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"Congratulations, you have just bought a new house," Cyndi my real estate agent said as she handed me the keys to the house.
"Thank you," I smiled.
We were inside the house. She stood close to me as I took another look around. It was a lovely house with four rooms, all of which were on the upper floor. It was an old house that was built in the early 1900's. I had requested some slight modifications to make it more modern also to make it seem less gloomy.
The long black drapes that were over all the windows were gone, now there were blinds with cream colored curtains. The walls had been repainted a clear white instead of that awful dark blue color that I first saw. The wooden rails that went up both sides of the staircase had been polished, some of the individual wooden posts had to be replaced.
"I am sure your wife would like all the changes you have done," Cyndi said.
"Yes I think she will, she didn't like the pictures I had sent her," I replied. "She said it was too dark in here. She also said it was too Gothic. Those were her exact words."
Cyndi nodded. I had hired Cyndi as my real estate agent based on the picture she had sent me with her work profile. There was something about her smile that made me want to trust her.
From the very first day we met we had hit it off, she had a pleasant personality that won me over. Not once throughout the whole house hunting adventure had she ever complained or lost composure even when my demands were outrageous. Cyndi had traveled with me across two states to find the right home. 
Cyndi was taller than me and was much bigger than my wife in every aspect. She had straight brown hair and green eyes which I suspected to be colored contacts. She hid her weight well by wearing long solid colored skirts.
"Well," Cyndi said breaking the silence. "I am glad I finally found a house for you," she said with that smile.
"Thank you for putting up with all of our requests," I said as we shook hands.
She walked out of the door leaving me alone in the house. I walked around checking all the rooms once more, just to make sure that everything was just as I wanted it.
The old style furniture had been taken out. The new furniture Gloria, my wife, had ordered would be arriving in a few days. So most of the house was empty except for the main bedroom.
I walked upstairs, but as I stepped on the stairs, I heard a sound coming from one of the steps. I stepped back and forth trying to find the one that was making the noise. Finally, I found it. I made a mental note to tell the supervisor that I had hired to fix things around the house about the loose step as soon as I saw him again.
I walked into my new bedroom then turned on the computer. I had brought only my computer, a bed and a closet for my clothes with me. I set up the bedroom the way I liked it. I knew Gloria would want to decorate the rest of the house the way she wanted it.
I checked all my emails than began to get to work on my book. I had recently retired from being a detective in a major city, moving out of the city and out into the country was a big thing for my wife and me. Now I had the time to finish my book.
A message popped up on my screen letting me know that Gloria was online. I opened up the window and saw my wife's lovely face.
"Hi Sweetie," she said.
"Hi," I replied.
We talked about the usual husband and wife things. Mostly about her getting ready to move out here with me. We had met online a few years ago, after a while we decided to meet up in Vegas it was the first time we had seen each other in person. It was there that on the spur of the moment we got married, it was going on three years since that night.
Moving in together was going to be a significant change for the both of us since we never actually lived together. She was a lawyer in a well-known law firm, on the other side of the state. I until recently owned a house and had a very busy and stressful job. I had sold the house and was now looking forward to spending the rest of my life with her.
"Did they get rid of those horrible drapes?" she asked.
"Yes, they are gone as well as all the other things you didn't like," I said with a half smile. Sometimes Gloria was a bit much to handle. 
"Good they were dreadful looking," she said shaking her short blonde hair.
Gloria's job kept her very busy, so she didn't come along with me to look at the houses. Anytime I thought of buying a house Cyndi, and I would take as many pictures of it inside and out, then send them to her. She always said if she hated it or loved it.
This house was the only exception; I had fallen in love with it the moment I saw it. It was off of a path from the road. No one could see it from the road. It was lovely and peaceful. Of course, Gloria hated it from the first picture that we sent but it was my money, so I put my foot down. I would make any changes she wanted, but this was the house.
"Oh I have something to show you," she said as she got up.
She disappeared from the screen for a while before returning. A big smile crept across my face as I saw the new bra she had bought, it cupped her big boobs very nicely. Even though they were fake, I still loved them.
