Cum Slut's Revenge
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“Sweetie, you are waxed to perfection!”
“Your cunny looks pretty fucking hot too!”
The girls continued to check each other out to ensure their naked bodies were ready for the evening. They both agreed. They were long overdue for some naughty, cum slut girl fun. Under the circumstances, they deemed it appropriate too.
Taylor and Danni had first met in college and became fast friends. Now with full-time jobs, they could afford proper hair removal, tattoos, piercings, slutty clothing, and expensive footwear.
What else could a slutty girl want?
They added to what they already had, and marveled at what their new money had recently bought them. It had been too long since they had planned a night out like this. Their anticipation and preparation had put them both on edge. Their nipples were hard and their pussies wet.
After completing their inspections, Danni surprised Taylor by tweaking her nipple ring, causing Taylor to grab and protect her large breast.
“Careful, you dumb bitch! Don’t twist off my fucking nipple." 
They both laughed. They knew, tonight, that guys at the club would be putty in their hands. Once they got their banter going like this, only exhaustion or lack of participants was going to end their night.
Fuck 'em and suck 'em until we drop. That was their motto. Just like old times.
“Are you concerned about James?”
“Fuck no, he’s a big boy. He knows the consequences. He brought this whole damn thing on himself.”
Earlier in the week, Taylor caught James cheating on her. She tolerated his philandering - and he did hers - but the rule was to never bring anyone home. James violated that unwritten rule.
Taylor recognized the girl in their bed from college. Taylor had been caught by campus security fucking her boyfriend in a campus bus shelter. She was able to talk her way out of the situation, or more accurately, blow her way out. It was funny. Taylor had completely forgotten about it. Apparently, the girlfriend had not. Taylor just laughed in her face as James escorted the girl out. She left alone and unsatisfied.
James begged for forgiveness but Taylor was never into that sort of thing. She preferred revenge.
The girls shook their heads in disgust after they toasted, with another shot of Jager, to the upcoming night.
“We should really upgrade our beverage choice here, Danni. We can afford something better.”
Taylor then slapped Danni’s ass hard, making her jump a couple steps forward. She admired the glowing red handprint she left on her girlfriend’s tight, white ass. As they both dressed, Danni turned to carefully watch her friend, fearing another surprise strike.
Danni noted that Taylor was extra feisty tonight. That could only mean that they were in for an exciting evening. Strangers were going to learn things.
When Taylor told Danni about James’ indiscretion, and that she vowed to get even, her partner in crime, her best bud cum slut, Danni, was delighted to help her out. After all, they prided themselves on being called Cum Sluts back in college.
Why should graduating change anything?
Incidentally, that name and their reputation came courtesy of some of the girlfriends of the college boys they had slept with. It was also the first college tattoo they got together, located up front, between their pelvic bone and hip.
As they waited for their ride, they put the finishing touches to their clothing, hair and make up.
From a distance, one would think they were sisters. Both had long, black hair, but for tonight, Taylor added fire orange to the length, leaving only the top of her head jet black. Their make-up was thick, and the mascara and eye shadow was black and plentiful. They both applied pinkish lipstick but Taylor outlined hers with a thin, black line.
They wore little jewelry except for their piercings. There were the ones that people could now see like Danni’s nose ring, and the private ones that would be seen by all later.
And the sisters had girls. Big, bad girls. Not many women have full, rounded DDs, but Danni and Taylor did. Danni joked it was her disdain for jogging that kept hers firm for so long, and that support brassieres were still unneeded.
Taylor’s black designer, low cut tank top covered hers where they needed to be covered, and exposed them in the correct places to gain maximum horndog attention. Her recent nipple piercing was clearly evident to all that met her. Danni’s tight black, sequined tank ensured all eyes would be on her large, long nipples. Black micro minis completed their ensembles.
Danni chose her favorite thigh high leather boots while Taylor selected fine patterned fish nets with a thick, lycra band wrapping around her mid-thigh. Black spikes with blood red soles grounded her.
Both girls knew the boys liked to see their heels in the air, especially when they were on their backs, and a big cock accessed them between their legs. Everyone knew shoes were an important part of a successful cum sluts’ attire.
