Son Of A Bitch
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The night had arrived, and I had just finished hemming the pants. Julie had asked me to hem them for her son since they had a wedding to attend. I don't know why I did it. Julie and I may act like friends when we're around each other, but deep down we hate each other. I guess that's just how most women our age act... or maybe my divorce was getting the best of me?
It had only been a few months since Mike and I had split up, but it felt like longer. Being alone in the house all day by myself made it seem longer. I don't think losing Mike hurt me, but losing love itself, that's what hurt. I doubt he cared as much as I did. He's probably out partying while I fix pants for a woman I can't stand. At least her son was picking them up instead of her. I hadn't seen James in a while. He was always so sweet and polite to me. Hard to believe such a sweet young man could be related to a fucking bitch like Julie.
After I finished James' pants, I decided to have a glass of wine and wait for him. He was supposed to be at my house around 7:30, but the clock was already pushing towards 9:00. I assumed he might just wait and get them in the morning. Just like that, the doorbell rings.
"Who is it?" I asked, already knowing.
"James. Julie's son!" James replied from behind the door.
I opened the door to see James, but not how I was expecting. He looked more mature and grown up. Maybe I was just getting old?
"Hey, there she is," he said as he hugged me.
"My God! I almost didn't recognize you. You look so handsome," I replied, patting his back.
He looked good. He was wearing jeans and a dress shirt that really made him look fit.
"Thanks. You always look good too," James said, smiling. "Are my pants good?"
"Yes. Good to go, but I don't know if you want to try them on just in case," I said, handing him his pants.
"That is probably a good idea. That way I won't have to hear my mom complain," he said, laughing. We both knew the bitch was going to complain no matter what.
"Where's the bathroom?" he asked.
"Down the hall to the right, sweetie," I said as I pointed to the bathroom door.
"I'll let you know how they are," he said.
I sat on the couch and waited for James when I noticed the bathroom door was slightly opened. He never closed it all the way. I couldn't see James, but I could see his reflection in the mirror. He removed his jeans, exposing his underwear. I shouldn't have looked, but I couldn't help it. Maybe it was curiosity... or maybe it was the fact that I haven't had a man in that bathroom since Mike. Either way, looking at him was wrong. He's half my age and my friend's son. None of that could stop me. I watched him in his underwear. I was instantly flustered.
He walked out of the bathroom in the pants. "They fit great," he said, spinning around.
"Good. I was hoping they would," I said as I took another sip of wine.
"Do you they look good on me?" he asked, giving a smirk.
"Yes, you'll have the girls going crazy," I replied jokingly, but seriously.
James shook his head. "I doubt it."
"Why do you say that?" I asked. "You don't have a girlfriend?"
"No. I mean there are a couple girls I've talked to, but nothing happens," he said, sitting next to me.
James had me very intrigued at this point. I thought for sure he would be in some sort of relationship. "Young girls can be tricky. Trust me, I used to be one a million years ago," I said laughing.
James looked at me with his bright blue eyes. "You're not that old, Ms. Clarke. You're actually better looking than some of the girls I know."
I didn't know how to respond. Was James flirting? Or was he just being nice? Surely he was just being nice.
"My mom told me about your husband," he said. "I'm very sorry."
"It happens. Nothing we can do about it," I replied.
"What exactly happened?" James suddenly asked.
He surprised me with his question. Why did a young man like James care so much about an old woman's divorce? That bitch mother of his probably got him curious with her big mouth. As I was about to respond, James stopped me. "I'm sorry. It's none of my business," he said.
"No, it's fine," I said. "He just got caught up in his work and couldn't spend time with me anymore. That's all."
James looked shocked at my response. He just stared at me with a confused look on his face.
"What is it?" I asked.
"I'm just confused, Ms. Clarke," he replied. "How could any man ignore such a beautiful woman?"
I looked down, trying to hide the fact that he made me blush. I felt both happy and uncomfortable with James' compliment.
"You're blushing, Ms. Clarke," he said with a smile.
"You can call me Elena," I said, looking away.
James moved closer to me. "Well, Elena, you're blushing," he said as he put his hand on my thigh.
I knew now that James was doing more than just being nice. I can't say that I wasn't enjoying it, but I couldn't let it happen. It was still wrong. I had to let him know.
I brushed his hand away from my thigh. "James, I think you're very sweet and adorable, but I can't do this," I said.
"Is it my mother?" he asked.
"Part of it, yes," I replied. I felt that James deserved the truth. "I also just got over a divorce. Plus, you are way younger than me. If I was younger and not going through all this, I would definitely be interested in you."
"What if it feels right?" he asked as he placed his hand on my cheek.
"We can't. We just can't," I replied moving his hand.
"Your husband didn't know what he was doing. If you were mine, I would never be able to walk out that door," he whispered as he kissed me on the cheek.
I wanted to stop him, but I couldn't find the words. His lips and touch felt too good.
"James, please," I whispered.
He slowly made his way down to my neck. He began kissing it over and over again.
"You don't deserve to be ignored by any man. You deserve nothing but attention. Let me give you my attention, Elena," James whispered as he brushed his thumb over my lips.