"I can't wait to see it in person," I smiled as she sat down.
"You mean you can't wait to take it off and fuck my tits," she said shaking her head. "I know what you meant," she said with a sly look on her face. "You naughty old man."
"Guilty as charged," I said.
There was a twenty-three age gap between the two of us I had just turned fifty-two. Some people stared at us when we were together, but it didn't bother us. She was a hot blonde, and I was a graying old man. I just thought they were jealous of our relationship. 
Then she looked at me with an angry look. "You should have told me you had company!" she said. "I don't want to show my tits to everyone."
"What do you mean? I am alone in the house."
"Well, who is that behind you?"
I quickly turned around looking at the doorway to my room, but there was no one there. The house was now pitch black as night had come.
"Babe, there is no one here," I replied.
"Andy, there was someone there I am telling you," she said.
I looked back again. There was still no one there. I knew that she wouldn't believe me unless I went to take a look.
"I will look again maybe one of the construction guys were working late and was looking for me to get out or something," I said just to calm her down.
I walked out of the room, looking down the stairs then down the hall to the other rooms. No one was around. I walked back in then sat back down.
"See honey. There is no one here except me," I said sitting down.
"When you left someone was in the room," she said. "Look."
She sent me a screenshot from her camera. The hair on my back stood on end, as I looked at it. There I was standing out in the hallway, but inside of the doorway, there was a shadow of a person standing behind me. I quickly turned around, but nothing was there.
"I will get to the bottom of it," I said.
I quickly closed the window to the video chat. I didn't want her to see that I was concerned. I went into my closet getting out my pistol and flashlight. I searched every room in the house one by one, closing the door behind me as I left each one.
When I got into the kitchen, I heard the creaking of the loose step from the stairs. I ran out into the living room and looked up the stairs every door that I had closed was now open.
"Okay, who is there!" I yelled out loud.
There was no answer. I began to feel cold as if all the heat had been sucked out of the room. When I started to go up the stairs, there was a loud knock on the door which made me jump. I nearly dropped everything in my hands.
"Police, we got a call about a home invasion?" the voice said from behind the door.
I breathed a sigh of relief, putting away the pistol I walked over to the door and opened it. 
"Hello officers," I said greeting two officers as they entered my house.
"Your wife called, she said she saw someone in the house, while you were chatting online?" one of the officers said as he looked around.
"Yeah I think she is a bit paranoid," I shrugged. "You got here fast."
The both of them were looking around to see if there was any sign of someone causing me to change the subject. I knew the routine by heart.
"There was a report about kids street racing along the north road, which isn't too far from here," the other officer replied.
"Are you alone in the house sir?" the first officer asked. He looked me in the eyes, to see if I would show any signs of fear.
"Yes, just me," I replied.
The very moment I said that one of the doors upstairs slammed shut, then one after the other they all slammed closed. The three of us drew our guns out and pointed them up the stairs.
"Sir?" one of the officers said. "Your weapon?"
"I am a retired detective all of my paperwork is in order, but it is upstairs," I said handing over my gun.
The other officer started to walk up the stairs.
"Mind if we go outside, while my partner searches the house?" the officer asked.
"Not at all," I replied. "My paperwork is by my computer."
We went outside to talk. He called the station with all the information I had verbally given him. He nodded to me as they had verified that I was telling the truth.
"It's all clear, even the attic," the other officer said as he walked outside toward us. When he stepped down the last step.
The front door slammed shut behind him.
"What the hell!" the officer I was speaking to said.
We looked at where he was looking. I couldn't believe my eyes. Someone was standing in front of the window that was in the living room.
"Up there," the other officer pointed.
Three of the windows closest to us had shadow figures looking down at us. I couldn't make out their faces, but I could tell they were angry. 
"I just checked all of those rooms," the officer said.
As suddenly as they had appeared, they were gone. The officers looked back at me. I didn't know what to say. I had just bought a haunted house.
"Do you have a place to stay for the night?" one of them asked.
