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Josette couldn’t stop fidgeting as she waited to meet Claude. If he accepted her, her chances to compete with the world’s elite in gymnastics would drastically increase. She thought about the hours and effort she had put into her craft, and it had all come down to this moment if she wanted to take the next step. The door opened and a man’s voice with a French accent told her to enter.
She could feel her heart thudding in her chest as she entered the room. Claude was sitting at his desk, head down, working away. She stood before him nervously biting her lower lip in silence waiting for him to speak. The rumours were that he was a bit eccentric. That was the kind way to say that the man was an arrogant asshole. He was strict, demanding, pompous, and an exacting perfectionist. If you weren’t prepared or couldn’t physically do all that he demanded, he would drop you and move on to the next prodigy.
He only took the best, and his results showed it.
After an excruciating five minutes, he finally acknowledged her. Josette could feel his critical eyes take in every inch of her body. He examined her figure, her posture, her every curve and feature. Although fully clothed, she felt completely naked under his gaze.
“Be at my gym tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM sharp and we shall see what you can do.” He then ignored her and shifted his attention to his paperwork.
Josette waited a few more minutes until it became obvious that no more would be said that day and snuck out of the room.
The rest of the day and evening Josette wavered between elation that he had agreed to see her and fear that would she show poorly the next day. Trying to sleep that night was an exercise in futility.
Not wanting to be late, she showed up early the next morning and changed into her leotard. She went through her stretching routine and began to limber up so that should would be ready and at her best.
At precisely 8:00 AM, the door to the gym opened, and in walked Claude with his Starbucks coffee. He was in his forties and impeccably dressed in a stylish dress shirt, black pants and highly polished shoes. He was a slim man, no more than 5’10” with close cropped jet black hair and piercing blue eyes. He sported a thin, well-manicured goatee.
No pleasantries were exchanged, he began right into his speech.
“I do not tolerate insubordination. Everything I do, I do for a reason, even if that reason is not obvious to you. When I ask you to do something, you will try with all that you possess to do it. If I ever suspect you aren’t giving 100%, I will call you out on it. If it happens a second time, our relationship is over. When we are alone, you will always perform naked…”
“Naked?” Josette yelled out, interrupting him mid-sentence.
“Don’t interrupt me when I’m speaking. If you want to succeed in this competitively you need to become very comfortable with your body. Judges will be watching your every move. Thousands of spectators will be eying you in nothing but a skin tight leotard. If you aren’t comfortable with your body, this isn’t the place for you.” His piercing eyes remained locked on her as he waited for her to agree.
Josette was as comfortable with her body as an eighteen year old could be and had performed in many competitions in front of family and friends. But performing naked wasn’t something she had ever fathomed having to do. She forced a swallow down and with shaking hands, slowly disrobed in front of this man who she had known for no more than a combined fifteen minutes.
Josette held her breath as she stood with an erect posture in front of him as he circled around her. His eyes drank in every detail of her body.
She was 5’2” and her toned body was no more than a hundred pounds soaking wet. She had long red hair that was done up in a ponytail and sparking green eyes. Her breasts were on the smaller side with long nipples that extended out on the cool air of the gym. She was lightly freckled on her upper chest and cheeks. She was very cute.
“Good. Now let’s begin.” Claude said and Josette finally expelled the air out of her lungs.
Claude began working her through a series of poses and positions that would test her flexibility and dexterity. She was very self-conscious at first as many of the poses had her in very vulnerable positions in her naked state. Sitting in a full split with her back arched so that her head would almost touch the floor, resting on her back and neck with her legs split wide in the air, pulling her leg up high along the side of her body and holding it, and many others.
What began as a terrifying experience became somewhat erotic for her as she became more and more comfortable. She found that the thought of being exposed as she was in front of a complete stranger to be a thrilling experience.
When the session was over, she stood in front of him and awaited judgement. Claude spoke.
“There is some raw talent there. Some things I can work with. Very rough around the edges and there is a lot of polish we would need to add, but there is a possibility I can mould you into something.”
Josette blinked a couple of times and her heart began thumping wildly in her chest. Did he say what she thought he said? Her hands closed together and she was about to jump up in glee when his next words stopped her in her tracks.
“But if you want me to take you on, I’m going to need you to suck my cock.”
His words seemed to echo around the gym as she tried to find a response. “You want me to what?”
“I told you when I walked into this gym this morning that if you want me to take you on, you will do all that I tell you when I tell you. I tolerate no insubordination. You can either follow my orders or leave and never come back.”
