Rent arrears - are a pain in the rear!
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Ellie Mitchell had never been good with money. As soon as she had been paid, or had come into some money unexpectedly, she’d be spending it – and more – on clothes, shoes, electrical goods and generally anything that took her fancy. She always reminded herself that she really should check her bank balance regularly before going on a shopping spree, but she never did.
Ellie was twenty eight years old and had a reasonable job working as a senior legal secretary for a well-known firm of solicitors in town. It paid well for what she was expected to do each day but Ellie had never been good with money. She dressed in expensive clothing and had a weakness for very expensive shoes and handbags. Ellie had lived beyond her means for months now and had been relying on her credit cards to pay her mounting bills.
This credit had now dried up and she had been forced to cancel the standing order to her landlady in order to meet the previous month’s credit card bill. She had done the same this month, despite the frustrated phone call she had received from her landlady, Katherine Linda Cook. Ellie Mitchell had always been good at making excuses and reassuring people and had been able to convince Katherine that the non-payment of last month’s rent was merely a problem with the bank. She would sort this out and her landlady would get paid within days.
Ellie had breathed a huge sigh of relief when Katherine Cook had accepted her excuse and ended that phone call. She’d rewarded herself with another on-line shopping trip, spending another £350 that she knew she didn’t have. However, she didn’t care. Besides, those new shoes and sexy looking clothes for work made her feel better. However, the phone calls and texts from her increasingly angry landlady continued and the latest struck fear into the young woman:
“We need to chat about the missing two months’ rent Ellie. I am really annoyed that you have not paid and I need to talk this over with you. I’ll pop round to the flat at 6pm tonight. Katherine.”
Ellie Mitchell knew that she couldn’t keep running from her landlady, Katherine Cook. Besides, the older lady had a key to the flat and knowing Ellie’s luck, she’d just wait for her to go out to work before letting herself in, bagging Ellie’s possessions and then changing the locks to the smart two-bedroom flat that Ellie had rented for six years now. No, she would face Katherine and be honest with the older woman. Hopefully, she would be sympathetic about Ellie’s financial problems and they could work out some way of sorting out the problem of the nearly £1,300 of overdue rent. Katherine had always come across to her as being kind and had been extremely good when it came to doing repairs and maintenance on the flat, so Ellie Mitchell reckoned that she would be able to talk her into waiting a while for her overdue rent.
Ellie arrived home that evening at her usual time – 5.35pm and quickly tidied the magazines and newspapers lying around her living room. She toyed with the idea of changing her clothes but instead opted for pouring herself a glass of red wine. She had just sat down on her expensive leather sofa when the doorbell chimed. The young woman gulped the mouthful of wine and placed the glass on her coffee table. She got to her feet and self- consciously tried to check if her appearance was perfect. She walked into the hallway and could see the silhouette of Katherine Linda Cook through the glass panel in the front door. Ellie Mitchell took a deep breath, pushed the handle and opened the front door to her flat as slowly as she could.
“Hello Ellie.” Katherine Cook stood on the doorstep looking angry.
“You know why I’m here and we need to get this matter resolved.” Katherine stared at the younger woman who reluctantly pulled the door open further. She stood there in silence.
“Can I come in?” Katherine took a step forward and Ellie Mitchell moved out of her way.
“Yes,” Ellie managed to reply.
“Sure – come on in.” By the time these words were out of her mouth, Katherine was already halfway down the hallway.
The younger woman closed the front door gently behind her, not turning around to face Katherine. Eventually, she turned and could see that the older lady was studying the property closely.
“I haven’t broken anything, Katherine,” Ellie said nervously.
“Mmm.” Katherine Cook replied quietly. She made her way into the kitchen and then the living room, where she noticed Ellie’s collection of expensive possessions.
Ellie Mitchell remained silent but knew what Katherine Cook was probably thinking to herself.
“Can’t pay the rent but can afford Sky TV and a 50 inch TV.” Ellie continued to watch Katherine closely.
Katherine Cook removed her black jacket and placed it neatly on the back of one of Ellie’s dining room chairs. She then placed her handbag on the floor next to the sofa and sat down, looking up at Ellie, who remained standing.
“So, Ellie you know why I’m here, don’t you?” Katherine was sizing up the younger woman.
“Yes Katherine.” Ellie Mitchell was embarrassed and sat down in the leather chair across from the sofa on which Katherine sat.
“The rent, Katherine.” She looked down at her shoes.