"I have money for a hotel, but it's in there," I said scared not knowing what to think.
There was no way I was going back in there. I wasn't that dumb. The front door opened slowly I shook my head in disbelief. The three of us stood there waiting for something to come outside.
"I do not advise you to go back in there," one of the officers said.
"I don't recommend anyone going back in there. At least until daylight," I replied.
I had spent many years on the force in that time I had seen the worst of humanity. I could honestly say I had never been this scared. As we all watched the door, looking into the darkness of the house. One of the figures appeared at the living room window. It was looking directly at me. I could see that it was a female she looked like she was in her mid-thirties.
I couldn't believe that I was profiling a ghost. She had long black hair, but her face was what caught my attention. Her eyes were as black as coal. Her skin was pale white. The thing that gripped me the most was that she was smiling while she was looking at me.
"Sir?" one of the officers said.
I snapped myself back to reality shaking myself free from whatever had come over me. I had been walking back into the house and was close to the first step. I ran back to the cruiser. The lady went away, and the door slammed back shut.
"We will put you up somewhere for the night," one of the officers stated.
It was just after midnight when I waved goodbye to the officers as they left the parking lot of the motel. One of the officers knew the owner well enough to let me stay a few nights. The parking lot was empty except for two semi trucks in the far back. 
I got into my room that was on the second floor. The door to my room faced the road. Luckily it didn't seem like a busy down. I took one last look at the parking lot. I had a feeling someone was watching me. 
The curtains were a crimson red; the carpet was a brown color, although it could have been any color as it was mostly stained with dirt and scuff marks from shoes now. The walls seemed like they used to be a white or cream color. Now they looked almost yellow. Both the bathtub and the sink had seen better days as the white color was losing a battle with the dark brown of the rust.
I sat down on the bed with my head in my hands wondering what I was going to do next. I had no laptop, my cell phone, and everything else was back at the house. The haunted house that I had bought with all of my money. I couldn't just leave it. I had nowhere to go. Maybe I could stay with Gloria until I sold the house. I was sure I could sell it to one one of those haunted house fan sites. I laid back on the bed and began to drift asleep.
I woke up later that night; I turned to look at the time it was just past three in the morning. I was freezing, I rolled back over to look at the thermostat, the red numbers on the unit said a warm seventy-two. Why was I so cold?
Then I remembered the house and how it had got cold very fast. My heart started to beat faster. Were they here? Had they followed me? Then I felt something it felt like someone was climbing into the bed right behind me.
'Don't turn around,' the voice in my head said.
I was lying on my side facing the door. I wanted to make a run for it. The feeling got more intense as the other end of the bed began to get colder. Was it the lady from the window? If I turned around would she put me under her spell again with those dark, sinister eyes?
'Don't run. Close your eyes,' the voice in my head said.
How could I just go to sleep? There was someone or something in the bed. The door seemed so far away now. I trusted my instincts as I always had in the past. I closed my eyes and pulled the covers as tight as I could to my chest.
The morning came fast. I woke up startled as I heard a door slam closed. I quickly got out of bed then looked back at it. There was no one there. I walked around to the other side placing my hand on the covers they felt cold. I shook my head. I had to do something, but I didn't know what. 
I walked into the bathroom but checked behind the dark gray shower curtain before entering. I took the quickest and hottest shower any person could take. I walked out of the bathroom to get dressed not looking in the mirror. When I came back into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I almost fell backward. Written in the foggy mirror was words that scared me to the core.
You should have come back in. M
I hurried out of the room and down the stairs into the lobby. I just wanted to be near other humans that were still alive. The old man at the desk was watching the news. I picked up the newspaper trying to find anything related to my house.
The officers had said that they were going to get other officers to help them take another look. They thought it could be some local teens playing a joke. 
"Its a damn shame," the man said.
"What is?" I asked as I looked back at the television.
I dropped the newspaper, pictures of the two officers were at the bottom of the screen. Their cruiser had hit a tree. The headline at the bottom of the television screen read that they were both dead. I took a step back. It had to be a coincidence.