He paused and looked me in the eyes. He was letting me make the decision. I could ask him to leave, or I could let him take me. My mind was going crazy. All the things that could happen to me in that moment. It was the way James looked at me. The way he spoke to me. Ways that Mike never knew.
James was right; I deserved the attention.
****** I threw myself into James' arms. We began kissing fiercely, and I could feel his tongue on mine. I'd never been kissed so roughly. I could feel his lips wrap around my tongue, and he wasted no time tasting it. The room got hot and my panties were soaked. I pushed myself on top of James as we continued kissing.
He took his right hand and pulled open the front of my dress, which exposed my cleavage. He made his way down my neck and kissed it gently. His left hand went down further, lifting up my dress and gripping my ass like his life depended on it. We both sat up and I placed my left hand on his cheek.
James then took my wrist and moved my hand down toward his firm, young cock. As I unbuckled his belt, he continued kissing my cleavage. I unzipped his zipper and slowly placed my hand down his pants. James was hard as a fucking rock! I rubbed his erection slowly, and he began breathing heavily in my ear. The next thing to go was my dress; James wasted no time.
He slowly removed my dress. James gazed upon my body as if he had just found gold. I lay back and he began kissing me from head to toe. He kissed my lips, and then went down to my neck. As he came across my breasts, he didn't hesitate to grip them. I continued to play my part, removing my bra.
"Fucking perfect," James whispered as he kissed me.
He pushed both my breasts together and kissed them repeatedly. He even put his tongue on one of my nipples, which made we want to cream my panties immediately. He continued moving lower. My stomach was next and just having his soft hand on it was driving me fucking wild.
He kissed my stomach three times, slowly, and he released his tongue. He licked my body like it was made of ice cream. I couldn't control myself; I was breathing out of control. Having James' tongue on me was like a spell. With one final kiss on my navel, James began feeling my thigh with the tips of his fingers. I couldn't help but chuckle a little bit, since the feeling kind of tickled. James let out a small laugh as well.
He began pressing his lips against my thigh. As he gripped my thigh with his left hand, he moved his right hand down my underwear. I felt his soft hand touch my wet pussy. He slipped one of his fingers in and I began moaning instantly.
As if fingering my cunt wasn't enough, he went back to pleasuring my stomach with his tongue. James knew what to do to me. He knew how to please me, but as wet as I was, I still wanted to be in control. Something about James in this moment made me want to take control. Maybe it was because I knew he would let me?
I pushed myself forward and quickly removed his shirt. James had the perfect body. He was fit, but it was just the right amount. I slowly moved both my hands around his abs and began kissing them. I figured I'd return the favor.
He began breathing like I was, so I knew he was enjoying it. I made my way down to his hard, throbbing cock. As I removed his pants, I could see the outline of his erection. I quickly removed his underwear and looked at it; I needed to taste it.
I put my mouth on it and began sucking slowly. I hadn't done it in a while, but the sounds that James was making let me know I had it right. As I sucked his cock, I also wrapped my hand around it. I didn't continue long because I didn't want James bursting yet; we still had more to go.
James went back to my cunt. He removed my panties and I spread my legs. I knew what he was about to do, but he still took me by surprise. "Oh, fuck!" I yelled.
Mike would never eat me out, even though I blew him regularly. James knew how to do it. He was soft and gentle, yet he could still make it seem rough. It was the way he moved his tongue. I could barely take it.
He lifted his head and looked at me. As he stuck his thumb in my mouth, he whispered, "You want my attention?"
I moved my hand down and gripped his cock. "Please."
Just like that, James pushed in. The sensation was unbelievable. He was so fucking hard and my pussy was drenched. James would grunt every time he pushed in. He sounded sexy when he did it.
"Oh, James, please," I said in a hushed tone.
He began kissing my neck as he fucked me. I bit his shoulder and gripped his as like he did mine. He let out a loud grunt and placed his hand gently on my throat. "Turn on your side."
I did as I was told, and James and I were now spooning. He slowly slipped his cock inside and began thrusting repeatedly. We both became lost in the pleasure. Neither of us had words, we had only the rhythm of James' thrusting. I felt his teeth grip my ear. The feeling was painfully good, but I knew he was taking control. I wanted that to be me, so I threw my body on top of his. I pulled him close and tongue fucked his mouth viciously. I felt his hands digging into my back.
"Fuck!" he yelled, pulling back.
I knelt down over him and slowly placed his cock inside me. I was now on top and in control. I thrust my hips and fucked his young brains out. James grabbed my ass and held on tight. I did the same with his chest. 
I noticed his face was looking drained. He was close to cumming and so was I. As I continued to thrust, James joined in and began pushing himself into me. We were both losing ourselves.
James sat up as he continued to fuck me. He kept one hand on my ass but gripped my back with the other.
"Shit, Elena!" he yelled.
James fell back and I fell on top of him. I could feel his hot load filling me up and I knew he felt my cunt dripping. We were both breathing like we just ran around the world. He brushed my hair back and kissed me slowly. I had no words for what I did; whether it was wrong or not, I still felt shocked. What would Julie do if she found out I'd fucked her son? Not that I should care at this moment...
James began rubbing my back. "Thanks for my pants, Ms. Clarke."
I stared at him and put my finger on his lips. "You'd better call me Elena, you Son of a Bitch."
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