Katherine Cook inhaled loudly and paused for thought. She liked Ellie, who had been the ideal tenant until recently. She looked around the room and could see where her rent money had been going those past two months. This made Katherine Cook angry and she was determined to get her rent money one way or another.
“Yes, young lady, the rent,” Katherine said sternly.
Ellie knew she was in trouble and started to panic. “I’ve just had some problems and I’m a bit short but I’ll make sure you get it all when I get paid." 
“That’s not until the end of the month and by then you’ll owe me three months’ rent.” Katherine shook her head.
“That would be £1,950 and I know you don’t make that in a month, now do you, Ellie?” Katherine leaned forward on the sofa and continued to stare at a tearful Ellie Mitchell.
“No Katherine, but surely we can come to some arrangement about the money.” Ellie stared to cry and tears rolled freely down her cheeks.
Katherine Linda Cook remained unmoved.
“Arrangement?” Katherine smiled wickedly.
“What kind of arrangement?” She leaned in even closer.
“I don’t know,” Ellie sniffed and wiped her eyes.
“But I would do anything to keep the flat.” Adding, “Please don’t give me my notice.”
Katherine Cook got to her feet and Ellie Mitchell couldn’t help but stare at her through tear stained eyes. Katherine Linda Cook was forty-one years old, stood at five feet five inches tall, was relatively slim and dressed smartly. She had short brown hair and kind brown eyes. Her make-up was subtle and she was attractive. She wore a crisp, white blouse and a knee length black skirt. Ellie noticed that the blouse was probably a size too small for Katherine as her ample breasts were straining against it. She decided to keep her thoughts to herself. She didn’t want to perhaps make matters worse for herself.
“Anything?” Katherine repeated sternly.
“Yes. Anything Katherine – just name it?” Ellie said frantically, still sniffing and wiping away tears.
“I don’t know Ellie. You have let me down and I need that money.” Katherine got to her feet and turned her back on the younger girl. She looked out of the window in silence before continuing.
“I won’t have my tenants not paying rent for months on end and then expecting me to let them off with it.” She turned around sharply to face Ellie who was still sitting on her chair.
“If we did come to an arrangement and you were allowed to stay, then I want my money paid back in full within three months.” Katherine walked over and stood within inches of where Ellie sat.
“And you will abide by the conditions I impose on you, do you understand me young lady?” She placed her hands on her hips and awaited the reply.
“Yes Katherine. Anything you ask of me – I’ll do it, I promise,” Ellie said without thinking.
Katherine Cook returned to the sofa and sat down. She reached down and picked her bag up which she opened and brought out an A4 sized envelope. She placed this on the arm of the sofa and returned her bag to the floor.
“Right Ellie. That’s settled then.” Katherine ran her right hand down the length of her black knee length skirt.
“You submit to my conditions and you can keep living in my lovely flat.” She smiled.
“Thanks, Katherine. I’ll get myself sorted out and you’ll get your money, I promise.” Ellie began to relax. She hadn’t expected this meeting with Katherine to be as easy. She hadn’t realised that Katherine had not even started to outline these new conditions of her tenancy.
“Do you know what I did for a living?” Katherine asked quietly.
“You’re a business consultant, aren’t you?” Ellie honestly couldn’t remember what Katherine had told her all those years ago.
“Oh, yes, that’s what I do now. But can you remember what I started my working life as?” Katherine toyed with the buttons on her white blouse but continued to stare at Ellie.
“No, I know you told me but I just can’t remember,” Ellie Mitchell said honestly.
Katherine’s smile grew wider across her face. “I was a Governess.”
Ellie thought to herself that she didn’t even know what one of those was and the puzzled look on her face made that obvious to Katherine Cook.
“I looked after the children of a rich family in Surrey and brought them up as you would your own children.” She paused, searching for the best way to put her next statement.
“I educated them at home and also taught them manners.” Katherine smiled fondly.
“I would punish the children if ever they misbehaved or displeased me in any way.” Ellie noticed that Katherine was touching herself over her black knee length skirt.
“Yes, I’d spank them if ever they said or did anything wrong.” Katherine Cook licked her lips and leaned over towards Ellie.
“So that’s what I propose to do with you Ellie.” She raised her voice slightly.
“What?” Ellie replied shocked.
“Until you have paid off your rent arrears, I propose that for every week that it goes unpaid that we agree upon a time that is convenient for both of us and I’ll come round here and deal with your misbehaviour.” Katherine reached over to the envelope and removed two A4 pieces of paper.
“I don’t understand.” Ellie Mitchell was confused but also felt herself on the brink of tears once again.