"Turn it up please?" I asked.
The lady that was speaking said that the investigation had revealed that the cruiser was traveling back to town coming from the north road, suddenly losing control then hit the tree head-on at a high rate of speed.
The north road I thought to myself. Were they coming back into town from my house? Was it just a coincidence? Was that the meaning behind the warning in the mirror? Did those officers die because of me? I knew I should tell someone, both as a citizen and as a former officer of the law.
But being a former officer, I knew what they would say. Without proof I had nothing. It was an accident no more no less. I looked back at the screen. I shook my head as I looked at the two officers.
"Is there a library around here, or a place that I can see records of all the buildings in this town?" I asked the man.
"Sure the library should have all that," he said.
He gave me a map of the town. The library was well within walking distance. I began walking over there as I walked I looked at the people of this town. Most of them were old. There were a few young people. Everyone seemed to be watching me. No, they weren't just looking or curiously watching, they were staring. Their cold eyes followed me, judging me like I was an outsider bringing trouble to their small town.
I found the library. It was a small building standing all by itself. It had the appearance as if it had been a school or something else in the past.
"Hi," I said to the lady behind the counter. "I just purchased a house and would like to see any records that you have on it."
"Which house," the lady said without looking up at me.
I told her about my house and the location. She looked up at me. There was fear in her eyes. I had seen that look over a thousand times.
"You bought the Wilkenson house?"
"Yes, but I didn't..."
"Someone sold you that house?" she said standing up.
She was an elderly lady. Her white hair was back in a bun. She looked at me through thick glasses with a metal trim. 
"What can you tell me?" I asked.
She looked around as if looking for someone then she stopped as she looked out the window. I followed her gaze, but I saw nothing.
"Nothing, I can tell you nothing," she said shaking her head as she sat back down. 
"Is there something I can read?" I asked
"Over there," she blindly pointed to a section of the library. "Wilkinson house, Brian and Jamie Wilkinson," she said stuttering. "Now leave me alone."
The inside of the library looked just as old as the outside. The building itself was falling apart there were cracks in the wall as well as missing tiles on the ground it even smelled old. The windows had an arch around them with low hanging dark brown curtains.
I walked over to the section pulling out a large black book. It was a book filled with the history of the founding members of this town. The pages were brittle to the touch I turned them as softly and slowly as I could. I scanned through it looking for the names she had mentioned. Finally, I found a few black and white pictures of my house.
Brian and his wife Jamie were two of the founding members. Along with a few other couples, they had all built their houses and began to make a life for themselves. Soon after they had finished their houses, they all started to have children to expand their families. 
I sat back in the chair. Brian and Jamie had twin girls both with jet black hair. There was a black and white picture of the two girls standing in front of the house, with short white dresses. The girls had a blank look about them. As I was reading, I felt the same cold creep over me the same cold I had felt in the hotel room and back at the house.
"You have to go," the lady from behind the counter said, she was standing near me. I looked up at her. She was visibly shaking.
I nodded as I stood up. "I want to check out this book."
"I don't care, take it and go!"
She hurried me out of the library. I looked back at the small library through the windows. I stopped walking then ran back to the door knocking on it as hard as I could.
"I said you have to go," she yelled.
"They are inside!" I yelled.
I had seen Brian as well as Jamie through the window. They were inside the library. There was silence then the door slowly opened. I walked inside.
"What did you do?" I said to the figure of an old man. The other shadow that I had seen was gone.
He was speaking to me with a smile on his face. A horrible, gruesome smile. His eyes were pitch black just like the other woman. His hair was white.
Even though he was speaking to me, I couldn't hear anything he was saying. I looked over the counter I could see the body lying on the floor. Her eyes were slightly open, and she was trying to say something when I got close enough to hear what she was saying she had stopped.
"Why?" I yelled. But the ghost was gone.
When the paramedics came, they said she had died of a heart attack. I knew better they had killed her. They had scared her to death.
"Don't leave town," the detective said. He looked at me with disgust.
