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Number One and Number Two pulled their clothes on to leave.
"I really had a great time tonight." I said to them both softly.
"So did I Amy," answered Number One as he looked back over his shoulder while walking out, "Hope to see you again sometime."
Number Two gave me a deep kiss and added, "Personally, I hope it is much sooner than sometime".
"So do I," I said with a smile. "This chat thing worked out pretty well. Maybe you'll catch me on line again."
As he turned to leave I asked him, "What should I call you? Number Two seems a little bland."
"The Stranger seems appropriate," He replied with a smirk.
"Why yes, yes it does," I replied as he disappeared down the staircase and I heard the front door as it closed behind him.
The next few days passed slowly as I waited for Eric to return from his business trip. My mind kept drifting back to The Stranger and my cum drenched body, wilted from the punishment that he and his companion had wrought upon my small frame.
I pondered whether I should tell Eric about my experience when he returned but decided not to for now. On one of our previous adventures in Las Vegas, Eric had pushed the limits of my Scorpio temper with our old friend Mona, while I had been forced to observe the fulfillment of a portion of his sexual bucket list. I decided that my adventure with Number One and Number Two had been the prequel to an appropriate finale. One where Eric would experience the same combination of sexual excitement and raw jealousy.
"How did my girl keep herself busy last week?" Eric asked me over dinner upon his return home.
I paused for a moment to contemplate the question before answering thoughtfully, "Well you know how lonely I can get sometimes baby. I was bored one evening and thought it would be fun to try out a little chat session on our Lush page, just to see what kind of attention I might get."
Eric gave a wry smile, then answered "And..."
"Well, I definitely received a lot of attention, that's for sure," I continued.
"I'm sure you did. I assume you liked it?" Eric replied.
"I really did baby. There was something exciting and naughty about strange men asking me personal questions where I could answer very honestly without them knowing me. And conversely, I could be very provocative in my questions back to them."
"And what kind of questions were those?" Eric questioned.
"What pictures of mine they liked the most. How big their cocks were. How they would have me, I replied sheepishly.
"Sounds like part of your sexual bucket list playing out," Eric continued, "I'll be curious to see how it turns out."
"Definitely lover," I said, "I promise that you'll be the first to know."
My reply was more of an incomplete answer than a white lie. I did not tell Eric about my previous encounter with the two strange men because my bucket list experience had not yet completely played out. I would need a return trip from The Stranger for that and Eric had another business trip coming up soon.
"Have a great trip babe," I said as I gave Eric a kiss goodbye, "I'll see you Friday night. How about I FaceTime you on Thursday around bedtime?"
"Sounds good," Eric replied, "How about 10:45?"
"That would be perfect lover," I said with a smile, "See you then."
It was about 9:30 pm when I settled in to give the Lush chat room another try before my call with Eric later. After a little playful banter with some of the masses, my attention was redirected by the arrival of The Stranger on line.
"How's it going Amy?" He typed.
"Wonderful," I replied with a blush that he could not see, "Except that I'm feeling a little lonely again tonight."
The Stranger answered, "Needing the team to make another visit to help you out with that?"
"No," I typed after a slight pause, "Just you."
I knew I wanted him right this moment. I wanted him here with his 10 1/2" of manhood and I wanted him to have me again.
"On my way Amy," He replied.
"Take your time," I answered, "I need to get ready and make a quick call first. How about 11:00?
"Perfect," He typed, "See you then."
I moved quickly to the shower and washed myself thoroughly before drying off and opening my lingerie drawer. A black fishnet onesie and thigh high stockings would give him the perfect mix of sexiness and access to my body. As I rustled through the choices, my skull and cross bones stockings lept out at me as the perfect choice.
Now dressed, I hurried to get the room ready and settled into the bed to take my quick call to Eric. "Hi baby," I said with a mischievous smile.
"Well hello there," Eric answered, "Don't you look sexy this evening!"
"All for you baby," I replied, "I thought I would get all dolled up for you tonight and give you a little show."
"I'd love that," he said.
Suddenly I heard the sound of the front door opening downstairs.
"Shit," I thought to myself, "He's f'ing early!!"