Katherine simply smiled back at the younger girl. “Well it is like this. You will be spanked severely each week until I get all of my money that you owe me. If you pay it off quickly then the spankings stop.” Katherine paused and then laughed loudly.
“And if you don’t, then I’ll be here each week and you will receive a severe spanking until the money is repaid.”
Ellie Mitchell could not believe what she was hearing or the choice she was faced with. If she didn’t agree to Katherine’s terms then she’d be looking for somewhere else to live in forty days’ time. If she did agree, she’d keep her flat but would have to let someone, who, until now, she had looked upon as a friend, spank and humiliate her.
“What’s it to be, Ellie?” Katherine held the A4 sheets out in her left hand.
Ellie shrugged. She had no choice. “I’ll take your conditions Katherine.”
The smile on Katherine Linda Cook’s face grew wider as she handed the pieces of paper to Ellie. The younger girl took them, read it quickly before getting to her feet and walking over to the dining table where she knew there was a pen. She signed and dated both of the pieces of paper before handing one back to Katherine, who smiled and placed the paper back in her bag. Ellie placed her copy of the document on her coffee table. She got to her feet and Ellie watched as the older woman’s breasts strained against the white cotton blouse that she was wearing.
“Let’s get your first instalk,\\\ment out of the way, shall we?” Katherine walked over to the large walk in cupboard that was in the far corner of the spacious living room.
“You didn’t remove any of the things that I left in here, did you?” Katherine placed her hand on the handle and waited for Ellie Mitchell to reply.
“Err, no. I’ve only ever looked in there once when I first moved in, but haven’t touched anything.” Ellie was still in complete shock as to what was about to happen to her.
Katherine Cook gently pulled the door open and her eyes fell immediately on what she was looking for. She bent down and brought out an old Slazenger Hockey bag and closed the cupboard door quietly behind her. She slowly unzipped the bag and watched Ellie, who stood, arms folded, still totally bewildered at what her Landlady was going to do in lieu of rent payments.
The older lady returned to the leather sofa and slowly removed the items inside the long, thin hockey bag. To Ellie’s horror the bag did not contain what a person would think would be contained in that kind of bag. Katherine Linda Cook had not played hockey since she had been at school. Slowly, Katherine placed each item gently on the table in front of her, smiling as she did so.
Ellie watched in disbelief as Katherine laid out a wooden backed hairbrush, leather strap, large wooden paddle, a well-worn slipper with a leather sole, wooden ruler and finally, a dragon cane.
“Ah, my wards used to fear this,” she said as she swished the cane through the air.
Ellie Mitchell gulped but knew that there was no way that she was going to get out of this now. She had signed Katherine’s letter after all which said that she would take whatever she would give her in order to remain living in the flat.
“Okay Miss, we’ll start by having you strip naked – and I mean absolutely naked for your first punishment.” Katherine stood up and gestured with her hand for Ellie to do the same.
“And hurry up. We haven’t got all evening for this, Miss Mitchell.” Katherine folded her arms across her chest and watched as Ellie began to tentatively remove her expensive clothing.
Ellie Mitchell slowly began to remove her expensive clothing, not taking her eyes from Katherine, who continued to stare at her. She unbuttoned the expensive grey satin blouse, neatly folding it up and placing it on the armchair. Then came her black pencil skirt which she placed on top of the blouse which was draped over the arm of her chair. Ellie bent down and removed her shoes which she placed to one side and slowly removed her stockings. Ellie noticed that Katherine Cook was rubbing her hands over her sizeable breasts as she watched the younger woman remove her clothes. Ellie Mitchell reached behind her back and undid her bra which she nervously removed before adding it to the pile of clothing which lay on the chair. She paused and watched Katherine who licked her lips as Ellie removed her knickers, neatly folding them and placing them on the chair.
Katherine Cook returned to the sofa and sat down. She ironed the creases from her black skirt and rolled up the sleeves of her white blouse. She stared at Ellie, who was desperately trying to hide her embarrassment, holding her hands over her private parts. Katherine noticed how attractive the younger woman was. She was about five feet three inches tall, had long blonde hair, was very slim but athletic and had an extremely pretty face. Ellie Mitchell was fully shaven around her vagina and had small, but very inviting breasts. Katherine Linda Cook was determined to punish this young woman severely but also to enjoy herself in the process.
“Right, Eleanor, come here and bend over my knee,” Katherine commanded firmly.
Ellie Mitchell cringed. Partly with fear of what was going to happen to her. Partly down to being in such a vulnerable position and partly down to the fact that she hated being called Eleanor.