I had to laugh it was ironic. I had said those same words countless of times. I had asked the same questions to many people that I thought were criminals. Now I was on the other side of those same questions. I had answered them as honest as I could, but no one believed that ghosts killed an old lady and caused a cruiser to crash into a tree.
I walked back to the hotel. The old man was still there.
"I found this over by where you were standing this morning," he said throwing my wallet onto the counter. "You shouldn't leave it lying around like that."
I stared down at it there was no way it could be here. I had left it on my computer table. I was sure of it.
"Well?" the man asked. "Is it yours?"
I reached out for it. Everything was still inside nothing was missing.
"Yeah, it's mine," I said.
I went back to my room then sat on the bed, opening the book to where I had left off.
The twin girls were inseparable growing up. Where one went the other followed, the proud parents gave them everything that they wanted. They were beyond spoiled. They never liked playing with any of the other children. One day one of the other kids was found in a clearing next to the Wilkinson house. He was beaten to death.
When I turned the page, I stared at the picture. It was a crude drawing of the scene. Two large pieces of wood were close to the body. The town people looked for two men the other children had seen talking to the child before his death. They didn't find anyone.
Another child was found a few months later she had been drowned in a creek, next to her house. Again the town hunted for the people responsible, but again they found no one. Children began to be found everywhere in town killed by unseen individuals. The town became scared of every new person that came through.
After a year, the twin girls were the youngest children in the whole town. There was a look of pure delight on the faces of the two girls in the next picture. Two days after the photo was taken two men were found dead in a ditch. The presumed child killers were buried in the same trench there were found in, and all was put to rest.
As the girls grew up, they stayed close to each other, always being seen side by side. That was until one of them got sick. Her name was Laura. The doctors did all they could but after fighting the illness for three months, Laura passed away.
Jamie went into mourning never leaving the house or speaking to anyone. I looked back through the book looking for a picture of her. There she was standing next to her husband, Brian. She had black hair just like her daughters. I recognized her immediately she had been in the library before I had gone back in.
The remaining daughter Monica didn't say another word. Not even when she got into her teen years, she went to school and straight back home without saying a word to anyone. Brian checked his daughter into a mental health hospital just outside of town.
"No," I said shaking my head.
I didn't have to read that part. I knew how the mental hospitals of that time treated the mentally ill. Images of that child chained to her bed, neglected and treated like an animal filled my head.
I went outside so I could get some fresh air. At the end of the dark parking lot, I saw Brian and Jamie. They were smiling up at me. What was the reasoning for them coming here? Why were they killing people? Then it hit me, but I needed proof. I needed to read more.
Going back to my room, I flipped the pages trying to skip anything about the horrors that poor child went through while being in that place. Jamie killed herself after a visit to see her daughter. She hung herself from the staircase in the house. Shortly after that Brian brought Monica back home.
I looked at the picture that followed. She wasn't the same teenager from the other photos. Even with the picture being in black and white and faded. Her eyes were hollow. Her black hair hung loosely over her face. She was staring right at me.
Now it was beginning to make sense. The parents must have killed all the children in town so that their children would get all the attention. With only one remaining their feelings had changed. Maybe they favored Laura over Monica. 
"I'm sorry," I said out loud as I looked at the picture. "I truly am."
I knew now. That was the reason she had opened the door and why she had come to my room. The warning made sense now if I had gone back into the house. I could have talked her parents into not killing the officers or maybe she had wanted me to come in to protect her from the parents or even from Laura.
I closed the book. I couldn't read anymore. I knew what I had to do. I might be retired, but that poor girl needed me. I rolled over in my bed then went to sleep.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
"Fuck me,"
I woke up to the sound of the couple in the next room having loud sex. Usually, I would have just listened to them go at it. Like I had done in other hotels, but I was tired and angry.
"Come on fuck me harder!" she yelled.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
The headboard hit against the wall separating our rooms louder each time.
"Pipe it down the two of you," I yelled. "I am trying to sleep."
"Fuck you!" the man yelled.
"Yeah, Fuck you," she said.
