Kim the Teenage Rebel
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I was a bit peeved when Rachael asked if I could pick her daughter, Kim, up from her after-school hockey practice. “I'm sorry, but there's no-one else I can ask; please?”
Actually, I thought eighteen-year-old Kim was old enough to catch a bus or train. I had a business to run and was behind with some paperwork. But, what the hey? That's what laptops and iphones were for. Rachael had been overworked and was finally taking some much needed R & R to catch up with some old friends for a couple of days, so why not help out?
“Yep, okay,” I said, “I might be a little late, and probably I won't be able to hang around for long.”
Rachael sighed with relief. “Thank you; I'll let Kim know. Oh, um, could you get her to at least start doing her homework?”
Kim, like many teenagers, had a natural aversion to homework. Now I was being asked to stick my hand in the Piranha pond. “You want me to get Kim to do some homework? You do know this'll cost you, right?”
“I know,” Rachael paused for a couple of seconds, “okay, how about a weekend in bed, and I'll guarantee that I'll make it very worthwhile?”
I had no doubts at all that Rachael would stick to the deal. A couple of hours later, I let Gina, my lovely twenty-two-year-old secretary, know that I probably wouldn't be back for the rest of the day.
Rachael and I were fuck-buddies, and had been for about a year. We were both in our late-thirties and both of us had been through messy, expensive divorces. For now, we were happy to enjoy each-other's company, with no strings attached. Rachael wasn't bothered that I was banging Gina, nor did it concern me that Rachael was nailing her boss. Kim seemed to be pretty relaxed about things, and we generally got on alright; tonight, however, could well become a showdown.
When Kim got in my SUV, she was all smiles. “Hiya Rick,” she said, kissing my cheek, “what's happening?” She was cheerful because she was expecting me to give her carte blanche to do whatever she wanted: I also knew that Rachael would have told her that she was expected to get stuck into some homework.
“Well,” I said, “the good news is I'll pick up some KFC (Kim's face lights up), the bad news...”
“Yeah, I know, homework!” She sighed and slumped back in her seat, muttering something under her breath.
“What was that?” I asked, “didn't catch a word.”
“You...traitor!” she spat angrily, crossing her arms under her breasts.
Kim's breasts were pert, upright 38Bs on a reasonably slender, 5' 5” tall body, that also featured a lovely, peachy bum and wide hips melding into long legs. She was pretty, rather than beautiful, with long, slightly wavy brown hair framing an oval face. Her eyes were hazel, under slim, arched eye-brows; freckles were lightly sprayed under her eyes and across the bridge of her cute nose, while her cupid's bow lips were flanked by cute dimples.
At times, I had wondered what she would be like in bed. For the sake of her mother, however, I hadn't tried getting an answer, even though I had a feeling that Kim wouldn't have minded. Of late, for example, Rachael had had to tell Kim to stop parading around wearing nothing but a tee-shirt and panties when I was present.
Unfortunately, when Kim was in a rebellious mood, she wasn't quite as attractive. She silently fumed for about the next half-hour, as I ordered our dinner, drove the rest of the way home and consumed the afore-mentioned KFC. Finally, Kim got up from the table and fumed into her room.
“Don't forget your homework,” I called after her. This ain't over, I thought, as I made myself a cup of coffee and started on some of my paperwork.
Sure enough, a few minutes later Kim wandered back in, carefully ignoring me, and slouched down on the couch in front of the TV, idly flicking through channels.
Uh oh! I thought, here we go! I leaned over the counter.
“C'mon Kim, you know what your mum said about getting started on your homework.”
There was a loud, huffed sigh from the couch. I couldn't see Kim's face, but I knew what she was doing.
“Huffing and rolling your eyes at me is so predictable.” I said the last two words in my 'snitty, teenage voice'.
Kim sat up abruptly, and glared at me over the top of the couch, her eyes following me as I walked through and sat down in an easy chair
“FYI, so is 'the Glare' , ' the Silent Treatment', 'Whatever', 'DUH' , 'Yeah Right', 'What Do You Know About Anything' etc., etc,” I continued, ticking off each item, “I mean, ya know, they're just so predictable. Can't you teens think of anything original to annoy us olds?” I finished with a sigh and rolled my eyes.
Kim's mouth opened, then snapped shut; she pouted and slumped back, arms folded, gave me more of 'the Glare', then poked her tongue out.
“Been there, done that.”
My contrived yawn and 'bored teenager' voice elicited another exasperated huff, after which Kim ostentatiously pretended to ignore me and started flipping through the channels again.
“Uh, no”, I said, “that's so-o-o bo-o-oring! C'mon, homework.”