Speaking of access, no panties were ever required. As the girls used to say, it was just one more thing that got in the way. It didn’t make sense to spend the kind of money they did on waxing, and then cover up that fine work with lace, leather, cotton, silk, or satin. It was like covering a beautiful Brazilian hardwood floor with a rug. You don’t cover up the Brazilian’s, ever!
The girls never had purses either because they didn’t need ID or money. Anything they required could be easily tucked inside the small pouch inside Danni’s leather boot.
Taylor and Danni wanted to avoid all confusion. The girls were dressed to fuck. No-one could possibly misinterpret that. As they entered the car taking them to the club, the driver’s bulging eyes acknowledged that.
The girls made out in the back seat on the way to The Concourse, their favorite night time haunt. It had been a while since their reputation preceded them, so they knew they had to work fast to create a new history. A stiff shot and a dance were all that they needed to start the process.
After they exited the car and shook their tits at the driver, they walked past security and into the club. Security let girls dressed like this jump the queue, and get in free. Those waiting in line grumbled, but they reluctantly understood why the girls received preferential treatment.
Inside, all eyes were now on Taylor and Danni, especially the horny men and a handful of closeted, equally horny, bi-curious women.
The music was loud and rocking, and the strobes separated everyone from their sanity. Men bought hem shots and the girls began scoping out their sexual prey. After they each downed their second shot, they spied a cute, wounded soul and a hot guy with a massive bulge. They dragged both guys to the middle of the crowded dance floor and proceeded to grind against each other, forcing the guys to move awkwardly to the music as they watched the girls make out.
As expected, the guy with the bulge took his chance and moved in behind Taylor. Taylor winked at Danni as she pushed her ass back into her catch, knowing her fishnets had trapped her first cock of the night.
He grabbed Taylor’s hips and quickly realized there was nothing under her mini. Taylor felt his bulge harden, so in the middle of the gyrating mass of confusion, she turned and squatted down in front of him. With a quick zip and a tug, the big cocked man was in her mouth. She would call him, Big Cock.
Danni laughed as she saw the look on her new dance partner’s face. As Danni’s guy glared at this spectacle, she unzipped him, pulled out his lesser cock, and stroked it to the beat for maximum growth effect.
While Taylor’s head slid back and forth on her prized cock, Danni moved closer and kissed the big cocked man on the lips. With her free hand, she pulled up a corner of her tank, encouraging him to touch her big tit and hard nipple. He obeyed and the experience did not disappoint. That poor guy didn’t have a chance. Almost immediately, his booby touch caused his body to twitch, and he proceeded to fill Taylor’s mouth with her first semen shot of the night.
When he finished, Taylor stood up and smiled, proud of the Cum Slut’s quick work. She then turned to the cock stroking Danni, and snowballed her some of the man’s warm seed. As they kissed, the girls turned their attention to the other guy, Dance Floor Stroker, or Stroker as they named him, and showed him their sticky, glossy lips. Both girls then kissed Stroker all over his face, sharing their salty lips with his, and forced their stunned prey to taste another man’s warm fluid.
The girls then parted the hoard as they left the dance floor in search of another locale. Danni pulled her man along, Big Cock followed Taylor, and a couple of other interested witnesses tagged along, hoping their turn would come.
A stare and a glare emptied a booth at the back, and Taylor hopped up, facing the club and the dance floor they'd just left. She spread her legs wide and all eyes were on the growling, bald cat between her legs. It was dripping wet and demanding attention.
After Danni led Stroker to the edge of the table, she released her grip and went down on Ms. Taylor, giving the guys a master class in the art of cunnilingus. If the music wasn’t so loud, the room would have echoed with the sounds of belts unlatching and pants unzipping.
Danni told Big Cock to get some shots while she surveyed the hard cock landscape.
She shouted, pointing at the first cock chosen to enter her friend. He became, First Cock. With a smile and a skip he was quickly standing between Taylor’s parted legs. Before he entered her, Danni kissed Stroker, forcing him to taste the bodily fluids of a second human that evening.
The girls learned long ago not to worry about names. The guys would cum and go, so there was no need to keep track. They preferred nicknames that they assigned on first sight. Nicknames, like landmarks, made it easier for them to navigate their carnal terrain.