"That's it fuck me so he can hear!" she yelled. "Make me scream!"
"Can you hear that mother fucker, bet you haven't got laid in years!" he shouted.
Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!
They started to go faster and were getting louder so that they could annoy me. I pulled my pillow over my ears to dampen the noise, but I could still hear them moaning and grunting.
"Fuck my pussy, dump your cum inside me," she screamed.
Then there was silence. I knew they couldn't last long going at that pace. I began to sleep again. After a few minutes, they started again.
"Make me scream you bastard, wake him up," she shouted.
Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!
"Please, I don't want any trouble, I just want to go to sleep," I shouted back.
"Good luck with that asshole, I am going to fuck her all fucking night," he yelled. 
I just wanted to sleep. I hadn't slept well for two days now. I was already in a foul mood, and I hadn't talked to my wife since the video chat she must be worried sick about me.
"Just for a few hours please!" I yelled.
"You can't make us stop!" she shouted.
"If I could I would," I yelled back.
"Not going to happen!" he yelled.
The headboard repeatedly banged for a few more moments then it stopped.
"Thank you," I said.
I slept well without any more interruptions until the morning. I woke up ready to face the day I took a shower and put on the same clothes I had been wearing since I left the house.
When I went back into the bathroom, the mirror was foggy. I couldn't believe what I was reading. For the second time, I stared at the words in the mirror.
I made them stop for you. J
"No Jamie," I said dropping to the floor.
Then I heard it, a loud piercing scream coming from the next room. I acted on pure instinct getting up to my feet and rushing into the next room. When I entered, I saw the housekeeping lady still screaming and pointing.
"Call the police," I said.
She ran out of the room. I looked at the couple on the bed. Jamie had taken the light stand that had been in the corner of the room and stabbed the couple. It had pierced all the way through the both of them and the bed.
The man was still between the ladies legs, his head was on her chest, blood was coming out of his mouth. She was looking up at the ceiling, both of their faces stuck in a painful blank stare. The carpet on all sides of the bed was soaked with their blood.
I waited for the cops knowing I would get pinned for this. There was no way out of this. The two dead cops that had died on the way back from my house could be labeled as a coincidence, the lady at the library was just a matter of being at the wrong place at the wrong time, now a couple in the next room to mine. No way I could pin this on ghosts.
I sat in the backseat of the police cruiser as they took the bodies out of the room. The same detective made his way over to me.
"Let me guess. The ghosts did this too?"
I just shook my head. There was nothing I could say. The looks on people's faces as they passed the motel and looked at me told it all. I was the outsider before I came here they had peace and quiet in their small town. Now there was chaos as dead bodies showed up everywhere.
"What happened to Monica?" I asked. I told him all of what I knew up to where I finished.
He shook his head and laughed. "Just because you bought their house, doesn't mean you have to act like them." 
He told me that the residents of the town found articles of clothing as well as toys belonging to the children that had died inside of the Wilkinson house. The parents of the dead children stoned Brian to death outside of his house while Monica watched. They left his body there and took Monica away.
I shook my head as what I had previously thought before was clearly wrong. The detective told me that Monica was taken to another town to live with another couple but returned in her later years with a child.
"What was the child's name?" I asked
"Cyndi," he said as he shut the door.
I spent the rest of the day in a cell, but I wasn't alone. Brian stood in the cell with me. We stared at each other not saying a word. It was all clear to me now.
Monica and Laura had killed the other children for their toys and clothes. When the parents had found out what their daughters had done, they killed the two men so that no one would suspect their daughters."
After Laura's death, Monica went into a depression. The two proud parents couldn't see their only child like that so they took her to a place where she could be happy. Where she could kill as much as she liked. At the time, no one would think twice about mentally ill children dying.
Jamie hung herself after seeing the darkness within her daughter. Brian then brought Monica home thinking that he could keep the darkness within his daughter hidden.
The residents took care of Brian after finding out the truth. They couldn't bring themselves to kill Monica, so they sent her away. They didn't know she would return to the place her sister had died with a child of her own to seek revenge.