“Yes, Katherine,” she replied softly and walked over to the sofa; standing on Katherine’s left side, where the older lady was pointing.
“Now, although you have signed my agreement, I will give you a choice.” Katherine’s left hand stroked Ellie’s bare legs.
“Are you sure you want me to deal with the issue in this way Eleanor?” Katherine paused and looked up at her tenant.
“Or do you wish to be given notice to leave the flat instead?”
Ellie didn’t want to be punished in this way but she didn’t want to lose her home.
“No Miss Cook. I’ll take the punishment.” Ellie moved her hands that continued to cover her vagina up to her breasts.
“Good girl, Eleanor.” Katherine stopped stroking Ellie’s legs and sat back on the sofa.
“Let’s get started then – over my lap.” Katherine indicated with her right hand and watched as Ellie Mitchell lowered herself awkwardly across Katherine’s black skirted knees.
The young woman moved around on Katherine’s large lap until she was comfortable. The feeling of Katherine’s skirt rubbing against her bare skin was a nice feeling and she was starting to become excited. Ellie then felt Katherine’s left hand rubbing her exposed bottom and her thighs. It was a nice feeling and continued for a short while as Katherine Cook worked out how she would begin the punishment. It had been many years since she had spanked a bottom but was determined to make naughty Ellie Mitchell realise who was in charge.
“Right, Ellie let’s show you what I do to naughty girls who let me down.” Katherine continued to rub the well-formed bottom lying before her at her mercy.
“Yes Miss Cook,” Ellie replied softly, bracing herself for that first slap.
Katherine paused for a short while before raising her left hand and then bringing it down across the middle of Ellie’s left buttock. Surprisingly, the younger woman did not react. Katherine smiled and decided to go for it. She slapped Ellie’s bottom twenty four times, alternatively slapping the right and left bum cheeks in front of her. Ellie Mitchell squirmed but Katherine had seen this many times in her role as a Governess. She simply slipped her free right hand under Ellie’s stomach and gripped her tightly, pulling her into her white blouse, which rubbed against Ellie Mitchell’s bare skin.
The older lady said nothing as she resumed spanking Ellie as hard as she could, spanking each buttock, then slipping smacks to the backs of the young lady’s thighs. Ellie was stubborn and muffled her screams and shouts by burying her face in a cushion. She doubted whether the noises would make Katherine stop anyway.
Katherine Cook spanked Ellie’s perfectly formed bottom for about twenty minutes. In that time she had turned it a bright red and she smiled. Even after all those years, it was obvious that she hadn’t lost her touch. She could feel Ellie moving about and looked down on her. Ellie had removed the cushion and was looking up at her. Tears were flowing down her cheeks making her expensive make-up run down her face. Katherine stopped and placed her hands on Ellie’s glowing hot bottom.
“Good girl, Ellie, but we’re not done yet.” Katherine bent forward and reached over to the coffee table where she picked up the hairbrush, slipper and wooden ruler.
Miss Cook placed these on the arm of the sofa and returned to rubbing Ellie Mitchell’s bottom. She could already see that it was bruised and her thighs looked as though they would be really sore.
“Good,” She thought as she picked up the wooden ruler and rubbed it across the bottom lying across her lap.
“Now, you will take everything I give you without any fuss and without any hysterics, do you understand me?” Katherine stared at Ellie who turned her head to look into her eyes.
“Yes, Katherine. Thank you, Katherine.” Ellie reached for the cushion again and buried her face in it.
Katherine smiled and took the wooden ruler back behind her head before bringing it down with a loud “crack!” across the bottom across her lap. The older woman administered thirty-six strokes with the ruler and was impressed that Ellie Mitchell just lay there and took them. She did not scream out and she did not move around too much.
The ex-Governess then placed the ruler back on the arm of the chair and picked up the slipper. Again, this had become an implement that her wards had feared when she was a Governess. She smiled as she contemplated every aspect of the size 11 slipper. Katherine Linda Cook rubbed the glowing bottom lying over her knees, deliberately slipping her hand between Ellie’s legs. She could feel that the younger woman was excited and the further her hand explored, she felt that Ellie Mitchell was very turned on. Her vagina was wet and Katherine couldn’t resist placing her fingers deep inside the younger girl’s pussy. Ellie was breathing heavily and moaned with pleasure.
“You naughty little slut!” Katherine said softly, tapping the bottom in front of her with the slipper.
