After school with Linda.
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After that morning's quickie with my step-sister Linda, I was on a high. My cock could still feel her hot, wet vagina massaging it with each thrust. My legs trembled, whenever I thought about my explosive ejaculation inside her. Her clean, womanly scent on my clothes had embedded itself deep in my hormones. Finally, there was the anticipation of being alone with her for the weekend.
Still, even in my euphoria, I knew that I had to be realistic. I was hyper-aware that I would really hurt Linda, if I treated her the way some of my more boofheaded mates treated their girlfriends. So, I kept my mouth shut about her and tempered my expectations. Linda needed her personal space so, if she didn't want sex over the weekend, I'd be cool with that. Even if it meant wanking my rocks off. On my way home from school, I ordered a bouquet of flowers, to be delivered later in the day.
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