Welcome to the Neighborhood. Part I
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About six or seven years into our marriage, my wife Sydney and I hit a rough patch in our relationship. With both of us trying to build careers, we let our personal relationship deteriorate, to the point of looking elsewhere for what we should have been looking for at home. But before either of us pulled the trigger on an extra-marital affair, we moved into a corner house in a new neighborhood.
After the moving truck had departed and the furniture placed where we wanted it, we took to unpacking clothes and dishes, hanging curtains and the like. Partway through, the doorbell rang. Syd answered it, opening the door to a couple around our age. Terry and Bobbi Hanshaw introduced themselves as living across the corner. He was short and stocky, wearing a leather biker’s vest and jeans. She was a tall redhead, wearing tight shorts, a bandana and a sleeveless shirt tied under her breasts. Handing us a baking dish filled with a cooked dinner casserole, they invited us to come over after we were unpacked and share their hot tub. We were about as unlikely a match as you could imagine; a young upwardly mobile professional couple and a pair of rough and tumble bikers.
We thanked them profusely and accepted their offer, hurrying to finish our chores, chow down and find suitable clothing to wear to the neighbors. We walked across the street, clean casserole dish and a wine bottle in hand, not knowing what we were getting into.
Greeted at the door by Bobbi, still in her bare midriff shirt, we thanked her again for the dinner, and offered her the wine. “Riesling! My favorite!” she said. “We can drink it in the hot tub.” We were ushered to their back deck, where Terry was already sitting in the chest deep bubbling water.
“Come on in! The water’s fine,” he said.
We sat in the proffered seats, accepted full glasses, and got to know our new neighbors. Bobbi brought out some cheese and crackers before stepping into the tub, still in her street clothes. I was taken aback by this, not failing to notice how her blouse, sans bra, clung to her curves. A couple of hours and three bottles of wine later, we were still in the hot tub when Bobbi announced that she felt too confined and proceeded to take her top off. Sydney and I looked at one another, as Bobbi stated that if a man can appear in public without a shirt, why can’t a woman. This being their home, and us being their guests, we were hardly in a position to argue, but I must admit, Bobbi had a great figure. It was difficult not to stare. Her breasts were full, but still perky, seeming to float on the water.
Bobbi turned to Sydney and said, “You ought to try it sometime. It’s exhilarating!” We had consumed a lot of wine at this point, and much to my surprise, Sydney agreed. She reached around behind her back, unsnapped the top of her two-piece and shrugged it off her shoulders.
Almost apologetically, she said, “They’re not very big.”
To which, Terry, still leering at my wife’s small, but pointed breasts, added, “It’s not just the size that counts, it’s the taste!”
We all laughed. Then Bobbi stood up and said, “These are too confining!” and proceeded to strip off her shorts and bikini panties, before sitting back down.
I couldn’t help but stare. She was shaved, except for a thin, auburn racing stripe that stood out from her pale skin.
“Like what you see?” Terry said, giving me a playful punch, ending my trance-like stare.
Busted! I looked over to Syd, trying to think of something to say that wouldn’t piss her off.
Terry came to my rescue, turning to Sydney and added, “I’ll bet you look just as delicious!”
I was sure my wife would get up, tell me it’s time to go home and end this adventure. To my surprise, she stood up, peeled her swim suit off and pirouetted. It must have been the wine! I sat there, swim trunks tented under the water, my eyes flickering back and forth between my wife and my neighbor's wife.
Again, Terry came to the rescue, saying to me while still staring at my wife, “You lucky fucker! That is one fine assed woman you’ve got there!”
Sydney blushed and thanked Terry for the compliment before sitting back down in the warm, bubbling water. Bobbi poured everyone some more wine and leaned over to Syd, whispering in her ear. Syd answered, “You really think so?”
Bobbi replied. “I know so!” and, turning my wife’s head, kissed her on the mouth. After a tentative moment, Sydney reciprocated, the girl’s tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouths. I was getting turned on, watching, my hard-on stretching my swim suit. Next, Bobbi dropped her head to Syd’s left breast, sucking her puffy nipple into her mouth
“Oh God. That feels sooo good,” Syd whispered, clutching Bobbi’s head to her breast with her free hand. Watching intently, I noticed Bobbi’s hand slip into the water, cupping Syd’s cunt. Syd opened her legs, letting Bobbi’s fingers slip inside. “Oh fuck! Don’t stop!” she moaned.
Letting go of my wife’s left breast, Bobbi replied, “Don’t worry! I don’t plan on it anytime soon.” Then she latched onto the right side. Syd’s hips began to move under the water, responding to Bobbi’s touch. I noticed Bobbi’s thumb was circling Syd’s clit while her fingers churned inside.
Syd responded to the added attention, babbling about how good the curling fingers in her cunt felt. Suddenly, Syd cried out, “Oh fuck! Oh God! Don’t stop! Yes! Yes! Yesss!”
Bobbi kissed her as she withdrew her fingers, holding Syd close as she came down from her intense orgasm.
Syd panted, “God! That was incredible!”
Bobbi turned to her husband and I, asking, “Well boys, did you enjoy the show?”
Sheepishly grinning, I just nodded.
Bobbi stood up, saying. “I don’t know about you two, but I think Terry needs a little relief. You’re welcome back tomorrow night if you like.” She sat back down on Terry’s lap, grinding away at his erection until he grunted and came. Syd redressed and we sauntered back home. Once in the bedroom, Syd skinned off her clothes and knelt on the bed, ass in the air. “Come and get it! And don’t be gentle!”
I shuffled up behind her and lining up my cock with her cunt, I grabbed her hips and plunged, hard and deep. As if to egg me on, Syd said, “I saw how you looked at the neighbor’s wife, with those gorgeous big tits. You want to fuck her, don’t you! You want to cum on those big jugs. You want to fuck her mouth! Empty your balls in her cunt.”
Grabbing Syd’s hips, our bodies smacking together, I answered, “Yes, I do!” Just as I exploded deep in Syd’s tight, wet snatch. I pulled out, my cock shiny with cum and honey and still dripping.
She turned and gobbled down my shrinking cock. “You can have her, if I can have him!”
Smiling and satisfied, I replied, “Then I guess we are going back tomorrow night.”
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