Now the parents were seeking revenge for the death of their first child as well as their own deaths. Everything that was happening was a families vengeance on a town that had done them wrong.
"He never says anything actually," a voice said.
I shook my head. "Why?" I asked.
"Someone needs to take the blame for the deaths in town," Cyndi said. "An outsider like you was perfect."
Gone was her long brunette hair. She stood in front of my cell with a long black dress that hung down to her ankles. A silver chain hung around her neck, most of it disappearing into her ample cleavage. Her hair looked just like her grandmother's. I could see the family resemblance.
"That's right Monica is my grandmother, my mother named me Cyndi, and I will call my daughter Cyndi one day."
"Laura's doll," I nodded.
I had seen a picture of Laura in the book. It had been taken before she died. In the picture, she was holding a doll to her chest it had the name Cyndi stitched into its dress. There was no doubt she had died with that doll in her hand.
"You're the one that brought the wallet to the hotel?" I asked.
"You are smart," she said kneeling down. She looked at me through the bars. 
"What happens now?"
"Well, you will get blamed for the murders. I will buy back my house, then look for another victim. I mean buyer," she shook her head with a smile. "Someone always has to take the blame for our revenge."
She stood up then began to walk away. Her black boots made a noise on the stone floor of the prison with each step she made. 
"Oh yeah," she stopped and turned around. "Your wife called. I told her you were fine and that you were sick in bed," she smiled. "She is on her way to the house right now. I think it's Laura's turn, and she can be quite.... what is the word.... oh yeah Messy."
I stood up and yelled for her to come back. Brian looked at me with a smug look on his face before disappearing.
"You need a child!" I yelled loudly.
The door at the end of the hall didn't close. I heard it open, but it didn't close. I heard her footsteps coming back.
"What?" Cyndi asked.
"You said, you will name your daughter Cyndi," I said. "You're not pregnant, and I guess everyone around here thinks you're an outsider because of that wig you put on. Plus with your weight issue, I am guessing you don't have many guys lining up to be the father?"
She looked through the bars with anger on her face. I looked over at Brian, who had returned after she did.
"By the way, he is looking at you I can tell they are getting impatient," I smiled. I had noticed the look he was giving her the moment she had walked in. "Remember I used to be a detective," I said sitting back on the bench. "You work your magic, whatever it maybe to get me out of here, and I will be the father."
"And what if I don't?" she asked. Her eyes looked down at me she was desperate. 
"I will tell everyone how you are related to the members of that house and what I think happened. I am sure they won't believe me," I shrugged. "I will still get framed for the murders, but there will be enough doubt in people's minds so that you won't find anyone within miles around here to be the father of your child. In that time I bet, they will get mad, and it will get, what was the word? Oh yeah messy for you."
Cyndi shook her head. "Okay, but if you go back on your deal..."
"I won't, I promise. Let me get my wife to safety, and I will be all yours,"
Cyndi nodded then left. It only took a few hours before the guard came to release me.
"Found another body," he said. "The hotel owner is dead, seems like we got ourselves a serial killer."
I felt sorry for the old man, but I had to save my wife. I took a cab out to the north road. I told the driver to stop a few feet away from the house. He looked at me with a satisfied look on his face.
"Don't come back down this way ever again. No matter who pays you," I said.
He just nodded his head as fast as he could. Then he sped away. I watched the car disappear then I walked down the path towards the house. I could see all four figures in the windows.
"Open the damn door," I said as I got close.
The front door slowly opened, I stepped inside to see all of them standing by the staircase.
"Let's get this straight, no more revenge. It is over," I said looking at all of them.
Laura still seemed like a child in her preteens. Jamie looked exactly like her picture with long black hair and dressed in a long white dress. Brian was dressed liked he had been in the garden doing something when they had killed him. Monica looked exactly like her mother.
"No more going out and killing anyone. If you want me here, then that's the rules any of you kill anyone. I walk," I said. I couldn't believe I was giving house rules to ghosts.
I heard a car door slam. They all looked at me then at the door.
