My New Man (Alan)
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After a week, Alan and I managed three dates before he slept with me. But that night, he also unleashed something wet and wild that did not serve me well. Though he found pleasure in it, I found none.
He found a release in his climax and I could only grit my teeth as his jolts and spasms shook my body. He collapsed with me in his arms, and I tried to find that same blissful sleep, but was unsuccessful.
That night, he woke me three times and performed countless erotic acts with me, but I never felt comfortable enough to ride to my own completion. I was in tears in his restroom when I showered off our sweat and bodily fluids. I’d managed to escape his morning tirade of hot and steamy love, whimpering about the soreness of my body due to his ministrations. So, he let me be.
I did not return to his bed for a good week. Despite lovely public dates and making out in his car after each one, I found ways to evade his bedroom invitation. That is, until after our fourth date, a full week after the first time he’d buried himself inside my pussy. Alan arrived at my door, still fully dressed from our date, and damn, he looked that good.
As I handed him a glass of water, he caught my wrist and managed to corner me in the kitchen. “Baby, what did I do wrong?” he asked, his hands on my hips and his lips on my right temple as I looked down and away from him. He pressed the bulge in his pants against me and sighed, longing to be buried in my depths again.
I swallowed, thinking of the words I’d carefully rehearsed during the week. “You are amazing and wonderful, Alan, but, why do you come to me with such demanding erotic acts?” I asked, trying my hardest not to give in to his gentle, persuasive hands. I swallowed, feeling desire wet my mouth and sex. I was losing my drive to keep him away from me.
“I want to sleep with my girl in my bed,” he replied.
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