the friction between my parents concerning Jane.
“Why does my dad dislike you so much?”
“Because I’m a better lover for your mom than he is,” she said laughing. “Your dad walked in on your mom and me having oral sex with each other. At first he was shocked and ordered her to stop, which she didn’t and neither did I. He left the room and about ten minutes later walked back in. This time he had Bill with him. Your mom and I had finished and we were both sitting up and under the covers enjoying the moment. It seemed your dad filled Bill in on what we were doing. Your dad thought Bill would be upset, but he wasn’t. He just whipped out his cock, which was already stiff, and suggested to your dad to do the same. He told him we could have some fun here, if he was willing. Your dad caught the drift of what he was saying and pulled out his cock too, only it was soft and no matter how or who stroked it, it wouldn’t get hard. So from then on, Bill or I took charge of your mom’s needs. We will also be there for you.”
She must have seen that I was completely shocked by all of this and took me in her arms. She hugged me and sat me down next to her.
“I know this was a lot to hear and right now you feel overwhelmed, but we are family and family takes care of each other. You do understand that Jess, don’t you?”
“Josh I wanted to run out the door and scream, but I didn’t, instead I just went to Lyle’s room and waited for him to come home. My marriage is a sham Josh and I really don’t know what to do about it.”
“A sham? What do you mean?”
“Oh Josh there is so much more you need to know before you can totally understand how my marriage to Lyle is nothing more than a lie.”
“Sweetheart, please finish your breakfast. You can shower and get dressed and I will do the same. I have to digest all that you have told me already. We can meet in my study and you can tell me the rest if that’s what you to do.”
“Okay Josh, that sounds perfect, thank you. I do have to gather my thoughts. I also have to keep in mind that Lyle is not only my husband, but your son.”
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