She stroked Ellie’s long blonde hair but then returned to the task in hand, bringing the slipper crashing down on the bottom that was craving her attention. The older lady knew that a slippering should be given hard and frantically. After all, this is had been very effective with all of her charges when she was a Governess. And so this is what Ellie Mitchell received. And she did struggle. Katherine tightened her grip around the young woman’s waist and when she was happy that her victim couldn’t move, she began the onslaught.
Again, Katherine Cook or Ellie Mitchell would not have been able to tell anyone exactly how long the slippering lasted. However, both would tell you that the punishment had been effective. Katherine ensured that the slipper kissed Ellie’s buttocks equally. The nasty size 11 slipper also bit into the younger woman’s thighs and backs of her legs. Ellie struggled but Katherine Cook gripped her expertly. There was to be no escape from the nasty slipper until Katherine Linda Cook was completely satisfied. Again, she placed the implement on the arm of the chair and returned to rubbing the glowing red bottom lying in front of her.
“Stand up, young lady.” Katherine leaned back on the sofa and watched as Ellie Mitchell struggled to her feet.
Ellie instinctively reached for her sore bottom and began to rub it frantically in a vain attempt to soothe the pain and the heat.
Katherine Cook got to her feet and looked at Ellie. She then reached down to the coffee table in front of her and picked up the wooden paddle. She liked this implement. It was one of those American-style school paddles with holes in it. Katherine tapped it gently against the palm of her right hand and waited for Ellie Mitchell to re-gather her composure.
“Right, young lady. I want you to bend over the dining table and stretch right over – stick your bottom right in the air.” She commanded quietly.
Ellie said nothing but walked over to the table, moving a chair out of the way before stretching right over the expensive oak table. Soon she turned her head and saw Katherine standing at her right side, looking down on her.
“Thirty six swats, Ellie – and no fuss please.” Katherine began tapping Ellie’s already sore bottom with the heavy piece of wood.
The ex-Governess paused until she was happy with where her first stroke would land. She brought the paddle back behind her head and brought it flying through the air before it connected with the bottom lying across the table in front of her, landing with a loud “thud!”
“One!” Katherine counted coldly.
She held the paddle against Ellie’s bottom for a moment before taking it back behind her head once more. Soon it was sailing through the air once more, landing again on the beautiful, but battered, bottom lying there helplessly.
“Two!” Katherine Cook announced.
Ellie did her best to take the paddle with little fuss, but it seemed that the paddling took an age as she squirmed and then stood up to rub her extremely sore bottom. Katherine allowed this. She knew how much a punishment would be hurting the young woman. Especially if she wasn’t used to it. Eventually, Katherine Cook announced,
“Thirty six!”
And Ellie exhaled deeply. Katherine placed the bloodied paddle on the table next to where the young lady was lying. She stroked Ellie Mitchell’s cheek gently before walking across the living room and then returning with a thick leather strap.
“Right, young lady, how are we feeling?” Katherine Cook brushed Ellie’s blonde hair back behind her ears and smiled.
Ellie paused and thought about what to say.
“Sore, Katherine.” She tried to smile.
“Very sore, Miss Cook.”
Katherine continued to stroke the younger girl’s hair before moving her right hand gently right down the younger woman’s back.
“Well, I feel I should give you thirteen hundred strokes in all – one stroke for each pound that you owe me.” Katherine stopped stroking Ellie’s back.
“What do you think, Eleanor?”
In truth, Ellie Mitchell just wanted the beating to stop, but knew that she just had to take what Katherine Linda Cook was going to give her.
“If you think I need that many, Miss Cook,” Ellie sighed.
Katherine Cook laughed loudly and began tapping the leather strap against Ellie’s bare bottom.
“I think that I’ll settle for twenty four strokes with my strap and then twelve with my cane.” Ellie turned her head and watched as Katherine Cook unbuttoned the top two buttons of her white cotton blouse.
“Yes Miss Cook. I’ll get your money back to you as soon as I can,” Ellie said frantically.
Katherine Linda Cook smiled and said softly “I know you will, sweetie.”
With that, Katherine took the strap back behind her left shoulder and paused momentarily, before bringing it swishing through the air, landing painfully across Ellie’s quivering bottom.
“One!” Katherine announced sternly.
Ellie struggled to stay in position, but any thoughts of moving were immediately dispelled as stroke two landed just below where the first one had.
“Two!” Katherine Cook snapped.
The strapping was over quickly and Ellie took it well. A fact not lost on ex-Governess Katherine Linda Cook.