The thoughts raced through Josette’s mind. Was he serious? Could she do this for a complete stranger? Was this really worth this much to her? If she left would she ever get an opportunity like this again?
Josette collected herself and slowly kneeled in front of him on shaky legs. She reached out hesitantly and slowly undid his belt buckle and unzipped his pants. She pulled them down until his semi flaccid cock appeared before her eyes. Just as she took it in her hand and was about to wrap her mouth around it, he spoke again.
“That’s enough. I wanted to see how committed you were. How far you were willing to go for this and what you were willing to sacrifice. I’m going to put you on a one month trial. We will meet weekly and see how you progress. Now get dressed and get out of here. Work on what we reviewed in this morning’s session. I will see you in a week. Same place. Same time.”
Claude walked out of the gym without another word.
Josette was left with an empty room and her thoughts as she got dressed and headed back home. On one hand she was mad at herself at what she had almost done. Was she really going to sell herself like that to forward her career? On the other hand, she felt disappointment that he had stopped her. She had to admit that she found the whole situation somewhat erotic.
Sure he was quite a bit older than her, but he was a very handsome man none the less. Would she had been the first girl to sleep with her coach? Doubtful.
The rest of the week was a buildup of expectation and desire for Josette. She dutifully practiced all that they had gone over in the evenings. And at night, her dreams became very erotic at the thoughts of this new situation in her life.
She showed up early again the next week and this time waited for Claude to show up completely unclothed.
At the start of the session, Claude explained that he had a routine he wanted her to learn. Each week they would work on it and add more on to it. At the end of the month she would perform it for him, and based on that performance he would decide if their partnership would become permanent.
As they worked through the material, Claude would stop her and help position her body. An accidental touch of her breast here, his hand running over her bare ass there and by the end of it, she was highly sexually charged.
Before she left, Claude told her again to suck his cock.
Josette was surprised that he would test her again and chalked this up to his eccentricity.
As last week, she kneeled in front of him and undid his pants. She reached out to grab his cock and waited for him to tell her to stop. When no words came, all of her anxiety, fear, and desire came rushing back. He was going to make her do it this time.
She tentatively moved her mouth forward, opened her mouth wide, then closed it on the head of the shaft tasting and feeling the warm skin. With just that one taste, he stopped her again. He told her to get dressed, to work on what they talked about and to come back again next week.
The weeks went on much the same, each week he would make her suck him longer and longer, and even began to fondle her. She was becoming very proficient in her routine, but she found that each week she was looking forward to the end of the session and how far he would make her go.
In the last week before the judgement, he told her that she wasn’t to be early. He would only let her in at 8:00 AM. She was to come in, disrobe, and start her routine when she was ready.
Josette spent all of her spare hours practicing. She wanted to nail the routine. At night, her thoughts always got the best of her. Part of her thought she was crazy for the things he made her do. Part of her wanted him to do more to her.
The day of the judgement came and she hung around outside of the gym until 8:00 AM sharp. She knocked on the door and it opened for her a few moments later.
The gym was dark with all of the ceiling lights turned off. A number of spotlights illuminated the middle of the room where the floor mat was. She undressed, closed her eyes and did a slow count to ten to steady herself, then started the music and her routine.
Nervous at first, she quickly lost herself in the movements and music. She had practiced this so much that she went through it without a second thought and was pretty sure she nailed it. She was in the zone.
When it was over, Josette stood in the middle of the spotlights, buck naked and panting heavy to catch her breath. Claude emerged from the shadows clapping. “Congratulations sweetie, you did a fantastic job. Now here comes the fun part.”
There was a pause as a rare smile grew on his face.
“You definitely have the talent and I’m ready to take you on. I do believe I can take you to the top, and I’m not just saying that. I wouldn’t associate my name with someone who I thought would tarnish my reputation. But here is the thing. Coaching doesn’t make me a lot of money. And I like money. So I’ve found ways over the years to supplement my income. People at my level get that luxury.”
Four men emerged from the shadows and were now visible to Josette. They were all in the 40’s and 50’s. Some very fit and some showing their age. They were all naked and obviously very aroused from having just watched her perform naked for them.
“I have clients who love the gymnast fantasy, especially when those gymnasts become world champions. They love knowing they’ve been with those girls intimately when it happens and they pay very well for the privilege. So here is the deal, and you need to decide right now. Fame, medals, championships and sponsorships can all be yours, but for that to happen, you are going to have to take care of my friends along the way.”
