Alone in the shower
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As the hot steamy water coursed over her body she slowly massaged the shower gel into her skin creating a lather that covered her entirely in thick jasmine scented bubbles.
She was so horny right now, the mere thought of a cock in her mouth made her twitch with excitement and her freshly shaved pussy wet with desire. She longed for the taste of cum that she could lick slowly off the tip of an erect cock and savour, whilst her clit was being sucked, her legs splayed wide with fingers delving into her silky wet hole.
She wanted a thick hard cock to slowly slide in and out of her, teasing her at first, then plunging into her hard and fast, bringing her to the edge of orgasm.
Her hands were now massaging her firm tits whilst fingers were rubbing and tweaking her nipples and she felt a warm glow wash over her along with the cascade of water from the shower head. She leant back against the cool tiles and slowly one hand wandered down to her pussy whilst the other continued to play with her nips.
She rubbed her clit hard and inserted a finger slowly into her pussy. With a shiver of anticipation she imagined a mouth sucking on her tits, a tongue flicking her nipples, gentle bites on her neck and strong hands gripping her arse as she wrapped her long legs around his waist with his cock plunged deep inside her. She thrust and bucked against him, enjoying his balls slapping against her and relishing the thought that very soon his hot thick spunk would explode inside her.
Her hand moved quicker and she could feel the stickiness of her juices mingling with the soapy water. Moaning with pleasure she came, her pussy convulsing around her fingers and shudders of ecstasy running up and down her body.
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