"Honey?" Gloria shouted from outside the door.
"In here," I shouted as the four of them disappeared.
"She told me you were sick," Gloria said as she came into the house. 
"No I just came down with something," I said as she gave me a hug.
Cyndi walked into the house closing the door behind her. "I gave her a lift here from the airport."
"Thank you," I said to Cyndi. I turned to look at Gloria. "Honey there is something I want to tell you."
"I thought you made changes?" Gloria asked.
I had just noticed the black drapes were back up. The walls were back to being a dark blue. Most of the furniture had made their way back into the house.
"I can't live in this place!" Gloria shouted. "It looks dead, who could live here?" she began to walk around.
She kept saying bad things about the house, the decorations, the carpet. Gloria then looked at me with that look. The look of disapproval.
"What have you been doing?" she asked.
But before I could answer she started complaining again. It began to annoy me. I had gone through so much in the past two days. I looked upstairs all four of them were looking down at Gloria with anger in their eyes. Monica turned her head slowly to look at me then she eyed something on the table next to me. I looked down at the table sitting on top of it was a long knife.
I loved over at Cyndi. She was by the front door, leaning against it with one foot on the door, her boots came up to her calf disappearing under her dress. Her arms were crossed under her chest pushing her big boobs upward. She was staring at me with those eyes. I stared back at her.
"I could make partner where I am! What could I do in this dead end town?" Gloria asked as she came back to me.
"I don't know? I thought this was something you wanted. A fresh start?" I asked looking down at the table just behind her.
"Nothing about this town, this house. Says new or fresh. It all says old and dead," she said looking back at me. "Even you, what have you done to yourself?"
She stepped closer, looking at my face. I hadn't shaved in two days. I probably looked a mess. She threw her purse down on the table. It would have hit the knife if it was still there. She stepped closer to me.
"If there is going to be a new start with this house we have to..."
She fell silent. Her eyes stared up at me with shock and disbelief. She began walking backward holding her stomach. A big red spot appeared on her light green shirt. The red circle got larger as she walked away.
There was a silent clap coming from behind Gloria. Cyndi was smiling and clapping as she walked towards me. I held the knife in my hand, looking down at the blood dripping from the blade.
Gloria stumbled then fell to the floor. She was bleeding out slowly. I should call for help, or try to treat her wound. But I didn't I just stared at the knife in my hand. 
"It's okay. It is your first real kill," Cyndi said. She walked behind me resting her chin on my shoulder, looking at Gloria on the floor. "Look at her, look at her face see how the fear of death fills her eyes."
I felt Cyndi's body pressed against my back, her massive chest pushed and squeezed into me. She took the knife out of my hand then dropped it to the floor.
"You have killed before. But that was because of your job. Have you ever just looked at them as they died?"
She walked in front of me, turning around, so her back was to me. Her plump ass pushed against my groin. She took both of my hands and pulled them around her neck. Her black hair smelled good.
"The look, the disbelief, the fear of the unknown. Then the final realization that this is the last breath they will take." 
We both looked at Gloria laying on her back looking up at the ceiling, breathing slow and shallow. Her chest lifted up and down as she clung to the last moments of life. Then she stopped, my wife was now dead.
I knew I should feel something, pity, shame for what I had done. Any feeling at all but I didn't. I held onto Cyndi tighter now. She gently kissed the outside of my hand.
"Welcome to the family," she said looking back at me.
I nodded. I knew this was where I belonged. For years now I had been wondering where I would fit in. Where other officers and detectives felt sorry for the people, they had killed in the line of duty. I hadn't felt anything not for them or their families.
Even as a child death had always fascinated me, maybe it was the reason I became a cop, then a detective. I liked punishing those that had done wrong, and the ultimate punishment was death. Now this town would be punished for what they had done to this family.
I looked back at them as they came down the stairs and gathered around Gloria's dead body. All of them looked at me, with a smile, this was my family now.
"Let's go upstairs, we have a family to build," Cyndi said to me as she took my hand and led me up the stairs.
"Yes, dear."
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