Kim stood up. By now 'the Glare” could have burned through 10mm titanium plate, but I just smiled serenely back.
“We could use you at the workshop, if one of our cutting torches goes down. C'mon Kim, homework won't kill you; half an hour and you can come up for air, okay?”
“HUH!” Kim stalked out. Her bedroom door didn't slam as hard as I thought it would, considering.
Ha! I thought, smugly, that was easy - maybe! I sat back and sipped on my coffee.
A few minutes later, Kim's door was flung open.
Oops, round two, I sighed to myself, now what?
“Boring, huh?” She marched back in and stood directly in front of me, legs apart, hands on hips.
And I was floored. Kim was completely naked! My face became hot, as I took in her firm, round breasts with her erect, brown nipples jutting confidently from red-brown areolae. My cock throbbed, because her clean-shaven mound was so in my face. Her pink inner-labia peeped almost shyly through her slit. All I could do was stare, breathing hard. Suddenly, Kim flung herself back on the couch.
“Haaaa! GOTCHA!” she spluttered, shaking with laughter. “Predictable, huh?! Boring, huh?!” Kim wiped her eyes “Oh, Wow! Priceless!”
She continued giggling and tittering as she lay watching me, propped up on her arm. Her laughter was so infectious, I had to join in. After a few minutes, we both fell silent and just watched each other. By now, I had calmed a little, but my cock was still throbbing. Judging by the warm smile that was parting her lips slightly, it finally registered with me that Kim thoroughly enjoyed letting me drink in every detail of her gorgeous body. I also realised that I was being remiss. I stood up, pulled my sweatshirt off over my head, showing off my toned body, and kicked my sneakers off.
As I undid my belt and unzipped, Kim's face and chest flushed pink and her eyes became wide and attentive. Her breasts swelled slightly, and her nipples stiffened. My jeans slid to the ground, revealing the large bulge in my skants. Kim slid two fingers of her free hand into her pussy and started playing with herself. I slid my fingers into my waistband and slowly pushed my skants down my legs.
“Ooooh my God!” Kim murmured, as my thick, 8” manhood sprang to attention, “no wonder mum makes so much noise when you two fuck!” The 'rebellious teen' edge had gone from her voice.
“I wonder how much noise you'll make, when we fuck?” I teased.
She gave a quick, nervous laugh, then rolled onto her back. She lifted her hips, slid both hands down her body and pulled herself wide open, teasing her little red clitoris from under its hood.
“Do you like her?” she asked, looking up at me with a wide, mischievous smile.
“Shit, yeah!” I growled, “she's beautiful.” Her vulva was a warm, succulent pink, full of juicy little details that made my cock throb harder, and my mouth water.
Dropping to my knees in front of the couch, I pulled Kim around until she was sitting with her legs on either side of my torso and my face was level with hers. For a few seconds, we stared breathlessly into each other's eyes. I stroked her cheek and kissed her gently on the lips. She kissed me back, closed her eyes and opened her mouth against mine. Our tongues touched, once, twice.
Kim slid her arms around my neck, pressing her breasts against my chest. Then we kissed deep and long. Her tongue was like velvet as it duelled sensuously with mine. Her hot, oestrogen laden breath sent my hormones into orbit. Slowly, I kissed and licked my way down her neck and shoulders, then down to her breasts. I took my time exploring them, feeling them swell again under my kisses.
Kim began to whimper, “Mmmm...oh yeah...mmmm!” as I licked and sucked her nipples. Her hand went down to her crotch. She pushed two fingers into her sopping vulva, then started playing with her lovely little clitoris.
“That's it baby, you play with yourself,” I purred, still pleasuring her tits, “I'll bet you do it all the time. Do you play with yourself when you hear your mum and I fucking?”
Kim nodded, “Mmm, hmm, yeah. I always imagine you're fucking my little pussy, cumming inside me instead of inside mum! God! I just so want to feel a guy cum inside me!”
This was interesting! “So you haven't been fucked before?” I asked, all attention.
She shook her head.“Um, not really. I've made out sometimes and fooled around and stuff, but the only guy I went all the way with got so excited, he did it all over my legs and everything before he even got inside me. Just splat and that was it. He went all limp after that. I mean, it was, like, so pathetic, you know?”
“It's a tragedy,” I said, sympathetically, “being given the opportunity to have fun in your hot little pussy and just going splat?”
Kim giggled. Then she sighed, staring at me with her big, aroused eyes.“Oh God, I'm so hot and wet!” she groaned, opening her legs wide, and shoving two fingers deep inside herself, “Please, fuck my cunt with that big fucking cock! Please Rick, do it inside me!”
