The New Intern Secretary Chapter 1
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Karly walked into the lobby of the law department, nervously tapping her foot up and down, trying to calm herself. She stopped for a moment to study the environment that lay in front of her. She thought to herself, "Oh my, this department is well run and organized and friendly from an outsider's perspective."
The girl was aware of the rumors and the talks that have run rampant throughout the other departments in the previous few months. There were hush-hush whispers that the Junior and Senior personnel made to the rookies, making the newbies feel uncomfortable. This really shattered their confidence level, causing their time in the department to be a really bad experience.
A sense of anger and irritation came over Karly, “I will be no one's lackey or whipping girl!" she thought. "I came here to work and earn my keep and to stay out of THAT kind of trouble". However, the talk and rumors did manage to peak her curiosity... was the talk really true or was it just bullshit?
Karly began to calm down, eventually glancing down at her watch. "Hmm... 8:30am. She gasped, horrified, "Oh shit I'm late!” Karly put her hand over her mouth, realizing she had just let that slip out loud. The girl completely forgot where she was at the moment. She looked around carefully, wondering if anyone had heard her, feeling as though she were being watched.
She turned cautiously to see a lady serving at the lobby desk smiling at her. Sheepishly, Karly said to her “Oh... I'm sorry... I don't usually swear much or curse. It just seems to pop out whenever I feel nervous or intimated." The lady's response helped Karly feel a little more calm and reassured.
“Oh my, darling, don't be daft. I've let worse things slip out of my mouth than that", the lady in the lobby desk said with a grin and a wink. "I am very lucky! Plus the bosses love me so I can get away with it," she winked innocently. “My name is Cassandra."
Karly shook her head silently, chuckled under her breath and thought, "The bosses love you because you're an ass kisser".
"And no you aren't late actually," Cassandra reassured her. “You were right on time today, work was to be starting at 8am but there was some meeting about a high profile case so you have few hours to spare." Karly nodded her head sweetly, appreciative of what Cassandra told her.
"Oh, whew!” Karly wiped some sweat from her forehead with a tissue, her right hand resting on her chest."You nearly gave me a bloody heart attack!" Her chest began to heave up and down making her breasts jiggle a little.
Cassandra said "Hey! Don't steal our words Missy," waving her finger back and forth at the rookie girl, laughing a little. Cassandra's eyes seemed to drift down staring and ogling at Karly's breast as they jiggled.
“My apologies... I'm Karly" she stated as she began to walk towards the desk, her hips swaying from side to side with her heels clicking and clanging against the marble floor. Karly smiled, showing her dimples, and extended her soft small hand towards Cassandra. Cassandra stood up for a moment, locking eyes with Karly, and placed her hand into hers. Their hands entwined, their fingers locked, lingering a bit longer than either of them anticipated.
Karly smiled and giggled in a playful manner, "You have soft and firm silky hands. I could hold your hand all day." Karly's compliment made Cassandra's red rosy cheeks began to turn a pinkish red. She tried to hide her face a little, to not let the girl see her blush like a tomato. Karly's dimples began to appear once again as she started to laugh. Cassandra collected herself and smiled releasing her hand from Karly's.
Sitting back down slowly crossing a leg over the other trying to tease Karly she said, "You are quite nice for an intern aren't you?"
Karly's eye slightly gazed down at Cassandra's leg then quickly shifted back up and replied with a smile,"Oh, yes I have been fortunate and privileged enough to believe if you are nice to people they’ll be nice to you. Unfortunately, that is not always true." The girl sighed saddened with a frustrated look on her face, as her eyes glanced away as if a tear was falling. She wiped her eyes with the sleeve of her blouse.
Quickly, covering it up, she said "Oh it's nothing to worry about”, and Karly’s half grin appeared, “just had something in my eye that is all.... Anyway!” She smiled and shook off her sadness in a blink of an eye and said. "I have had the privilege of working this building, mostly in accounting and the business departments." Karly didn't really like her time there. She sighed, annoyed just talking about it, but she felt comfortable sharing this information with Cassandra. She began to get the sense Cassandra was a trustworthy type of person.
The young senior looked on and felt concerned for Karly as she described her time at the other departments. Cassandra asked, "Oh why was your time there bad if I may ask?"
