The Farmer’s Daughter (Chapter 4)
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Josh picked up a bottle of water and drank it down in one swallow. I just stared.
“Okay Jessica, before I begin confessing all my wrong doings, I have a question for you.”
“Sure Josh, ask me anything.”
“When I told you Lyle wasn’t coming you didn’t seem upset or angry. Why is that?”
“I guess I knew in my heart all along that he would rather spend his time with Jimmy. Whatever we do or wherever we go, Jimmy is right there with us. I’m used to it. It’s funny, Lyle was the only boyfriend I ever had and I always imagined us living happily ever after, just like the fairy tales.”
“I know sweetheart, we all want that fairy tale ending. I thought I had it, too.”
“You’re talking about you and Jane?”
“Yes, but let me tell you briefly about my parents. How they met and then finally what ended it all.”
He got up and walked nervously back and forth as if trying to choose the right words. He sat down next to me and held my hands in his. He smiled as he looked into my eyes.
“My dad went to an Agricultural College in upstate New York and my mom was a student there also. She was majoring in Accounting. Her parents had her late in life and she was destined to take over the Savings and Loan Company that her father started. His retirement was just around the corner. My dad’s goal was to learn more about the farming industry. His family farm was handed down from generations.
“My mom said that my dad stuck out like a sore thumb in that community but, nevertheless, his naïve ways made the girls flock to him.”
“I could only imagine how hard it was for your dad to fit in," I said. "I have only been here a short time and knew as soon as I got off the plane, this place was definitely different.”
“I know, but my dad wasn’t as innocent as he led others to believe. Mom said he used it to his advantage. He made every sexual encounter seem like his first. My mom was on to him from the start, especially when he moved into her home.”
“What, he lived with her?”
“Yes, being that her dad was up in years they would always hire a college boy to do odd jobs around the house in exchange for room and board. Dad answered the ad in the paper and within the week her home was his. They didn’t hang out together, but every now and then would show up at the same off campus party. Mom would be with her friends and dad would always have a circle of girls around him. My mom would call him the ‘country bumpkin with a flock’ and everyone would laugh. 
“Dad really impressed my grandparents with his skills. He did way more for them than was expected and it didn’t go unnoticed by my mom. In fact, one night when my mom was washing the dishes, my dad took the cloth from my grandmother’s hand and started drying and putting the stuff away. My mom said he brushed against her every chance he got, saying it was necessary to reach the shelves. It made my mom giggle.
“Another night, at a party, my mom was there with her date. He wasn’t a student just someone from town. My dad noticed him trying to grope her and she kept trying to pull away, but he held her hand and she couldn’t get up. Dad walked over and asked mom to dance, but this guy barked that she was with him. Without a second thought, dad punched him and knocked him out and took my mom’s hand and slow danced. I think that’s the night they fell in love. They were exclusive after that.”
“Aww that’s so romantic, Josh.”
“Let’s fast-forward to their second year. Everything seemed to be going well until mid-term. Dad’s parents were killed in an automobile accident on the Interstate. Both he and my mom were devastated, not only because of their deaths, but dad had to leave school and learn to run the farm. They spoke to each other every day and night on the phone, but the separation was too much for my mom, and she left school when the term was over to be with my dad in Nebraska. Talk about a fish out of water. My mom definitely didn’t fit in here, but tried to make the best of it.
“Her parents were both happy and disappointed about her decision, but always wanted her happiness to come before their own. They stood in as witnesses to their marriage and set up a Savings and Loan Company for mom in their farmhouse. The hundred-thousand dollars he started her with would help the near-by farmers in their time of need and the interest rate would be much lower than anywhere else in the county. My grandpa figured it to be a win/win situation for all involved.
“Business was good for the newlyweds and dad would still tinker with odd jobs for the locals while still doing some farming. Every Friday evening he would dress in his suit and tie and go to the various farms to pick up the promised payments. They had new cars and mom ordered her clothes from New York. She was the finest dressed lady around. Not long after, my mom got pregnant with me and that’s when everything started to unravel.”
“They didn’t want you?” I asked.
“Oh, my mom did, but dad liked his life the way it was and knew a baby would change things and change things it did. Mom doted on me every step of the way. She always put me first and dad was often pushed aside. As far as I can recall, I never saw my parents share the Master bedroom. They slept at opposite ends of the house. Regardless, come Friday evening he still did his weekly collections and gave the money to my mom so she could balance the books on Saturday .”
“I’m sure that helped the people a lot to have your mom do that for them.”
“It did. I never heard a bad word spoken about my mom from anyone. Now my dad was another story.”
He smiled when he said it and took a long swig of water.
“When I was about fifteen my mom would make me wear a suit and tie and go with my dad to the various farms. I hated it, but I would never do or say anything that would upset my mom, so I would just grin and bear it. I think it was her way of teaching me the family business, although I didn’t quite understand it. Sometimes we would be in and out real fast and other times dad would tell me to just wait in the car. I never really gave it much thought, just figured he knew I disliked being there. Looking back on it now, it was always when the husband wasn’t home.
“Every Friday night when we got home, I would just go upstairs to my room and every Friday night I would hear them arguing. I would turn on my television and try to drown them out. I didn’t know what they had to argue about. I felt we had a good life.”