Naturally, I was ready to bang her hard, right there on the couch, but, I could see one little snag.
“Hey, I really want to fuck you right now, Kim, I want to fuck you so bad” I said, stroking her breasts, “but you have something your mum wants you to do,” I placed a finger on Kim's lips, before she could protest, “So-o-o,” I drawled slowly, deliberately drawing out the tension, while I quickly thought things through, “how about I pop your little cherry right now, then you do, maybe forty-five minutes of homework, then we fuck some more? How's that sound?”
“Oh, wow!” gasped Kim, her eyes wide, face and chest flushed pink and breasts heaving.
Taking that as an affirmative, I got Kim to wrap her legs around my torso as I picked her up and went through to her bedroom. She humped her wet pussy against my stomach and we traded urgent kisses. Soon, Kim was lying on her back on her queen-size double bed (the bed, which took up most of the room, was a gift from Rachael, who had traded up to a king-size). I got down on all fours, hovering over her, with my throbbing manhood on full alert.
For a while, I just stared down at this gorgeous little beauty. The soft sheen of her sweat on her smooth, creamy skin was enchanting. I drank in all of her curves, and those promising little nooks and crannies around her hips and groin. In spite of her bravado and high state of arousal, I could see that Kim was also nervous, so I decided to break her in easy. As we kissed, I whispered sweet nothings into her mouth, reassuring her that I would work at her pace.
Then, I resumed slowly exploring Kim's gorgeous eighteen-year-old body with my lips, tongue and fingertips. She was trembling and moaning softly at every touch. Her face and chest became hot and flushed once more. By the time I got down to her pussy, she was whimpering, letting me know that she was more than ready.
When I peeled her inner labia apart and lapped at her vulva, my tongue was met with a small flood of her hot, salty lubricants. They tasted great. I kept lapping and lapping, perineum to clitoris, feeling her body shudder with each stroke. Kim's whimpering got louder. Suddenly, she cramped up and squealed, arching her back. A spurt of girl-cum irrigated my mouth and lips. Kim lay back, breathing heavily, whimpering and purring, all at the same time.
I kissed her deeply, mixing her juice with my saliva. “That's what you taste like when you cum; good, huh?”
Kim licked her lips and nodded, then kissed back. “Oh Rick, please, fuck me now.”
“That's what I promised,” I murmured, kissing and caressing Kim's face as I eased my mushroom head against against her vaginal entrance. “You ready?” I whispered.
Kim nodded again, her soft eyes focused on mine. Holding her hands above her head, I pushed into her, taking it slow. Although she had no hymen to speak of, she was wonderfully tight and slippery against my thick erection, sending thrills up and down my spine. It had been a few years since I'd been in such a tight little pussy, and I was determined to make the most of it.
As her hot, slippery interior stretched and adapted to my size, she moaned quietly. I felt her vaginal walls rippling against my ribbed shaft. She took a deep breath when I touched her cervix, then relaxed, panting, as I pulled back a little.
I could feel that she was still nervous, so I did a little coaching and encouraging.“You feel so good, Kim,” I murmured, “just relax...that's it...good girl...good girl...just a little more...yeah, beautiful!”
Now that Kim was more relaxed, I fucked her with deep, even strokes. As I pumped in and out of her, her natural lubricants started making happy little slurping noises. The noises made Kim giggle; she relaxed even more and was soon thoroughly enjoying herself. I loved watching her lovely little tits bounce and sway with each thrust. Kim lifted her shoulders so I could suck her nipples.
“Uhhhh – uhhhh – ahhhhh!” She breathed, “Mmmm – yeah – keep going.” She suddenly lifted her hips and grabbed my buttocks. “Oh! Ahhhha! Oh – that – uhhhhooooh!” she yelped, as another orgasm rocked her pussy.
“Go-o-od, yeah! Good girl,” I grunted.
Finally, it was time for me to fulfill my promise. I pushed hard into Kim, giving a deep groan as a surging tide raced through my manhood. My hips and buttocks gave a sharp series of spasms. Hot wads of cum splattered all over her inner-most vagina. Kim gave a wee squeal, then lay back with a radiant smile illuminating her face.
“Yeeeah, well done,” I said, pumping a few more times to extract the last drops from my throbbing cock. I eased out of her, and leaned back on my hands to rest.
Kim had her eyes closed, sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy and purring fit to bust. After a while she looked up at me. “Mmmmm, that was so cool! I loved that you came inside me. You promise we'll do this again when I've done some homework?”
I just laughed and kissed her. “I always keep my promises,” I said, gazing into her hazel eyes, “now, go get your homework.”
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