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I had just made a $300,000 score and was feeling pretty good. My flight home stopped in the town I grew up in so I thought I would be nostalgic and spend a night there. It had been a dozen years since I left and not a whole lot had changed, all of the landmarks were there but it seemed shabbier and more run down than I remembered. I checked into the most expensive hotel in town and set out to explore my old haunts.
Big mistake. My memories growing up there were not good ones. I had been picked on and bullied all through high school and I left at my soonest opportunity. I stepped into a bar for a drink…
The bartender was one of my biggest rivals, George. George was the star player on the football team and a real asshole. He never missed a chance to tease or ridicule me. The last time I had seen him was the day he married the most popular and beautiful cheerleader in school. Her name is Linda and I had a crush on her for years. I was too shy to tell her how much I loved her, but in that way woman have, I think she knew how much I longed to be with her. She would laugh and tease me outrageously and giggle at my reaction whenever she flashed me a peek or rubbed her body against mine.
My reaction would send her boyfriend George and his pals into fits of laughter. But I didn’t care, just being near Linda was worth all of their abuse.
I left town soon after their wedding and haven’t been back till now. I ordered a brandy and soda from George and tossed it down in one gulp. I know he recognized me but we didn’t speak. I left him a $20 tip just to show him I had made it. And that he was still an asshole.
When I got back to my hotel I slipped the bellboy $50 and told him to send up the most expensive hooker he could find.
“I know just the one, Mr Davito,” he grinned, “but she charges $800 an hour.”
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