"Baby, I just remembered that I left the dog out and he's barking. I'm going to have to put you on hold for a sec," I hurriedly replied, "I'll be back in just a minute."
I put my phone on mute so Eric wouldn't say something The Stranger might hear and leaned it against the alarm clock on the bedside table.
I jumped up to meet him downstairs where Eric wouldn't hear us, but I was caught short as he was already halfway up the stairs but short of the bedroom door.
"Well, well... look at this," He said with admiration, "Love the clothing selection."
"Hello Stranger," I said with a smile, "Nice to see you too. Why don't you go back downstairs for a minute? I'm not quite ready yet."
"I disagree," He replied as he swept me off my feet and carried me into the bedroom before letting me drop to my feet again at the foot of the bed.
"I brought you a present," He said as he took a step backward and dropped his pants to reveal his already massive erection. Unlike last time, there would be no need for me to stroke him to readiness.
"Impressive," I replied, "Is that all for me?"
"Every inch," he answered.
I stepped forward and dropped to my knees before him, gazing up into his eyes, opening my mouth, and extending my pink tongue. I reached out and grasped the base of his thick cock, then gave him a long wet lick from base to tip before wrapping my lips around the head and sucking on it softly.
The Stranger grasped my hair on each side of my head and held it firmly while he slowly force fed me my gift inch by inch. As I inhaled him, my hands cupped his ass until my lips touched his shaved groin. I moaned with pleasure and he began to slowly skull fuck me.
The Stranger's long and purposeful strokes tested how well my throat remembered its prior training session. I instinctively relaxed my jaws and allowed him to continue my deep throat education while the engorged veins of his shaft massaged my lips. I was acutely aware that the growing lump deep in my throat told me I was passing my test. He pushed my hair back and grabbed it behind my head in full fisted control. Saliva ran from the corners of my mouth between his strokes and as he withdrew momentarily for me to speak, I uttered simply "Please... Fuck me. Please...." Without hesitation, he lifted me from my knees and swept me up into his muscled arms to lay me upon the bed.
I willingly spread my legs for him as he stood gazing down upon me, pondering the conquest of my tiny body that was soon to come. My soft pink little slit beckoned him from between my pirate stockings as I pushed by breasts together firmly and twisted my nipples between my fingertips to harden them for him. Now painfully erect, they protruded through the fish net like a couple of firm pencil erasers, pink and warm.
"Promise me something," I whispered.
"That I will be gentle with you?" He replied.
"No." I smiled. "That you won't be."
With that he firmly grasped me behind my slender hamstrings and pushed my legs up, spreading them wide open to expose my waxed little pussy, which was slightly open and extremely wet. I stared excitedly at his massive cock which hovered above me and I quivered as he slowly eased the head of it into me. It stretched my virgin tight lips to their limit before disappearing into me.
The Stranger's grip on my legs tightened and he increased his pressure, intent on penetrating me. I watched in amazement as he slowly entered me until his balls touched my asshole, before releasing a low whimper.
As his paced increased, I began panting in fast little breaths. I reached down and rubbed my clit for him to watch as his stokes became thrusts and my pants became screams.
Pulling out for a moment, The Stranger slapped my stomach hard with his meaty club before yanking me around to throttle my face with it for good measure. I unsuccessfully tried to capture it in my mouth only to be teased and struck with it again repeatedly.
The Stranger grabbed one of my ankles and spun me back around again like a rag doll before he penetrated me in a single motion and went back to railing me.
"Cover me in cum," I ordered. "I want to watch."
The Stranger withdrew once more, took his cock firmly in his hand and began long, firm, vigorous stroking that was intended to speed his intended orgasm along.
"Are you ready?" He asked.
"Yes!" I blurted approvingly.
Pre-ejaculate began to gather on the tip of his penis as he continued. First a little, then more and more as he fought the impending moment of his release. I watched intently as his testicles moved and tightened and the opening in the head of his cock widened.
We both stared down at my wanting pussy as his ejaculation began. I reached down with both hands and using my fingertips I opened myself to reveal my inner pinkness as his reserves began to pour from him. He stood over me as rope after rope of warm, milky white cum gushed from his cock. It filled my open slit before covering it and my fingertips completely in a pool of whiteness.
