The Most Dirty She'd Been
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Lucy was so turned on by herself and loved being a slut with other guys too. Quite often with more than one at a time, if she could. One guy just wasn’t enough cock for her and she always needed to swallow as much cum as possible. She always asked guys to cum as many times as they could and she always asked if they minded if she swallowed her own too. It didn’t matter to Lucy how many guys had cum in her mouth or how many times, she always, and I mean always drank her own. She loved it and had done so for years.
She knew this night was going to be good, she was almost cumming in her panties already but started to think about times she had had. Tonight she cast her memory back to a night she had had where she had been the most slutty she could have been. It would make the night even more enjoyable if she thought about it.
It was a little while ago when Lucy and her tranny girlfriend, Suzi, had six guys together. The two sluts sat on the sofa as the six guys stood naked in front of them. The girls sucked and sucked, three cocks each. The guys swapped over as well, so the tarts got to suck every shiny hard prick. At the spunk time, the girls stopped sucking. These guys were going to wank off into Suzi’s mouth.
Lucy sat close, Suzi opened her mouth and tilted her head back as the first guy wanked and shot into her mouth. Most went inside but a bit shot onto her lips. He put his cock into Lucy's mouth so she could have the last little bit and then into Suzi’s mouth went the next load, and the next and the next. All the guys wanted to shoot a bit onto Suzi’s lips and all let Lucy have the last drops. At last came number six.
Suzi’s mouth was full of cum and her lips were covered with spunk too. Lucy hadn’t swallowed, so she had a bit in her mouth too. She looked over at Suzi, feeling really jealous and wanted to snog her mouth. Lucy slowly moved closer and gently put her open mouth onto Suzi’s lips. With slippery cum all over the girls' mouths, Lucy slid her tongue inside, through the large amount of spunk, searching for Suzi’s tongue and passionately kissed her tranny girlfriend. They snogged and kissed and Lucy groaned. This was the best, and Lucy wanted to make it last. A few minutes later, Lucy swallowed the whole lot and then licked off all the remaining cum from Suzi’s lips and mouth, then collected all the rest from her lips too.
“Wow that was the bet ever,” Lucy said. “Guys, you need to fuck us both, I want more of your loverly cum and I want to feltch it from this bitch’s arse. Are you game?"
"Come on guys, give us a fucking we’ll never forget. We like it hard and I love sucking a cock when it has been up my arse, or even up her arse. We are a pair of sluts and you guys should treat us like it. And don’t forget to give me a fucking hard spanking and keep going from our arses to my mouth. Shoot all of it into her hole and then let me have the last few drops. I am going to fetch and suck every drop from inside her arse hole. Get on with it boys. Be men and FUCK US FUCKING NOW!!!!!!! ”
Lucy pulled off Suzi’s panties and then her own and they both got on all fours on the floor. The guys needed no more requests they were in ‘fuck the slut tranny bitches mode.’
“Let’s do what the sluts want guys. Let’s fuck these cute little holes like mad and because Lucy is such a dirty slut we have to give her a real special shafting. Out the way, I’m first.”
And by fuck they did. He lubed up slapped Lucy’s arse and rammed it in her like a man possessed. The others joined in and there was a frenzy of fucking.
“Get you fucking cock out of Suzi’s arse and in my mouth you fucking gay bastard. Fuck me harder guys, come on. Give me cock.”
They really were on a Mission. Cock after cock pumped the girls holes and Lucy was given such a hard spanking that her cheeks were red. She loved it. Then Lucy moved around so her mouth was right by Suzi’s hole and she took the cocks into her mouth herself.
“Right, you filthy sluts, let’s fill Suzi’s arse with cum. Get ready Lucy you are going to feltch the fuck out of that tart's hole. Here goes”
The first guy rammed Suzi’s hole and shot then it went straight into Lucy’s mouth. Then the next, then the next until all six of them had cum. Lucy could not wait another second and her mouth went onto Suzi’s arse hole and she tongued her girlfriend and sucked and feltched until every drop was in her mouth. It was full. She didn’t pull away too quick either. She snogged her arse with all the cum, licking and groaning. Lucy was in heaven.
The guys all sat down and watched Suzi wank off into Lucy’s mouth. She came really quickly and Lucy lapped it up and then wanked herself into Suzi’s mouth. When she finished she quickly kissed Suzi and took all her own cum and swallowed that too.
“That was wonderful guys,” Lucy said, “but I just wondered if you could just do a little something for your sexy Lucy. I simply have not had enough cum in my mouth so could you all have a quick wank and all shoot one after another so I can swallow you all separately. Please boys, please... pretty please. I really need more cum. Please.”
“No probs bitch. God guys, Lucy really is the most dirty little slut I’ve ever met. Let’s give the whore another few loads, make her happy. Right.”
They all wanked into her open mouth and all came quickly and she swallowed and swallowed and swallowed. The slut had been a slut and had loved every second. The guys all left and as the last one closed the door, Suzi turned Lucy around in the hallway pushed her up against the door and fucked her senseless. She spanked and rammed and moved Lucy to the next room, still inside her. Bent her over the table and fucked. Put her on the sofa with Lucy’s legs wide open and pumped her like crazy. She pulled out forced Lucy’s head back and started fucking her mouth. Suzi was giving Lucy an even more hard fucking than any of the guys and then she shot it filled Lucy’s mouth.
“You fucking swallow that you fucking dirty little slut bitch, then get on your knees and suck the fuck out of me. You are not going to stop until I’ve cum another three times you whore, got it. Now get on and suck me bitch! FUCKING NOW!!!”
“Yes, mistress, whatever you want. Lucy’s your sex slave slut and will do anything. I am yours, use me,mistress, use me, please be rough and take me hard and fast and let me drink you all night. Please, I really want more cum,” whispered Lucy, and got straight down on her knees, as she had been asked.
Suzi’s cock went from Lucy’s mouth to her arse for about forty minutes. She made Lucy lick and tongue and snog her arse and spanked her hard and pulled her all over the place. She was playing the part of the mistress and she wanted Lucy to really suffer. Lucy wanked a couple of times into Suzi’s mouth and swallowed that too. Lucy had been what she had always wanted to be. ‘A gangbanged cum slut’
She had swallowed twenty-five mouthfuls of spunk and felt great. When Lucy got home she had a wank before she went to sleep and licked every drop off her hand. Well, she just had to, didn’t she?
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