Karly answered truthfully, feeling as though she could trust Cassandra "Well most of the workers there were idiots, blockheads, nitpicking assholes," as Karly said even more angered. "However not all were like that but there were a few that were most of the time," she said rolling her eyes.
Cassandra burst out laughing, trying to contain herself and placing her hand over her mouth so she wouldn't disturb the other co-workers, "Oh my god, Oh my god stop! Stop you're killing me here!" as she tried to hold in her laughter and her stomach at the same time. She calmed down and said, “Yes I do have to agree with you, Karly. What you said is very true about them and you are the first Intern to ever make a joke about regular co-workers. I don't like them much either!" Cassandra said with a smile.
Karly looked on, her naughty mind beginning to kick in, and she said, "Oh my God! Oh my God!" she thought to herself and smirked naughtily not realizing or aware she was pressing her breasts against her blouse to tease. She said, "I wish I was already making you say those words." She smiled licking her bottom lip.
Karly paused for a second “Oh, about what you told me how no one ever made a joke about the other co-workers? There is a small trick to tell if they are a blockhead or pompous twit. It is not something I usually tell a co-worker like this so you will be the first”. Karly smiled at Cassandra, “It's something called body language.”
Cassandra was intrigued and felt honored that Karly would tell her this. She kind of was curious herself. She asked, "Um if I may ask you this Karly, would you tell me what my body language is saying right now?" Cassandra asked her with a nervous smile tapping her fingers on her desk. Karly simply smiled and gave a soft playful wink, her dimples showing once more.
She said "I was using it the entire time we've been talking. I'll tell you what... I'll give you a small demonstration now and another one during the break. How does that sound?" Karly answered.
Cassandra anxiously responded, "Yes! Please show me." Her eyes shifted away looking down, biting her lip softly.
Karly giggled softly "Oh, I was not expecting this at all." As she raised her eyebrow up once again, trying to make the older, but still young woman, break out in a cold sweat a little. The girl glanced up quickly seeing the reaction. The reaction on Cassandra's face is priceless indeed. Seeing her mouth opened in shock and awe. She is yet to know if it is bad or good.
Cassandra suddenly came back to her senses and looked around. She began to notice there were other workers looking to see what was going on. Embarrassed to even look up at Karly at this moment, she hid her face in her computer pretending to look at co-workers log in and log out times. The younger woman laughed almost immediately when she saw this and started to use Cassandra's own words against her acting brazen and saucy. "Oh, don't be so silly woman, I have been embarrassed by far worse things", she said cheekily and giggled.
Karly began to walk over behind Cassandra's desk and leaned over slowly and whispered into her ear to tell her what her body language was saying, laughing a little bit. “Your body language is saying that you want to caress my breasts but you are hesitant because, well, you have a girlfriend. Is that right?"
Cassandra's eyes lit up from hearing that and she blushed, "Y- yes it's true”, she stammered...trying to make a quick cover up. “I, I do have a girlfriend”, trying to shake off her intentions of wanting to feel Karly's breasts.
Karly just smiled and turned, looking at her watch once more, “well I better get going, "I have to go and meet the Assistant Manger." It was so nice to have a chat with you Cassandra. Hope we can do it again sometime soon.” Karly turned and walked away down the hall her hips and ass swaying from left to right, her heels clicking against the floor with a smile on her face happy that this morning so far turned out good.
Cassandra watched as Karly walked away, her eyes fixated on Karly's ass as she quietly murmured to herself, " My my! What a fine and cute looking ass." She quickly snapped out of it. “No Cassandra! No!” She repeated to herself, “You have a girlfriend.... and she works here." Thinking for a moment, forgetting and then realizing that is where Karly is see the Assistant Manager.
Cassandra thought to herself, “ Oh my God! I forgot to mention that the Assistant Manager is my girlfriend!” As Cassandra got up hoping to get Karly's attention and tell her, she happened to look down and found out that her blouse was slightly unbuttoned. "Damn you! KARLY!”
As Cassandra sat back down in her chair, she could not help but feel attracted to Karly for some odd reason that she could not explain. Even though she wanted to think about her, having a girlfriend was wreaking havoc on her mind.
To be Continued.
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