Josette’s mouth went dry. She couldn’t speak. She could barely think. Her first reaction was to find her clothes and cover her naked body, but that was just silly after the show she had just given these men. Pleasuring Claude to advance her career was one thing, but becoming his whore was quite another. Her eyes locked on the door trying to estimate how fast she could get out of the gym. Then she thought about where she would go and what she would do next.
This was her dream. She thought about all of the hours and sacrifices she had made to get to this point. Was she ready to give all of that up? Maybe this wasn’t a dream, maybe this was a nightmare.
Josette turned and started walking with the intention of heading for the door but she stopped when she got to the man closest to it. Every athlete sacrifices to get to the top she told herself, but she wondered if she really believed that this sacrifice was worth it.
Josette went down on her knees in front of the stranger as she had done for Claude every week since she had been coming and took his cock in her hand. She brushed the head over her lips and looked up at him with her big green eyes. Their eyes locked and while the rest of this day would become a blur, she would remember his face and that moment for the rest of her life.
Her mouth closed over his hard cock and her hand grabbed the base. As her head began to bob up and down his shaft, she could hear Claude’s voice in the background.
“That’s my girl. See boys, they never disappoint.”
Hands came from behind her and grabbed at her naked breasts. Some of the men grabbed at her hands and placed them on their cocks so that she was stroking two of them while sucking the original guy.
She felt the hands of the last man grab her ass from behind then felt her up between her legs.
Panic set in as they crowded around her, and she suddenly felt very claustrophobic. It seemed like there were hands everywhere, pawing at her, grabbing at her, seizing her up like a cheap piece of meat.
As she tried to keep up with the alternating cocks in her mouth, she felt the man behind her slide under her and begin to lick her. It was quite unexpected and waves of embarrassment and guilt rode through her as her body responded to his talented tongue.
She didn’t really want to like this, did she?
Just as she began to collect and compose herself she felt herself being lifted up and lowered onto the cock of the man who had been licking her. Alarm bells were ringing in her head as she realized they were going to have sex with her without protection. But it all happened so fast, there was no time to protest.
She was riding him cowgirl style as she felt herself pushed forward so that she was face to face with the stranger. He pushed his mouth to hers and began to kiss and explore her mouth with his tongue. Then to her utter shock, a finger coated with slick cold lube was pushed up her ass.
She had never had anal sex before and there was nothing she could do to stop it now. Her small, tight, gymnast body was double penetrated. It was at this point that she could no longer keep track of who was where and lost all sense of time and space.
The four of them rotated, trading places as they easily manhandled and manipulated her tiny frame. They took great advantage of her flexibility that she had unknowingly put on display for them moments earlier.
When they were done, she was left panting trying to catch her breath on the floor. She was a sweaty, sticky mess, sore and coated with their semen inside and on her.
Claude walked up to her and tossed a towel to her.
“You did great kid. I think you are a natural. The gym will be empty for hours, go take yourself a hot shower and collect yourself. Practice will ramp up to three times a week. I will see you here Monday at 5 PM sharp to start our work. Don’t feel bad if you decide not to show up, not everyone has what it takes to be a champion.”
Josette laid on the floor alone for what seemed like hours before she picked herself up and gingerly showered and cleaned herself.
The day’s events were certainly not what she had envisioned when she work up that morning but at the same time she was somewhat surprised that the men had all wanted her the way they had.
When not performing, she had always been the shy quiet one. She did’t have a lot of friends and had never garnered a lot of attention from boys. There was a certain thrill and exhiliration she felt that these men had all desired her sexually.
Her mind was a constant battle as Monday approached. She went from telling herself that she would quit gymnastics all together and never look back to wondering and looking forward to what might be in store for her if she did show up. Ultimately she decided that she would return one more time, and if it was too much, she would quit.
Claude didn’t seem surprised when she showed up at the appointed time. He was all work for the first month and they never talked about what had happened during her audition. She was happy with what he could teach her and saw huge improvements in her performance.
Sure enough, one day there was a strange man who watched their training session. Claude left her alone with him when they were done, and the man took full advantage of her. Their time was much more subdued compared to the gang bang she had previously experienced.
Over time, this became a regular occurrence. Many times the men were ones she had seen before but sometimes a new one would show. They got to know each other and even developed a sort of relationship.
She found she even looked forward to those post sex sessions and disappointed when there was no watching and waiting for her.
Some days Claude would cancel practice all together and send her off to a hotel to meet a man, or there would be someone waiting who take her out on a “date”.
True to his word, Claude trained her to be a top performing athlete. When she performed, she often wondered what the audience would think if she performed more than just her gymnast routines for them. What would they think if they got to watch her post routine activities.
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