Seattle 3: Getting Clean and then Dirtier
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I let her adjust the shower for both of us before stepping inside and pressing my body up behind hers. I drive my mouth onto her neck as I run my hands all over her firm tits. My cock is running up and down the crack of her ass.
I whisper, "I do hope you like cock up your ass, as I am going to fuck it good and hard before I leave."
I draw a moan from her lips as I pinch her nipples before I reach for the soap. I spread some over her breasts and then I begin to rub the soap into her skin, lathering her up. Her hips grind back against me, my cock rubs up against her ass. Her moans are steady now as I massage her soapy breasts, she turns her head to look back at me and I run my tongue into her mouth.
I take a soapy finger and push it up her ass to make sure it is good and clean. "Damn, you sexy woman your ass is so tight. I forgot, do you live here alone? If you have a woman roommate and she shows up before I leave, I do hope you can talk her into joining us. I would love to see two women eating my cum out of each other's pussies."
I spin her around and push my slut up against the shower wall. She lifts her leg for me and I hold it up as her soapy hand starts to stroke my cock. I hold her against the wall and she strokes faster, her other hand slips a few fingers into her pussy.
"Are you going to fuck me hard, baby?" She asks.
My only response is to step in closer. She guides my cock into her soaked pussy with a soapy hand. I slide deep into her and her pussy clenches around my cock. She clenches her hands onto my shoulders as I start to fuck her. My right-hand holds her leg up and my left-hand latches onto her breast, I pinch the nipple between my two fingers.
"Fuck, You are so tight. I may just have to spend the weekend in order to stretch you out a bit and who knows, I may have to keep coming back every weekend for a while."
"Sorry, baby." I whisper into his ear as he fucks me against the shower wall, "I'm flying out in the morning, so you better fuck me like you mean it."
His smile is disarming, as his left-hand leaves my breast and he puts it around my throat. He holds me against the wall as he slides his cock all the way into my soapy pussy.
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