After a momentary pause, The Stranger directed his still rigid cock back toward its intended target again and I watched in awe as the swollen head disappeared inside my frosted body for another round. He held my head up by cradling the nape of my neck, so that I could gaze upon my cum covered mons as he took me again.
I began rubbing my clit through his ejaculate, slippery in my fingers, as another orgasm racked my petite little body. The Stranger's free hand slipped under the small of my back, providing resistance to my orgasmic bucking. My cunt gripped his shaft tightly, squeezing and contracting as it sucked every remaining drop from him. My free hand moved to the base of his shaft and I held it firm as he fucked both it and my pussy together.
"You fuck me so well," I uttered. "It's amazing. I didn't know that my little body could so willingly accept something so large. Fuck me harder! Please, please, please!!! Fuck me as hard as you can right now!!! I want it!"
The Stranger did as requested. His hands cupped my ass as I pinched my nipples hard. I love the feeling of my tits and nipples being abused while I'm getting fucked. The Stranger's thrusting punished me, driving me into the mattress. In a single motion he stood up and with my legs still on his shoulders, lifted me into the pike position as he hoisted me up and down in his shaft. This was unfuckingbelievable.
I whimpered over and over, "More... More..."
The Stranger knew it was time. Time to finish what he knew I wanted. What we had yet to do. My limp body was worn out and totally relaxed. Helpless. Ready.
He said not a word as he lay me back on the mattress and rolled me onto my stomach. I crawled to my knees and lifted my ass for him as he spread my cheeks.
The head of his cock struggled to enter me as my asshole fought back. I cleared my mind and consciously relaxed, willing myself to take it. The head slipped inside me and I moaned deeply. Inch by inch he introduced me to what 10 1/2" of thick, cum covered cock felt like as it violated me. I opened my mouth, but words did not come out, only groans.
"There you go babe," he said. "That's a good girl. Take this big cock. A little thing like you. Don't fight it."
"I won't," I panted. "Fuck me hard! Fuck me hard! Show me what happens to bad girls that want to be ass fucked!"
The Stranger pounded at my asshole with hard, viscous strokes. I submitted and took the pounding as he slapped my cheeks and held me down by the scruff of my neck. Over and over he hammered at me. I could tell he was close to cumming again. Close to unleashing another torrent of cum upon me.
"Do you want to cum in my ass?" I asked.
"Uh huh," He stammered.
"Then do it," I begged
I felt The Stranger immediately begin pulsing over and over as he filled me. Contraction after contraction with his cock buried to full depth, injecting his semen at my core before slowly withdrawing as he continued pumping it into me all the way out.
His glistening cock flopped out, and finally hung low, spent from all of its hard work. After recuperating for a few minutes, The Stranger offered me his hand to pull me to my feet. He led me to the shower where we cleaned and dried each other, and then he got dressed.
"I had a great time," he said, giving me a kiss on the forehead.
"I did too," I replied, "Thank you for an extraordinary evening."
And with that, The Stranger was gone again, possibly to never be seen again. I lay back with my head on the pillow and looked over at the alarm clock to see what time it was. My jaw dropped as I saw Eric, still muted on FaceTime, looking back at me from my phone.
I reached over and took it off mute.
"Baby, I don't know what to say." I understated.
"That was more than just a minute," Eric replied, "But I was thoroughly entertained while I was on hold."
"So your not mad?" I asked.
Eric's response was surprising. "Mad, how can I be mad. Jealous and horny maybe, but not mad. Look how many bucket list items you checked the box on with one performance.
1). Deep throat a 10" cock.2). Get fucked by a 10" cock3). Have a 10" cock anally4). Fuck a stranger5). Have someone cum in your ass6). Have rough sexAnd....7). Have sex with another man while I watch.
I'd say that's pretty impressive, wouldn't you? If I'd only been there too for you to get double teamed, you could have checked that one off too."
Oops. I thought back to my first encounter with The Stranger and his partner and the white lie I had told Eric about that night. How should I respond to that I thought...
"You know baby, your right," I said seductively, "We should have The Stranger back again when you are home and get that one taken care of."
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