“Well done, young lady,” she said softly, replacing the strap on the desk after the twenty fourth stroke.
The older woman picked up the dragon cane in her left hand and walked back to the table where Ellie remained bent over. Katherine took her right hand and rubbed it gently across the bruised and burning buttocks in front of her. Ellie had several cuts which had started to bleed but she was determined to drive home the anger and disappointment she felt at not having been paid on time.
“Now, time for your caning Ellie.” Katherine Linda Cook ensured that the young woman could see the three foot long dragon cane which was about to slice into her bottom.
“Not a word Ellie and this will be over quickly. Do you understand?” Katherine took up her position to the right of where Ellie Mitchell was and began tapping her buttocks with the cane.
Ellie snivelled but returned to facing forward and looking at the wall.
“Yes, Katherine,” she replied and prepared herself for her first ever caning.
“Very well you naughty girl.” Katherine made sure that she was happy with her stance and continued to tap the exposed bottom in front of her until she was satisfied with where her first stroke would land.
She drew the cane back behind her head and brought it down hard across Ellie Mitchell’s left buttock, with a satisfying “Crack!”
Katherine paused and looked at the cane line that her first stroke had left on the bruised bottom lying in front of her. A neat, red line had appeared across the middle of Ellie’s left bum cheek.
“One! Naughty Ellie!” Katherine announced sternly.
She wasted no time in delivering the second stroke across the young woman’s right buttock.
“Two! Naughty Ellie!”
Ellie Mitchell was crying but remained stubbornly in position as the cane strokes landed expertly across her battered bottom. Katherine Cook paused after the eighth stroke to inspect Ellie’s bottom but, once satisfied that Ellie was all right, she pressed on with the punishment.
From her experience as a Governess, Katherine Linda Cook knew that she had to make the misbehaving girl realise the seriousness of her actions and also that those last strokes had to be given to leave a lasting impression. She deliberately aimed low, catching Ellie Mitchell in the creases between thighs and buttocks and also delivered the final two strokes across the backs of Ellie’s legs. The younger woman screamed, but took them before collapsing on the table giving out a loud sigh.
Katherine Cook put the bloodied cane on the table beside Ellie and bent down to take a close look at the bottom in front of her. She gently ran her right hand over Ellie Mitchell’s buttocks, noticing how the younger lady was sobbing and breathing heavily. The ex-Governess gently touched the bottom in front of her and noticed how hot and bruised Ellie’s bottom was. She had welts across both bum cheeks from the cane and Katherine smiled and nodded.
“That’s your punishment for this week Ellie.” Katherine moved her left hand across Ellie’s cheek.
“Now, you will stand up and get dressed.” She stopped stroking the girl and walked away towards the sofa.
Ellie complied and winced as she touched her bloodied bottom. She struggled into her knickers and kept her eyes on Katherine Cook as she replaced her bra. Next came her stockings, skirt and blouse, which she tucked in, before walking over to Katherine, who was busy replacing the implements in her hockey bag.
A few moments later, Katherine opened her handbag and brought out a diary. She flicked through the pages until she found the day that she was looking for.
“Right Eleanor. Shall we say the same time next week for your next instalment?” Katherine smiled.
Ellie Mitchell was shocked but simply found herself giving a very submissive reply.
“Yes Miss Cook.”
Katherine smiled, making a quick note in her diary.
“Good. I’ll see you then.”
With that, Katherine snapped her diary closed and placed it back into her handbag, checking that she had a copy of the document that Ellie had signed. She got to her feet and walked across to Ellie Mitchell. She stood for a few moments staring at the good looking younger girl.
“Make sure that hockey bag goes back in the cupboard Ellie.” She said as she walked over to the dining room table, taking her jacket from the back of the chair and putting it on over her white blouse.
“I’ll expect you to start repaying me that money Eleanor – you have three months or your punishment is going to get a lot worse. Do you understand?” Katherine smiled, placing her handbag over her shoulder.
“Yes Katherine,” Ellie said in a panic and making a mental note to read the exact conditions of Katherine’s contract.
With that, Katherine Linda Cook walked to the front door, opened it and walked out into the dark evening. Ellie closed the door behind her and hurried to the bedroom where she lay down on her double bed. She felt her bottom and winced with pain but soon found herself with her knickers around her ankles and her the fingers of her right hand inside her vagina to pleasure herself. She was determined to pay that debt off as soon as possible and definitely within the three month deadline. However, she was starting to think that she actually enjoyed being punished by the strict ex-Governess. She couldn’t wait to see her again that next week.
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