“I know the feeling, Josh. My parents argue a lot too and I turn up my music.”
He smiled at me and patted my hand.
“I had just turned sixteen when my dad took me out to the Johnson farm. It was right after supper when we knocked on the door and Mr. Johnson answered and let us in. Mrs. Johnson was drop dead gorgeous. She had long, red flowing hair, green eyes, pouty red lips and a killer body. I knew she wasn’t from these parts either just by the way she looked. I found it odd that she had a black see-through negligee on, and I couldn’t help staring at her large breasts and big hard nipples. Mr. Johnson noticed me staring and told her to put some clothes on.
“She just smiled and told him to stop being such an old fuddy-duddy. We laughed, but he just stormed out. She poured us some iced tea and she sat next to my dad at the table. She leaned into him and told him how good he smelled as her hand stroked his chest and slid downward and disappeared from my sight. Dad let out a slight moan and then he told me to go wait in the car. I took a big gulp of the tea and did what I was told. 
“I was out there about ten minutes when I decided to go back in and see what was taking so long. I walked up the porch steps slowly and that’s when I heard Mrs. Johnson moaning. 'Fuck me harder baby, you know how I like it,' I heard her say to him. And, 'Pull my hair and fuck me like you hate me'. 
"I peeked in and saw her slightly bent over the table. I couldn’t see my dad, but it seemed with every thrust the table moved forward. I wasn’t sure if she saw me or not, but the sight of her big tits bouncing and her pinching her nipples gave me an instant hard-on. I panicked and ran back to the car. It wasn’t long after that I heard her screams of pleasure. She made me so fucking horny. Dad came out soon after, pulling up the zipper on his pants.
“'Damn,' he said, 'she talked so much I forgot to get the money. Would you go back in and get it?' I didn’t even have to knock, she was already standing there with the door open. When I walked in, she closed both doors and told me to sit down.
“'Are you your father’s son?' she asked. I wasn’t sure what she meant until she knelt in front of me and started unzipping my pants. 'I saw you watching me and I can see your cock is already hard and leaking. Your cock is bigger and thicker than your dad's. I can’t wait to suck you hard and deep. Now, hold my hair up so I can suck your cock real good. You want that don’t you?' she asked.
“Well, fuck yeah, I wanted it. I wanted it bad. The minute she started sucking, I instinctively held her hair up as my hips humped her welcoming mouth and I could feel my balls draining into her hot mouth. I only lasted about five minutes, but it was the best five minutes of my life.
“'Now go out there and tell your dad that I paid you in full. He will understand.' I stood up and nodded. 'Come back anytime Josh. You don’t need your daddy all the time.'
“'She’s dynamite, isn’t she boy?' my dad said when I got in the car. 'That’s how a woman treats her man. Remember that. Now we better get back before your mom has the State Police looking for us.' We both laughed as we drove home. I was satisfied and so was my dad. I felt at at that moment, we really bonded.”
“Naturally, when we got home another argument was brewing, but this time I understood what it was about. Dad was a womanizer and mom was fed up with it. In the morning, mom announced she was leaving and getting a divorce. She gave me a choice. ‘Stay here or go with her.’ I felt all I knew was farm life so I would rather be with him and I did want to see Mrs. Johnson again. I was sixteen and my hormones were really raging. In hindsight, I should have left with my mom, but we did talk every day, sometimes twice.”
“Mom and dad made all the arrangements about the company. All future payments would go to me. She wanted me to have a good life and I appreciated that, although I really didn’t see any money coming in.
“The following Thursday dad and I were driving to the next town on the Interstate. We were going to a camera store that was having a sale. It was going to be my belated birthday present. I had just signed up for a photography course and it was a requirement. I was really excited.
“We noticed a car pulled off on the shoulder with the hood up. We drove in behind it and went to see if we could help. We didn’t see anyone in the driver’s seat but, when we walked around, the passenger door was open. We heard moans and approached carefully. We saw a young black girl lying across the seat, naked from the waist down, masturbating. When she saw or heard us, she popped up like a cork and tried covering herself.
“'What seems to be the problem Miss?' my dad asked.
“'I’m not sure, but I think it’s over-heated and I have no water,' she answered.
“'Hmmm… seems you are over-heated too, maybe I can help you with that while my son checks out your radiator. Would you like that?' 
“'I would like that a lot. Let me get in the back to give you some room,' she said anxiously.
“I was pissed that he always got the girl and I had to do the work. Mom was right about him having a way with the girls. I walked back to our car and opened the trunk for some jugs of water. While walking back to her car I saw her legs over my dad’s shoulders as he knelt on the ground. I passed the opened door and saw my dad’s face and fingers buried deep in her cunt. She was squealing like a poked pig.
“'I told you my tongue and mouth would take you on a thrill ride,' I heard him say.
“I was pouring the water in the radiator and saw my dad’s face as he finished his deed. It was all shiny and wet. I slammed the hood down and got in the driver’s side to see if it would start.
“'Boy, go wait in our car, we can try it out in a little while. Let the water work its magic.' Again I got out, slammed the door and stood there for a moment.
“'You like my pudding baby?' I heard her say to him.
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