To begin the feast, Danni slapped First Cock on the ass, and told him to start fucking. It took no time or effort for him to slide inside Taylor’s greasy cunt. However, from his erratic thrusting, Taylor knew this would be his first and only time tonight. Danni had chosen unwisely.
As Big Cock returned with a tray of shots, First Cock was already shooting his load inside Taylor. Highly disappointed, Taylor sat up and told him to fuck off. First Cock sulked away while being mocked by the others that had gathered around. However, he left with a smile on his face and an amazing consolation story to tell.
Danni directed Big Cock to hand the tray of shots to Stroker, so he and new guy, Hairy Balls, could pull the booth table into the aisle. This enabled Taylor’s body to be accessed from all sides by the group of pending participants.
Both girls, and the horny crowd, felt the excitement of what was to come.
How often does one participate in a public gang bang with not one, but two eager sluts? Before the next round began, Danni removed Taylor’s tank to expose those wonder globes, so she could share with the crowd those sexy tats and piercings. Danni then pushed Taylor back on the table. Taylor spread her legs wide and dropped her head off the other end. It wasn’t hard to imagine, in that head position, a hard cock filling her throat.
Danni poured a shot of Gold in Taylor’s belly button and the aroma from that blue agave’s nectar weakened Danni’s resolve. She needed to join her friend on the table. Danni first slurped the tequila from Taylor’s belly, and then mounted her friend, with each girl taking their friend’s pussy into their mouths. The crowd roared as the girls devoured each other’s delicious quim.
Danni jumped again from another surprise Taylor slap on her ass. She leered at her friend between her dangling boobs, and Taylor motioned that Danni turn on the square table. She wanted her to straddle her body the other way, so they could make a cross-like shape. Danni knew exactly where Taylor was going with this.
The Cum Sluts were now positioned to take on four guys at once.
From underneath her friend, Taylor told the guys to pick an end, line up, then down one shot from Stroker, and finally, pick a hole. Tonight, was gentleman’s choice.
As the boys, and even a few girls, took their orderly place in line, Taylor observed in the mirrored ceiling above that their group shape transformed from an iron cross into a swastika. However, no fascism existed tonight. This evening was all about free love, no boundaries, and fucking and sucking until you couldn’t fuck or suck any more.
New guys, Fat Head and Crooked Dick, took their places at either end of Danni. She did her best Lovelace impression on Crooked Dick, as Fat Head entered her dripping vagina.
Big Cock was rewarded for his obedient work, and much to her delight, took Taylor’s tight ass. The first girl of the evening, a cute blonde with perky tits, named Perky, straddled Taylor’s face. She howled to the crowd’s delight from the pleasure inflicted on her clit by Taylor’s experienced tongue. After Perky came on Taylor’s face, she shared her mouthful of tequila with Taylor, before moving to Danni’s pussy line.
When the last shot was cleared from the tray, Danni instructed Stroker to get another full of the same. They would then continue with the festivities and repeat, as necessary.
Except for a couple of breaks and a few position changes, this display of debauchery continued on into the wee hours of the night. It was anyone’s guess how many orgasms Danni and Taylor had, or how many times guys came on or inside them.
As the house lights came up and the satiated crowd began to disperse, the tired girls hugged one another, squeezing together their well massaged, tequila and cum covered breasts, for the one last patron.
Taylor looked over at Stroker, the last cock standing in the club, and sent him an evil, bone chilling grin.
“I hope you learned your fucking lesson, asshole. Now, take us home, James. We need a warm shower and a soft bed.”
James tucked in his raw, unrelieved cock. He tossed the keys to the bartender and asked his employee to cash out and close the club. James then followed his girlfriend and her accomplice past the dance floor and out to his M5. Much to Taylor’s dismay, James did learn his lesson that night, and never brought another skank home from work again.
As they drove away, The Cum Sluts smiled at each other, knowing they would soon return to The Concourse.
An encore performance was in order.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: A special thank you to thisping4u for his help in editing and support in writing my first story. You've been very patient and kind. Your help in bringing this from my mind to paper is greatly appreciated.
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